Foshan beautiful heron lake depth play Raiders

In-depth analysis of Foshanmei's Luhu Lake play strategy
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Are you going to play on weekends or holidays?
Is it often to find a network of red cards in the circle of friends?
Do you want to be close to nature to see the lakes and mountains?
Do you want to travel around the world and see the scenery of different countries?
Come here - the beautiful Luhu Lake Resort, once to meet all your requirements and wishes!
There is an officially certified Xanadu Punch.
Here is the “natural oxygen bar” away from the dome city.
There are European towns, French architecture, Huahai in Hokkaido, Thai hot springs, and Korean ski resorts.
Beautiful · Luhu Lake - a great place for family and family vacations.

How to get to the beautiful Luhu Lake?

Beautiful Heron Lake Address: No. 218, Gaoming Avenue, Yanghe Town, Gaoming District, Foshan City
If you are driving, you can directly navigate the beautiful Luhu Lake Forest Resort.
Take the intercity bus to the Gaoming bus station at the passenger station of each major city, then transfer to the bus (about 1 hour) to reach the scenic spot. It takes a long time and it is recommended to choose Drip.
Now, Foshan has a free commuter bus, and Daliang and Beibei have buses to the United States on Saturdays and Sundays.

Why is the beauty of the Luhu Lingnan Garden Hotel?

The beautiful Heron Lake Lingnan Garden Hotel is divided into three hotels, apartments, boutiques and hot springs. It is located in the beautiful Luhu Forest Resort. The apartment hotel is a single-family hotel. The boutique hotel is located in the town of Annecy. The hot spring hotel is on the 3rd floor of the hot spring area. .
The apartment hotel is the tallest building in the resort and the hotel with the largest number of visitors in the resort. The guest reception capacity and emergency handling capacity are relatively strong. Boutique hotels and spa hotels have fewer rooms and are more expensive. The room size is only about 36 square meters (48 squares in the apartment hotel room), but it is closer to the hot springs.

How to choose a room type?

About bed type: The double bed room is a 1.8 meter bed and the twin room is two 1.3 meter beds.
About extra bed: extra bed 300/bed (including breakfast without hot spring, extra bed fee paid at the hotel front desk, holidays according to the actual price of the hotel), extra bed is 1 m 1 folding bed, comfort is average, please consider carefully.
About the bubble pool: The hot spring hotel rooms are all equipped with a bubble pool. In the boutique hotel, there is a pool with a luxurious lake view bed room. All rooms in the apartment hotel do not have a bubble pool.
About boutique: The garden view room, garden room and lake view room of the boutique hotel face differently. The garden view room faces the town of Anasch, the garden room faces the flower sea of ​​Alice, and the lake view room faces the Egret lake.
About the apartment: The apartment room view, mountain view room, lake view room and the room facilities are the same, but the landscape is different. The mountain view is on the 1-5th floor, and the landscape and lake view are on the 6th to 26th floors. Please note that the lake view room of the apartment hotel is far from the lake view. The first floor of each corner of the hotel is a lake view suite, two rooms and one hall. The two rooms are double bed rooms, one of which has a washroom and the living room also has a washroom. The room is small in size and cannot accommodate an extra bed. Baby cots can't be added, and the sofa in the living room is small.

Banshan Hot Spring Deluxe Room (with private pool)
Boutique Hotel Deluxe Lake View King Room

How do hotels go to attractions?

Luhu Banshan Hot Spring

Going to the town of Annecy, Mid-Levels Spa, Alice:
There is a free-connected battery car to the town of Anasch and the Mid-Levels Hot Springs downstairs. It takes about 3 minutes to get to the hot springs, or you can choose to stroll to the hot springs. District, the negative ions in the resort area are very strong, and the forest walk takes about 20 minutes.
To explore the kingdom: The
apartment hotel takes 10 minutes to explore the kingdom.

Hotel breakfast

Apartment Hotel: The
restaurant is on the first floor of the hotel. It can be dine with the room card. When the occupancy rate is high, it may be separated from the restaurant on the 2nd floor of the conference center opposite the apartment hotel. Please consult the hotel reception.
The cost of the subscription is free of charge below 1.2 meters, 30/person for children from 1.2-1.4 meters, 58/person on weekdays above 1.4 meters, and 68/persons on weekends and holidays.
Boutique Restaurant: The
restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel. You can eat with your room card. When the occupancy rate is low, the breakfast buffet may be changed to a Chinese and Western breakfast package. Please contact the hotel reception for details.
The cost of the subscription is free of charge below 1.2 meters, 44/person for children from 1.2-1.4 meters, 88/person on weekdays above 1.4 meters, and 108/persons on weekends and holidays.
Hot Spring Hotel: The
restaurant is on the second floor of Mingyue Pavilion. It can be served with the room card. When the occupancy rate is low, the breakfast buffet may be changed to a Chinese and Western breakfast package. Please consult the hotel reception.
The cost of the subscription is free of charge below 1.2 meters, 44/person for children from 1.2-1.4 meters, 88/person on weekdays above 1.4 meters, and 108/persons on weekends and holidays.

Beautiful Luhu Lake has to go to the attractions

Beautiful Heron Lake Scenic Area Map

A list of beautiful Luhu Lake attractions: Bailu Lake Ecological Reserve, Anashi Town, Alice Wonderland Flower Sea, Discovery Kingdom, Off-road Vehicle Experience Base, International Road Asia Base, Sichuan Tea Garden, Luhu Tea Garden, Luhu Banshan Hot springs, Luhu expansion base, Yinhai Golf.

Egret Lake Ecological Reserve


Open all day free, early morning or evening, you can walk to the Egret Observation Deck, breathe the fresh air under the Tianlu Mountain, and enjoy the view of the Egret in the middle of the lake. In the evening, the heron will return to the sunset, and you will find this is the closest moment to nature. (The landscape of the egrets flying in the morning appears at 5 am - 6 pm, and friends who want to watch the wonders need to get up early~)

Anasch Town

Anasch Town

The town of Annecy is a tourist hub, with restaurants, cafes and bars. It is a European-style building that is perfect for taking pictures and is open all day for free. You can choose free time, visit the town, there is a full-scale cafe, lake view restaurant... Drink a hot drink here, flip through a book and watch the people coming and going in the town. It is the most leisurely and peaceful time. This is also one of the must-see attractions!

Alice Manor

Alice Manor

True love is long-lasting, and the flowers bloom in the four seasons to Alice Manor for walking, taking pictures, and enjoying flowers... There are four seasons of flowers and seas, and there is a famous net red card in Guangdong: Crystal Church, and beautiful European romantic garden buildings! Or you can bring children, here are the beasts of alpaca, the princess of the princess, the naughty "crunchy face" raccoon, the pearls of the laughing pearls, etc., definitely the love of the children, you can also take a close-up photo with them. !
Ticket information:
1 The market price is 80/sheet, free for 1.0 meters, 1.0-1.5m for children and 40/s for 65+.
2 Travel agency reservations for 40% discounted tickets, up to 4 tickets per room.
Opening hours: 9:30-17:30 on weekdays (Monday-Friday), 9:00-17:30 on holidays and weekends.

Explore the kingdom

Explore the kingdom
Unlimited slip ring

A series of thrilling projects such as mysterious Bechu culture, stimulating snow and snow slides, high-altitude climbing, and the escape of the Bechu devil. You can experience the thrill of more than 40 smart mobile games. You can experience the top 3 dry and snow experience bases in the country's comprehensive strength. You can experience the largest unpowered climbing equipment in South China, and the international performance team will help you. I can't stop playing until I can!
Ticket information:
1 The market price is 120/sheet, free for 1.0m or less, 1.0-1.5m for children and 60+ for 65+.
2 Travel agency reservations for 80% discounted tickets, up to 4 tickets per room.
3 Unlimited slips in the dry snow town are included in the big ticket, suitable for more than 1.2 meters, below 60 years old. Skiing (single/double board) using ski facilities is a secondary consumption item.
Opening hours: 9:30-17:30 on weekdays (Monday-Friday), 9:00-17:30 on holidays and weekends.

Off-road vehicle experience base

If you like to stimulate, you may wish to have a "cross-country addiction" in the camp of the camp to drive all-terrain off-road vehicles at the Luhu International Circuit to experience "speed and passion"!
Ticket information: experience price 98 yuan / circle two 158 yuan
opening hours: 9:00-12:00 / 14:00-16:40
Other information: at the same time limited 3 cars, each car limited to 2 people

Banshan Hot Spring

Xiang Zhouquan

It is in this drizzling day that the hot springs are more and more revealing its charm and become a good place for leisure and health. Experience the first boat hot spring in China. There are 46 characteristic pools in the park. It consists of four parts: Senquan Migu, Dream Valley, Dynamic Aromatherapy Area and Medicated Health Area.
Ticket Information: In- house customers can use the room card to go to Banshan Hot Springs to enjoy unlimited hot springs during their stay.
The guest has added a hot spring: free of charge below 1.2 meters, 80/person for children 1.2-1.5 meters, more than 1.5 meters or 120/person for adults. (Unlimited during the stay)
Opening hours: 9:00-23:00
Additional information: Wardrobe, slippers and towels are provided free of charge in the spa area. Soft drinks and fruit are provided free of charge, and there is a restaurant on the 2nd floor that can order meals at your own expense.



hotel restaurant

Garden Boutique Hotel Guanlulang Restaurant is a
 unique garden that meets your requirements for food visuals and taste.
[ Recommended meal ] Buffet dinner 138 net price / place (a guest can enjoy ¥118 net price / place with room card)
[ Tel: 0757-88255907
[ business hours ] every Saturday 18:00 - 21:00
[ Restaurant Address ]

Mingyue Pavilion Restaurant on the 1st floor of the boutique hotel.
When you are in the hot springs, you can go to the Mingue Pavilion on the second floor of Lushan Banshan Hot Springs to taste the Western-style set meal or the newly-launched Gaoming speciality powder.
[Recommended dishes] Gaoming special glutinous rice powder (nearly ten ingredients are free to match)
[ Reference price ] 138/serving srt (for 3 people)
[ Telephone ] 0757-89998919
[ Dining time ] 11:00~14:00 /17:30~21:30
[Restaurant address] 2nd floor of Banshan Hot Spring

Anasch Town Restaurant

Monet Impression Restaurant
is located on the second floor of Building 5 in the town. It is located in the most beautiful Heron Lake scenery in the town of Annecy. It has unique Italian cuisine, exquisite and delicious tableware, spicy and refreshing Sichuan cuisine, and authentic Cantonese. Meals.....饕餮Food, big and fast.
[ Recommended dishes ] Thai style pepper chicken, flame pine nut fish, tea hand grab chicken, slate bone chicken, Luhu big dish fish, yellow pepper steamed fish
[ booking phone ] 0757-88255907
[ business hours ] 11:00 -14:00 17:00-21:00
[ Restaurant address ] Anachi Town Pangke

Music Restaurant
It is a beautiful utopia before 9 pm, after 9:00, it is a wild inspiration bar. Step into the Pangke Musical Meal in the town of Anasch and dance with the dynamic music to experience the fascinating utopian life. Chinese and Western styles with a different value and taste must not be missed!
[ Consultation Phone ] 0757-88669936
[ Business Hours ] 11:00-23:30
[ Restaurant Address ] Anasch Township

Peripheral farmhouse

Garden Food City

Garden Food City
TVS I love to recommend the Gaoming specialty farm restaurant and enjoy the original Foshan cuisine.
[ Consultation Phone ] 0757-88801638
[ Dining Location ] Section of Qingtai Village, Yanghe Town
[ Dining Time ] 10:00-13:30 17:00-21:00 
[ Recommended dishes ] Baked bowl of pork balls, Tianluo Sanzhou Black goose, homemade stone mill features mountain water tofu (no gypsum), ginger salt steamed hanging water mountain pit Yun, the original only roast suckling pig, farm rice cake, bamboo insect powder fried grass chicken, green water dip mulberry leaves.

Qingtai Farmhouse
Spacious and neat dining environment, the taste of farmhouse dishes, affordable.
[ Tel ] 0757-88802007
[ Dining options ] Yang and the town of St. Paul Qingtai mouth
[ meal time 10: 00-13: 30 17: 00-21: 00
[ Recommended dishes ] smooth fishing chicken, fried fish, baked Shankeng Aberdeen, fish and sheep fresh, hoofed hooves, tiled chicken, crispy chicken, roast goose, palace emperor soup, steamed pig seven inches, bird game.

Recommended trip


Day 1: Departure - Anasch Town - Alice Manor - Mid-Levels Springs
Morning: Happy morning, we set off. Arrive at the Luhu Forest Resort in Gaomingmei , Foshan. After entering the scenic spot, head to the town of Anahi and take a photo of the town.
Lunch: Dining in the town of Annecy, it is recommended to enjoy at the Monet restaurant, and it is very pleasant to have lunch with the lake view! Then check in at the hotel.
Afternoon: Alice Manor walks, takes pictures, and enjoys flowers.
Evening: Mid-Levels Spa is a free soaking hot spring.
Day 2: Bailu Lake Ecological Zone - Banshan Hot Spring - Farmhouse Cuisine - Exploring the Kingdom - Return to the
morning: Take a stroll in the Bailu Lake Ecological Zone in the morning, and then go to Banshan Hot Spring again after breakfast .
Lunch: It is recommended to dine at the Garden Food City and experience the local farmhouse cuisine of Gaoming. This is a place to visit.
Afternoon: Play to explore the kingdom and return to the warm home.

1. There are 3 parking lots in the scenic area, which can accommodate about 300 cars. Parking spaces are tight during peak seasons and need to be accompanied by security personnel in the scenic area. Parking is free.
2, Alice and Discovery Kingdom can directly book hotel packages, which is much cheaper than buying tickets. The added tickets are collected at the hotel reception. On the day of check-in or the next day, you can freely choose time to enter, and you can only enter the park once. If you have not checked in at the check-in time, you can collect your tickets and go to the scenic area to play.
3, Daliang / Beibei - the United States' free commuter bus:
Bus route: Daliang waiting point / Beibei waiting point Pick-
up location: Daliangmei Plaza / Beibei Vienna Hotel
Departure time: 9:30 am every Saturday and Sunday
Returning to the car: Meilu Lake Forest Resort Marketing Center of the United States
Return time: 5:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday


Beautiful Heron Lake - Every step taken here is a beautiful scenery. You give me one day, I will give you a world.

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