Five ways to visit Qiandao Lake

Want to stay away from the dust and relax? Come to Qiandao Lake and give yourself a vacation. The selection of the five major ways to teach you the depth of experience in the pursuit of natural pure heart oasis, not just renting a boat to travel the lake is so simple!
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Walking into the pure beauty of Qiandao Lake

Naturally pure Thousand Island Lake, recommend the most in-depth five major ways of playing, whether it is parent-child tour, couple dating, three-five confidant travel is worthwhile.

Qiandao Lake is located in the territory of Chun'an County in the western suburbs of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It has 1,78 islands and is the most famous in the world. It is a beautiful place to relax and unwind, and it is a beautiful place to relax. When you drive to this pure land, full of green color, the birds come to the mountains, but have not yet arrived, they have fallen in love with it. But it is not necessarily too new to rent a boat to wear the island. How to play Qiandao Lake is the most fun, how to play the most depth, and how to unlock the five major games.

Qiandao Lake

Featured Qiandao Lake 5 big gameplay

01 | Cycling tour

You can ride around the lake and enjoy the scenery of Thousand Islands. You can also keep fit while enjoying your visual enjoyment. There are currently 5 cycling greenways to choose from.

[Millennium Greenway]
has been awarded the "most beautiful road" in Zhejiang, and the Millennium Line is most favored by tourists and professional drivers. Step by step, you can see the island, fishing boats, ancient villages, orchards... The natural scenery is infinite, and there is also a rich cultural atmosphere, which is very suitable for viewing and photography.

Millennium Line Greenway

Features: The total length is about 75 kilometers, the riding route is long; the road surface is flat.

Advance along the Qianyang County of Zhejiang Province, passing through the Shangjiang River Bridge, the Thousand Island Lake Grand Canyon, Anyang Township, and the “Hometown of Bamboo Tea” Dashu Town, etc., you can enjoy different levels of beauty along the way.


Features: The whole journey is about 60 kilometers; the road surface is flat and the harbor is staggered.

[Pingling Peninsula Greenway]
As an extension of the Yangyang line, the greenway starts from the central lake area tourist pier and west to Shangjiangyu Bridge. Along the way, there are interesting riding roads, such as wavy riding paths, pebble riding paths, speed measuring lanes, etc., which increase the fun of riding.

Pai Ling Peninsula Greenway

Features: The whole journey is about 7.3 kilometers; the leisure, fitness, catering, entertainment and other service facilities are perfect; the night ride is recommended.

[Cityscape Ribbon Greenway]
Starting from the Qiandaohu Passenger Terminal, along the central lake area landscape streamer, to the Qiandao Lake Bridge, connect with the Millennium Line.

Cityscape streamers greenway

Features: The whole journey is nearly 10 kilometers; you can experience the city style while riding a bicycle.

[City Lake Greenway]
will pass through the lively Qiandaohu Square. If you are tired, you can sit on the stone bench and enjoy the floating music fountain, the landmark "egg shell" relief, as well as children's entertainment facilities and features. Dining, etc., let you experience the scenery of the lake and experience the town life.

Chengzhong Lake Greenway

Features: The whole journey is nearly 2 kilometers; Qiandaohu Square has a charming night view, and the evening rides to blow the lake wind, which is especially pleasant.

1. Qiandao Lake has very convenient bicycle rental outlets. Qiandao Lake Bicycle Club, various tourist information booths and hotels provide bicycle rental, which is very convenient. If you have any information consultation or rescue needs during the ride, you can ask the Qiandaohu Bicycle Club for help.
2. Qiandao Lake Tourism Consulting Service Center: Qingxi New City Qiandaohu Automobile Passenger Transport Center (400-8811-988)
3. Qiandao Lake Bicycle Club: Qiandaohu Square Tourist Consultation Pavilion Sunshine Road No. 197 (0571-58328180)
4. Qiandao Lake Central Lake District Tourist Terminal Tourist Information Pavilion: Next to the Elan Youth Hostel (0571-64887005)
5, Qiandaohu Square Tourist Information Pavilion: Square City Carving Office (0571-64887005)

02 | Longchuan Bay View

Surrounded by small islands, the port is twisted and twisted, and the beauty of the original ecology is faintly omnipresent. This far-away harbor is absolutely amazing. As the only lake-type wetland in Qiandao Lake, Longchuan Bay is very suitable for couples or the whole family to spend leisure time leisurely.

Reflection in Longchuan Bay Lake

It is especially recommended to be the most beautiful place in Longchuan Bay. The colorful and windy flowers are intoxicating, and birds such as white-necked long-tailed pheasant, dragonfly and acacia are here. Reproduction, in front of it is a vivid poetic pastoral painting.

Longchuan Bay Manghua

Address: No. 538, Shicheng Road, Jiangjia Town, Southwest Lake District, Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang Province, China (2 km southeast)

Opening hours: 8:00-16:00

In the fall, when you come to Longchuan Bay, you can also see the layers of red leaves, and the flowers and buds reflect each other's feast.

03 | Forest oxygen bar walk

The Forest Oxygen Bar, known as the “Xiadao Lake's Arcadia”, is located on the edge of the Southeast Lake District. There are Xiqiao Waterfalls, Qishan Rocks and Spotted Water Pools everywhere, which have the best air quality in the Qiandao Lake area.

Forest oxygen bar

Walking slowly makes people feel comfortable, or sitting on the grass, playing on the slides, swinging, and crossing the bridge. While enjoying the oxygen and washing the lungs, they enjoy the wildness of the mountains and bathe in the aura brought by nature.

Forest oxygen bar stream

Address: Huangzhu Prince Mountain, Qiandaohu Town, Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province (2.4km away from Hangshu Expressway), adjacent to 06 Provincial Highway.

Opening hours: 8:00-18:00 (spring and summer); 9:00-17:00 (autumn winter)

In addition to the forest walk, there are fun activities such as fishing, fat boat speeding, small wooden boat, table barbecue, field training and other activities.

04 | Kayak crossing

The climate of Qiandao Lake is pleasant, the lake is calm, and it is best to spend happy hours on a kayak. Sitting on the rowing boat, you can see the small islands rising from the water. The vast lake scenery and the ripples of the water will bring you into a new world. The green hills are called, the wind is shining, the small fish is leaping, and the most essential Qiandao Lake is felt in the latest and most interesting way.

Kayak experience

There are several water parks and sports clubs in the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area with kayaking programs. You can choose according to your preferences.

Reference price:
1. Jinxian Bay Water Park (Hua Lian Jinxian Bay Tourism Complex, over the bridge of Qiandao Lake Bridge): Kayak 100 yuan / person / half an hour.
2. Lakers Kayak Club (96 Binhu Road, Qiandaohu Town): 2 hours 200 yuan / person; half day 300 yuan / person; one day 600 yuan / person.

1. Kayaking is simple and easy to learn, but it is also important to pay attention to safety. It is best to avoid acting alone.
2, it is best to carry sunglasses, sunscreen, long-sleeved sunscreen, spare clothes, beach pants, soft rubber shoes and other equipment before departure; to ensure that mobile phones, wallets and other valuables are properly kept.

05 | Water Spirit Performance

At present, the only water stage in China, 3D display on three sides of the giant screen, in the curtain of the people, seems to dance on the seabed, there are dozens of water curtains falling from the sky. The first-class actor team, the five-screen carefully designed story, the interpretation of the lively and fragrant Thousand Island Lake style, bring you a shocking visual feast.

Water Spirit Show
Water Spirit Show

Address: The venue is located at No. 13, Furong Road, Qiandaohu Town (near the Youth Activity Center).

Performance time: 19:30 every night (20:00 to 20:00 every night), the duration is about 70 minutes.

Reference price: single ticket 180 yuan; parent-child ticket (1 big 1 small) 360 yuan; family ticket (2 big 1 small) 540 yuan.

Where does Qiandao Lake live?

Qiandao Lake Lijing Hotel: Facing the first sunrise in the green lake, luxurious and cost-effective

It is built on the mountain and surrounded by water. It is surrounded by water on three sides. The location is very good. It is like being bathed in the scenery.

Qiandao Lake Lijing Hotel

Sigh in the first line of lake view room, the room is warm and elegant, facing the central lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake, the lakeshore line is 800 meters long. Walking towards the 180-degree viewing balcony, the view is extremely broad, and the green mountains and green waters are all in sight. You can enjoy the scenery of Qiandao Lake without leaving home.

Qiandao Lake Lijing Hotel

The hotel has state-of-the-art facilities, artificial beaches, solid wood planks, 62-foot English yachts, standard tennis courts, modern gymnasiums, and a sing-along room. Enjoy the high-end and attentive living services while enjoying the views.

Qiandao Lake Lijing Hotel

Invincible room view, luxury facilities, not only that, but also enjoy the very high price! Can be described as the best choice for the beautiful price. Intimate parent-child room, rich breakfast, delicious fish head meal, exciting rafting and kayaking experience... from room type to food and play, you can choose from a wide range of services.

Qiandao Lake Lijing Hotel

Address: Located in Sunshine Waterfront Resort, Sunshine Road, Qiandaohu Town, near Xin'anjiang Reservoir, only 3 kilometers away from Cross Street. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is very convenient.

InterContinental Thousand Island Resort: Dominate the Lushan Peninsula, Children's Playground

The only resort hotel on the Laoshan Peninsula, the rooms are elegant and simple in design, using a lot of warm original wood, blending with local features and natural landscapes, spacious and unconstrained. If you are staying with a baby, you are in The room is also fun to play. Not only that, but the hotel also has an indoor paradise, and a variety of educational activities such as swings, ball pools, and toy cars can make the children enjoy themselves.

InterContinental Thousand Island Resort
InterContinental Thousand Island Resort

Want to enjoy the world of two people? Facing the beautiful lake view, taste the exquisite afternoon tea, and slowly wait for the dusk to come, how romantic. Here, all the troubles can be thrown away.

InterContinental Thousand Island Resort

Address: Located in the elegant Laoshan Peninsula, it is only 30 minutes drive from Qiandaohu Town Commercial District and 1.5 hours to Hangzhou Expressway.

Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan Resort: designer design, family suite for 4 people, high comfort

In a layered environment, the hotel is intoxicated by the beautiful scenery and rich Hawaiian holiday.

Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan Resort

A variety of room types, including 4 people in the family suite, enjoy a daily buffet breakfast for 4 people; special room car room type has two major movie themes, can open the skylight design, let you lie in bed can look up at the stars ..... Suitable for different needs such as family fun, family trips or friends gathering.

Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan Resort

Address: Located at No. 888, Sunshine Road, Qiandaohu Town (Qilin Peninsula), 1.8 km from Qiandao Lake (city center) and 180 km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The total time is 2.5 hours.

What is delicious in Qiandao Lake?

Big fish head

Qiandao Lake has excellent water quality and is a “big warehouse” for freshwater fish. Therefore, the fish head here is especially fat and smooth, has no astringency after cooking, and has high nutritional value. Don't forget to drink another fish head soup that absorbs the rich essence. It is sweet and delicious and even your baby loves to drink. For those who love spicy food, you can also try steamed fish head with pickled pepper or pickled pepper.

Fish head soup

Fairy tofu

The most traditional snacks in the Diane diet. The locals used a leaf on the mountain to form a juice, and the grass ash was solidified. Just looking at it so crystal clear, it feels refreshing. When it "slips into" the mouth, the fragrance is thick, the cool is very comfortable, and people can't help but eat a few more.

Fairy tofu

Corn borer

If you want to count the well-known snacks in the house, the corn is not allowed to rank top. It is small and exquisite, bright yellow and rich in taste. If you add dried vegetables such as bean curd, chili sauce, radish strips and oil tofu, it is even more delicious.

Corn borer

In addition, the farmhouse chicken, snails, Qiandao jade (brassica), tea garden tofu, and glutinous rice bran are worth tasting.

Thousand Island Jade

Travel tips

1. Self-driving friends can transit through Hangzhou. After exiting the city, take the Hangqian Expressway (Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway) from Hangzhou South Hub. Turn right at the Yangxi Hub and take the Qiandao Lake branch line to the Qiandaohu Town. The whole journey is 129 km, 90 minutes. .
2, Qiandao Lake can be played all year round, spring in the spring, summer water, autumn picking, winter snow, multiple play to attract you back.
3. At present, Qiandao Lake has the Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Postal Savings, and Rural Credit Cooperatives for banking business.
4, Qiandao Lake native products are rich, you can choose some dry goods as a hand letter, leisure, dried bamboo shoots, pecans, Qiandao jade leaves (formerly known as Qiandao Lake Longjing), wild arrowroot powder are good choices.

Thousand Island Lake Sunset

Along the clear water, go to the oasis in your heart, breathe the sweetest air, and liberate yourself!

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