Eat all the restaurants in Sanlitun, you may have overlooked this building

The 3.3 building is probably the most hidden food restaurant in Sanlitun. Both retro tide brand focus, there are many you have not eaten shop. Net red matcha ice cream, Hong Kong-style retro car noodles, copper pot shabu-shabu, teddy bear restaurant ...

Shop while eating

Teddy Bear theme restaurant

More than 1,000 teddy bears eat with you

Feeling into the Teddy Bear Museum, the shop owner from around the world collection of more than 1,000 teddy bears are limited edition, the most expensive one to 500,000 Oh. In addition to the teddy bear is also equipped with many small toys, looking for seats on the big doll to accompany you to eat.

The main store is a variety of Western-style meals. Choose Tingduo, Philip steak, pizza and salad are doing well, recently also new ginseng soup, nourishing stomach and nutrition, quite suitable for girlfriends dining or with children's family.

Store Information

Store Name: Teddy Bear Theme Restaurant
Address: 3.3 Building 5, 5006
Estimated Per Capita: 125

Love Berry Italian handmade ice cream

Handmade hot ice cream

The signboard is a handmade sorbet of various lines . According to the introduction, each sorbet needs to be hand-made for 3 hours. It tastes milky in the mouth and will not be particularly cold, so it is called hot ice cream. The material is very rich fruit fishing summer, many girls like it.

There are 10 kinds of sorbet types, as well as a variety of beautiful and quench their thirst bubble water, you can pack while walking and drinking. There are also open-air seats outside the shop, tired of shopping for a rest shop.

Store Information

Name: Ai Bailey Italy handmade ice cream
Address: 3.3 North of the first floor of the building
Estimated average per capita: 28

First one matcha tea

Japanese Matcha dessert shop

Popular matcha shop from the south, Matcha from the 150-year history of the Kyoto factory, from Matcha ice cream to matcha potted plants, dozens of fancy Matcha single product filled with thick a large menu.

Signboard is a staff of Matcha ice cream , charcoal milk and matcha two flavors , in his hand is a good partner. The store environment is full of harmony, want to occupy the seat to breakfast earlier.

Store Information

Name: First one Matcha Japanese Dessert
Address: 3.3 Building 1120 first floor of Simon
estimated per capita: 39

A person can eat these

Two burning

Small fresh south pasta restaurant

From Hangzhou to open a small museum, all Ming file window, the wall hung a slip sign, the environment simple literary Fan children. Signboard is steamed meat grilled shredded shrimp and eel shredded pork shreds, burned wheat are now points are steamed, biting also bring soup.

Pasta with noodles, noodles, tablets children, etc., choose more types. Szechuan refers to the dry noodles, it belongs to Hangbang noodles, noodles are very tasty sauce, toppings are now fried. Sauce on the table are also shipped from Hangzhou to ensure authentic flavor.

Store Information

Store name: II burned
Address: 3.3 Building 5 layer 018
Estimated average per capita: 50

Four-earners car face

Hong Kong-style car face

Specialize in Hong Kong-style car side shop, and Hong Kong are the same with DIY to eat, from noodles to the end of the soup to a variety of side dishes are optional, it is recommended to eat curry spicy soup with wide-style oil surface . The hidden version of the first diced noodles quite tempting.

In addition to a variety of noodles, there are many Hong Kong-style street snacks, Hong Kong-style milk tea is a must , Swiss chicken wing sauce enough, four signs can be fooled once you can eat four snacks. From the decoration of the plate name to the table on the seasoning, the overall environment is a thick Hong Kong-style retro.

Store Information

Shop Name: Four-eyed Aberdeen car Address: 33 Sanlitun Road 33 Building, 5th Floor, 5027 shops
Estimated average per capita: 68

Hot uncle

Beijing dry noodles legend

When the hot branch of small branches now become a bright shop, beef noodles is still a sign of dry, recently also introduced braised pork rice, a meal full of stewed beef tripe before selling 26 , the price is quite conscience.

In addition to all kinds of dry noodles, there are a lot of Wuhan snacks, salted spicy cabbage Series spicy, there are rare Yellow Crane Beer.

Store Information

Store name: Hot uncle Hot dry noodles
Address: 3.3 Building 3 layer 3017
Estimated per capita: 43

Beijing has Qian people

Guizhou specialty rice noodles shop

Read out the name of the shop feel a lot of gold, food is very Guizhou. Zunyi sign is a lamb meal, as well as rice flour and rice bran. Mutton pot is also done authentic, as long as the pot can also add unlimited free instant noodles Oh .

Spicy chicken, silk doll, potato 粑 粑 these people can not do without eating in Guizhou, the shop has all. Even Jin Wei yogurt and Maotai can drink.

Store Information

Store name: Guizhou have Guizhou (Guizhou noodle shop) 
Address: Sanlitun 3.3 Building, 5th Floor, Room 5012
Estimated average per person: 55

Dinner is inseparable from the hot pot

Hampshire shabu-shabu

Lamb stands on the copper pot shabu-shabu

Monopoly imported Han Puji black face sheep, have their own ranch to ensure supply. Hand-cut lamb are hung on the chopping board, which shows that the quality of self-confidence. Every part of the sheep can be eaten here. Fresh lamb chewing, small materials are self-help, there are 10 kinds of sauces and cold snacks.

Recommended lamb tenderloin , the body is the thinnest part of the sheep, a sheep only 82, every day is also a limited supply . In addition to mutton, fresh beef and hand-shrimp shrimp are also very popular.

Store Information

Name: Hampshire shabu-shabu hall
Address: No. 33 Sanlitun Building 33, 4th Floor, No. 4007
Estimated average per capita: 94

What string of incense

Take the street style string of incense

A very street style string of incense shop, not yet into the store was full of painted walls to attract, is said to be the owner of their own painting, the shop is not large, string type count is complete, are in the freezer.

Skewersuetsu soup is cooked bone soup, pot bottom addition to the traditional spicy soup pot, there are curry, sour radish taste and so on. Dishes are fresh, in addition to eating string, but also a variety of Sichuan snacks can choose.

Store Information

Name: What string of incense
Address: 3.3 Building, 5th Floor, Room 5005
Estimated Per capita: 79

Spicy House

Hotpot flopped by 300 stars

The hot pot restaurant was turned over by more than 300 celebrities a year. The wall of the shop was almost full of signatures. There was also a small meatball that appeared as a "ultimate challenge." One was about to be spicy.

Faucet faucet is very imposing, spicy trotter and snow fat beef are popular single product , the environment is antique, the popular point of the meal are basically the same, you want to eat earlier.

Store Information

Shop Name: Spicy House Address: 3.3 Building 3006 three-storey
estimated average per capita: 120

Popular chain restaurant

Chuan Baihui Griddle grilled fish

21 kinds of taste of grilled fish shop

Taste a lot of grilled fish shop, spicy and not spicy have, are now kill the fish are roasted, in addition to eating fish and grilled deep-sea fish species is very rich, the most popular is the spicy flavor and double pepper flavor , Less spiced fish meat tender. The waiter is very enthusiastic and will take the initiative to help customers turn fish sauce.

In addition to grilled fish, the store also has a variety of dry pot barbecue dishes, dry chicken wings and dry frog Bullfrog a full amount of spicy are all under rice killer. Before meals guests will be given fruit snacks.

Store Information

Name: Chuan Baihui Griddle grilled fish
Address: 3.3 Building, 5th Floor,
estimated per capita: 102

Fat brother crab pot

Hangzhou, the hottest pot

Hangzhou, the hottest meat crab pot to open to Beijing, not only crabs, ribs, bullfrog 10 several kinds of pot cooker, the recent new gold medal pot, the popular chicken claws and pig hands together, fragrant stew Foolish, the amount of full.

In addition to the main pot, the shop there are many solutions to the small cold dish. The most popular series of fantastic drinks girls, drinking cups can be free to take away oh.

Store Information

Name: fat brother crab pot
Address: 3.3 Building, 5th Floor,
estimated per capita: 79

Split chicken

May be the longest chicken in the capital

The most signboard is a one-meter-long chicken, chicken has three flavors (original, slightly spicy and heavy spicy) , decimeter represents the length unit, their family's chicken is divided into 5 decimeter, 7 decimeter, 10 decimeter three, the longer The richer things are, the more people are suitable for eating together.

A variety of fried chicken snacks are also more popular, ink fried chicken and Q shells fried squid is a must-have table , the environment to go warm colors, people have a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Store Information

Store name: Diminu chicken
Address: 3.3 Building, fifth floor, No. 5016
Estimated per capita: 86

Meal tips

· All restaurants are in the Chaoyang District, Sanlitun 3.3 buildingsbuilding hours 11: 00-23: 00
· Each store business hours vary, it is recommended to call in advance to confirm.

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