24 hours, deep art tour Zhouzhuang

Many tourists said Zhouzhuang apart from the traditional attractions, I do not know where to play, I feel very confused. Today we open the new mode of art Zhouzhuang, from another perspective, the depth of Zhouzhuang, Zhouzhuang complete Raiders, enjoy a life called Zhouzhuang where the true meaning ~

6: 00-8: 00 Healthy morning run, the United States morning exercise


Zhouzhuang beauty, have fallen in the morning color. No high-rise factories, there is no haze, Zhouzhuang are fresh throughout the year. Ring ancient town jogging, around the cultural park, quiet and elegant, beautiful Lake, Maolin Xihu.


Location Recommended: Rich Garden (Zhouzhuang rich Guiyuan Road)
South Lake Autumn Garden (16 South Street)
Price: Free

8: 00-9: 00 Waterfront breakfast

Shen Fu snacks

As in Guangdong must eat a morning tea, people to Zhouzhuang, but also certainly can not miss the most breathtaking breakfast. Water nutrition early people, and ultimately those few, seasonal ladies dishes, soups delicious Austrian kitchen noodles, point a stinky tofu, turnip cake, Begonia cake, Zhouzhuang beautiful, starting from breakfast.

Old stove head

Location Recommended: Shen Fu snacks (Nanshi Street 103)
Laozitou (Zhenfeng Cultural Street)
Price: see the details of the store price list

9: 00-11: 00 Touring the water

Escape the water village

Visit the classic Ming and Qing Dynasties architecture, Zhouzhuang humanity sentiment, shipwreck Zhouzhuang dream of water, eat tea in the Ping Bin floor to comment on the bomb, read the Sanmao restaurant San Mao and Zhouzhuang story.

Escape the water village

Location Recommended: Shen Hall (Nanshi Street) Zhang Hall (Nanshi Street)
Zhouzhuang Museum (Hougang Street 38)
Ju Bin Building (No. 107 Wenhua Street)
Sanmao Building (No. 111 Zhongshi Street )

11: 00-12: 00 Afternoon delicious

Three thousand feast

In the century-old shop to enjoy three thousand feast, but also in the stylish restaurant taste creative cuisine. Wei Zhouzhuang, you like the delicious, Zhouzhuang can give.

Three thousand feast

Location Recommended: Shen Ting Restaurant (55-56 Nanshi Street)
Carton King (Quan Fu Road 19)
Price: Shen parlors 80 yuan / person
Carton King 60 yuan / person

12: 00-14: 00 Handmade cultural experience

Handmade cultural experience

Jintang Church, Embroidery Art Square, Wood Workshop, Tofu Square, Tiepai Square, Shoe Art Square, Bamboo Square Square, Diaoqin Square, Liquor Square, TuBu Square, Brick Square, Xi Yi Square ...... Each Square is typical Zhouzhuang, aboriginal people with original art, personally presented a simple mellow water. After years of grinding characteristics of craft, simple authentic flavor of the water, will let you from afar to an eye-opener.

Zhenfeng twelve Square

Location Recommended: Zhenfeng Twelve Square (Zhenfeng Cultural Street No. 107)
Price: see the shop details

14: 00-14: 30 Ancient music collection, listen to Kunqu Opera

Nanhu Guqin

Remaining around the beam, elegant set Zhouzhuang, to listen to the opera hundred ancestral Kunqu Opera. For folk art lovers, Zhouzhuang is a good choice.

Ancient opera stage

Location Recommended: Nanhu Guqin Club (No. 42 Hougang)
Kunqu Opera Stage (No. 89 North Street)
Price: see details

14: 30-17: 00 roam in the ancient town

Relaxed in coffee and tea, the old house quiet reading tea. Zhouzhuang colored literary leisure space, both stylish and unique personality, roaming in the ancient town, enjoy the romantic and tranquil water, taste good times, do not have to worry about taking pictures will be re-sampling!

Location Recommended: Cat's Sky City (No. 6,
Tianyuan ) Starbucks (No. 34, North Street)
Nanshe Centennial College (No. 19, West Bay Street)
Cat feces coffee (Shuangqiao moo)
Price: See the store

17: 00-18: 0 into the country

Pearl theme tour

Pearl theme tour, set fishing, mining pearls, catching crabs and other water-based activities in one category. This is definitely the best choice for bringing kids in the home and having fun in the country. In the evening, you can also choose peculiar farmhouse pearl, Xiangcun enjoy dinner.

Pearl theme tour

Location Recommended: Pearl hunting (Pearl South tour)
Xiangcun Qizhuang (Zhouzhuang town Qibang Village)
Price: See shop

18: 00-19: 00 for dinner


Eggplant sea bass, is a story of food. During the Western Jin Dynasty, writer Zhang Han was bohemian, and jumped onto a boat and went to Luoyang to become an infantry lieutenant. See the autumn wind on the 1st, suddenly miss my hometown of vegetables, sea bass, immediately put on the resignation of the resignation, leaving behind the "bass perch thinking" allusions, and the bream seabass, it comes from this allusion.


Location Recommended:
Pusi think of the resort hotel restaurant (Chen on the 7th) Specialties: Eel seabass 羮
Price: see the store

19: 00-20: 00 watch the show


Watch classic videos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and experience the time. Water live performances, overnight Jiangnan.

Four Seasons Zhouzhuang water stage

Location Recommended: Nanhu Qiuyueyuan (Nanshi Street No. 16)
Four Seasons Zhouzhuang · Water Stage (Quan Gong Road 375)
Price: Four Seasons Zhouzhuang - Ordinary seats 150 yuan / place; vip seats 280 yuan / person

20: 00-23: 00 Bar experience

1086 Slow Living neighborhood

Hi play bar, drunken people do not drunk.
1086 Slow Living Block Located on the west side of the Beishi River bank, the newest feeling of integration of Chinese and Western cultures, blending ancient times and modern times, integrates the poetic of time with the artistic conception of space, and allows the heart to slow down and the pace slows down.

1086 Slow Living neighborhood

Location Recommended: candy, red court, green fruit, spring and back to the bar (1086 slow life block)
Price: see the store

23: 00-6: 00 dream Zhouzhuang

Zhouzhuang hotel

If you ask me what is the meaning of travel?
I will tell you, is looking for a place where my heart can stay.
Because of experience of another life, as long as the heart stay, it is no longer a passing.
Pillows Jiangnan, looking for a place to live, wake up to sleep naturally, this is what life is called the meaning of Zhouzhuang.

Zhouzhuang hotel

Location Recommended: 莼 Pizhi Si Resort (Chen on the 7th)
Zhenfengxuan (蚬 園 弄 8 号)
Xiangcun Qizhuang (Zhouzhuang town Qibang Village)
Price: 莼 Pizi think resort hotel listing price of 680 yuan / room Starting from
Zhen Feng Hin listing price 580 yuan / Room
Fragrance Village · Qi Zhu listing price 2888 yuan / building

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