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Chongqing, the hot mountain town, once with the capital, now the municipality. Here are invincible night view comparable to Hong Kong, eye-catching attractive eye beauty, hot pot and hearty cold beer ... Finishing the representative of the "most" a good place for Chongqing, to bring you the ultimate Chongqing travel experience, followed by the most map of Chongqing to wave it!

"Most" art

Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (Huangpi Ping Campus)

Sichuan and the United States, can not miss the small fresh literary land. At least you should have heard of the tank library, miniature version of the 798, can give you a surprise everywhere. The graduation season in June can see the graduates of the design exhibition. A campus complex, here will certainly like. Aspect in the Academy of Fine Arts there are three: art galleries , tanks and schools outside the graffiti Street . The most famous is the graffiti street outside the school, a whole street full of graffiti walls, graffiti slightly older but still very spectacular. More snacks around, Ladder bean curd , Hu Ji- tiger soup are here, it is worth a try. In addition, during the graduation season, each year about the end of May and the beginning of June and early June, both Sichuan and the United States have art graduation exhibitions . They may like to pay attention to relevant information and visit the exhibitions.

Arrival: Light Rail Line 2 get off at Yangjiaping , turn the bus or taxi a starting price at Huangpi Ping Station or get off at the Sichuan Academy of Art Station.

Fang bookstore

The bookstore is not just a bookstore. It was created by Mao Jihong, the founder of "Exceptional". It is a compound cultural space that integrates books, clothing, coffee and aesthetic life . Shop about 2400 square meters, book area accounted for 1500 square meters, covering 140,000 books , as many as more than 40,000 varieties. Humanities, literature, art, life and other types of high-quality books, Hong Kong and Taiwan books at home and abroad can be found here. Not only in the entrance to the collection of old books and flowers stacked to create a steep mountain, tree-lined feeling, the overall design is also very mountain flavor.

How to get there: Light Rail Line 3 to Guanyinqiao Station ; or take bus to Jianxin North Road Station .

"Most" marketplace

Eighteen ladder

Eighteen ladder is a typical Chongqing-style streets , and carrying a lot of years of memory in the chaos, admire Chongqing have the courage to maintain the original appearance of Eighteen, not to meet the city's development, despite the new town how to develop, eighteen Ladder is still its own way. Mottled barbershop, bustling little teahouse, lonely little businessman. All demolition site, tell us that this is a farewell performance yesterday, can not see the joy and sadness around the eyes, feeling life continues, more is the tranquility of the people of Chongqing.

Getting There: Take subway Line 2 to Jiaochangkou Station and get off, then walk to, from stone slope to the right piece of ZTE slope of the road Jiaochangkou is.

Now eighteen ladder has been demolished, so now the way is not the original eighteen ladder friends ~

Xia Hao Avenue

Walk in the street under the ho, typical streets of Chongqing Street, where there are still some slightly remnants of the piece. Hohoung Street includes Mishitai lots, Muchai Street lots, Dongjiaqiao lots and Grape farm lots of 4 blocks. This area has formed a market in the Qing Dynasty. This street connects the Yangtze River and Longmen Hao-Lao Wharf, a passenger and cargo wharf before the liberation of Chongqing. From the wharf to Xinjie Street, Xia-Hao Zhengjie and Dongjiaqiao are the only routes. Is such an old street, after the bustling loneliness, that thick taste of the market, but it seems more calm and true.

How to get there: Nan'an District, Chongqing

"Most" classic


If you've seen the Anime Spirited Away you will be shocked by this road, come here at night really like exposure to the movie, as very shocking. Hongyadong to Bayu most traditional architectural features of the " Diaojiaolou " style as the mainstay, the mountain on the potential, built along the cliff, so that the Jiefangbei direct access to the river, is to travel slingshots House, view Hongya Dracocephalus, visiting the mountain city Street, enjoy the culture of Bayu, look at the convergence of the two rivers, a good place for food world.

Getting There: From Liberation Monument can reach on foot; or a LUOHANCI west is one kilometer to go; or by bus directly; or take Line 2 in Linjiangmen went Station


If there is a Wangfujing in Beijing, a departmental alley in Wuhan, a Confucius Temple in Nanjing, and a Muslim street in Xi'an, then the ancient city ​​of Chongqing is an ancient porcelain street . To Ciqikou ancient town, this year's lively land and water terminals, step on the bluestone road, tasting local food snacks, find a tea house to sit, feel under the old customs of Chongqing is a good choice.

How to get there: Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Ciqikou Station (there are two gates at Ciqikou Station. The first gate under the LRT is just an area entrance to the scenic area. The real entrance will go forward about 500 meters); bus to the n blocks station.

Ciqikou main street overcrowded, serious commercialization, it is recommended to the side streets, but also a cafe street, less customers, store decoration is very literary taste, is the correct way to open Ciqikou mouth. (Here Amway a cafe - Lazy Fish Times Hall, the figure is the cafe, is a story cafe)

"Most" authentic

Traffic teahouse

This teahouse is " crazy stone ", Guo Tao gathered clubbing meeting places. Experience the most authentic way of life in Chongqing , a place to order a tea, playing a small card, very comfortable. Teahouse is very old, wood tables and chairs have touched the flowers, the wall has been mottled black, it seems there is a few decades of history. Is an authentic old teahouse, no artificiality made of antique, neither nonsense mix and match, full of strong flavor of life, expensive in this authentic.

How to get there: In the vicinity of Sichuan and the United States, you can visit the experience together, the bus stop at Huangjiao Ping Zhengjie Station.

Mountain walk

A trail to repair the pavement, many locals often go to a place, you can see the Yangtze River Bridge, in front of the Yangtze River, staggered overpass, reflecting the geographical features of Chongqing stereoscopic 3D. This trail is located in the south slope of Yuzhong Peninsula from north to south, followed by the city of Zhongshan Hospital (formerly the Kuomintang government Legislative, Judicial Yuan), anti-Jian Hall, Bodhgutta Tower, France Renai site, suspended Plank Road, full length 1748 meters, a series of traditional neighborhoods and historical and cultural relics are compactly connected . Little hidden in the wild, big hidden in the city, to avoid the crowd have disturbed, meditation hiking view , it is a good minority line.

Arrival: take the bus or take the subway line to Qixinggan Station Exit One, find Tongyuan Old City Wall (obviously). Next to the bus station is, subway station will have to go forward.

"The most special

Yangtze cableway

The Yangtze River cableway is the second large-scale cross-river passenger ropeway on the Yangtze River in our own country. It has a total length of 1166 meters, a speed of 6M / second and a running time of 4 minutes. It is regarded as the first air corridor in the Yangtze River and the " Car "is the only air traffic carrier in Chongqing city tour . The glass on all sides of the car is transparent, you can clearly see the scenery on both sides of the river . Do not hurry back when you reach the other side to take a picture over there and then come back again. The scenery you see during the day and night is completely different. During the day you can see the scenery on both sides of the Strait, and the night view is beautiful at night, provided the weather is better.

How to get there: There are two stations on the cableway , Xinhua Road Cableway Station and Shangxin Street Cableway Station. General tourists live in Xinhua Road here, take the subway line 1,6 to get off at the small Shizu , 5A or 5B exports are Xinhua Road cableway station.

Crown escalator

Chongqing is the most important is to experience the unique topography of the mountain city and experience the characteristics of the mountain city of transport, the crown escalator is one of the masterpieces. Crown Escalator length is the second longest in Asia , standing on top of the feeling and ordinary shopping centers completely different escalators, 30-degree ramp brings a strong visual impact, but also a little bit of excitement. Now many scenic spots are also climbing the escalator, but basically there are many sections, the Crown Escalator only a long section, the ticket price of 2 yuan, do not be surprised, think of it as a bus is not surprising.

Arrival: Metro Line 1 , light rail Line 3 two stations stand out, go down again, twice will have a different feeling.

"Most" greedy

Chongqing steamboat

If Chongqing did not eat Chongqing hot pot, it can be said that has never been to this mountain city. Chongqing streets alley all over the hot pot shop, regardless of seasons, pot shop is always packed. Chongqing hot pot, also known as hot pot or hot pot , is China's traditional diet, to transfer soup sophisticated, spicy delicious, with a variety of raw materials, meat and vegetables can be adapted to a wide range of unique style.

Recommended shops: Yu flavor Xiaoyu pot (on the tip of China), Zhu fat rotten pot (old brand), Qi eel pot (eel must point), Chongqing Liu hand pot (traditional pot), Zhao two Hot pot (recommended by Lonely Planet and Yum).

Chongqing hot and sour powder

Hot and sour powder named after it's hot and sour taste, is widely known in Chongqing folk traditional snacks . Mainly processed sweet potato powder, because of cheap, has long been loved. Chongqing people eat hot and sour powder can never care what image, often you can see the locals in the street hand to eat a bowl of hot and sour powder directly. Because Chongqing hot and sour powder tastes unique, hot and sour appetizers, has long been loved by the people of Chongqing, which is characterized by " hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, sour and not greasy ."

Recommended shop: good and sour powder (word of mouth store), manual hot and sour powder (visual and taste correct), Zhang old manual hot and sour powder (Ciqikou one).

Chongqing small plane

In addition to spicy hot pot in Chongqing, as well as colored pasta is also very famous. Yibin burning noodles, Chongqing noodles, buckwheat noodles ... ... a wide variety, dazzling, rest assured bold eating on the right. Chongqing is a small face originated in the mountain city of Chongqing, a Han traditional snacks, belong to Chongqing cuisine. Small noodle soup belongs to the type , spicy flavor . Narrow noodles is the special meaning of hot and spicy. Chongqing people love the facets of Chongqing as hot pot, the degree of intimacy is more. Belongs to the very early people snack snacks .

Recommended shops: Chongqing small noodles shop is very wide distribution, almost every street or even near every building can be seen everywhere. Top 50 face to search can do under the Raiders, but the best recommendation is actually free to go to a small noodle shop , feel the face of the profound knowledge of Chongqing.

"Most" shopping


Jiefangbei is a famous and important landmarks in Chongqing, is a shopping paradise. There are upscale shopping malls , as well as bustling shopping malls , as well as many gourmet snacks. Spend the day shopping here, shopping, tired to find a shop to rest, hungry looking for that long line of queued snacks. Night here is even more bustling, sit and see who come and go, you can also see a lot of beauty in Chongqing, Sharp is seductive!

Access: by line 1 in Jiaochangkou stop, from Jiaochangkou No. 9 to a straight i.e. two junction; or by Line 2 in Linjiangmen next station.

Guanyin Bridge Pedestrian Street

After being tired of the bustle of Jiefangbei, people in Chongqing prefer the sound of Guanyin Bridge, and there is a quiet place. Guanyin Bridge is a paradise left by Chongqing people. Guanyin Bridge Walking Street is a park, square, pedestrian street three functions in one, commercial and landscape organic large-scale ecological circle . On the street there are Maoyebaihuo, Far East Department Store, Shanghai Bailian, Beijing Hualian, New World, New Century, Chongbai and other department stores, Yonghui, Lotus, Carrefour and other supermarkets, Suning, Gome and so on It is also a good place to look.

Arrival: Metro Line 3 to Guanyinqiao Station.

"Most" landscape

Nanshan a tree viewing platform

This is a place to see the most beautiful night in Chongqing . Just ask a person where to see the best night scenery in Chongqing, will be unified answer Chaotianmen or a tree. This is the point of view, Chaotianmen look at the river, Nanshan a tree overlooking the most beautiful point of view of Chongqing. Stand on the viewing platform, from afar, Wanzhong District, Chongqing Yuzhong lights; surrounded by the two rivers, Ambilight; fly across the Long Bridge, clear outline; layer upon layer of overlapping, patchwork, colorful throughout the city , Under the background of the beautiful night sky, dazzling.

Arrival: From Jiefangbei direction, it is recommended to sit on the Yangtze River cableway to the South Bank that one end of the next cableway to go right and walk not far from the direction of the mountain walk down a section of the road you can see the bus station on the new street and then take the bus to reach the mountains Fourth station later, we take the long way back along the road, about 10 minutes to go; the most recommended cableway arrival or after a taxi up the hill.


Here the Yangtze River Jialing River co- current , the Yangtze River vigorous, Jialing River flow clear, together they flow together after the Pentium mainstream Yangtze River. Riverview very spectacular very imposing. Especially when the weather is fine. Here is also one of the busiest docks in Chongqing , which is more than just a jetty, giving much meaning. Tourist boats moored in the central river, hillside built buildings, straight to declare the human ability to transform nature.

Getting There: Take subway Line 1 to Xiaoshizi get off Exit 8; inconvenience due to construction traffic, most of the places around the panels, to a path along the edge of the Yangtze River (temporarily) been walking around final Chaotianmen Square, the road more tortuous.

Chongqing is a city where you can visit all kinds of shopping places. In addition to the good places mentioned above, there are other places like Foreigners Street, parks and gardens such as Nanshan Botanical Garden, Central Park, Hong'en Temple Park, Science and Technology Museum, Hechuan Diaoyutai, Jiangjin surrounded by mountains, youyang Peach Blossom Spring, Chongqing University, Huxi campus ... eat bean curd rice, cool cakes, Ciqikou Chen twist and blood Wang, Geleshan spicy chicken, paper fish. .

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