Chongqing night scene, with popular night hot pot recommended

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the night view of Chongqing, the night can be two rivers, cable car ride the Yangtze River, fight a car or a car ... ... moving in the night to feel blurred; just want to be a quiet beauty of men's paper or beautiful paper, you can board the summit Chongqing, the tallest building, to the convergence of the two rivers the best viewing point Changjiahui ... ... quiet in the evening to enjoy the United States; also static and dynamic combination of complement each other.
figure the first night in mainland china by

Chongqing, the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, the night was Wandeng lights and twinkling neon dotted dreams, buildings on both sides of the Four Rivers are scattered, decorated by colored lights, against the backdrop of the shadow of the mountains, reflected in the sparkling River, the United States was refreshing! Not see the night, in vain to Chongqing!

First, multi-angle water and land "move" view

1, the concept of water

Figure: Two River Night Tour, by the traveler no boundaries

[Two Riverside Night] is the most classic way, the general route is Chaotianmen pier to Jialing River Bridge, and then cruise the Yangtze River Chaotianmen pier to the Yangtze River Bridge, around the Yuzhong Mountain Peninsula, the way will appreciate Hongyadong, the Grand Theater, Chaotianmen Bridge, Chongqing night view of the essence of points, two-phase contrast with the neon, the lights reflected in the river, Ambilight, the four shores bright!

Figure: Two Rivers Night Tour. by

Can also be a single set of tickets, cruise luxury and ordinary points, the overall difference between the two prices of 30-60 yuan, in the off-season (such as winter) will drop 10-20 yuan. In fact, the two for the viewing is not much difference, like simple experience to choose ordinary ship like.

1. The series of cruise ships every day from afternoon to night rolling class, night travel generally during 18: 30-22: 00, the specific departure time with the seasons and holidays a little bit to adjust;
2. Weekday (including weekends) the same day The day of the
national holidays (New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Ching Ming, 51, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival) the day of departure to take the ticket to the terminal after the ticket Of the time; all cruise States national holidays are the use of special ticket physical ticket (on the plane with a date and time of departure).

2, land tours

Figure: Nanshan look at a tree in Chongqing by light as water

【Nanshan Tree】 In the process of construction, a tree named "Tree" was reserved because of the reservation of a yellow tree (Chongqing Tree). It is located at the hillside of Nanshan and across the river from the Yuzhong Peninsula. It has the most open field of vision Chongqing night view of the force.

Figure: Nanbin night view, by Seoul has

[Along the coast of Nanbin] is located in the south bank of the Yangtze River, Changjiahui to the Yangtze River Bridge south bridge is the essence of light in the river, the river in the eyes, like heaven and earth.

Figure: North Beach Road night, by Lotte Xuan Yun

【Beibin Road along the north bank of Jialing River, Jialing River Bridge North Bridge head to the theater is the best viewing section.

Figure: Chongqing Grand Theater imposing sails, by Da Pei Pei

[Chongqing Grand Theater] across the river and the Yuzhan Peninsula, standing next to the North Bridge, is to appreciate the mysterious night of Hongya Cave Spirited Away.

Figure: Hongyadong viewing platform, by Wang ice cream

【Hongyadong】 Jiangbei mouth CBD, at the foot of the Jialing River. At night, overlooking the opposite Opera House, Science Museum, Jiangbei mouth financial city lights little bit.

Proposed to participate in a night tour, carpool or chartered connection is the best way, but also to avoid traffic inconvenience Nanshan, back when the car can not hit the embarrassment. Starting from the Jiefangbei, first in the long Jiahui enjoy the confluence of the two rivers, and then a tree Nanshan, after the Nanbin Road / Yangtze River Bridge / Jialing River Bridge / North Road, arrived in Chongqing Grand Theater, Hongyadong to Hong Kong, is the best way to visit Chongqing on land.

3, aerial view

Figure: Yangtze River cableway over the Yangtze River, by a drunk Tao Ran

[Yangtze River cableway] is not only a mountain-specific transport, it is a major feature of Chongqing night experience! Take the cableway across the Yangtze River, the neon lights flashing, the beauty of both sides of the globe with all eyes closed.

Tips: The
Yangtze River cableway is a major reticular attractions, if you do not want to encounter embarrassing crowds of people, try to avoid riding during the holidays, especially if you do not want to miss it, be sure to plan to reserve the queue time.

4, air and land tour

Figure: The most all-land terrestrial air tour, by the traveler no boundaries

Air, sea and air travel, experience the most complete and most of Chongqing night, take the Yangtze River Xinhua Road Station from north to south to the new street station, and then a tree Nanshan, after the Nanbin / Yangtze River Bridge / Jia Bin Road, arrived at the Chaotianmen pier after riding two rivers cruise, watch the glittering night on both sides of the Strait.

Second, the latest night sight spots "static" reward

1, the highest "wfc fairy floor"

Figure: Will cents floor viewing platform 360 ° tours Chongqing night, bywalters no boundaries

Mountain night landmark new landmark! The WFC, the tallest building in Western China World Financial Center Welfare Observatory, 590 meters above sea level (higher than a tree landscape of Nanshan), ring glass curtain wall, full open-air design, very open field of vision, but also free to move around, 360 ° Looking around three-dimensional, magical, landscape blending Chongqing.

Will cents floor observation deck Points daytime ticket (10: 00-18: 00, to be completed before 18 o'clock) and night tickets (18: 00-22: 00, 18 o'clock before use) two, the current Tickets purchased through a travel agency agent can be universal all day, if you are watching the night, please arrange your visit time.

2, the most tide "Chang Jiahui"

Figure: Long Jiahui observation deck, by big Pepe

Located on the opposite bank of Chaotianmen River, Changjiahui is the best viewing spot to enjoy the convergence of the two rivers of the Jialing River in the Yangtze River. While enjoying the night view, it can be walked along the Madame Tussauds wax statue in Changjiahui. Some props, is a good place to take pictures, the Madame Tussauds currently have an extremely favorable ticket policy for travel agencies, purchase packages are cost-effective.

Madame Tussauds wax statue is located in the long Jiahui, opening hours and Changjiahui, the morning 10: 00- 22:00, compared with similar wax museum, large-scale, tour time 60-90 minutes , In addition to celebrities around the world, this museum also presents the characteristics of Chongqing elements, it is worth a visit.

3, the most luxurious "Tian Mu overnight"

Figure: Stay at the hotel night view of the hotel, by the traveler no boundaries

Sky Tree Hotel and JW Marriott at the same floor, the restaurant is located on the 57th floor (with telescope), overlooking the confluence of the two rivers, all the floors are located above the Marriott, although each room type landscape perspective will be different, but the room can be view Chongqing invincible night view, is also a unique experience of staying. This hotel is still open for business promotion, cost-effective value, it is recommended to stay enjoy.

Third, enjoy the evening then hot pot

Chongqing is the seat of the stomach can be loaded into the city, enjoy the night scene, then authentic Chongqing Chongqing hot pot, can be described as perfect match, called the perfect! Bell unitary finishing a list of popular night pot by the locals, you may wish to choose a go, hearty bites.

Figure: authentic Chongqing old pot, by Plane gray machine

1, Yuzhong Peninsula region

[Legitimate red: wear old sister pot] shop is not large, only a few tables, open 24 hours, an endless stream of guests, always waiting in line, the proposed point slightly spicy, can have so many loyal fans of the pot, the taste is certain Almost the same.
Location: Yuzhong District Jiefangbei more than Mouth Road Moxie Road Yin Xian Lane 1; per capita: 90 yuan.

[Old brand: Mang old pot] their spicy really is not a lie, even if Chongqing locals feel really hot, so small partners do not try to be brave, drink only Yi or Wong Lo Kat, eat more Yogurt!
Address: Yuzhong District Jiefangbei Luzu Temple 7 (near the flower market entrance); per capita: 80 yuan.

【Famous: Xiaoyu old pot】 tongue on the Chinese documentary in the genuine store, the program every night sweat fried pot bottom material plot, from Xiaoyu, and now opened many branches, loquat Hill is the old shop Open until early morning.
Address: Yuzhong District two junction loquat Hill Street 86 (nearly three hospital inpatient department); Per capita: 90 yuan.

【Dongzhong: Dongting Old Hotpot】 The old hotpot located in the air-raid shelter is not open-air in the movie "Hotpot Heroes." However, Chongqing's most-known Dongzi hotpot is open all day.
Address: Yuzhong District, two junctions Zhongshan Road 153 No. 1; per capita: 80 or so.

2, other regions

【Price: Yuzong Lao Zao hot pot】 fresh ingredients, many fans, the price is relatively close to the people, and now there are many branches, flagship store located in Yubei Wong Nai pounds, open until the early morning, diners have been an endless stream.
Address: Yubei District Wong Nai pounds purple Kang Road (near the Justice Bureau); per capita: 70 yuan.

【Heavy taste: Dragon Pot】 known for its spiciness, and now many in the field (especially neighboring Chengdu) the most famous hot pot, not to the dragon, is called the Dragon Hom name, enough to see the influence of this store.
Address: Xiaolongkang radio Shapingba District Road 290 attached to No. 18; per capita: 70 or so.

[Most concentrated: a faucet hot pot street] twenty or thirty hot pot restaurants get together, especially in the late night business is more popular, several pots described above also have branches in the street, each has its own characteristics, there are Main tripe, some goose intestine is the characteristics of my favorite unit is the street north of the Shu old courtyard hot pot.
Address: Yubei District, Longtou Temple East Lake Road whole street; per capita: the price difference is not large, generally between 60-100.

For foreign tourists, midnight do not want to eat a heavy taste of the hot pot, or toss too far, the views of the bell unitary, in your hotel stay within thirty-five steps, pull a shuffle (turn a bend), under A trampoline or a slope on the slope of a child, custody you can see a midnight snack stall, barbecue, string of children, Chaolian children (ie wonton), all kinds of noodles ... ... Chongqing people eat and drink more fresh Children, whenever in Chongqing opened the stall, the taste will not be bad.

Figure: not to see the night, in vain to Chongqing! by


Find a time to Chongqing, even if only take a look at the most famous city of China night, the vitality of the city, the mountains, the rivers, all in this charming bright!

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