Go Houhai Bar Street to eat, the 10 restaurants do not miss!

There are countless alley, there are old palace stage, there are young people noisy bar, draw the boat, visiting the street, crowded the crowd. In the sea after what to eat, this Raiders to mud Meng!
figure pineapple beef

Cross barbecue rooster children specialized households | hard tongue wine meat

Figure: Roast beef tongue.

  A pair of 80 couples to open the shop, the main variety of cross-bones, juicy pineapple beef and roast beef tongue is a point of the project.  

Figure: roasted trotters.

In addition to skewers, there are characteristics of the monster hamburgers, roast trotters are limited daily, the shop is not recommended before the appointment in advance.

Figure: cross barbecue children.

Hard tongue wine meat
Address : Hongshan 20 with an
estimated per capita : 110 yuan

After the seaside of the elegant Japanese material | Yayoo sushi

Figure: Mango foie gras Sushi.

Figure: Hand holding sushi and sashimi.

This is a simple and elegant Japanese-style small museum, the main hand holding sushi and sashimi, big mango foie gras sushi is a sign, sushi can be a single point of cost-effective package.

Figure: grilled fish.

Every day there are seasonal fresh goods, different seasons can eat different fish and baked goods. Sitting in front of the bar can eat side and master chat with the material, out of the sea after the children, eat can walk food.

Figure: Yayoi Sushi.

Yayoi sushi
address : after the Hainan along the small Xiangfeng alley 7
estimated per capita : 300 yuan

Rivers and lakes breathtaking bistros

Figure: hand-made glutinous rice wine.

Figure: cold eat beef.

More subtle bistro, there are a variety of hand-brewed glutinous rice wine, wine is sweet and sour taste of the northern Fujian cuisine, fried screws, cold beef are very wine.

Figure: store environment to take the ancient wind route.

The environment to take the ancient wind route, the menu design into bamboo simple look, a little rivers and lakes temperament, the store will put a variety of nostalgic music, suitable for visiting the sea and thirty two friends with a drink.

Figure: Changting wine shop.

Changting Restaurant
Address : Drum Tower West Street, No. 180
estimated per capita : 75 yuan

Hong Kong-style fried noodle shop | Lin Kee radish cattle powder table file

Figure: sirloin noodles.

Figure: fish balls noodles.

Newly opened Hong Kong style restaurant, one of the shopkeepers of Hong Kong people, the main is all kinds of beef ramen flour noodles, the surface will be sprinkled with authentic fried garlic. Hong Kong street to sell fish eggs, salted seven, Hong Kong-style milk and other snacks are here.

Figure: Hong Kong-style characteristics of playing side of the furnace.

In addition to noodles, there are several Hong Kong-style characteristics of playing side of the furnace, the soup is very fresh, but need to book one day in advance. The environment is simple and comfortable, there is a small balcony on the second floor.

Figure: Lin mind radish cattle powder table file.

Lin mind radish cattle dumplings noodle file  
Address : No. 93,
Di'anmen Street, the   estimated per capita : 44 yuan

See the sea after the small bar | crush it

Figure: crush it.

 Newly opened small bar, there are more than 20 kinds of fine brewed and 10 kinds of characteristics of cocktails can choose, the price in the sea after this child is relatively cheap.

Figure: Western dessert.

In addition to drinks, the store there are some Western-style dessert, are the boss to do their own. The environment is relatively quiet and pleasant, sitting outside the window is behind the sea scenery.

CRUSH static bar
Address : after the Hainan along the 1-3 (silver ingot bridge west 500 meters along the sea)
estimated per capita : 42 yuan

Alley in the alley | Malaysian private dining

Figure: Curry Chicken.

Figure: Malay fried rice.

Hidden in the alley in the Nanyang restaurant, is said to be the first shop in Beijing to sell mojito. Curry chicken and Malay fried rice are signs, fried spring rolls are also more popular. The environment has a unique retro, a lot of crooked people to eat.

Figure: Malaysian private kitchen café sambal.

Malaysian private kitchen café sambal
Address : Old Drum Tower Street tofu pool alley 43
estimated per capita : 154 yuan

Chongqing to the popular hot pot | big tiger old pot

Figure: Big tiger old pot.

Figure: Big tiger old pot.

I heard that from the hot pot restaurant in Chongqing, many stars have to eat. Pot is very spicy, the dishes are small bowl loaded.

Figure: Big tiger old pot.

Dishes are relatively fresh, the environment is very Sichuan characteristics, eat the body will not be particularly taste.

Figure: Big tiger old pot.

Big tiger old hot pot
Address : Old Drum Tower Street 138 (near Tang Gong alley)
estimated per capita : 116 yuan

French Dessert Afternoon Tea | FAB

Figure: dessert.

Figure: coffee.

The new dessert shop, the main variety of classic French dessert, the Spanish chef worked in Michelin Samsung restaurant work, baking products are his participation in the design.

Figure: dessert.

In addition to dessert, coffee is also a sign, the Italians praise the authentic, the environment is very design sense, from the sea after the pier is only 5 minutes away.

Figure: FAB.

Address : Yang Hutong 9
estimated per capita: 78 yuan

Features Niu Banjin Hot Pot | Tongji small stove cattle plate bar hot pot

Figure: characteristics of cattle plate hot pot.

Figure: characteristics of cattle plate hot pot.

Beef board hot pot shop, there are curry, pickles and other five characteristics of the taste of the cattle plate tendons, the store every day from the cattle street to buy beef cattle complex.

Figure: characteristics of cattle plate hot pot.

The bottom of the pot comes with a full range of cattle miscellaneous, you can also add their own cooking, pot bottom cooking will not salty, the waiter are more enthusiastic.

Figure: Tong Chi small stove cattle plate hot pot.

Tongji small stove Niu Banjin hot pot
Address : Drum Tower West Street Ganlu Hutong 2
estimated per capita : 95 yuan

Pig nose skewers | wide shop

Figure: pig nose skewers.

Figure: wide shop skewers.

The shop baked string is not normal, are what roasted Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, roasted pigs hum, baked fool this strange wind, skewers are placed in the basin up, with porcelain pots of water, very 80 The feeling of the age.

Figure: fried rice.

The store is also filled with a variety of old objects, the summer can also watch the night view. Gulou shop very busy, often to line up.

Figure: store all kinds of old objects.

Wide shop
Address : Shichahai old Drum Tower Street 135
estimated per capita : 75 yuan

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