Go to these high cost-effective snow destination in China, unlock the new 2018

Once snow has become a paradise on earth.

The compatriots in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are still waiting for the first snow in southern China, and the rest of the snow has already come one after another.
Snowy towns in the northeast, snowy valleys in the small minority, Mohe in the far north, Kanas in the northwest, and even the Buddha of the Buddha Kingdom, which is not in the north, make snow a paradise on earth.

Well, busy the end of this burst of the Spring Festival this year give yourself a holiday right.
Do not expect so much every year?
Say good-bye to the old year with a silent snow, a new year in a pure white world, take a few friends or a family together and wantonly revel in the snow.

TOP1: Snow Village Northeast

Enjoy the fog song;, skiing, step into one meter deep snow

Keywords : Northeast people, Northeast food, sleep Taikeng, dumplings, enjoy the fog song;, ski
Recommended reason : as long as you still want to see the idea of ​​snow , Then taking advantage of the winter to Northeast once is not wrong. Outdated waiting for the world of ice and snow, Changbai Mountain scenic half-price tickets, winter fishing Jingpo Lake ...... are for this winter a special gift.

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Every winter, my heart seems to raise a thought: want to go to the northeast to see the snow ah. Harbin ice and snow world, Xue Xiang red lanterns and snow mushrooms, the fog song the island fairy fog, Changbai Mountain mysterious Tianchi, Jingpohu spectacular winter fishing ...... White vast northeast, each frame is the scenery. White vast northeast, really make people miss!

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You can admire every scene of snow like a movie screen, or you can go deeper into the forest to find the undiscovered beauty.

You can sleep like a native sleeping kang big coat, dumplings playing horse-drawn sleigh, you can also go the same way as holiday makers skiing in the natural snow resort, hot springs in the star hotel;

You can experience the authentic northeastern cuisine that has been supported by the wall but also enjoy the western style and Korean flavor. However, you should also serve soft "frozen pear persimmons."

How fun is it to ski in a natural snow field?
What is the experience of eating an ice-cream on Central Street?
In less than a dozen degrees when the phone will change ice brick?
See the fog at sunrise what kind of "character"?
All the answers are in the big northeast of this year's snow season carnival!

TOP2: dam snow country

From Saibei to Jiangnan, you want it all winter

Keywords : Saibei style, Mongolian shabu-shabu, Linhai snow, skiing, pumping ice-Ga
Recommended reason : Both the Sebei snow Township and the southern town of the place, easier than the Mohe Arrived, more than a minority of Yunnan, you can not go abroad, you can enjoy the Frozen in the fairy tale world.

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Bashang is not a traditional winter hot spots, but the scenery of Saibei and Jiangnan Water Town burst out of a different style, still let a small group of people dig it out! Winter you want here too! Whether it is the snowy white snow, or misty little river, all are great filming great material!

(Figure insect net @ Arc will flash)

Small streams can be seen everywhere living water, ice and fog, the United States like a fairy tale world. Snow rut printed with a cluster of birch forests, has become this unique landscape of the land.

(Figure insect net @ Shao Feng)

Strictly packaged herdsman activities in the vast snowfields, the rising chill in the early morning light under the shadow of the carved of the legendary colors, it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of their living conditions.

There are full weight hand grilled meat, roasted whole lamb, lamb mutton ... ... taking advantage of strong mouthful of meaty, come a hot wine, such a Ulanbu system, how can we not like it!

TOP3: Kanas secret

Super fantasy fairy tale village and the light and fog changes

Keywords : Tuva village, horse-drawn sleigh, cabins, fairy tales, ski
Recommended reason : Kanas winter does not lose its autumn, more like a winter in the world Isolated fairyland, not only the scenery does not lose Shirakawa, and tourists are not many!

▲ Figure: @ Visual China

Kanas always thought the most beautiful autumn, but when the winter arrived, but found that it is paradise. A large tracts of snow on the Gobi, a person walking in the meantime, before we can understand what is the vast; snow to hard to go out, but sitting in front of the house but still see the cattle herders figure.

Magnificent vast snowfield, crystal clear birch fog, snow-capped ice lake, as well as Tuva man's sledge ... ... to build a Kanas winter adventure. Every angle, every small scene, are tempting.

Between heaven and earth, scattered with a building cabins, and let you think they have to Japan's Shirakawa-go. When the early morning curls of smoke rise, full of dreams at the same time, it seems that there is more than a layer of very grounded experience.

▲ Figure: white wax

Tuva hospitality is also obvious. You just sit down, give you end yogurt, milk wine, milk tea, milk pimples, butter, cake, oil sieve and so on. The owner will give you tea, and you can add the proper amount of butter and nappa to your taste.

Only here, you will find,
Kanas is actually not the best viewing period, the vast winter snow and colorful autumn as full of Aspect, and different from every corner of the city, it is full Adventure, mystery, and hot vitality ...

TOP4: Extreme North Mohe

Only in this way can we open the real road to find the North

Keywords : Arctic Village, North Red Village, snow country train, Christmas Village, the most northern post office, see Aurora
Recommended reason : go to Mohe without too much reason, as China's four One of the poles, life is always about to arrive again, and here more than the snow and ice brings more surprises.

(Figure insect network @ South card)

Mohe, probably a light-hearted name will be somehow fall in love with the place. The northernmost point of China quietly stands in the corner of Wusuli shallow shoal ... The northern post office, the northern one, the northern post, the northernmost financial institution ... From the moment you set foot on the Mohe land, you could not help but open one Field looking north journey.

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17 hours all the way north, a trip to the Mohe, Harbin, the ice and snow trip, the train ticket is absolutely hard to find a ticket. Although not as fast as a plane, slow trains are more dedicated than themselves to enjoying the scenery along the way.

(Figure worm @ JAZONSHELL)

(Figure worm @ morning light.)

In the vast white snow reveals a dark yellow wood stained houses, far away like a fantastic Dutch small country, the United States is not real. The night has come at four or five o'clock, before midnight you can bring your camera to record the orbit outside the village, and may even encounter Aurora Oh ~

(Figure from photography tribes @coming)

Every winter, there are always A3-size paper skins along the banks of the river. This is a tool kids use to play slides: sitting on a small board or cardboard and letting others push behind you. This is a natural snow slide. If time permits, take a look at the frozen sunset on the Ussuri River, hazy and chic.

TOP5: Buddha Seda

A snow on the United States became heavenly world

Keywords : Buddha Holy Land, Jiarong Tibetan Village, Buddhist College, burial, skiing, Chengdu snacks
Recommended reason : snow covered under the color, like a dream city of sky, this piece of Buddhism The Holy Land was contracted with a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

Winter in addition to the northeast to see the fog song; Island elf-like fog song Changbai Mountain mysterious Tianchi, more worth to go to the most remote corners of the northwest of Sichuan! There is a majestic capital of Buddhism lurking in the middle of the mountain. When covered in snow, you will be surprised that it has become a real version of the sky city! It is Seda.

That full of red and rolling valleys, in the snowy day becomes mysterious and close, when you stand on top of the hill overlooking, will sigh the magic of a parallel world.

Bitter monks, honest Tibetans, as well as the Legend of the Golden Horse and was sung by generations of King Gesar, the mysterious celestial burial and speeding vulture ... are all the unique landscape of Seda.

This Spring Festival, to the pilgrimage intentions once, whether it is a broad prairie, vertical and horizontal rivers and lakes, or dense lakes, towering snow-capped mountains or the plateau lights, red by the homes, will be worthwhile trip!

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