Beijing ski coaches gathered, Nanshan Ski Resort full experience

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort, but the largest in North China, the most advanced facilities, the most complete types of snow ski resort. Like skiing, how can you miss this fascinating place.
nanshan ski resort snow view

Skiing I do not know there are Nanshan, sliding all over the world is also in vain, Beijing skiing coffers of the Holy Land, where the park is still playing park or cat jump, can see countless master from the side of the slide, the snow splash, and instantly ignited the passion of winter.  

First, the Nanshan Ski Resort

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort is located in the capital suburbs northeast of Miyun District, about 3 km from the south of the city, 62 km from Beijing Wangqiao Bridge. Is the only suburb of Beijing can be 30 minutes to reach the large and medium-sized ski resort. The ski area covers an area of ​​more than 4000 acres, is the only set in Beijing and North China ski, chute, ice and other sports and leisure sports as one of the winter resort.  

Nanshan snow

Second, the preparation and precautions before skiing

1, snow tickets and snow

Buy tickets to the ticket too much, you can buy tickets in the Nanshan resort tickets can be purchased in Nanshan a door on both sides of the snow shop to buy, but also in the major skiing APP, the public to buy, such as skiing, ski assistant, skiing Family, the other major travel sites, Ctrip, where to sell and so on.
Snow tickets have 2 hours, 4 hours, all day, weekdays and weekends the price is not the same, in the 150-450 yuan range. The price includes a set of ski rental, if the snowboarding snow ticket to play 7 fold. There are a few days of the card and quarter card, sub card is divided into weekdays and weekends. Any combination you can think of is designed. Because Nanshan is the founder of the domestic snow ticket grading system, is the Nanshan boss Lu Jian study abroad after the design, Beijing later many of the snow are learning Nanshan.

Snow with the film

In addition to snow tickets, as well as rental snow clothes, snowshoe, cabinets and many other small items, it is recommended to go before to consider good, if the scene to think about, in the buy and rent between the swing, it will take 1 hour or even more Long, which is why I would suggest you will slip with friends, racing, or simply ask a coach.

2, ski coach

Veneer teaching

Nanshan coach management formal, although the domestic snow coach is a common problem of mobility, but Nanshan to training and norms will be managed to do one of the best in the country. Coach sub-board and double board, the coach fee will exceed the snow ticket price, but will help you solve the biggest three problems, the first security, the second convenient, the third technology. Imagine that you can not slip through the snow, you can slide yourself after 2 hours or half a day. Over the years with the attention of the skiers of teaching, Nanshan ski resort will appear out of the phenomenon of the coach, when you waver, the coach was set out.  

3, snow patrol and cable car crew

Entertainment area happy tourists

Often see the staff who wore work vests to help some people fall to stand up, or to rescue some people who need help or hurt. Cable cars, magic blankets and towers have staff guards, they mainly ensure that the upper and lower cable car safety, please in the upper and lower cable car position and timing to listen to their arrangements. If someone falls, they will immediately suspend the cable car, magic carpet or drag, so as not to cause more serious injury. So if you find the cable car parked, the magic carpet stopped, do not panic, and then will start again. Because of this, when riding a cable car and magic blanket, is self-timer you have to be careful out of the phone Oh!

Third, the terrain distribution

1, primary road

Nanshan cable car

If you are good talent, teaching area focus on 1-2 hours, you can go to the primary road. Of course, 2 hours later in the teaching area except wrestling or screaming.

 Even if you are anxious to go to the primary road, you have to go to the first straight, first feel the single and double board mixed with the environment, because this field is not you a slip, you have to learn to brake, turn and take the initiative to fall. More confident, take the cable car to try the primary small S Road and the primary S Road, respectively, four cable car and double cable car. The two roads are where many people like to go skiing because they start to experience the fun of taxiing. Remember the cable car when the center of gravity forward. A small number of basic skills are not solid people also stuck with the cable car, about the cable car on the center of gravity sitting back, leading to fall in the cable car station, a moment not to come, behind a trip immediately under the cable car, and lead to a pot of porridge dilemma. Do not be too scared, the cable car station staff will help.  

2, intermediate Road

Nanshan children skiing competition

Most of the skiers are the oldest Nanshan Middle Road, the first open in 2001, double cable car, snow is relatively wide, is the first batch of Beijing enthusiasts cradle. New Intermediate Road two years after the opening, thick snow, soft, more slowly, is now the most popular intermediate road. West-level road is more slow, but starting soon there is a big slope. Nanshan three high-quality intermediate road, laid in the surrounding snow in Beijing's position.  

3, senior Road

Small contestant

Midline four hanging chair cable car ride to the terminal station Nanshan bell tower, slope 32 degrees. In the high-level road can be round-trip practice, eliminating the need to line up trouble. But if you have not been able to work on the middle of the track, small radius is not flexible enough, you will find the cat jump big bag-based high-level road is your nightmare.  

4, teaching area

Children skiing teaching

Nanshan powerful place is a small sparrow, but not only teaching area, but also the teaching area is divided into veneer area and double board area, each equipped with magic blanket, because the two kinds of board sliding way is indeed not the same, beginners control is not good , So it is relatively safe to separate. My boards and veneers are in both regions. Veneer teaching area has two, a slope of 8 degrees, a 5 degrees, which you feel that there is no way steep.  

4, cat jump

Cat jumping lovers

Was the high-level cat jump "bar" to the snow friends, need to return to the primary cat jump again to practice, it is recommended in the ski hall for a freestyle board, more soft and light, into a pit when you can Have enough deformation and elasticity. Intermediate middle of the middle of the cat is a freestyle lovers paradise, Nanshan staff every day to repair, to ensure that the pit evenly, the master can also be in the last package to a vacant or even somersault, like the Olympic athletes as. You may have to practice a whole snow season to return to the high-level challenge to challenge the senior cat jump, high talent and even can register to participate in Nanshan annual cat jump competition.  

5, terrain park

Freestyle skiing enthusiasts

Nanshan Lu always dedicated to the pursuit of small Nanshan has a very rich terrain and obstacle design, including the new middle of the lower right side of the road side of the five wave package, you can practice to expand the middle of Xueyou, absorption and jump; The next section of the left hand side of the 110-meter-long U-slot, most people dare to sway back and forth, not vacated; wild snow park, only very experienced and courageous senior skater dare in the raised stumps, scattered logs and The middle of the roof of the hunter hut slides down. The famous Myluo Park is held every year, is a two-plate freestyle and veneer master show, but also the four cable car passengers on the best scenery.  

Fourth, traffic

1, by car

Jingcheng high-speed to 16 export Miyun City exit, turn right after the high speed, went to a three-way junction and then turn right, there are signs of Nanshan Ski Resort, and smooth, then from the Sanyuan Bridge starting 45 minutes to the. Can not find the car navigation or mobile phone map. Nanshan parking lot is great, late will stop more distant. Follow the staff command on the line. Parking charges 5 yuan, I do not know will not price increases.  

2, shuttle bus

From the northeast of Beijing Sanyuanqiao and the northwest of the Wudaokou two locations, starting at 8:30 every day, 17:30 from Nanshan return, fare 45 yuan.
Travel by one day in advance booking, telephone 010-89091909.

Departure Location: Sanyuanqiao time international chain home real estate entrance parking lot, from the Metro Line 10 Sanyuanqiao station D mouth 300 meters. Can drive to Sanyuanqiao time international office on the north side of the ground parking lot, the car stopped there.
Wudaokou Huaqing Jiayuan East Gate, 100 meters from the B junction of Wudaokou Station on Metro Line 13. Every time the snowman trapped in the snowman trouble, take the bus can sleep well.  

3, bus

Dongzhimen long-distance bus station by "East secret line" 980 air-conditioned express, 5 minutes, take the Beijing-Cheng high-speed, 50 minutes to reach the Miyun, get off at the West Bridge Station, 14 yuan, bus card 4 fold only 5.6 yuan. Playing a taxi, 20 yuan to reach the holy head village Nanshan ski resort.  

Nanshan evening


Highly on the Nanshan Ski Resort in Beijing is one of the best, humane service, the characteristics of a street of food, can make you here to enjoy the winter weekend to bring endless joy. Like to play the park, the cat jump to a small partner to Nanshan Ski Resort is definitely a good choice, good technology can also participate in the game Oh!

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