Beautiful Qinghai, can not miss the 9 most beautiful locations (with shooting advice)

"China National Geographic" specially released the 100 most beautiful scenery photography locations in Qinghai. Qinghai everywhere let me fascinated by the scenery, each back to the camera to explore its beauty, can bring me a new surprise. Now let me use my experience to take you to Qinghai to make a big movie to share the beauty of Qinghai with more people!
figure riyue by susie

First, take the most beautiful spots Qinghai what?

1. [Sun Moon Hill] - Princess Wen Cheng sun and moon Bao

Sun Moon Mountain has long been the throat of the mainland to Tibet, according to historical records, Princess Wen Cheng through the sun and the moon to see the bustling prosperity of Chang'an after the collapse of broken treasure mirror, so Baojing became two dependent teeth mountain . On the eastern side of the sun and the moon, Shandong Province, a mountain resorted to the southern scenery, the vast western grassland and flocks of sheep and sheep are another scenic view. Here broad vision, in the mountains and the moon can see the clouds and the sky far, sun and moon Pavilion next to a large prayer flags, often to turn the Tibetan mountains, there are white yaks can ride, whether it is shot People or shot King is a good place to go, here is the first stop of many people to the Qinghai Lake.

Figure: Riyue by Susie

① Riyunshan tickets: 40 yuan / person; opening hours: 8: 00-17: 00.
② It is recommended to bring a good headdress and jacket in advance, the relatively high wind and temperature, the temperature is relatively low.
③ standing halfway down the hill looking down, you can see when the road to the same as the ribbon in the fundus, is a good perspective.
④ riding yak, holding a small yak, wearing Tibetan robes These are separate charges, be sure to ask in advance to clear charges. Remember to bargain, generally 10 yuan / person can.

2. 【Chaka Salt Lake】 - China's "Mirror of the Sky"

Figure: Tea Lake Salt Lake by 蓦 Ran white trimester black

"Tea card" is Mongolian, meaning the salt pond, which is the salt of the sea. Different from the blue of Qinghai Lake, here is a white, clear lake under the white salt crystal form a huge reflector, the blue sky and white clouds reflected in the sky, known as China's "Mirror of the sky." Here you can not only go deep into the lake barefoot walk on the salt lake, shoot a unique portrait of the reflection, you can also shoot in the night like a galaxy-like sky, the stars reflected in the lake, where not only the sky, but also the night sky territory!
The best shooting time : 10 o'clock or 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the most gentle light of this time, the easiest reflection. Not recommended for shooting at noon, the sun more reflective.
The best location: along the train track forward, try to go inside, to the depths of Salt Lake. This small number of people, choose a small wind, the background slowly concave concave shape, do not have to worry about from time to time there will be other tourists into the mirror.
Shooting clothing recommendations : The general white skirt with a red scarf is more common, the red will appear bright and dazzling, choose a red dress with other colors scarves. It is recommended not to wear floral skirts and skirts, the general shot is not obvious reflection.
Shooting recommendations : the next lake shooting reflection characters must not move, so as to avoid reflection fluctuations; because of the reflection, so shooting distance can not be too close, it is recommended to use wide-angle lens, with the telephoto pull; shooting can not be over exposed, otherwise it will become a large white film ; Exposure should be sufficient, or photos are not bright enough, there is no feeling of the mirror, you can set the low sense ISO 100-200; Salt Lake shooting to note if the aperture is too large, it will affect the depth of field, the photo will lack the three-dimensional; shooting should pay attention to the same White balance should be colder, this will be more blue; sun oblique, especially around 4 o'clock in the setting sun, the side of the backlight, portraits with wide-angle lens is particularly good.

① tickets 50 yuan / person, take a small train 35 yuan / person; opening hours 7: 00-18: 30.
② Tea Lake Salt Lake is a major feature of the train, but the peak season departure, line up longer, play must take good time.
③ It is recommended to bring waterproof shoe cover or transparent water shoes, water stones, easy to break the foot, so salt in the wound is very painful.
④ Salt Lake scenic area in June, July and August average daily temperature of 20 ℃, but sooner or later especially cold, need jacket or thin section down jacket warm.
⑤ 4 ~ October climate is dry, cool, strong UV, be sure to bring sunscreen and anti-high anti-product, with particular attention to good sun protection. ⑥ If there is rainy days in a row, the salt in the lake may be diluted and dissolved, and the mud underneath will be exposed and the lake can not be played. Many small black holes in the lake, in fact, one by one trap, do not step on, and the more dangerous the more black.

3. [Black Horse Township] - one of the best spots to watch the sunrise of Qinghai Lake

Figure: Black Horse Township by Liu Shun children

Located in the west bank of Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Lake is one of the best spots to watch. Here is the starting point of West Lake in West Lake of Qinghai Lake. West Lake Road, 41km away from Hema River Township to Shi Naihai Township, is the most beautiful section of Qinghai Lake. The nearest lake is 13-16km away from West Lake. West Lake in different seasons show different beauty: May bloom wild flowers, birds fly; August acres of rape blossoms in the lake in full bloom; in the bustling October, Black Horse River grasslands attributed the calm, Qinghai Lake also presents Out of the most simple beauty. The weather is good, you can also shoot the stars here at night.
Shooting suggestions: Qinghai Lake is very strong light, the need to lower the camera down an aperture, the angle try not to rely too close to the lake shooting; lake and coastal distribution in proportion, the general prospect can account for one-third or one-half of the screen; Sunrise is the best point of view is the sun is just emerging from the sea level and the sun just to come out radiant moment, to determine the trajectory of the sun ahead of time, aperture f11 or less, the shutter 5s or so, according to metering, focal length 30mm or more wide.

① tickets: free; opening hours: all day.
② accommodation here in general, but if you want to shoot the sunrise or the sky is still very recommended to stay here for a night. Look at the sunrise, the lake there are many tents live, meals should be provided, but also ignited around the campfire dancing. Lake night and morning temperatures are low, the tent warmth is not strong enough, usually accompanied by electric blankets and electric heaters, but still have to wear thicker, jacket or jacket is essential.
③ morning depends on the sunrise, it is recommended to reach the lake earlier to choose a better perspective, otherwise many people will not squeeze into it.

4. 【Bird Island】 - Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds

Figure: Bird Island by literary young Klaus

Due to the island's habitat to hundreds of thousands of migratory birds named, there are barbed goose, white swans, seagulls, brown goose and so on. There are two Bird Island, west of the island called the sea of ​​Xishan, also known as the small Xishan, also known as egg Island; east of the island called the sea of ​​Xipi, cormorant habitat for thousands of, also known as Cormorant island. Bird Island best season is from April to May, in June, Bird Island is still a bird, not so much, if after June there is no need to Bird Island. Increase in the general late tourists, birds fed are more full, fly is not high, the scenery will be biased. Can not see the birds after June, but you can also shoot the big scene at the distant view (height).
Shooting suggestions: Bird Island is best to use telephoto, high-speed shutter, easy to capture; the lens can be used Sigma 120-400, Nikon 70-200 telephoto will do; sensitivity is not too high, iso 400 is enough; The background of the sky, flying birds aperture can be transferred to f8, the focal length of 200mm above; shoot the island's flock within the focal length of 200mm, the same aperture, the background can be blurred, the sky more than the proportion, plus is taking off or falling , This picture will be more abundant.

Figure: Bird Island by the empty mountain

① Tickets: peak season (April 16-October 19) 100 yuan; off-season (October 20 - April 15 next year) 50 yuan, the interval of 25 yuan tickets. Opening hours: 8:30 - 17:30.
② Bird Island birds are generally not afraid of people, will be free to park in the car or roadside, and some will take the initiative to close you. The middle of the sightseeing car where there are Lake Forest habitat, where more birds can shoot at close range.
③ Bird Island to watch the best time for swans is from November to February next year.

5. 【Erlang sword】 - a good place close to Qinghai Lake

Figure: Erlang sword (151 base) by Liu Shun child girl

Erlangjian scenic spot, also known as the 151 base, here can meander Qinghai Lake, is a good place to be close to Qinghai Lake, the grasslands, beaches, animals and the surrounding area is worth a visit. There are scenic spots for bird watching Taiwan, Deer Park view, view of the bridge, the view of kiosks, but also for water jets, self-driving yachts and other suitable for everyone to play the project. There are many shoals along the lake, the scenery is very good. However, most of them are surrounded by local herders, to go to the lake to play first pay, ranging from 5 to 20, first talk to the herdsmen about the price and then go shooting.

① Tickets: off-season (May 16-October 19) 50 yuan / person; peak season (October 20 - April 15) 100 yuan / person.
② three kilometers away from the scenic area "herdsmen's House" CYTS and seven kilometers of "Sky Road" CYTS between the four-kilometer road, mid-July to early August, competing rape blossoms open, the lake and the world together Beautiful.
③ Erlang Jian scenic out to Black Horse River direction a few hundred meters turn left on the Nanshan, walking four or five kilometers, you can view the panoramic Qinghai Lake at the top of the Peak, it is shocking. General chartered drivers know the road, you can discuss with the driver in advance.

6. 【Sands】 - Qinghai Lake desert style

Figure: Sands Bay by Tibetan incense

Qinghai Lake desert, where you can enjoy another Qinghai Lake style. Here you can also see Qinghai Lake, snow-capped mountains, desert, golden desert scenery, behind the sand dunes blue lake and the white snow-capped mountains together constitute the fantastic scenery here. In addition, here you can also enjoy a variety of sand dune entertainment, such as sand, camel, sand motorcycle experience, the price is more affordable.
Shooting recommendations: Desert sand in the reflective is very strong, shooting suggested the use of small aperture, filter. Sunny shooting the desert is ideal, the sand is yellow, the sky is blue, the contrast is relatively strong; if it is cloudy on the chaotic, so the best check before you travel the weather. Sunset shooting here will be beautiful, there will be spectacular sunset river yen. It is recommended to bring a filter, so you can filter out the reflected light of the sand. The composition of the words can use the trichotomy, desert, sky, water, grassland into the picture will be more abundant. Although it is not as big as the big desert here, the sand can still hurt the camera if the wind is very big. So it is recommended to buy a UV lens to protect the lens of the glass.

Figure: Sands Bay by Tibetan incense

① Tickets: Watch sand dunes around Golden Sands without tickets. The roadside amusement park by the local Tibetan private operators, charges ranging from 20-30 yuan, many people can bargain, while riding a motorcycle is another charge, the price varies from 50 yuan.
② Jinshawan summer play hot and dry, with more drinking water to enter.
③ ready to play before the turban, sunglasses, etc., to avoid dust into the eyes, mouth and nose. ④ here more than 3,200 meters above sea level, swimming and other items to pay attention to physical activity, not too much fun, so as to avoid the phenomenon of high anti.

7. [Source] - rains dozens of kilometers of rolling dreams

Figure: door source by mushroom Zhang-NKU

July each year, the source of 500,000 acres of black land is the use of 100 billion rape knitting dream scenery, stretching tens of kilometers of the door source rape is photography enthusiasts can not miss the scenery. The rape field here is different from the flower field in the south. The valley in front of it is covered with a yellow-green plains. There are cumulus clouds around the hilltops. There are still snow all year long in the distant peaks, just like an entirely natural oil painting .
Shooting Suggestions: shooting door source Barry has three best locations: First, the county cement plant across the Nanshan, located in Ho Menzhen (Mengyuan County seat location) about 4 km southeast, where the full view of the vast Homon River Rape flowers and perennial snow cold Leng Leng Ridge and Kong Shi Xuefeng, shoot photos will have four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery, the background level is excellent; Second, About 20 km west of the town, where rape fields are more concentrated; third Xining to Gate County Road on the way Osaka Hill View Point, where about 30 km from the town of Hao Men. In addition, the eastern fairy forest area is not bad, not only beautiful rape, there are virgin forests, fairy gorge, all kinds of color intertwined, especially rich colors. If you want to integrate into the sea of ​​flowers, you need to go from the source of the county town to the direction of the North Mountain, walk along the field road, on both sides is boundless rape, snow mountains in the distance, suitable for low angle flowers.

① Tickets: tickets free, viewing flower Taiwan charges 30 yuan / person; opening hours: all day.
② Although there are some portal canola flowers are free, but some are still surrounded by people charging, photography must be asked before.
③ roadside there will be local children selling honey and their own garlands, 3-5 per month, you can choose to buy.
④ As a result of the plateau UV special foot, pay attention to make adequate sunscreen work in advance.

8. [Gold and Silver Beach Prairie] - song "in that far place" inspired by the land

Figure: Gold Silver Beach Prairie by Susie

The west of Jinyintan Prairie is adjacent to Qinghai Lake. The northeast is surrounded by the Qilian Mountains. A stream runs through the stream and divides the entire grassland into Golden Beach and Silver Beach. Here, Mr. Wang Luobin met the beautiful Dolma girl and created a widely circulated song - "In That Faraway Place." Blossoming on both sides of the river, Jin Luomei and Yinlumei blend seamlessly with grass and blue sky and white clouds, and hordes of cattle and colorful streamers decorate the scenery there with no dead ends.

① Tickets: 20 yuan / person; Opening hours: 8: 30-18: 00, the tourist season will be delayed until 19:00.
② pay attention to sunscreen and altitude sickness, where summer temperatures are not high, it is best to bring sweaters or jackets.

9. [Qilian scenery] - known as the East of Switzerland

Figure: Qilian zoe Hill by big fish and fun

Qilian has always been known as "Oriental Little Switzerland" and is especially suitable for exploring the first-line bee-bee in Xining - Qinghai Lake - Qilian Mountains - Zhangye (National Road 227) by car or by car. It is also a place where few team tourists arrive and is also suitable for photo enthusiasts The place. The original ecological scenery of Qilian well preserved, with vertical and horizontal snow-capped mountains, the natural color of the plains grasslands, dense grasslands of the original, rich in wildlife, is a place to take picturesque scenery. In addition, Qilian County is still a multi-ethnic enclave, rich ethnic minorities, where people are good shot.

Figure: Qilian Zhuoer Shan Liu Shun children by the girl

① Qilian scenery of the recommended attractions are Zhuo Er Shan, Qilian Mountain Prairie, A soft temple, Niushen Mountain, Moel grassland, the Great Winter Pass, Heihe Grand Canyon. Qilian Mountain prairie scenery charming, without deliberately going, the road everywhere can see it, pay attention. If you want to see the panorama of Qilian, it is recommended to climb Zhuoer Hill, but due to high altitude there will be anti-counter-measures.
② tour of the best season of Qilian scenery is from the end of June to August, it is recommended to travel with the source.
③ into the Tibetan temple shooting, the need to respect the customs of ethnic minorities, monasteries shooting the interior scene, please obtain the consent of the monks. Shooting Buddha statues are disrespectful, especially when driving a flash. When photographing monks and Tibetans, they also need their consent.

Second, travel photo tour two-day recommended route

Recommended by the end of June: D1: Xining - Riyue - Chaka Salt Lake - Black Horse Township
D2: Black Horse River Sunrise - West Lake Ring Road - Bird Island - North Ring Road - Gold Silver Beach Prairie - Atomic City - Xining

Recommended after June: D1: Xining - Riyue - Chaka Salt Lake - Black Horse Township
D2: Black Horse River Sunrise - 151 base - Golden Bay - Gold and Silver Beach Prairie - Xining

Third, the line photo Qinghai how to choose the mode of transport?

Starting from Xining, Qinghai Lake around the ring about 500 km. Generally arrived in Xining to Qinghai Lake free trip to play the traffic is divided into the following three kinds:
1 car by car: the airport or urban areas can go directly to the scenic car rental companies can directly rent vehicles, car and car convenient, but for the first time in Northwest Zijia no local people to do the wizard, not familiar with the road conditions, can only rely on navigation and positioning, easy to go the wrong way.
Carpool / charter: This is the most comfortable way around the lake, but also most of the beekeepers to play in Qinghai choose the way. The cost of 150 yuan / day / person, regular channels scheduled charter drivers are native to Qinghai, road conditions are familiar, not slaughter off, there is no consumer trap, is a very good choice.
However, near the train station there are many black car pull live, this is not guaranteed, before traveling must pay attention to screening, it is best to book on the platform in advance, more conducive to safeguarding their rights. 3. Shuttle Bus: Most of the towns around Qinghai Lake depart from the bus station in Xining. You can check the departure timetable in advance. However, the transfer of attractions and attractions will be inconvenient, you need to return to the Xining or local chartered to travel, if the time is limited, it is recommended to choose the chartered route tailor-made to decide on their own attractions to play time. 【Xining - Chaka Salt Lake】 Chaka Salt Lake is 320km away from Xining. From Xining Ferry Terminal, there is a shuttle bus to Wulan County passing through Chaka Town six times a day (8:00, 9:45, 11:00, 00,14: 00,15: 30), fare 65.5 yuan / person or so.
【Xining - Erlangjian Scenic Area (151 Base)】 Erlangjian Scenic Area is 151km away from Xining and the Xining Ferry Terminal has buses to Hato or Ulan which pass through Erlangjian Scenic Spot. There are two classes every day (8:30, 9:45) fare 35 yuan / person or so. Xining ---- Riyue Mountain Riyunshan 90 km away from Xining, Xining Xinning Road bus station by car to Laiyuan County, fare 12 yuan, then transfer 8 bus to the Sun and Moon Township, find the car to go Past the mountains.
[Xining --- Black Horse River] Black Horse River is 220 kilometers away from Xining, a direct bus from Xining Passenger Transport Center, three shifts a day (8:30, 9:45 and 12:00), the fare is about 50 yuan.

Fourth, travel trip how to wear?

It is recommended to wear a dress of reddish or white solid color, dress, scarf, shawl add highlights, do not wear floral skirt, or shoot the reflection is not obvious, do not wear yellow (Gobi more), blue More blue), green (grass more green). The temperature difference between day and night is generally large, combined with intense ultraviolet radiation, clothing, but also pay attention to sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirt, sunscreen are essential items. Winter to go, you can see a different landscape, but the climate is very cold, down jacket is a must.

Five, trip photography What you have to know photography knowledge?

1, shooting sunrise ① shooting landscape photos with a small aperture will make the picture more clear and transparent, and the small aperture will make the sun appear star patch, but when sunrise outside the sky more black, beyond the safety shutter ;
② hand-held shooting will shake, so this time to use a tripod; if the best shutter line, there is no Selfie mode can be used;
③ metering as far as possible to choose the central spot metering and metering, do not measure the sun, The surrounding clouds (or slightly above the sky), the exposure compensation can be turned on, white balance with automatic or daylight on the line.
If the light of Qinghai Lake is very strong, it is necessary to lower the first aperture when taking photos. As far as possible, do not shoot too close to the lake. The water and the shore should be distributed proportionately. The general prospect can account for one-third or one-half of the picture. The best angle is the moment when the sun is just emerging from sea level and the sun just needs to come out radiant. To determine the sun's trajectory ahead of time, the aperture f11 or less and the shutter speed should be about 5 seconds. The focal length should be 30mm or more depending on the photometry.
2, filming the sky ① because the stars are moving, so shoot the stars should not be too long exposure, 15s or so, the faint star, so the aperture to a large aperture, f3.2 or f2.8, sensitivity to adjust the iso 6400, the best lens Is the wide-angle, the wider the better, the fisheye lens, wide-angle fixed focus, wide-angle zoom is a good choice, focus is best in 14mm focal length between 35mm focal lengths.
② If you want to shoot star tracks, exposure time longer, but also to prevent other light chaos. There are two ways you can choose between shooting a star orbit: one is a single exposure shot, the second is a multiple exposure, post-superimposed shots, multiple exposures recommended, and more selective.
③ filming the sky in the summer and early autumn the best, because the season of the sky for a long time, the moon rises late, it will not affect the light of the stars. Between ten at midnight and midnight, it is best. Shooting stars and stars The requirements of the weather is absolutely meticulous, to ensure that the sky is cloudless. The weather is transparent, there is no haze.
3. Composition of photographic skills:① Trichotomy composition: Simply put is the horizontal line in the picture on the top and bottom of a photo out of three, if the sky's scenery is good, then leave the sky two-thirds, leaving three-thirds of the scenery One, if the landscape is good, then the opposite.
The center point of the composition: This composition is actually very simple way, such as shooting in front of a large lake at sunset, the sun at the center of the position, the sky and the water is a group of symmetrical picture appears, the lake will reflect the reflection of the sky, which When the sun is just placed at the center, but also warm light, with warm and cold contrast, the picture is very harmonious.
4 photographic equipment: the best full-frame SLR with two lenses, a wide-angle, a fixed-focus large aperture, tripod (Beno's can), shutter line, with ND filter, gradient filter, lens Clean tools with good.
5 photography weather query: say that weather photography is weather eating, this sentence is not fake. Catch up with the rains extreme weather, sometimes unable to shoot. Proposed to go to Qinghai, in advance to see the weather forecast, especially the forecast weather app, app now do is very powerful, cloudiness, atmosphere as Ning, atmosphere transparency, gale warning can be displayed. Recommend a view the weather is better app - sunny day for everyone, before the trip to pay attention to the weather to arrange the trip.


Great beauty of Qinghai, do not look at these beauty is regrettable, saw these beauty is not frozen in the grid is a regret, bring the camera, bring the United States and the United States clothes, and then take a Queen's take pictures of him, ah, so set ~

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