China Nanshan Ski Resort - the right way to open skiing in Beijing

Nanshan Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in North China, the characteristics of the snow project, three-dimensional skiing experience, take you to unlock the new position of skiing. This winter, come to Beijing Nanshan, enjoy a world-class ski feast!
double board skiing enthusiasts

First, the snow scene

1, the basic indicators of the snow

Location: Beijing Miyun County 5 km south of the
best skiing time: 11,12 months to March the following year
weather: the average temperature -2 degrees Celsius annual snowfall about 800 mm.

2, three-dimensional skiing experience

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort is located in the capital near the outskirts of the Miyun District, only about 45 minutes from Beijing to reach the ski resort, the capital of the snow friends who is very convenient. The ski area covers an area of ​​more than 4000 acres, is the only set in Beijing and North China ski, chute, ice and other sports and leisure sports as one of the winter resort . Has built a high, medium and primary ski trails, teaching Road and entertainment 25 , including skiing enthusiasts favorite snow park and ski park (Nanshan Muller veneer park). Snow in the snow layer thick and fluffy, little ice or hard snow layer, smooth snow. So excellent snow quality will bring the ultimate enjoyment of skiers. "Painful, happy, flying with" is the earliest of a slogan here, the first time here to the snow friends are not already can not wait to experience it!

Nanshan Ski Resort overlooking

Second, the bright spot

1. Beijing's largest, most advanced facilities, the most complete types of snow skiing

The largest scale

Ski area covers an area of ​​more than 4000 acres, ski resort reception capacity of 6,500 people, with more than 2,500 parking spaces. 7000 square meters of spacious and bright ski service hall, wood and stone structure, nostalgic "CHALET" architectural style, to the skier to bring the Alps-like romantic feelings.

The most advanced facilities

Nanshan Ski Resort has introduced the Austrian high-tech artificial snow system 30 snow cannons and 3 snow guns, with the European imports of snow roller 4, which contains good at sorting the park top of the Italian Prinoth PARK type snow truck. Four hanging chair driving snow ski cable car 3, the size of the ground drag 14, automatic circulation "magic carpet" 6. The total carrying capacity to reach 16,010 passengers per hour, so that the first experience of skiing groups, families and children can be more safe and fast to enjoy skiing.

The most complete type of snow

High, medium, primary skiing, teaching Road and Entertainment Road 25. Among them, 30% of the primary snow, 40% of the intermediate snow, 30% of the senior snow. Come and conquer them!

Snow map

Primary skiing

Primary ski runs on the map with a blue line. Nanshan a total of three primary ski trails, namely: primary straight, small primary S Road and primary S Road. The junior straight is equipped with two large towers, the primary S and the small S can take the four cable car and the double cable car to reach the top. Complex and interesting terrain, so many junior people from obsession with skiing.

Noodles snow

Intermediate skiing

Mid-level ski runs on the map with pink lines. Nanshan a total of three intermediate road, slope of 17-18 degrees. The old middle road opened in 2001, equipped with a double cable car, is the first batch of Beijing's largest number of ski enthusiasts cradle. The new mid-level road was opened in 2003 and equipped with a 4-person cable car. The west-class road was opened in 2007 and equipped with a new four-person cable car. Since then Nanshan has become the only ski resort in Beijing with three aerial ropeway and the most extensive intermediate ski area.

Intermediate snow track

Intermediate Cat Jump

This area, called MOGUL, is located at the top of the new mid-level track and consists of a number of irregular snow packs, distributed in areas with a length of 160 meters and a slope of 18 degrees. It is equipped with an exclusive tractor, upset. Look down from the four cable car, see people or like a cat, or like a rabbit in the snow bag jump through. Is it a paradise for people who are tired of the middle-class road and are learning to learn the small turn Go there and challenge yourself!

Cat jumping

Senior Cat Jump Skiing

This is known as BLACKDEVIL black snow, slope to 32 degrees, the coolest is that the above actually covered with snow pack! If you have not been able to jump on the middle of the cat in the middle of the track, then as soon as possible to cancel here in the chic walk back to the idea, you can slide along the flat side of the slip down, or take the cable car back, want to play a little bit is 1318 meters Long dry slippery slips and then go to the middle of the road to practice it!

Covered with snow bags of high-level snow

Nanshan Malo Park

It was called NOKIA Mai Luo Park, QUIKSILVER Myluo Park, 2010-2011 snow season called NIKE6.0 Nanshan Park. Whatever it is, it can not change the nature of its adventurers' paradise. Big jumpers, small jumpers, U-slot, irons or even buried in the snow car, are to make your heart to speed up the recreational facilities.

Adventure Paradise - Nanshan Melo Park

2, North China snowboarder paradise

Nanshan ski resort wild snow park and QUIKSILVE Mello veneer park, are the love of skiers. In particular, QUIKSILV is a first veneer park in China. It has four different platforms, one veneer wall, six different irons and a standard U-shaped groove. , Senior snowboarders can find suitable for their own sports venues here.

Enjoy skiing snowboarding enthusiasts

3. professional ski coach for your escort

Want to learn skiing but also afraid of dangerous snow friends to see over, there are hundreds of experienced ski instructors take you to get started, give you a hundred percent sense of security, want to learn professional skiing action, no problem, they will purse Meet the difficult skiing action, let you ride the snow, the time interval for a long time to forget. You can also independently developed the "Nanshan leisure skiing tutorial (double board)" and other tutorials, snow friends through the Nanshan official website or official WeChat online watch, is so intimate and thoughtful.

Coach taught

4, to experience the world-class skiing star dedicated track

The 2007 Nanshan Red Bull Open was promoted to world-class events and now they have become Asia's top slope style tournament. In recent years, many of the world's leading players and teams have appeared to visit this big stage, including Austin Smith, super star female slippers Hana Beaman. In addition Nitro highway thugs and pirate film shooting team have been here Oh. Experience the exceptional skiing experience of the superstar here.

Skiing star Hana Beaman

5, from time to time ski fashion party

In the ski at the same time to enjoy a handsome beauty gathered T stage show, will definitely give you a burst of satisfaction, who said the most beautiful beach beauty, skiing outdoor T station show fanshion, as the country's first snow T show, Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort organized by the "ski fashion conference" has now become the beginning of the Beijing snow season iconic fashion ceremony. As the saying goes outsiders to watch the fun, insiders see the doorway, this show to bring you the most trend ski wear wear, the most dazzling ski equipment. You become a ski resort fashion pioneer is minutes.


Walking handsome guy

Third, the snow project: colorful snow project allows you to sprinkle the snow in the field

1, Germany Weigang dryland sled

Thrilling slide full length of 1318 meters, on the way through the nine viaducts, a 100 meters light tunnel, taxi speed completely personal control, thrilling. There are countless corners. Grasp the control of the speed of the handle gallop in the mountains, the cold wind in the ears whistling, and this feeling better than skiing! Do not forget the hat with protective ears, and gloves!
Price: $ 50 / person / time

Enjoy the fun of dry land with the whole family

2, snow flying saucer

This is a snow project for all ages. Sitting in the color of the UFO was dragged on the high slope, and then slide down. Turn it, laugh, as if back to childhood!
Price: 20 yuan / times / month; 100 yuan / half an hour / month; 160 yuan / hour / deposit 100 yuan / month  

Snow flying saucer

Fourth, traffic information: accessible traffic no longer have to worry about road lazy friends

Airport : Capital International Airport, only 61 km from Nanshan Ski Resort
Subway station : Kambury subway station, 27 km from Nanshan Ski Resort 
by car :
Route 1 (35 minutes): Jingcheng high-speed-15 Shun Road exit (out of high speed (North Point ) - Nanshan Ski Resort
Route 2 (65 minutes): Airport Expressway - Airport North Line - Shunyi Pinggu Exit (turn right) - Oversized White River (Rainbow Bridge) Turn left - Shun Mi Road - Nanshan Ski Resort
Route 3 ( 85 minutes): Jingshun Road - Kusanagi Island (straight) - open roundabout (straight) - Jingmi Expressway - West Bridge turn right - Nanshan Ski Resort
Bus : From Dongzhimen long-distance bus station take the "East special green" air conditioning bus to the west Bridge get off, 10 yuan / person (every 5 minutes a ride), take a taxi (10 yuan / car) to reach the holy water village Nanshan ski resort.
Nanshan opened ski bus : 8:30 in the morning from the Sanyuan Bridge and Wudaokou two stations start, call one day in advance 010-89091909 telephone booking, starting every day, full high-speed, from 45 yuan. During the official business period, every Monday and Tuesday special offer from 25 yuan (except holidays).

Beijing Metro is the most convenient and convenient transportation options

Driving road map from the Nanshan Ski Area official website

5, accommodation: romantic style of the hotel, give you the perfect experience after the snow break

1, Chardon Chalet

Address: Miyun District Nanshan Ski Resort, near Qi Jiguang poem monument.
Features: Three wooden villas on the lakeside lake are the most romantic camp in the resort, 30 sets of double rooms are all equipped with a warm European fireplace; and two mountain villas - Norwegian villa, with a fireplace living room , Tiger windows, terraces, kitchens, poetic dwellings for couples or family ski resorts.
Price: ¥ 530 / week / night weekend 530 yuan / room / night holiday 680 yuan / room / night each bedroom are equipped with a fireplace

Chalet view

2, Beijing Ruihaiemuyuan Resort (five-star pastoral resort hotel)

Address: Beijing Miyun County West Bridge Road No. 2
Features: Hotel in accordance with the nineteenth century country house style construction, advanced equipment and facilities, outstanding style, elegant environment, is a tourism, vacation, leisure, entertainment, conference in one country villa resort. The main features are new, surprising, special, highlighting the resort's personalized decorative style, so that the combination of East and West culture just right. Villas, white rivers, lakes, pavilions and hundreds of shrubs constitute the Western landscape, reflecting the 21st century environmental philosophy, to the travelers back to nature,
return to the natural beauty of the feelings.
Price: 468 yuan per capita

East-West cultural fusion of five-star pastoral hotel

3, Nanshan car town

Address: Henan Zhaizhen Henan Zhaizhenhe East Road No. 88 (near Nanshan Ski Resort)
Features: RV town back to the mountains, driving ATV shuttle in the mountains between the jungle, thrilling can not be described. RV is a mobile villa, sleep at night and comfortable to see the stars of the bedroom, accompanied by Xingyue, this romantic self-evident. In addition, in addition to the standard restaurant camp meals, the most attractive than the night buffet barbecue.

Snow near the RV

Town scenery

Sixth, the restaurant: eat the gluttonous feast of the goods

1, sea の manufacturing Japanese cuisine

Address: Miyun County Xinzhong Street South Road (name of the Deputy Floating Factory)
Business Hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Cuisine: Foreign Restaurant, Japanese Cuisine
Tel: 89088930 
Description: Sea の Made Japanese Cuisine Opened in 2010 6 Month, Japanese cuisine originated in the Japanese archipelago. Has now gradually developed into only Western food after the world's third largest brand. The creation of the Japanese cuisine is rich in the food culture of Miyun County, which can meet the diversified needs of the people's diet. Our restaurant is authentic Japanese cuisine, and all the seafood is delicious and delicious. Since the opening, by the leadership of the praise and the appreciation of the people.
Per capita price: 199 yuan

Authentic Japanese cuisine

2, old Sa roast leg

Address: Miyun District, Beijing Miyun River Village Village 
dishes: farm specialties, boutique barbecue
Tel: 61086177
Description: Please invite the Xinjiang roasted Lao Sa master and Tuerdi master, personally teach Xinjiang original roasted whole sheep technology, carefully baked, with Secret seasoning, so you can not taste the authentic Xinjiang flavor in Beijing. Can be a single lamb chops 50 yuan / kg or lamb leg 50 yuan / kg. Each four pounds to five pounds. Baked skewers 12 yuan / string. The average according to raw lamb 50 yuan per catty. Other hot and cold dishes, in-store arrangements, guests can adjust. 
Per capita price: 104 yuan

Delicious roast leg of Xinjiang

3, Royal Dingxin style Lijiang spot fish hot pot

Address:  Miyun Town, New Town Street, West Commercial Building, No. 05
Business Hours : 09: 00 - 22:00
Cuisine: Hot Pot
Phone:  (010) 81095799 
Description: spotted fish are the same day purchase, now spotted live flora The Fish head fishtail used to clear the soup, the soup in addition to the water and fish and fish head fish fish fish outside nothing, thick white snow. Thick from the glue, a little cool on the surface from a layer of film. So shabu hot pot, plus the original pot of fish soup, fish soup entrance delicious warm stomach.
Recommended dishes: homemade fish skin frozen, vegetable slippery, New Zealand lambs
per capita price: 72 yuan

Spotted fish pot

Seven, the surrounding attractions

1, Taoyuan fairy valley ice concept waterfall

Distance from the resort: about 29.2 km Driving about 43 minutes
Location: Beijing Miyun County Shicheng Township South Shicheng Village
Recommended duration: 2-4 hours
Best travel time: 11 - 2 months

People climbing ice

Mountain climbing for those who love outdoor sports, is not some boring, come to Peach Fairy Valley ice climbing waterfall, it sounds is not very exciting? In order to meet the different needs of ice-climbing enthusiasts, set up a different difficulty of the ice-climbing area, Taoyuan ice waterfall width of 100 meters, 55 meters high, for professional, amateur ice show performances and competition, Longquan waterfall ice training area wide 20 meters, 40 meters high, can be used as ice climbing enthusiasts training venues; children climbing ice area 6 meters wide, 30 meters long, can be used as primary and secondary students ice climbing, entertainment venues. Into the Taoyuan fairy valley area seems to have come to the ice and snow world, everywhere can see ice, ice waterfall, ice, ice hanging, ice cave and other landscape.

2, Eastern Provence Manor

Distance from the resort: about 24.2 km
Location: Youth Road, North Island, 500 meters west (Mutianyu direction)
Recommended duration: 2-3 hours The   
best travel time: 7-9 months
Tickets: 45 yuan / person

Relaxing Provençal Manor

In the evening, the sunset and Hongxia sky spread, light and shadow blend of large flowers, can only be used to describe the shock! Silver, purple, gold, green, red level, better than heaven and earth!

Provence twilight

Love big windmill

Love big windmill is environmentally friendly materials used in container Oh, specifically for the fate of the couple turned up and set up Colorful, great shooting effect! But also brought back childhood fun windmill memories of the wonderful child ... ... there are piano models and swings and so on.

1. Recommended peak travel, holiday people, the photo effect is not good
2. Lavender flowering for May - October, July - August to watch the best.

Ready before the line

Psychological preparation
Do not be afraid to fall, suggesting that skiing in the ski resort is not pain, rest assured that bold to try, had an experience just fine.
Wear ready to
ski as much as possible not to choose cotton underwear, cotton underwear will be the heat on the surface of the skin away, easy to catch cold, and in addition to prevent snow boots snow stockings are essential for skiing. Skiing only offers ski suits, snowshoeing, snowboarding, ski poles, etc., before going to prepare a pair of thick gloves, a hat and a mask. Skiing the best day to wear a pair of skiing mirror, night do not need. Try to choose some of the activities of convenient clothes, which will make your experience to enhance the ski Oh.
deposit for cash deposit is only cash and credit card, so please reserve some cash

Practical tips

1. Nanshan snow clothes style is relatively simple, the quality is commendable. Snow is slightly outdated, there are some wear and tear, shoes, buttons and other issues, but the overall does not affect the use, if you feel that snow is not appropriate, you can go to the counter for a change. Can also carry their own. Or to the snow on the road, there are some selling or renting the trend of snow clothes store, as a fashion pioneer you do not miss.
2. Nanshan ski coach a lot of management more formal, of course, is not cheap charges, veneer than the two slightly expensive, 2 hours the price of 200-300 yuan. Nanshan coach will take the initiative to ask visitors to ask whether the need for teaching, and sometimes insist to ask for a long time, so if you really do not need, please tell the other side of it directly.
3. Primary snow is always the largest gathering of people, every holiday, the trail of the primary track, magic carpet must be a long row before the long queue. It is recommended that there are some basic ways to choose a medium road, but to adapt to the ability of the line.
4. Nanshan ski lunch price is relatively small capital, basically is the stone bibimbap, surface and the like, an average of 35 yuan. Master Kong instant noodles 15 yuan a bucket, drink at least 8 yuan a bottle. The best prepared to eat their own, the hot water can play in the resort, it is recommended that you bring an insulation cup, you can drink hot water.
5. Try to understand some simple self-protection knowledge before skiing, such as skiing in any posture; do not fall on either side of the frame, do not fall forward or backward, and where the ski pole is placed.
6. to let go of their own, dare to enjoy the fun of skiing
7. buy more value
8. beginners please bring some protective gear, such as knee, hip, helmet, do not stay in the buffer to avoid collision.
9. need to do some warm-up exercise before skiing to prevent injury
10. skiing is not absolutely safe, the snow friends have to do it

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