Bashang on the first prairie, My Fair Princess viewfinder, Beijing suburbs parent-child tour the best choice

Almost everyone in the heart has a prairie complex: Le Chuan, Yinshan. Days like Qionglu Covers four wild. The sky is dark, the wild is boundless, the wind and the bark are low now cattle and sheep. Come and see this! To tell you how to play with their children to play the first prairie in Beijing - Bashang steppe ~

Why prairie travel is most suitable for parent-child travel?

First, the prairie city can not see the magnificent scenery. Iron and steel in the reinforced concrete building in the city for a long time, it is inevitable oppressed. The grassland, grassy green like Pinghu spread to the end of the day, when children see the vast green between heaven and earth, is no longer addicted to mobile phones and electronic equipment, but to catch the grasshopper jumped grasshopper to see the hillside walking Cattle and sheep, a variety of plants, all of which are in the most primitive and direct way to give children a good natural class. Parents can accompany their children to catch the grasshopper, play sliding grass, close observation of nature, contact with nature.
Second, different cultural experiences. Prairie culture is different from our Han nationality, with children to experience riding archery, put on their national costumes, to do a handsome Prairie children; participate in the vast festival oboo activities, a sheep ceremony; Authentic grilled whole lamb flower cake; cultural collision, to learn to appreciate different cultures, learn to combine inclusive attitude.

Choose dam on the grounds

First of all we have to understand one thing, which steppe prairie? Why do you say that it is because of the vast range of grasslands on the dam that what most of us call "dam" is actually only a general term. In fact, in terms of tourist areas, Bashang grassland is divided into Fengning dam, paddock on the dam, Zhangbei dam and Guyuan dam. Our recommendation is that the attractions are unique Fengning dam and the paddock on the yard
1. Conveniently here known as "the first prairie in Beijing," is also the closest natural grasslands from Beijing. So go to the grassland on the dam is convenient and convenient! From Beijing by car need five or six hours, but also from Beijing to Chengde train, then choose chartered to the prairie. Flexible way, convenient transportation, very close from Beijing, Hebei.
2. Rich in content 100 kilometers north of Zhangjiakou to 100 kilometers north of Chengde, collectively referred to as the Bashang area. On the tourist area, the dam is divided into Fengning dam, pad on the dam, Zhangbei dam and Guyuan dam. Natural scenery is a must, cultural content is more rich. Take the children to sit in the prairie fun car, ski grass archery, riding a horse to see the sunset. Wear Mongolian costumes, drink hot kumiss, sing local ballads, watch obo. Let the children feel the charm of grassland culture and feel the power of nature in a relaxed and enjoyable experience.
3. Strong regional reception capacity The dam grassland scenic area has a long history of development, a variety of farmhouse, quasi-four-star hotel development is complete, coupled with the Bashang Hebei will do rely on, the area has a strong reception capacity, with Of course, the more perfect the facilities the better.

Dam what fun

Seven Star Lake came to dam have to mention this place. The beautiful name is absolutely not to bear the picturesque scenery, the spring grass flying in the spring, the sparkling lake, like landing in the grasslands like the stars shine. Stretching the long grass in the depths of the corridor, there are blooming wildflowers all the way, there are strange stones lake, will be able to light your enthusiasm for the prairie. At the beginning of prairie, the children may be very excited about anything will have a freshness and doubt, mom and dad remember to read the Encyclopedia Oh!

Lightning river sales source: the meandering river, there is no excitement children shouting too! Hill full of cattle and sheep, quiet river meandering into a lightning look, Guyuan Lightning River absolutely let you a worthwhile trip. Is to allow children close contact with nature, return to the embrace of nature.

Figure: Hill full of cattle and sheep

Dam on the wind power plant: the winds on the prairie, the windmill was ordered to start under a uniform rotation. This is definitely a great place to take pictures and it is definitely a place full of imagination. How can children see such a wind power plant in the city? Travel is the journey thousands of miles of the process, the beautiful scenery on the dam, enough to cultivate children and adults soul.

Mulan Paddock: Yes, this is the most beautiful memory of the dam after countless 8090 - "My Fair Princess" was filmed here. Do not know where mothers stood will involuntarily hum the song "Today the weather is sunny and good scenery everywhere. The butterfly is busy. The bees are busy. The breeze is blowing. ••••••" This is dam The most classic memories, is a good memory of more than ten years of youth. The pavilion parent-child trip will become a new classic forever engraved in a family's memory.

Kang Gan safari zoo is definitely the best place to go with children. Came to Bashang grassland, where the zoo is more fun Oh.
Kang Gan Safari Park is located in the heart of the Ulan Buh Tong Nature Reserve. There are several species of wild animals, yellow sheep, sika deer, red deer, prickly heat and pony, guinea fowl, alpaca, etc. So many other animals. We can enter the park, looking for flocks of sika deer, yellow sheep, children and animals can be intimate photo. Mom and Dad, you have to look at the actual capture Oh!

Go to the dam can experience what local activities

After a beautiful "visual feast", after reading a lot of beautiful scenery on the dam, we also have to participate in the local activities to enjoy together!
Open Sheep Rituals: A Mongolian-style opening ceremony, accompanied by melodious long-term tune, the prairie people to send guests on the Hada holy wine on the mellow and Teana singing, let us wash all the way. Beautiful girl and guy singing and dancing, but also for everyone to send the most warm grassland wishes.
This unique style of open sheep where the peacetime can be seen? Come to dam if you can participate in a massive opening ceremony, it really is to make people's eyes wide open it, this is a culture from the grassland people, it is a welcome and blessing to the guests. This is an unforgettable memory for both adults and children.
Bonfire party rare to bring children to the prairie how can grassland carnival it! Mom and Dad dragged their kids, big hands and small hands, to participate in a lively bonfire party: to see the bold grassland man, a beautiful grassland girl with you to spend an unforgettable prairie night! After the carnival, quiet grasslands night, sky full of stars, buzzing croaking, accompanied by everyone into the beautiful dream!
After watching the show, children can also experience the other skiing, archery and other fun. Prairie has a special grassland, mom and dad can bring their children to enjoy this slide grass fun, the laughter in this vast land of wilderness. Only when playing must pay attention to the safety of children yo.

In addition, children can wear Mongolian costumes, dress up like a small boy or a little girl in Mongolia, and then the United States and the United States to come a few pictures of Mongolia style, stunning circle of friends. In addition, this sun "family portrait" is unique! Perhaps patting you pat exclaims involuntarily, the benefits of taking photos in the prairie is: everywhere is an excellent background, smile is beauty it!

Prairie sunset sunset is the most beautiful sunset over the sea, aspen, prairie glow. Then came to the dam, how can we miss this ray of light? Crossing the prairie, passing the spring breeze all the way, passing the flock, looking up and white clouds drifting backwards, and some floated from the front. Finally at the sunset, you can use the camera to capture this glimmer of light, grassland afterglow. This trip is also a realm!

Dam what food

Paternity travel more than the average travel should pay more attention to diet and enjoy. In the vast prairie, but also has a rich, long history of prairie cuisine, such as:
Chengde's Pingquan Yang Tang: "Xifengkou far away, the ancient North Cypriot Road. This jingle is Kangxi drink poems made after the sheep soup. If accompanied by hanging furnace sesame seed, taste great.

Sand cake & Rose cake: Taobao has been selling such a specialty, but the taste is authentic must have been here. Rose is the city of Chengde City flowers, but also in Chengde rose cake with centuries-old history, rose cake or court imperial it! Rustic taste with rose fragrance, it is worthy of the Royal food. It is more suitable for the tastes of the elderly, you can take it home to try.

Fengning dam on the roasted whole lamb: authentic dam roasted whole sheep, with three months, not less than fifty catties of Mianyang lamb, but also to hypertrophy. Such a sheep head uniform, delicate meat, non-fragrant scent, Huangliang color, crisp skin soft, fragrant, taste and delicious. And charcoal with roasted sheep is also very particular about, in general, every kilogram of lamb to a pound of charcoal, that is to say fifty pounds of sheep at least 25 pounds of charcoal. More unique is that the whole bar is roasted on the bar to eat a layer of roast, the more the last to eat more fragrant.

How to go to dam

The first step: from Beijing to Fengning. [3 hours duration, the fare 60 ¥ / person] There are many ways this, select a get off from line 10 Sanyuanqiao subway station, from the station C, and then go looking along the direction Jingshun Fengning The station. All the buses to Fengning pass through here.
Choose two: from Liuliqiao or Sihui long-distance bus station.
Choose three: Beijing Metro Wangjing West D exit, sit Wangjing West - Fengning intercity bus. Bus about 160 kilometers, Beijing - Fengning off, two-way send 17 times a day, the entire cash ticket 38 yuan, holding Beijing card pass, half-price concessions for adults, that is 20.5 yuan, student card 2.5 fold car.
Departure time: The
first bus: 6:40 am; the last bus: 16:30; both originating at the same time send hair.
6: 40-8: 40 The interval between classes is 30 minutes, and the interval between classes is 40 minutes between 8:40 and 16:30.
Step 2: Fengning - Big Beach [Duration 2 hours, the price of 20 ¥ / person] choose one: Fengning bus station. "Then take the" Fengning - Big Beach direction "bus, the entire about 80km, to "Big Beach" get off, the fare 25 yuan / person. Note comrades, after the car, please inform the driver or conductor in advance to get off the site, to avoid having to sit
.Strike Fengning - beach bus departure time: the
first train : As early as 6:00 pm; last train: 16:30 pm; morning departure interval of about 30 minutes in the afternoon about 1h / shift.
Option 2: direct chartered to the dam, you can also contact the local accommodation in advance, and now Many farmhouses have this service, but money has to be based on the actual situation.Third
step: Big Beach - Bashang grasslandFinally ushered in the dawn of victory! Came to the beach is basically the first steppe north of Beijing. There are many local four-wheeled mountain bike, especially the kind of pull the wind, you can directly riding this up to the prairie. If it is more convenient to chartered, to play nearby attractions is also very convenient.
The route has been fixed, the destination has arrived, everyone will enjoy your prairie travel!

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