Eat in Shunde - the capital of world cuisine

On December 1, 2014, UNESCO announced through the official website that the city has become a member of the UNESCO Global Creative City Network and won the title of “Gourmet Capital”, which is the second in China after Chengdu. A city that has access to the "World Food Capital" business card.

During the Spring Festival, I went to Shunde for a lap of eating. After the weight gains, I can finally share the restaurants and routes I have eaten. If you want to go too, just take the route below and get on the road!

First met Shunde

No kidding, I also learned that Shunde and Chengdu are the only cities in China that are listed in the world's six food capitals. As the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and the hometown of Chinese chefs, Shunde has become a shining sign in Shunde city business cards.

In the large area, Shunde is adjacent to Guangzhou and is an administrative district of Foshan City. It took about 45 minutes from Guangzhou and about one and a half hours from Shenzhen. 👉 No traffic jams👈

The center of Shunde's district is in the red circle area of ​​the blue shaded area below, and the basics of delicious food are also concentrated in the center of the district. How big is this range? It takes about 30 minutes to drive from the southern end of the red circle to the north end of the red circle.

Of course! The surrounding area of ​​the red circle is not nothing. The tourist attraction Xingtan Water Town is on the west side of the red circle. The famous Chencun powder source is located in the north of the red circle.

With a simple orientation concept, let's eat! ! !

my itinerary

Day1 Roasted Goose - Minxin Double Skin Milk - Kaiyingge Private Kitchen - Dongmiyuan Special Food City

Huanglian Datouhua Roast Goose (Fengcheng Shidu Store)

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Basically, Shunde eats roast goose and goes to their home. Instead of going to the head office, we went to a branch in the city center. In the middle of a pile of gourmet restaurants, we have already seen the long team before we went upstairs.

The roast goose is sold out in a furnace. If it is sold out, it will be gone. The head office will be more abundant.

It took an hour to arrive! (The 10,000 line is omitted here.) This store in Shidu has no seats and can only be taken away. We directly got the next store to eat. If you eat it on the spot, the skin should be more crisp. The meat is tender and juicy but feels a little bit of goose. I personally think that there is no Jiangmen's Xinhui roast goose.

Minxin double skin milk

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐

Just beside Datouhua, Shunde's old-fashioned double-skin milk shop is a shop that has come to buy a bowl and not lose money. Packed with signature double skin milk, ginger juice and fried milk.

As the Internet said, this double skin milk is relatively thin, like the addition of gelatin gum. However, ginger milk may be because the ginger taste is relatively strong, which is a good cover for this problem, but it is worth recommending.

Fried milk also has this problem, eating one is OK, eating a few more will be a little greasy. In short, it is not a double skin milk shop worth visiting.

Kaiying Court private kitchen

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚡ (4.5 stars)

The highlight of Shunde’s trip came, and I watched the steaming series of the long grass in “Seeking Shunde”. It is said that the town of Shunde fish and rice, doing fish is simply a good show here.

We ordered a big fish of 10 pounds. Here we really realized it, and one fish! Fish head pepper, fish skin cold, steamed fish, fish bone soup.

The first piece of good fish

The so-called steamed fish, is to put a layer of Cordyceps flowers in the pot that has been filled with fish bone soup, and then tidy up a layer of fish, cover the lid like let them into the sauna, and simmer for one minute.

The fish is really fresh and slippery. It is soaked with sauce. It’s too little to make a pot. 10 pounds of big fish is really not enough.

Below the steamed fish is the fish bone soup. We got the wrong chicken bone soup and licked the long-awaited watercress. In addition to delicious, I can’t think of praise again! However, the individual is still not very recommended for chicken soup, a bit greasy.

Cold fish skin

I didn't expect much hope for the cold skinned fish skin, because I had eaten an old brand X in Guangzhou before, and it was not very amazing. This time, I tried hard on the scalp, but it was unexpectedly delicious, and there was no fish smell at all, and the wave was crisp and praised!

Clam pepper head

At first I saw that the head of the pepper was a little afraid of my own eyes. I might have arrived at a fake Shunde. This is not a Hunan dish. Then I found that it is reasonable to use 剁 pepper, because the muddy smell of the fish head is a bit heavy, I don’t need to know how to eat it!

Cave Honey Garden Food City

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⚡ (3.5 stars)

It is purely an accident here, because the pig porridge in "Xingwei Shunde" ate a closed door and saw the dazzling big sign below, my heart was actually rejected. Seeing the three words of the food city is basically to see the lightning rod!

We passed by 10 o'clock, and found that it was still full of friends, I feel like I can go in and try. It is said that this restaurant has also been on CCTV's food show, and there is a kind of sneak peek at the 500,000 bill.

Here, pig porridge is sold in pounds. The so-called pig is a variety of pig viscera, pig liver, pig heart, pig intestine... The scene is now known as done.

On a large pot of porridge, the pig is very clean, the most important thing is to give the real generous, each mouth can eat a piece of pig liver. When I came to such a bowl of porridge in the big night, I felt warm in my stomach and could help digestion.

There is also a mother's favorite fried snail, this family is a bit special, not the regular use of perilla pepper fried, but brought a little fresh.

Day2 Dongcheng Hotel - Fine sister beef miscellaneous - Renxin double skin milk - Lunjiao cake - happy remember milk - Chencun powder

Dongcheng Hotel

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The recommendation on the Internet was originally thought to be a small tea house. As a result, I went in and saw that the venue was really big! Should be greater than or equal to a football field!

Here you can experience traditional Cantonese morning tea. The whole game was a snack cart that was a child, and I saw what I liked and took it away. Although it also supports ordering, the selection is a bit less.

A nostalgic dessert car, the salty pancakes on both sides of the tart and the fried glutinous rice cake are delicious.

Long-lost porridge car, recommended dishes dry salty porridge and boat porridge, the golden fry in the bowl in the upper left corner must let the service staff give you!

I recommend this snack. In the snack car, it looks like a puff, but it tastes so sweet and delicious. It’s really wonderful.

I also recommend the bitter gourd cake here. It feels like a dough wrapped in bitter gourd luncheon meat, but it is delicious and unexpected.

Fine sister

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚡ (4.5 stars)

You can walk around the outer edge of Qinghui Garden in 10 minutes. You don't have to look at the signboards. The one with the most queues is.

The price is divided into 50 yuan and 80 yuan. In addition to beef, he will help you with a little radish and bean curd, you can tell him to have more radish or bean curd, my personal advice is to have more radish.

The beef is really not a taste of the water. It is also very soft. It is obvious that it took a long time to cook it. After eating a small bowl, I feel that it is still unfinished.

Finally, don't forget to add the yellow pepper sauce on the table. Although it is a little spicy, it can make the beef miscellaneous! Even the essence of a kind of beef is the feeling of this bottle of chili sauce.

Renxin double skin milk

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⚡ (3.5 stars)

It is also the old shop of Shunde double skin milk. It is less than 10 minutes from the cattle store. It is on the old street of Dalian (Daliang Huagai Road Commercial Pedestrian Street) and supports WeChat Alipay.

This store is obviously much heavier than yesterday's Minxin milk. The choices on the taste are similar. I ordered the original double skin milk, peach double skin milk and ginger juice to hit the milk.

I also saw a lot of people here who ordered chicken wings, western toast and carrot cake. I believe it should be good. But we are only a little bit weak with only 2 hours from the end of morning tea. Come back later.

Huanjie Lunjiao Cake (Dalian)

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I finally arrived at one of the most anticipated Luneng cakes, and I was very impressed by the "Taste of Shunde". But the store is really not big. I heard that the branch in the Lunjiao area is the sister-in-law who personally sits in the town and has a larger area. If you have time, you can go there and have a look.

The only teachings of this kind of boxed cakes are the sale of yellow sugar and white sugar. I interviewed the people who have finished eating, and each has their own fans. I personally prefer brown sugar.

Look at the local close-up again or covet

Hey, I want to recommend the clam cake here. According to the grandfather in the store, it is entirely made of horseshoe powder. The appearance looks crystal clear, and it tastes a bit meager, but the more chewy, the more delicious, the endless feeling of eating and ending, it is a surprise! Recommended mung bean flavor.

In addition to Lunjiao cakes and clam cakes, there are many different kinds of cakes made by them. It is said that no preservatives have been added, and the shelf life is about one week. It is recommended that friends in Guangdong Province buy home and finish eating.

Happy remember milk

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This store is deep in the depths of the car. In the depths of a small alley, the car can only stop at the intersection. Thanks to the developed Internet, we found such a small shop.

All the double-skin milk is now steamed, simmering in the pan, and quickly dig a spoonful of taste, compared with the first two, this milk taste is the heaviest and most mellow, although you can not see the two layers of skin, But it's really delicious. If you are simply for double skin milk and don't know how to choose among the three, come here.

The store also sells such milk, not milk or milk tablets that can be swallowed directly. I heard that eating is good for the body.

Huang Danji Chencun powder

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

After reading the menu, I found out that Chen Cun powder has such a variety of practices, such as eating cold and eating.

Innocent! After eating Chencun powder for so many years, I realized that it was the powder from Chencun. Chen Cun is near Guangzhou in the north of Shunde Central District.

There is also fried food, when the soup powder is eaten... Compared with the Chencun powder in Shenzhen Tea House, the biggest difference is thin and soft.

Each piece is thin as a flap of light, eats with a touch of rice, and then mix different juices according to different methods, a little delicious!

Except for Chencun powder, the quality of Huang Dianji's dishes is also quite high, such as the following crisp sausage! I didn't eat the pig's intestines. I tried one of them. The outside was crisp and tender, and it was not stinky. I feel that I have opened up a new world. It’s no surprise to have a spit out after eating.

There is also Chenpi fried crispy bones, but also the outside crispy and tender, I believe that it took a lot of time to pickle, a little regret not packaged.

Eat luxury trip

Seeing above you may also find out that the Spring Festival is actually not the best time to eat, because it just caught up with the peak of returning home. The following itinerary is a modified version after the experience above, dedicated to the appetite.
Day1 south end of Shunde

Pork Pod Private Kitchen - Huanglian Datouhua Roast Goose - Shunfeng Mountain Park - Songji Hot Pot - Pig Porridge and Nearby Street

In fact, it’s a little bit round, who makes it so delicious.

Day2 North End of Shunde

Dongcheng Hotel - Qinghui Garden - Chicken Claw King (package) - Fine sister Niu Zai - Qilou Old Street - Huanjie Lunjiao Cake - Happy Cow's Milk - Niu Show Claypot Rice

Day3 outer tour

Daliang glutinous rice porridge - Feiguang fish raw - Xingtan water township - Leigong dining hall - Huang Danji Chencun powder

If you have other good city recommendations, please leave a message and let me know~

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