Beijing Zoo play Raiders, the most popular three zoo you choose!

What are the characteristics of these zoos in Beijing? How about the tour route? What about the ticket price? See this Beijing Zoo play Raiders one by one to give you answer!
beijing zoo panda

First, the Beijing Zoo + Aquarium (urban)

This Beijing zoo is very old, from the main entrance can be seen, very Republican atmosphere, retro feeling.
Which is divided into two parts of the zoo and aquarium, respectively, tickets, and can play all day. Two are playing, then a day is very busy, with children will be more tired. Then let's talk about how the zoo and the aquarium are playing.

Figure: The main entrance of the Beijing Zoo by Sam

Zoo has a lot of areas, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, poultry, marine life, insects, polar animals, all here.
The main entrance into the left hand side is flying birds lake, amphibian crawling hall, the right hand side is the Panda Museum (need to purchase another ticket), Liger Tiger, Monkey Mountain and so on. You can go from the right hand into the tour, take a lap and finally from the left hand side to go back to the main entrance.

Figure: Beijing Zoo Panda Museum by playing a condensate coagulation

Figure: Beijing aquarium main entrance by minasue

Here the aquarium is located in the northeast of the zoo, recommended to play the route: tropical rain forest feed Koi (children's favorite one) - white whale photo - shark town - sea theater dolphin show (the last ten o'clock to go to line up, After reading the show can be in the theater to eat their own food) - Chinese sturgeon - submarine tunnel. Early to the sea museum people will be less, to noon after a lot of people will affect the quality of play, after the tour in accordance with their own preferences to visit other museums.

Figure: Beijing Aquarium jellyfish by didi

① recommended early in the morning, one can go in the park to see more, two morning animal activity is relatively large, to noon and afternoon are lazy sleep to go. ② in the door to the right of the service center can take the park guide map, it is recommended that you save a zoo zoo map, a clear direction, first to see the animals you want to see, and then fly. ③ Xiaobao to the words of the proposed baby car, but a day to eat ah! ④ zoo and aquarium have a restaurant, taste in general, and the price is not cheap, it is recommended to eat something to the park. ⑤ aquarium, it is recommended to pay attention to the performance of the day show, arrange time to watch the show.

Figure: Beijing Zoo Flamingos by 100 kisses in Paris

Beijing Zoo ticket zoo peak season 15 yuan, 10 yuan off-season, zoo and panda Museum ticket season 19 yuan, 14 yuan off-season.
6 years old (including 6 years old) or 1.2 meters below the children free of charge.
6 years old (excluding 6 years old) - 18 years old (including 18 years old) Minors and students half price ticket (need to produce identity documents or student ID).
Ocean Museum adult tickets 160 yuan, children's tickets 75 yuan (1.2 meters above -18 years of age), this price with the zoo park. In addition the aquarium also has a lunch package, white whale photo package can buy.

Figure: Beijing Zoo Rhinoceros Museum by ╭ that one wiping years

Opening time【Beijing Zoo】
April 1 - October 31: 7: 30-18: 00 
November 1 - March 31: 7: 30-17: 00
【Beijing Aquarium】
April 1 - October 31: 9: 00-17: 30
November 1 - March 31: 10: 00-17: 00

How to get to Beijing Zoo? Metro Line 4 Zoo Station; only visit the aquarium can be from the aquarium side of the northeast door to enter, there is no direct subway, Express 105 Road bus stop at the Beijing Jiaotong University Station, the specific reference Baidu map navigation.

What are the fun games around the zoo? Beijing Astronomical Observatory (10 yuan) and the Chinese ancient museum (show a large Maimenxi dinosaur skeleton, tickets 20 yuan) in the zoo south, interested in spare time, you can take the children to visit.

Second, the Beijing Wild Animal Park (Daxing)

Beijing Wild Animal Park is located in the southern suburbs, about 40 km from the urban area. The park raised more than 200 kinds of animals, the number of tens of thousands, but also with children to visit and learn the paradise of knowledge. Park a lot of beasts animal use of the way back to the car, you can take the iron car near the observation of animals, you can also feed carrots vegetables, very interesting.

Figure: Beijing Wild Animal Park by the mountain water

Figure: Beijing Wild Animal Park by Tang Yan

The wild zoo area is very large, the scenic gate is located on the west side, there are two routes after the door, respectively, for the south line and the north line, in the south and north line to the depths of the internal backyard. The general route of play for the walk from the south line, the first to play the southern region of the region, and then take the feeding car through the back room, and then walk from the North line play out, play the zoo about half a day.

Figure: Beijing Wild Animal Park by Tang Yan

The animals in the south line are kept and displayed in the form of venues. They can be seen across the glass. The main venues are Lion Hall, Lion Hall, Monkey Hall and so on. At the end of the southern line there is also an animal performance field, where you can see animal performances, such as bear acrobatics, monkey ride, lion drill ring, etc., the children will see very happy. Performances last about half an hour, how many times a day, before the admission recommended to understand the good performance screening.

Figure: by caravan tour feeding zebra by Tang Yan

After reading the animal show is the backyard area, where the need to take the iron car tour. The car will generally have prepared carrots, after the bear, zebra, tiger, wolf, African animals and other recreational areas, you can feed the carrots with cages to animals, but should pay attention to not reach out of the cage, To avoid danger. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

Figure: Lovely alpaca by Tang Yan

Figure: mini animal free room by young people do not stay up all night

The end of the car line is the starting point of the northern line. Here first there is a mini animal free room, you can rent a car into the play. The animals here are safer, can feed alpacas, deer and other herbivores, but also can interact with animals. Feeding here requires a separate purchase, a bucket of about 20 yuan.

Figure: Waterfowl Lake by young people do not stay up all night

After the play along the north line all the way to the west walk tour, the North line for the birds Pavilion, you can see the flamingo, peacocks, parrots and so on. There is also a waterfowl on the north line, there are swans in the shadows, swans and geese in the lake. North line walk to visit, it returned to the scenic area of ​​the door, you can return to the city.

Figure: parrot by Tang Yan

Some indicate "Do not feed their own food" area, in order to animal health, please comply with the provisions of the park.

Opening hours Weekdays 8: 30-18: 00
Weekends 8: 30-18: 30

Tickets for adult tickets 130 yuan, children and the elderly 80 yuan, freezers area cage to visit tickets to be an additional purchase, 20 yuan / person.

How to get to Daxing Beijing Wildlife Park? ① Metro Line 4 in the biomedical base station to get off, take the Xing 28 Road, Yu Yufa East exit, walk more than 1,000 meters to reach the destination.
② in Beijing Yongdingmen bus station take the 828 Road, 849 Road, 943 bus to the East Hu Lin Station can get off, about 1.5 hours by car, the fare of 15 yuan.
③ Zoo allows self-driving access.

Third, Beijing Badaling wildlife world (Yanqing)

Figure: Beijing Badaling wild animal world by the line

This wild zoo is located in the north of Yanqing Badaling Town, 60 km from the urban area, its east and south near the Badaling Great Wall area. Compared to the urban zoo, where people are usually not too much, more suitable for a family to drive, leisurely while driving side play, stop and go, not tired.

Figure: Beijing Badaling wild animal world by the line

The main entrance into the first beast area, where there are wolves, lions, tigers, bears and other beasts, are backyard, visitors need to take the park tour bus or self-driving tour. After the beast garden is a large central recreation square, there are a lot of children's recreational facilities. Animal performance field regular performance, every day 11:00 and 14:00 have performances, there are training dogs, monkey, training wolves, bear walking wire, etc., there are tigers drilled fire circle children, very exciting. From here is the gentle animal area, and this way you can get off at any time, as long as the car parked in the roadside can not be a place. More interesting is the zebra and giraffe of the African grassland area, there are small deer area, they will head into the window to eat, very cute. In the African steppe area to buy giraffes like to eat leaves, is 10 dollars a branch.

Figure: Beijing Badaling wild animal world by the line

After the deer area there are monkeys and peacock garden. Need to be reminded that the monkeys here are wild monkeys, pay attention to do not take them away, the children do not close to the monkey, so injured. Peacock Park, a lot of peacocks, will be open to each other, very interesting.
The whole wild zoo to play down, count the time to eat and watch the performance of about 5 hours.

Figure: Beijing Badaling wild animal world by the line

① beast backyard self-driving tour, do not casually get off or drive the door, so as to avoid danger. ② self-driving tour may be the beast scratched the body, it is recommended to take the scenic tour bus.

Tickets adult 90 yuan, 45 yuan children. Driving into the scenic area of ​​a car 60 yuan, need to buy at the scene. Scenic sightseeing bus free of charge. Iron cage sightseeing car 15 yuan / person.
Note: Badaling wildlife world close to Badaling Great Wall, the two can be visited together.

Opening day daily 8: 00-17: 00
Winter 8: 30-16: 30

How to reach the Badaling Wildlife World? ① Deshengmen take bus 919,880, get off at Badaling Wildlife World, walk 200 meters.
② Xizhimen Beijing North Railway Station take the S2 line sightseeing train to Badaling Town to get off westbound 1 km.
③ by car, then the North Fourth Ring - Jianxiang Bridge - Badaling high-speed direction to the left - along the G6 about 60 km - the original Badaling high-speed line that is high-speed export of Beijing. The main entrance of the park is "Badaling Great Wall" export parking lot, very convenient.

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