Beijing Xidan shopping mall evaluation, to see where Xidan shopping cheap?

This is a landmark in Beijing, Tiananmen Square as the midpoint, with the symmetry of the "East single", both located in the north side of Chang'an Avenue, are now bustling commercial street, is the influx of people the best shopping destination The Xidan gathered a large number of large shopping malls, we see what are there? What can I buy? Xidan where shopping cheap?
figure xidan joy city by luo rachel

One, Xidan Joy City

Tags: Beijing youth business card, fashion, taste, kind of children

Joy City in Beijing has two, one is Chaoyang Joy City, the other is Xidan Joy City. Xidan Joy City is a young man is very love to visit the large commercial entertainment center, in Xidan is the most colorful architectural color, a very unique and design sense.
Covers an area relative to the previous open Zhongyou and Jun Tai really is a large integrated shopping center, there is a 6-storey elevator. Each store area is relatively large, spacious and bright channel, shopping environment comfortable, shopping experience a good sense.
A layer of Apple store is very conspicuous, B1, B2 is some shops, there are beauty salons; layer is some luxury jewelry, two to four layers of fashion brand, clothing and shoes; five is the main sports brand. Six layers are seven restaurants, a noon and at night all the rank. Ten-story is the capital cinema and gym, visiting the street after dinner to see the movie, one-stop shopping experience is very good.
Brand is complete, both the international line of big brands, there are cheap HM, ZARA, both street style tide card, there are suitable for OL suit, generally more close to the people. Europe force ah, IT ah, follie follie and so on all kinds of tide cards have. MUJI, mad fruit and GIFTTOUR and other home accessories gift shop is also very good shopping.

Joy City in a variety of merchandise discount efforts are not large, but the feeling of shopping is very good, something dazzling. Parking 6 yuan per hour, there are membership card points can be used for parking tickets.

Second, Hankou Department Store

Tags: popular civilians, discount activities, cosmetics is the most complete Xidan

Figure: Xidan Hankou Department Store by the reverse butterfly _Crystal

Han Kwong Department Store is the original Xidan Zhongyou Department Store, in Beijing, the public brand is relatively full of the mall. Area than Jun too large, commodity counters than Joy City focus, shopping discounts are more, the basic are down, the activities are very affordable, every time will visit the sports brand, more full, discount strength. There are restaurants on the eighth floor but very few.
Han Guang inside the cosmetics can be said that the most complete in this street Xidan, and want everything to have. Recently on the first floor of Armani Givenchy also opened, not here to try where to try! And Zuma Long! Do not smell where to smell! YSL Mac muf after snowflakes show Lamer and a variety of, very full of all.
Shopping malls in a total of four or five layers, a layer of cosmetics, backpacks, shoes and special area, the second floor were women, men and so on, the goods are still quite the brand, the high-end have.
The most critical is the service is in place, you can WeChat and Alipay payment, membership card and easy to use, especially the bathroom is also very clean.

Third, the Galeries Lafayette department store

Tags: tall, luxury goods, exquisite tide card, forced to be absolutely the highest

Figure: Lafayette by Wang fat man

Xidan inside the mall, the Lafayette is the most fashionable, and is absolutely the highest, is Xidan this high-end goods of the main purchase of the land. Door entrance door for you to open the door, shopping environment relative to Xidan shopping center, Hankou Department Store, Jun Tai Department Store are much better, the brand is also a lot of tall. Store luxury brand is not the majority, tide brand and designer brand is more prominent, suitable for fashion trend of young people, but the relatively high commodity prices.
B1 layer of food on behalf of the food market, as well as IT and other clothing brands, big food on behalf of the choice of more than a variety of flavors, the surrounding lunch did not have time to choose, here is a good choice.
1 layer is tall on the make-up skin care jewelry watch jewelry ah these, the brand area set a bit messy, the front door also often some bus parade ah fashion with these activities.
2 layer is the men's, travel goods, etc., it is worth visiting the Valentino, Hackett and Hardy Amies, exquisite fashion. Corner also comes with Pacific coffee.
3 layer is mainly women, women's shoes, etc., favorite Au Jour Le Jour this brand, cute cute. There are smell of the library, car perfume quite interesting.
4 layers also have women, a lot of designer brands, beach swimsuit, underwear what look also seductive, as well as children's area.
5 layer is the food area, the sea of ​​food, deer port town, as well as the famous carved belly sirloin, usually quite a lot of passengers. Vai Milan's Pop up Store, De Chocolate and Bordeaux wine shop is not too busy.
Lafayette in Xidan North Street by the northeast of the corner, so from the Metro Line 4 Ling Hutong station D mouth closer.

Hala is correct Lv.22

If you stop, then from the north down B2 floor parking lot, is the kind of can be lifted, not very good to stop, but look at the VIP card consumption that is free to stop three hours on the sake of worthy of choice, after all Can stop at the Guangzhou building over there.

Four, Jun Tai Department Store

Tags: traditional department store, years old shop, suitable for middle-aged people

Figure: Xidan Jun Tai Department Store by the reverse butterfly _Crystal

Jun Tai is mainly the traditional brand and daily necessities to buy the main channel, in order to compare with the same type of Hanguang, where the discounts and activities are often very attractive. But the goods are not young enough, suitable for middle-aged, no Joy City and Han light so fire
Downstairs is the supermarket and snacks, first floor cosmetics and skin care products, as well as a variety of members and so on, and often in the central exhibition hall and the door has a lot of booth to do the activities, upstairs is more rules of the brand and clothing, no special trend Of the brand, but the law-abiding brands have, and then upstairs is electrical appliances, sportswear, children's wear, sale and so on. Belong to the existence of reactive power, and Han Guang take the bridge attached to the way to go anyway Well ~
underground layer there are many restaurants, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and other fast food, there are clouds of food, is blindly, Ding Taifeng and other meals.

Five, Xidan Shopping Center

Tags: old state-owned, Beijing specialty gifts

Figure: Xidan Shopping Center by Dadin

Older shopping malls, not so modern, but also very lively. Xidan shopping center mainly engaged in Beijing specialty gifts, specialty snacks, including Daoxiang Village, Beijing roast duck, good billion, Tong Ren Tang, inlaid old Beijing shoes, are manufacturers direct, genuine protection. Many people from here to buy specialty to bring home to relatives and friends.
Here is the name of the famous wine is recommended, the main reason is not price concessions, the main state-owned stores, tobacco and wine quality assurance! Finally, Xidan Shopping Center also operates gold, watches, tea.
Back to the season down jacket is very good, the price is very cheap, you can come to Tao Tao. Cheongsam, Tang suit, you can buy.

Six, Xidan shopping malls

Tags: old shopping malls, Beijing old people like to visit, down jacket brand is very complete

Figure: Xidan mall (source network)

Beijing one of several major shopping malls, take the people line, for the people service, has not changed. The type of goods is still quite a lot of weekend traffic is very large. A layer of gold jewelry, two layers of footwear and women's clothing, four down jacket, the top men's clothing, although young people to visit less, but Beijing is still willing to go to the elderly, foreign tourists will come to Beijing to see The Commodities are not particularly fashionable, but the waiter is very warm.

Seven, Warwick Building

Tags: very old a mall, all kinds of small commodities, toys, shoes, and consequently, increasingly depressed ~

Figure: Xidan Warwick Building (source network)

Beijing, one of the earliest small commodity gathering place, where you can find animation goods, personalized jewelry, games around, etc., is the teenagers and students shopping paradise.
A layer to sell some specialty, the door has Daoxiang village, many people, this specialty is better than Wangfujing, upstairs to sell some gadgets, there are a lot of Korean, the style is also good, there are food city upstairs. Six South Korean city is famous, once Han Fan children quite sought after.
Joy City opened, to these old shopping malls caused a great blow. 90 years of the environment looks like, narrow aisle, narrow elevator, the ground is not clean, many young people are not interested in visiting.

Eight, Xidan pearl market

Tags: the name of old-fashioned, goods are old-fashioned; price is not high, cost is not high; University dormitories favorite shopping

Figure: Xidan Pearl (source network)

Xidan Pearl is a wholesale business in the Xidan business district, it can be said that the real version of Taobao Mall, each floor are not the same thing, dazzling, overwhelmed. Of course, the most important thing is to bargain, basically a lot of 3 fold from the cut, the general cut 5% of the boss is not blinked promise. To pick the product, is basically a boss opened several stores scattered in every corner.
A lot of small jewelry is very beautiful, cheap, most people, the winter into the heat down to the down jacket. The environment is noisy, pay attention to protect personal items.
In addition to clothes and shoes, these are also a must, hot and sour powder, roasted squid is worth a try, basically pearl around the stall as long as more people eat is absolutely delicious.

Nine, Xidan new generation of mall

Tags: slightly better than the pearl environment, young people Amoy change things, the quality of the general

Figure: Xidan new generation (source network)

In the Han Kwong Department Store and Pearl Mall behind, relative to the two people will be less traffic, the environment is more comfortable than the pearl shopping together.
A layer is mainly some jewelry, small jewelry, toys, etc., the second floor of some mobile phones and other electronic products, and then three or four is mainly clothes and shoes and so on. Here can bargain, will bargain people to this more appropriate, but the overall quality of things relative to the general.

Xidan shopping malls distribution and traffic

Figure: Xidan shopping malls distribution

How to get to Xidan?
Metro Line 4, on the 1st line have Xidan this station, very convenient. Xidan station is off from the south to the north, if the line in the line on the 4th line off Hutong, from north to south.

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