Beijing Wudaoying hutong, Vietnamese specialty restaurant - "菀"

wudaoying hutong wan restaurant

Speaking of Beijing's pedestrian street and features "shopping"

Impression in your mind still stay in the Drum Tower, Nanluoguxiang?

Located in the northeast corner of the Second Ring Road near the Lama Temple

There is a name and location of the same low-key alley - Wudaoying

Ever heard?

The main road near the Yonghe Gong during the day crowd bustling

Wudao night alley lit a little light

But this is quietly lying in the alley next to the Lama Temple

There are many little-known private possession!


Today is to say that on the 10th Wudaoying alley

Southeast Asian cuisine restaurant - "菀"

Feel the collision of alley culture and Vietnamese style


"菀" is the alley in the courtyard converted into a Vietnamese restaurant

The entrance to the street is not advertised

Arched marble hinted at the door

Glass inside and outside the seat to facilitate the consumption of drinks for the guests



Into the courtyard is the place for dining

The courtyard on weekdays was covered with "glass cover"

Let guests like outdoor natural environment

Can have a better dining experience



Indoor environment is also elegant and chic

Surrounded by plants surrounded by

Reflect the rich Southeast Asian style

Antique decoration and home decoration reveals a steady Chinese style



Ru kiln green tableware to cater to the surrounding environment


Second floor environment is relatively clean

Summer terrace can also see the Lama Temple's main hall



Restaurant dining environment

The most important thing is the quality of the dishes

Above several are "菀" restaurant network score a good specialty dishes


Weekend brush Street nowhere to go?

About friends go to five battalion "菀" restaurant

To experience the capital of Vietnam-style bar

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11: 30-22: 00

Tel: +86-010-64010960

Consumption: 130 / person

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