Delicious food guide in Xi'an

Xi'an, is a historical and cultural city, many monuments, delicious too much, is foodaholic's paradise.
xian steamed mutton

Lamb steamed bread

Xi'an lamb steamed bread pay attention to "dry plan such as soybeans, mouth soup such as peanuts, soup wide as beans." Generally eat the best in the morning, there are a lot of Xi'an gluttonous customers are from the early to eat "head soup", then the taste of the soup at that time the most fragrant, authentic; two mutton steamed bread is dead bread, too late Eat hard to digest.

Recommended: Yizhen Lou Features: local people eat the steaming Museum, the general you do not specifically say, the cook gave the water siege, that is, soup wide. Go to his house to eat high quality, and their own good to steamed good, or not tasty, when eating hard taste Address: Dapi Yuan

Rouga bun


Xi'an meat Rouga pay attention to eat coke steamed, meat incense. Bun must be outside the crisp soft, eat the mouth, bun and meat together with slag. What kind of steaming is the most praise of the steamed pinch: gold circle silver side, chrysanthemum heart.

Recommended: Qin Yu Rouga Mo Features: This store since the shop has been their own hand bun. Each Rouga Mo has fat and thin skin. His family is best to high quality. People more than words, bun and meat to separate it, eat up fun. This bun is slightly thicker, the meat taste is not cured, the meat folder more fragrant more fragrant. Inside the pork skin too praise, all did not eat enough. The kind of satisfaction with the flow of oil, only the meat of the steamed bread in Xi'an can bring you. Address: No.19, East Wood City, Beilin District

Ma Er acid soup dumplings


From the shop since three years to sell only one kind of stuffing, beef leek stuffing. Eat his home dumplings first mouth to drink sour soup appetizer, especially sour addiction, pepper fragrant finishing touch. A soup down, immediately on the special feeling. Address: Sprinkle the North Bridge downstairs (the archway is the door of the hotel that blue and green buildings.


Hua grandmother Suanmei Tang

Back to the famous Hua grandmother, to see this sign and freezer is friends. Suanmei Tang taste rich, fermented glutinous cool special thirst.


Saozi Noodles


Recommended: Luojia noodles Features: ten years old shop, to produce dry mixed smell of urine sub-surface known. His family of special meat smell of incense and taste, very unique. Dish code is still very rich, there are bean sprouts, potatoes, celery and spinach. Address: Yanta qu hong zhuan nan lu

Geda Noodles


Recommended: Sanyuan Lao Huang Jia Address: Friendship Road and Arts Road intersection eastbound 200 meters Tianlun Sheng 5 floor

First drink cough soup appetizer.

Take a pimple face into the empty bowl shake open, add the right amount of meat smell of urine, half of the oil spilled spicy. This is the first to eat: dry mixed smell of urine sub-surface.


Take the second pimple face into the soup bowl shook open, and then pick into the bowl just eat noodles, the shape of the bridge. Add the right amount of meat and smell the smell of spicy seeds and mix well after eating.


Fenzheng Rou

Old Shan one of the favorite snacks. With a special spice pickled, powder with seasoning and butter mixed. A bun a bowl of steamed beef is a meal. This kind of food with the smell of the marketplace, exceptionally charming. The boss of the meat requirements are quite high, the meat is very soft. The old home will generally point a treasure eight rice porridge, hawthorn soup ah what to eat together.


Recommended: Yang Jia Fenzheng Rou Address: back Square sprinkle the bridge, see Mali paste spicy soup after 30 meters east of the road east.: Yang Jiapeng steamed meat Address: back Square sprinkle the bridge, see Mali paste spicy soup after 30 meters east of the road east.

Shui Pen Yang Rou


Xi'an mutton soup are good to drink, soup color is clear, taste delicious, one down the whole people are the spirit. Water basin lamb ordinary 22 yuan, about 5-7 meat. There are fragrant ribs of the meat, a classic tendon meat, etc., a basin to eat mutton in different parts of the delicious. Winter, we must taste.

Recommended: old white water basin lamb Address: North Guangji Street old Liu family mutton bubble steamed over

Ding Jia Xiao Su Rou


Dingjia small crisp meat: "Mianzhuo crisp, a fragrant fragrance", many people inexplicable. Small crisp meat is made of beef wrapped in a layer of flour made of fresh meat, the entrance is soft, matched with a cup of homemade sour plum soup, it is delicious, all the beef is good on the tenderloin. A 22, full weight, full of a bowl of meat ah. Accompanied by white rice, all eat down to estimate to 15 points full The Address: Lianhu District, Xi'an, the Great Hospital West, No. 223 (large leather West West)

Shou Xin Jia Pin: Lao Ma Jia Mafeng La Rou Nui Yang Rou Dian


Lao Ma Jia, His family of beef, tight crush, moderate salinity, it is recommended flower tendon meat (commonly known as grenade) 60 yuan / kg. Address: northeast corner of Qiaozi mouth

Concluding remarks

In Xi'an, there are too many delicious, meatballs Hu spicy soup, Yan Yan fried rice, green bean cake, Liu Xiangxiang, biangbiang face, Qishan smell of urine surface, pull the surface, stir the group, cool dumplings, gourd head , Marinade jelly, gourd chicken, yellow cinnamon wine .... love you do not hurry up action?

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