Eat in Tianjin, authentic Jin cuisine restaurant recommended

To taste Tianjin, you must eat Tianjin cuisine. There are too many restaurants. I recommended the banquet building n years ago. So I went to the Tianjin banquet building, and I recommended it a few times.

To taste Tianjin, you must eat Tianjin cuisine. There are too many restaurants. I recommended the banquet building n years ago. Then I will go to the Tianjin banquet building. I recommend a few more and give you a choice.

Big iron spoon

Big iron spoon, the king of cost-effective every time you come to Tianjin, any store is full of dining guests, you need to reserve enough time to qualify, the private room needs to be booked three weeks in advance. I often go to the shop: Binshui West Road store, Yingshui Road store (very hot, no group purchase).

Must order: Bazhen tofu, the price has been from our 25 yuan to the current 52 yuan, the taste is still 10086 like, with the material foot, the shrimp inside, Xianbei, squid, delicious, tofu The outer part is brittle and soft inside, and the entrance is instant. I won't tell you, I ate half a lunch, haha. Other recommendations: iron spoon, chicken feet, old explosion three, dried squid, vinegar slippery.

Banquet building

Halal restaurant super old name, authentic old Tianjin flavor, especially popular with the elderly, shrimp, and beef are very good, but do not recommend the peace zone, the service is not rooted, the flow of people, the taste of the dishes is not as good as the Nankai store.
Every time I have to go to the south to open the store, I will soften the fried shrimp, the shrimps are big, the shrimps are tender, and the outside is crispy! Also a point, I can eat one myself, delicious to stop the rhythm of the mouth. Other recommendations: braised oxtail, braised beef tongue, fried shrimp.

There is a group purchase in Peace Shop, there is no group purchase in Nankai shop.

Zhengyangchun Tianjin Roast Duck Restaurant

Zhengyangchun Tianjin Roast Duck Restaurant said that roast duck is not the same as Beijing's Yawang Dadong and Quanjude, but friends outside Beijing are not prepared to try it. In addition to roast duck, the dishes are also very rich and the price is medium. The duck oil bag here can also be tasted. The taste is not too amazing but it is better than the Qingfeng bag. The duck oil pack is my childhood memory. It is also a pleasure to eat a duck oil pack than to eat a roast duck.
Address: Many branches have their own public comments

Old Tianjin Wei Noodle Soup Noodle Restaurant

Beijing's noodles are a special feature, but the taste is much worse than that of Tianjin. It's not as good as I can eat. If you don't believe it, you can try it. A sauce noodles, a sweet and sour gluten, since then you only love Tianjin noodles!
Address: No. 81, Taierzhuang Road, Hexi District

Four generations of sheep soup

I am a person who doesn't like lamb. I eat a kebab at most. This shop has been visited during school, but I don't like it but can eat it. You can let people who don't love lamb eat it, then you can really try it. Well, this is a special trip.
Address: Hongqiao Xianyang North Road near Guangrong Road

Shihlin Hotel

Tianjin's most famous century-old western restaurant, founded in 1901 by Germans, Russian cuisine on the second floor, German cuisine on the third floor, and French cuisine on the fourth floor. I have never tasted the taste before. I don’t know whether it’s a good reputation in the past two years. I’m still here to eat the history, the environment and the culture, how can I not be disappointed, and now there are group buying activities.
Address: 33 Jiangang Road

Tianjin Baidu Dumpling Garden

There are dumplings and dishes and local dishes. Let me first say that the pork three fresh in the dumplings hundred dumplings garden is the best to eat, no one, the level exceeds the Qingdao boat song fish. Crabs, and Pippi shrimp are also recommended. The squid's hemiplegia is not as delicious as Qingdao. There are also several hundred dumpling gardens in Beijing. I have visited 2 homes, and the taste level and Tianjin store are not one. Beijing Baidu dumpling Fangzhuang shop cooking, in addition to dumplings delicious, cooking is a salty; and Beijing Xidan shop environment is good, but dumplings in general, cooking tastes good but not mainly based on Jin cuisine.

The frozen dumplings packaged in Beijing are already boxed mechanized, and the taste is a little worse than the manual one. Tianjin's packaged frozen dumplings are still handmade. Tianjin is also cheaper than Beijing in terms of price. Pork Sanxian, Tianjin 8.8/two; Beijing 9.6/two.
Address: This time we went to the Pingshan Road store, just next to our hotel LAVANDE Lifeng.

Tips: The
cooking is recommended to order dishes instead of local dishes. The local dishes have been improved, the taste is not good, and the dishes are authentic.
Recommended: pork three fresh; crab yellow, Pipi shrimp, Tsui. Stir-fry: dried squid

Nanshi Food Street

This is already a must for tourists. We also came here when we were very young, but we only visited the restaurant called Duck Creek Restaurant. Now there is also this store. If you must visit the food street, recommend the Duck Creek Restaurant. Recommend old vinegar Sanxian, the characteristics of this store. There are also many branches in the Yaxi Restaurant. The address is public comment.

Ear-eye fried cake

The ear-eye fried cake is delicious, and the old man is the favorite. If you go out with your parents, you may wish to buy them for a taste. It will definitely be praised. As for me, it is ok, but it is undeniable that Tianjin ears are really much better than other regions.
Address: No. 16, District 1, Food Street

Ergu buns

The taste of Tianjin's steamed buns is much stronger than that of Qingfeng. Except for the scary dogs, the unusually hot two-bun buns, the stone door cans are very characteristic. The Zhengyangchun duck oil pack mentioned above can be used. Try it. In fact, the dog does not care about the taste is not bad, but the oil is big, then the price is expensive, the service is poor, and slowly not to be seen by the guests. Address: The store with a high level of dog disregard is the 11th Jing Road, Hedong District; the second floor of the Food Street, Stone Gate, Susan City.
Address: No.1 Road, Dingziyu, Hongqiao District

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