Came to Mount Emei, where to live to eat? Emei indigenous tell you

Mount Emei is one of China's "four famous Buddhist mountains", "Emei County," said: "cloud of beautiful condensate Tsui, Dai Dai makeup, really like the first eyebrows, thin and long, beautiful and Yan also named Emei. Is the destination of many travel enthusiasts, then come Emei Shan live where to eat? As Emei Mountain native, the following demon demon for everyone finishing a detailed eating and drinking strategy Oh.

A: Where's Emei Mountain? Foot, summit and downtown?

1. Emei Shan foot

Emei foot, which is reported near the temple. As the saying goes, the Chinese hot springs in Sichuan, Sichuan Hot Springs in Emei, Emeishan came to how the bubble spa; if you are also directed at the hot springs to Mount Emei, living in the foot of Mount Emei is undoubtedly the best choice.
Hongzhushan Hotel: Hongzhushan Hotel has a long history and is the official residence of Chiang Kai-shek when organizing an officer training group in Emei. It is less than 200 meters away from the famous "Bao Guo Temple." The hotel surrounded by forests, nine villa-type floor were hidden in the peaks and ridges on the side; hotel administrative standard room, executive single room, luxury standard rooms, luxury single rooms, executive suites, luxury suites, a total of 268 presidential suites. Red Hill Hotel is the only five-star state guesthouse Emei Shan, first-class service environment, supporting services perfect. Online price between 550-1200 yuan, according to different room types will be different. Address: Emei Mountain Scenic Area in Sichuan Province next to the Temple.

Red Hill Hotel

Emeishan Hotel: Emeishan Hotel is a four-star conference holiday, tourism and tourism hot springs hotel. Hotel is located in the scenic Emei Mountain scenic area next to the Temple, the hotel is only 100 meters away from the passenger center station, traffic is extremely convenient. Courtyard-style buildings patchwork, set off in the mountains and rivers, can hear the morning bells and drums, make do Zhanxian mountain aura, the scenery of the four seasons pleasant spring; has a warm and comfortable presidential suite, deluxe suites, business rooms and all kinds of standard rooms, A total of 458 rooms (sets), the online price of 400-500 yuan. Address: Mount Emei Baoguo Temple Scenic Road Sec 322.

Emeishan Hotel

Emeishan Hot Spring Hotel: Emeishan Hot Springs Hotel is a four-star tourist hotel. The hotel is a garden-style building, with luxurious standard rooms, luxury suites and other types of rooms 389, the hotel has a splendid spa is currently the largest in China Radon open-air bath. The hotel is located next to the Passenger Terminal, with convenient transportation and a beautiful environment. Network prices ranging from 500-1500, different room types of different prices, if you choose this hotel discount, will give you double spa Oh. Address: Emeishan City News Temple scenic world famous two hundred meters on the left hand before the Spring Spa Valley.

Emeishan Hot Spring Hotel

In addition to the above three large hotels, there are dozens of large and small family-run hotel at the foot of Mount Emei, generally in the online booking price between 100-200, if you do not book in advance, to here there will be a lot of stores in the outside Lan Customers, you can find the right inn, but remember to bargain Oh, if you are a foreign accent, the boss will ask for a higher price, it is recommended that the best online booking in advance Oh.

2. Mount Emei peak

Emei Golden Summit, as we all know Emei Mountain has four wonders: sunrise, sea of ​​clouds, Buddha light, holy lights, if you are a photography enthusiast, or you come to Mount Emei is to see the four wonders of Mount Emei, then there is no doubt that living on top is Good choice. Emeishan Jinding only three hotels, of which Golden Summit Hotel is three-star, the other two are not linked to the star; if you choose the hotel in the Peak, the last train is 17:30, please report in the Temple Take the sightseeing car before 14:00 to reach the cableway; if you miss the cable car you need to walk 2 hours to reach the hotel.

Emeishan Golden Summit Hotel: Located in the top of the world cultural and natural heritage Mount Emei Golden Summit, floating above the sea of ​​clouds, hidden in the fairy fog, is a three-star hotel. Adjacent to the hotel the world's first Golden Buddha Shippu surrounded by the four sides, the Buddha all day light, can learn Lingqi mountain aura, set the sun and the moon of copper essence. 4-storey building, a total of 80 rooms (sets). Online price is probably between 500-800. Address: Emeishan Jinding big cableway up 150 meters.

Emeishan Jinding Villa : Located in the world cultural and natural heritage Mount Emei - Jinding, Emeishan is a tourist fixed-point hotels, floating in the sea of ​​clouds, hidden in the fairy fog among the only one of the three Golden Summit. Walk to the Golden Buddha only 3 minutes, where the viewing location is excellent, the weather is fine, you can close the primeval forest, the distant mountains of Gongga, there Jinding four must. Online price is probably between 300-800. Address: Golden Summit Emei  

Emei Jinding Township Hospitality : Located in Jinding small cableway exit. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, the essence Diego Diego, far visible Gongga Snow Mountain, near the pristine forests. Walk 5 minutes to worship the four sides of the square Samantabhadra. Hotel does not star, but in fact the entire environment and facilities are still very good, the network price between 500-1000. Address: Emeishan Jinding small cable exit place.  

Emeishan Jinding only these three hotels, of course, if not set to the Peak hotel, or that the price is high, there is an alternative is to live in Lei Dong Ping, Lei Dong Ping only 2 hours away from the top of the mountain, if Want to see the sunrise clouds, you can choose to get up early 2 hours to climb the Golden Summit, you can also take the first cable (05:30) on the Golden Summit. Lei Dong Ping has a lot of farm inn, the price is about 100 yuan per night.

3. Emei city

Emei local snacks are very famous, the taste is great, if you are a delicious mouth, you want to eat authentic Emei snacks, live in the urban area is undoubtedly the most convenient. Emeishan City, away from the Senate Temple passenger center only 10 minutes away. Urban hotels are large and small, there are many, here we do not give you one by one, to recommend three environmental services better.
Watson Hotel: Emeishan four-star hotel, construction area of ​​39,000 square meters. Has a presidential suite, luxury suites, executive suites, business suites, standard rooms a total of 318 / sets, the online price of 300-500 or so. Address: 400 Foguang Road, Emeishan City.

Watson Hotel

Century Sunshine Hotel: Is a 5-star hotel in accordance with national standards for the construction of a high-end business travel hotel, the hotel occupies 31 acres and has 310 various types of luxury suites, first-class environment, supporting facilities. Online price between 400-700. Address: Mount Emei Mingshan Road 412 East.  

Century Sunshine Hotel

InterContinental Hotels Group: InterContinental Hotels Group is a comprehensive high-quality hotel built according to the national four-star hotel. It is located in the vicinity of Emeishan Crystal Plaza. The hotel has elegant environment and 205 guest rooms with comfortable and clean rooms and high integrated price ratio. Online price is about 180-300. Address: Mount Emei Ming Shan Road, No. 269 East.  

Intercontinental Hotel Kai Bin

Emeishan local delicious mouth, demon demon of course recommended that you live in Emei Shan foot, not only soak a comfortable hot springs, you can also make a car after soaking hot springs or by car to the city to taste some of Emei local snacks , Take the first sightseeing car up the mountain the next day, the morning tour golden dome, afternoon tour Mid-levels, good luck, you can see the Golden Dome beauty, and Emei Ling monkey to a close contact, would not Kuraki.

Second: Where is the hot spring Emei most comfortable?

Chinese hot springs in Sichuan, Sichuan Hot Springs Emei, "Buddha's Holy Night Spa" is the most unique feature of Emeishan Hot Springs. Emeishan hot springs species rare, has the world's rare radon hot springs; has China's largest open-air radon hot springs. Emeishan hot springs large and small, there are many home, basically at the foot of the temple country, below you recommend 2 to Emeishan preferred hot springs.

Red Mountain Hot Spring

Located next to the red beads Hill Hotel Museum, known as the "Forest Hot Springs." Hongzhu Mountain Hot Spring by the rain, Jade Pool and other twenty-eight unique hot spring pool. Each hot spring pool, are clever use of terrain and native vegetation isolated, the middle stone path connected. Between the pool muddy like independence, lack of fishes, very clever. Red Mountain Hotspring environment is so many hot springs in Mount Emei which feel the best, a lot of Koike, the attitude of the service staff is also very good, bath towels provided towels are relatively clean. Internet prices at 138 or so, 1.2 meters below the free, half price more than 1.2 meters. Address: Temple of Emei next to the newspaper.

Red Mountain Hot Spring

Splendid spa

Emei Lingxiu Hot Spring is the largest outdoor radon hot spring bath in Asia. It is located beside Emeishan Baoguisi Passenger Transport Center. It is mainly composed of five layers of 1000 cubic meters of Emerald Hot Springs. The method is natural and simple. It is surrounded by Royal fruit bath, surf massage bath, etc. Small soup pond more than 60. In summer, open cool large-scale water playground; night bubble soup springs when the last choice, the day of Lang Lang starry, night time rest, or friends together, or beautiful companion, fun. Lingxiu Hot Spring environment is also very good, except that the pool is less than Red Pearl Hot Springs, Lingxiu Hot Springs Valley which has snack stalls, hot springs in the time a little barbecue drink, 35 friends gathered together while enjoying the hot springs food That taste is simply beautiful. Network price is about 118 or so, but also 1.2M the following free, half-price more than 1.2M, 1.5M full price. Address: Mt. Emei Temple tourist spot world famous 200 meters left hand before the Lingchi Spa Valley.

Splendid spa

Three: Emei came to eat what?

Mount Emei snacks are many, such as bean curd, stilted beef, string of string incense, leaves Erhuan, sweet duck, cakes and so on, but authentic snacks Emeishan or in the city inside, taste Pakistan suitable, you can live in downtown Emei Or reported Temple near the foot, reported that the temple close to the city, the bus convenience, playing only 10 minutes away.
Tofu brain: Recommended mixing three tofu brain, East Gate tofu brain, Kong Laos bean curd brain (these three are in the East Gate to get together, hit or take a three round of 5 yuan to a registered driver All know)
Rocker feet beef: Emei is not called Alice feet beef, Emei soup pot, recommend Hu Lao three soup pot (Finance Bureau junction), taste Pakistan suitable, where the fried beef liver, bean curd brain flower, steamed beef is also a must .
String of string incense: also known as Bowl chicken bowl, to Emei Bailong area, all the way down 45, the taste is good oh, recommended Ermao ice cream, to a pot of string, with a bowl of specialty three ice powder, plus a cup of beer, Simply not put up.
Yeeruogu: Recommended Tianyi Yeeruogou (opposite the CMC), from small to large favorite, came Emei without a little leaf Yeluo really go in vain.
Sweet duck: Emeishan sweet leather duck crisp sweet, Emei streets of sweet leather duck taste good, just look for a, to ensure that you eat comfortably comfortable.
Cakes: Recommended ancient karats (first-line tian kouzi), flour cooked steamed white flour cake steamed beef or broth, plus a little boss special cold kohlrabi, eat also want to eat.

Emei specialty food snacks

Four: Mount Emei line recommended

Mount Emei is very large, there are sightseeing car scenic spots, Mount Emei a total of five stations: National Ceremony - Wu Xiangan - Wannian Temple - zero kilometers - Lei Dongping, up the mountain sightseeing cars are reported at the Temple Station ride, if you want to go If you want to go to Mid-levels to see a monkey, you will have to drive to Wu Xian Gang. If you are traveling by car, the car can only open to the maximum distance of zero kilometers. However, from the distance of zero kilometers to Lei Dongping, you may have to take a sightseeing tour Car, it is recommended that everyone at the foot of the Temple directly take the sightseeing car to go. The following is the demon demon to everyone's recommended line, if you want to hot springs, can be called a tour guide to help booking hot springs ticket Oh.

1 day tour route

 Emeishan, Leshan day trip (time is tight, can not go to Jinding)
1 morning from Chengdu directly to the Leshan Giant Buddha, Leshan Giant Buddha tour to Mount Emei, the drive about 40 minutes look.
2. Mid-levels have Qingyinge and Wannian Temple, nearby Emeishan Ecological Monkey District, you can see the monkeys. You can take a scenic car from the foot to Wannian Temple, visit Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion, and monkey intimate contact.
Tour routes: Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha - Mount Emei (Mid-levels Tour) - Wannian Si - Voice Court - Emei Ecological Monkey District - Chengdu.  

Emeishan day trip (Jinding plus Mid-levels can visit)
1. The morning directly on the Golden Summit, Jinding has a Golden Temple, Silver Temple, Buddha Xian, you can see the sunrise clouds, etc .;
2. After visiting Jinding ride scenic Sightseeing car to Wannianji parking lot, half a thousand years Temple and Qingying Pavilion, near the Emeishan ecological monkey area, you can see the monkey.

Two-day tour route

Recommended line 1 (living at the foot of Mount Emei)
D1: Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha - Mount Emei Buddhist Temple - Mount Emei Shan foot.
D2: Mount Emei - Lei Dongping - access to Hall - Golden Summit - Wannian Si - Voice Court - a line of days - Emei Ecological Monkey District - Chengdu

Recommended line 2 (live in Mount Emei Mid-levels) :
D1: Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha - Wannian Temple - Qingyin Pavilion - first-line days - Emei Ecological Monkey District - Mount Emei Mid-levels.
D2: Mount Emei - Lei Dongping - Induction Hall - Jinding - National Temple - Chengdu.

Recommended line 3 (live in Mount Emei) : 
D1: Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha - Golden Summit - Mount Emei Golden Summit.
D2: Emei Golden Dome - Wannian Temple - Voice Court - Emei Ecological Monkey District - Chengdu 

Five, how can I go to Mount Emei?

1. High-speed Rail: Chengdu South Railway Station / East Railway Station has high-speed rail to Mount Emei, Emeishan station close to the area, take the bus up to Mount Emei area. Chengdu to Mount Emei second-class seat fare 65 yuan / person, a half an hour by car, it is recommended to take the Emei high-speed rail.
2. Car: Chengdu New South Gate has a direct reporting Emeishan Temple cars, the fare of about 41 yuan, 2 hours by car.
3. Aircraft: The nearest airport from Emei Shuangliu Airport in Chengdu, Shuangliu Airport can take the high-speed rail directly to Mount Emei.
4. By car: starting from Chengdu, Chengdu - into the high-speed - Emei Mountain Scenic Area, the traffic is good, about 1.5-2 hours drive.
5. Local tour with groups 1 - 2: This is the easiest way to save Emei, save the way, the main arrangements Mount Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha two attractions, a lot of free to choose the line discount.

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