Cheapest Michelin cuisine, all in Hong Kong can eat

You all know that Hong Kong has so many delicious food, countless tea restaurants, endless Michelin, and a wide range of Cantonese cuisine.

Every year, the Le Guide Michelin will recommend a list, in addition to the fine dining restaurant, it also introduced a number of civilian shops, so that many Michelin shops into food that everyone can afford ~

Today, the owner recommended 15 to everyone in Hong Kong was rated as Michelin snacks shops, just dozens of pieces, you can eat "Michelin Guide" to promote the authentic cuisine, is not super-heart?

Ying Ke beauty snacks

Nostalgic traditional taste

Their home under the banner of the traditional flavor of the eighties, insist on using the most traditional practices, using ordinary ingredients, cooking an extraordinary old flavor. It must be the classic wonton noodles ~

Address: Hong Kong San Po Kong Kang Street, Hong Kong, 32-34 Strong Building No. 10 ground floor shop 

Eighteen paprika powder

Locals love to go

This paprika powder is a lot of local people in Hong Kong will eat, the sign is the fire duck wings, is said to be boiled for six hours! Paparazzi is a thick pork bone soup with the entrance soft waxy. Per capita is only 40 Hong Kong dollars.

Picture from the network

Address: Jordon Ningbo Street 27A G / F

The Butchers Club BurgersHong Kong's best hamburger

This is a fast food restaurant. It is said that hamburgers are the best in Hong Kong. First, the beef is very thick and juicy. There are cheese in the hamburger! Special sauce is also worth a try.

Image from openrice

Address: Wan Chai Lantu No. 2 Lido Building on the 10th

Yi-tai snacks

Cheap red net shop

Their family's rice noodles are notoriously delicious, have been to many food shows can be said that the net red level! Rice rolls are smooth and Q, there are three different sauces, the price is still very cheap Oh ~

Image from openrice

Address: Ground Floor, 121 Guilin Street, Sham Shui Po (near Shun Hing Building)

Thousand color car side

Authentic old name

Chebi noodles can be said that Hong Kong authentic cuisine, and this shop is the old name opened in 1979, the car face all 7 Hong Kong dollars from the beginning, signs with brine raw intestine, pig intestines, sirloin, all kinds of halogen products are also very delicious of!

Address: G / F, 49 Siu Wo Street, Tsuen Wan, New Territories

Canaan Thai snacks

Authentic Thai taste

The owner is a pair of Thai sisters, shop for eight years, adhere to the authentic taste of Thailand, including Tom Yum Goong, Satay Soy sauce, welcomed by neighborhood residents. The original shop is now relocated, and bee-beaters want to eat do not run wrong oh ~

Image from openrice

Address: Flat 14, Fung Industrial Center, 68, Brick Street, Kwai Chung

Strongly remember the food

Eat tireless rice rolls

Here is a must-eat glutinous rice, the taste is very fragrant, fried rice is also not to be missed absolutely try! There are assorted salami, saliva that have to flow down ~

Image from openrice

Address: 382 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Enterprise Building, under the ground floor

Rong An snacks

Hidden between the marketplace delicious

Although the store looks unsurpassed, but the taste is unforgettable! Radish cooked with rock sugar, sweet and tasty. Ultra-thick super-sweet dish of juicy soup Soy sauce is Wing Kee is different from the other special car side profile.

Image from openrice

Address: B, 24 Great River Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories

Jia Jia dessert

Chinese dessert

Jordan's Jia Jia Desserts are nearly 40 years old. They are also an old-fashioned dessert shop. Although they are not as rich as new-style dessert shops, the main ones are Chinese almonds, sesame paste and sugar-coated desserts, Very conscientious.

Image from openrice

Address: Kowloon Jordan Ningbo Street on the 29th

The third generation of fat Aberdeen

Do not miss the Hong Kong-style lobster

This is done Hong Kong-style lobster, cuttlefish Q bomb full, as well as raw intestines, dipped in secret brine, really delicious. Can point a big card package must point.

Image from openrice

Address: Gloucester Street, Tsim Sha Tsui Wah Bo Commercial Building, No. 3 to shop

Male and bean factory

Hodgepodge of soy products

Tofu flower, frozen bean curd, soy milk ... ... can be said to be a true bean shop, walk in the shop there is a very retro feeling, if you like to eat soy products, you can try.

Image courtesy of IG: clawlu

Address: Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po 118 underground

Interesting cookie home

Taste of old days

Many Hong Kong people and tourists at this shop will make a special trip to taste the nostalgic taste. Provide a variety of nostalgic specialties: walnut crisp, red bean sesame seed, chicken pie, cow ears, egg scattered ... freshly baked daily, very popular.

Image from openrice

Address: 135 Garden Street, Mong Kok Ground floor 

Lan Ying Indonesian snacks

Rich Indonesian flavor

From the name you can see the flagship satay skewers, as well as Indonesian fried rice and Patong beef, mainly homemade satay sauce super delicious, barbecue is also very crispy ~

Image from openrice

Address: 92-94 Fuk Lo Tsuen Road, Kowloon City

Mummy eggs Aberdeen

Had to eat the traditional Hong Kong style snacks

Egg Tsai is Hong Kong's specialty snacks, we go to Hong Kong will eat to see, it is better to come here, try authentic milk, crisp outside the tender, sweetness is also very modest. There chocolate, sesame, moxa and other flavors. There are many branches.

Image from openrice

Address: G / F, Caven House, 8-12 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (opposite K11)

Joyful Dessert House

Classic Western Desserts

Their home is dessert mango Napoleon, really fresh mango particles sandwiched in Oh! There are mellow cream, the taste is rich but not sweet, delicious to forget to lose weight ~ is also a chain of many stores.

Image from openrice

Address: Shop No. 2, G / F, Arts Building, 74 Hei Bu Street, Mong Kok

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