Beijing and the surrounding five glass plank road, back you finish, to marry it!

Around the tour of the people, the Sahara travel chief travel planner / operator responsible person, the Beijing area tourism and the surrounding tour all the questions welcome to consult, know nothing, words endless.

First, Shilin Gorge UFO Titanium suspended glass viewing platform

Located in Beijing Pinggu District
Huang Songyu Township Shilin Gorge Natural Scenic Area here Stone Forest Gao Jun steep, boulders, rocks all over the valley, the canyon trees lush, Qi Song strange green tall and straight, nine waterfall eighteen pond decorated among them.

1, recommended experience ufo floating glass viewing platform

The viewing platform in the cliff outside the vacant, so far, the world's largest glass viewing platform
can be a slight swing with the wind, thrilling, known as the "Eye of the Universe"

Viewing platform viewing angle: the south direction can be overlooking the Jinshui Lake.

2, Canyon Mountain View cable car

Cableway cable car is divided into two, Dragon King cableway and wish cableway, Shilin Gap cable car can not be until the glass viewing platform, you can choose to take the cable car after the walk, or walk the first cable car ~ two cable car cable the same price, each cable car limit By 2 people.

3, stone three absolutely

4, play Raiders

【Tickets】: 78 yuan / person, the elderly with old age card, students holding student card ticket half price
【Glass viewing platform】: 40 yuan / person
【Opening time】: 07: 30 ~ 18: 00
【Mountain climbing line】
Back to the road ): entrance - silver fish lake - Lohan hole - ladder ladder - nine days waterfall - suspended glass viewing platform - Shilin three absolutely - Yamashita [cable car line] (effort): wishful ropeway - cableway station - King Terrace - Stone Forest San Ji - nine days of waterfalls - Tonglitou - Yinyu Tan

5, how to reach Shilin Gorge?

Bus route :
Dongzhimen by 918 fast 1 to Pinggu District Hospital, transfer area 25 bus Shilin Gorge get off.
Driving route 1 :
Jingmu Road - Pinggu direction - Pinggu County 918 terminus outside the fork in the road turn left - the old flat thistle Road - Huzhuang intersection - Huang Songyu stone stand can be reached.
Driving route 2 :
Jingping high-speed - dense three-way exit turn left Miyun direction - Changjin intersection turn right Jinhai Lake Jixian direction - Huang Songyu Shilin Gorge intersection turn left. From Hu Zhuang to the north 8 km to reach Shilin Gorge area.

Second, the days of Yunshan brave canyon glass bridge

Tianyun Mountain is located in
Huanggang Township , Pinggu District, Beijing Tianyun Mountain Natural Scenic Area Natural landscape majestic, Tian Mei, cliffs and mountains and valleys, rocks and dangerous peaks of the strange rugged,

1, recommended experience, days Yunshan Canyon glass bridge

Across the two mountains, come to the end is a square glass viewing platform, Beijing's sky environment.

2, recommended experience brave glass plank road

Inside the area two glass cliff: the
first glass plank road, in the left inner ring top - for the brave glass plank road.
The second glass plank road, in the glass bridge side, relatively short.

3, "martial arts rumor" shooting - with the blessing inn

4, Wa characteristics of national performances - free to watch

Morning time: 11:00  
pm afternoon time: 15:00 
pay attention to climbing time do not miss oh ~

5, high-altitude walking wire performance - free to watch

Morning time 10:30   
pm afternoon time 15:30 recommended to
go after the glass plank road to watch, just time Oh ~

6, play Raiders

[Scenic ticket]: 78 yuan / person holding the old age card and student card to enjoy half-price concessions
[glass plank Road]: 20 yuan / person
[glass bridge]: 5 yuan / person
[opening time]: 08: 00-17: 00
【climbing Line (no back to the road): 100 Ge Tan - martial arts rumors (Universal Motorcycle) - Goddess Temple - small square (Wa characteristics of the show) - brave glass plank road - Canyon glass bridge - days and the palace - Lotus peak (high-altitude walking wire performance) - down
[cable car line] (effort): Bai Ge Tan - Swordsman shooting (Universal motorcycle) - the cable car up the mountain - the brave glass plank - Canyon Skywalk - day Palace - Lotus peak (high-wire performance) - down

7, how to reach Tianyun Mountain?

Tianyun Mountain by car route : Jingping high-speed to the summer of the village exit to Huhe Road / Beijing Shun Road - along Shun Ping Road to Pinggu, Yingbin roundabout east straight to Pinggu bus station along the road signs arrived, about 2h by car.
Tianyun Hill bus line : Dongzhimen bus station 852/918 to Pinggu new station after the bus 25 bus to the pear ditch station, walk to the Tianyun Mountain Scenic Area, bus about 3.5h.

Three, ten crossing the sea oath glass plank road

Located in the city of Fangshan District, Beijing Dongwu Lake
Scenic Area in the green sandalwood forest, winding thousands of ancient vine all over the canyon, winding winding twists and turns on the gurgling streams under the flow of fresh, quite poetic.

1, recommended experience - Donghu Harbor colorful glass plank road

Walk in the glass on the cliff, like stepping on a long rainbow bridge, thrilling and yet romantic dream! It is said that now have the courage to finish the bridge people, both men and women, did not find the object, , Will be able to find a good marriage Oh.

2, Shidu bamboo raft

3, play Raiders

【Scenic spot ticket】: 50 yuan / person
【Alpine water】: 20 / person
【Opening time】: 08: 00-18: 00
【Features browsing line】: Wachukou - iron bridge - East Lake giant Buddha - Valentine Valley - Cool valley - colorful glass plank road - down the mountain

4, how to reach the colorful glass plank road?

Bus route  :
flyover by 917 bus direct access to scenic areas
by car route :
Beijing: G4 Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed - Liulihe exports (42) - Han Yuncun - Yunju Temple - Shidu junction turn left - East Lake  

Four, Jingdong Grand Canyon cliff glass plank road

Located in Beijing's Pinggu Jingdong Grand Canyon, 80 km from the downtown area of ​​Beijing 
Lake is vast, different pools, wild lush, there are high mountains and wells connected to the high-altitude cableway

1, recommended experience Jingdong Grand Canyon cliff glass plank road

Plank road sub-landscape wood plank road and high-altitude glass plank road
built in two parts of the cliff, enjoy the scenery at the same time also appreciate the glass plank sky vacant thrills

2, recommend the experience of thousands of high-altitude cableway, century dragon slide

3, play Raiders

【Tickets】: 78 yuan / person
[glass plank Road]: 5 yuan / person
[cableway]: 100 yuan / person
[opening time]: 07: 00-17: 00
[Slip Browse line] (leisure effort): ticket gate - to the northwest to the slide entrance - viewing platform (southeast northwest) - Lan Tan Falls - Han lock bridge - Tongtianxia - Longmen Lake down the mountain
[walking line] (do not go back): northeast direction winding road - viewing platform (Southeast northwest) - Lan Tan Falls - Han lock bridge - Tongtian Gorge - Longmen Lake - down the mountain

4, how to reach the Grand Canyon Jingdong?

Bus line : Beijing Dongzhimen hub station take 852 or 918 Road to Pinggu District Hospital Station, take the level of 12 to reach the Grand Canyon Station that is off.
By car line : Airport high-speed - Jingping high-speed - on the right driving into the x107-Dao Gouyu Road - southeast Road - summer fish road - according to signs to Jingdong Grand Canyon  

Five, Langya mountain flowers "red" glass plank road

Located in Beijing around, Baoding Langya Mountain, Beijing departure time 3.5 hours
Langya Mountain Qifeng everywhere, towering steep, like if the spike named

1, recommended experience Langya Mountain high-altitude glass viewing platform, glass plank road

2, recommend the experience to see the mountains of the mountain peony flowers

3, play Raiders

[] Langyashan Tickets: 80 yuan / person
[plank] glass: 10 yuan / person
[peony flowers]: 30 yuan / person
[round] cableway: 70 yuan
[] Opening hours: 06: 00-17: 00
[ Cableway (view of the province): mountain cableway - chess board lump - monument - cliff - glass plank road - glass viewing platform - Yixian Tian - Simon
[climbing line] (do not go back): Heroes Square - red agate cave - chess board - monument - cliff - glass plank road - glass viewing platform - line day - Simon

Can not wait to challenge!

And love the people or friends together through the mountains and rivers, plains, is a small fortune.
Step on the glass cliff, the minds of the West came the classic lines: "My favorite person is a hero, one day, he will wear the holy costumes, foot seven color clouds to marry me"
If someone is willing to carry you End of these plank road, do not hesitate to marry it!