Good location in the suburbs of Beijing, Gubei Water Town, Simatai Great Wall self-drive Raiders

The so-called Gubei Water Town is very much known to those of us in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. Before the national audience, I think this town is still too small, so let me explain.

Gubei Water Town

The so-called Gubei Water Town is very much known to those of us in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. Before the national audience, I think this town is still too small, so let me explain.

Gubei Water Town is a resort town located at the foot of Simatai Great Wall in Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, Beijing City. It was built by the CYTS and Wuzhen Tourism Company. Because of Wuzhen’s investment, there are some rumors and legends in folk. In the middle is to make this place Wuzhen in the north, what? I first heard that the name of Wuzhen in the north was also actually smashed. In fact, Gubeihui Town relied on the history and culture left by Simatai to carry out in-depth excavation and expansion. It was very old-fashioned and exquisite, but there was certainly no strong history in Wuzhen. The sense of legacy and the style of the waterways in the south of the Yangtze River mean that you should not feel Gubei Water Town is not good. It is suitable for traveling by car. It is also suitable for coming to Beijing to spend a good time in the small town under the Great Wall. When I first arrived, I said to Mr. Xiao Liu that I had a nice house here and forgive my naive idea. After all, I was a baby.

The length of the road is nearly 130 kilometers. The combination of driving down roads, mountain roads and high speeds. I am a lazy person who does not like to drive, so that my three-hour trip to open my back pain.

First arrived in the town of water

The scenic entrance is also a service hall. All the affairs and accommodations in the scenic area are signed here.

Regarding the accommodation aspect, I would like
to say here: If you stay here for one night in Laobeibei, there are two choices: one is outside the scenic area, and the other is within the scenic area. The accommodation outside the scenic area is cheap, and the accommodation environment is general. The accommodation in the scenic area is roughly divided into fine The hotel (including two five-star hotels), themed hotels, and specialty inn are all high in the scenic area, but there are certain advantages. For example, some boutique hotels will give free scenic scenic tickets and hot spring tickets, and I booked Belong to the special inn, the advantage is that the 150 yuan big ticket can be used 80 yuan / Zhang price to get a hand, at the same time provide free access to the area within the battery car ride a total of three times, there is a scenic area within the use of free hot spring rolls, and the implementation of the Simatai Great Wall The policy of limiting the flow of 1,200 people per day requires that guests staying outside the scenic area need to make advance reservations if they need to climb the Great Wall of Simatai the next day. Visitors staying in the scenic area do not need to make an appointment and can purchase tickets directly on the same day. In general, accommodation is like that. Of course, from an objective point of view, I think it is more appropriate to live in the scenic area.
Gubei Water Town implements a unified management system, including all accommodation within the scenic area, so do not think whether there is advertising suspected.

The inn stayed, the room area is actually small for the price of 390 yuan, but fortunately clean.

There are also free snacks for travelers

Facilities are well-equipped, small details above are also more carefully.

Look at the feet of festive disposable slippers, the quality of different fast hotels, very thick.
It was late and missed the golden spot of the night shot. After a rest, we were ready to go for food.

The late night cafeteria is a restaurant that only starts operating after 9 o'clock in the evening. It also fits the meaning of the name.

Most of the restaurants in the ancient town do not receive cash. They can apply for a memory card in the service hall and then use the card to pay for their purchases, or they can make payments via WeChat and Alipay. This estimate is also a form of unified management. Use a micro-channel scan code to order.

The diet is the beginning of thunder, and the ribs are just serving. If I remember correctly, there should be six or seven roots. As for the price of 48 yuan, if it's delicious, I wouldn’t spit, not only expensive but also salty. Also with a bacon flavor .... My stomach is a refusal, two pasta can only be said to be okay, this is short-distance travel, but the consequences of not doing Raiders!

Tour the Great Wall and visit the town

The sun is shining and the light is not dry.
As early as the birds have worms to eat, we have a free breakfast buffet when we get up early, and we should go out to climb the Great Wall after breakfast. GO!

The exterior of the inn.

On the way to the Great Wall of Simatai, it was originally possible to take a scenic battery car on the main road to Simatai. We asked the distance of the roadside staff to Simatai and decided to walk on foot.

One of the several hot spring clubs in the ancient town, most of the hot springs in the scenic spot are located in the area of ​​the Tanghe Ancient Village, which is the area opposite the entrance to the Simatai Great Wall scenic spot.

Speaking of water towns, of course, there is water, and this huge catch dam is the top of the entire water town, Simatai Reservoir.

Attached to a Great Wall road map, you can climb from the scenic spot to the East 10th floor. Of course, you can continue to climb. However, beyond the 10th floor, you have exceeded the scope of the existing scenic area, and some road sections are less safe. There are ropeway rides on both the upper and lower rows. We chose to climb up at the scenic entrance and then descend on the 8th floor eastbound cableway. Did not climb to the 10th floor belongs to the physical considerations for Teacher Liu, after all, she has been tired.

The ticket entry into the Great Wall area is currently an ascending stage of climbing. At this height, the water town can be overlooked.

In the lower left corner of the map is a walking path that climbs to the enemy building. On the right is the road to the periphery of the town. We have now climbed to a certain height.

When it was about to reach the 2nd floor of the East, it was already clear that there was a blockhouse in the west section of the Simatai Great Wall. The western section is currently not open and the East and West sections are separated by the Simatai Reservoir.
Although I had already climbed the Great Wall of Badaling a long time ago, I have once again seen that the Great Wall still laments the spectacularness of the Great Wall of China’s architecture. Before this spectacular formation, I didn’t know how many people were working hard to make blood and sweat.

This building is no longer a roof, and the wreckage will remain intact.

Some sections of the retaining wall have disappeared and the narrow road has been allowed to walk. For security reasons, a solid iron railing has been set up. A huge lamp surrounds the outside of the railing and waits for the dark light to illuminate. Whether you are looking at the Great Wall or visiting the Great Wall at night in a water town, it will be a different scene.

The height of 3,40 cm steps is a bit steeper than the Badaling Great Wall. If you can walk beyond the 10th floor, you may feel more dangerous.

We did not have a long time to go to the 8th floor of the East. I personally feel that the journey from 2nd to 8th floor is not far away. This level of climbing is very easy for me. I still think of something. Sometimes when parents go out for a tour, they take climbing mountains. Because they feel tired, most of the scenic spots on the way are staggered and there are After purchasing the ticket for the attraction and then deciding not to crawl, this kind of ridiculous behavior is completely beyond the reach of physical strength. When the growth experience and experience of a person grows, the body can only go downhill, at a young age, or When we are young, we should still go out and wait. When you arrive at a certain age, there are two experiences when you are traveling and when you are young. The level of fun must also be different. Life is basically the same thing.

On the 8th floor of the East, we took the ropeway down the hill, and the single-fare fare of 90 yuan made me worthless. The riding time of 3 and 5 minutes was inversely proportional to the price. The route to the Great Wall of Simatai is a one-line route. In order not to take the necessary roads, it is better to plant them.

It can be seen that the cable car is still very new and the year of construction should be very close.

After the end of the Simatai tour, return to the water town.

At the end of the area where the cruise ship is parked

Some of the flowers and trees in the water town are also very nice pictures.

Walking forward to the Eight Flags Guild Hall, Gubeikou used to be the seat of Zheng Huang Qi. There are also many Manchu civilizations and Eight Flags culture. There are military aircraft halls, military corps, conference halls, marriage halls, etc. in the hall.

Embroidery shoes inside the wedding customs hall, nowadays I have fewer and fewer pictures of old houses. For no reason, I always feel that I feel a little gloomy when I shoot more.

This is called the spring of the garden. The small scene in the town of water is actually suitable for archaic.

When guarding the customs of the border crossing, the task was significant and the boarding station must not cry in the toilet.

The streets under Wangjing Street are basically all sold and eaten, with the corner of bean curd at the corner. 15 yuan a good taste.

The taste of the bridge cake is a bit sweet, and now the water town snacks have formed a queue. I guess if it is a holiday or a big season, it's not easy to hungry and find a snack.

In the small town of Watertown, Yang Jia’s iron plate book was performed at the stage opposite Yang Jiaxuan.

In the entrance of the historical district of the Water Street District, the bridgehead sat for a while and asked for two cups of French fries. The prices of fries were nearly one yuan after the price of RMB. This is the most expensive French fries I have ever eaten. Teacher Liu’s behavior of local tyrants expressed adoration. After we finished our rest, we continued to visit.

In the outside of the wall, I saw a variety of dyed fabrics. It was no accident. It mimicked the meaning of the dye house in Wuzhen. I thought Wuzhen was the first long-distance travel in my junior high school. At that time, I went to the various attractions. If you look across the clouds, your worry-free trip will never be remembered. However, I remember one of the few dye shops in the country. At the time, the SLR was not very popular. I took the card machine to take pictures. I took a few more photos to make up for the regret.

Yongshun Dyefang's second floor overlooks

In fact, I like the clothes made from dyed cloth. It is elegant and Chinese style. But I can't wear it out. If I travel to various ancient towns later, the girls wear this style of clothes and take pictures in the ancient town. Good choice.

Simatai Siu Keng is on the edge of the town of Water. Miyun notes the brewing factory of Simatai Siu Keng, one of the “three-burners”.

Patients with intensive phobia self-shield this map

The wine cellar is located on the bottom floor and can smell a sub-brewed taste at the entrance. To tell the truth is not very good smell. A visit came out.

Walk along the river to the Sun Moon Island.

Pillow water people, but unfortunately there is no original residents in the water town, less human touch.

When we arrived at the old stage, we had a show.

The circle from the initial circle to the height of five circles, a circle will not turn a roundabout, you do not want to drill.

The painting studio under the church on the hilltop

In order to shoot at night, we began to climb the church on the top of the hill. The church on the top of the hill is not high enough but overlooking the panorama of the water town is enough.

The most beautiful scenery of the day is undoubtedly the sunset. The hue of cold and warm in the sky is my favorite scene.

Get started and find out where and how to shoot. The platform angle at the uphill steps seems to be good, but it's still early, so I chose to take a shot on the terrace of the Peak Coffee. I can sit still for a while. Haha I'm so lazy.

At night, because the aperture is too small, there are too many black spots to leave only two.

The church at night looks like it is covered with a layer of glint that flashes your eyes.

The downhill can already see the Simatai Great Wall, which is lit in the distance. The light curves around the Great Wall in the darkness look like a dragon stretching far into the distance.

Seemingly far away, the light on the hill is the hilltop church and rooftop coffee area.

Looking at the time, I went to the dance house to watch a 15-minute music fountain show. There are too many people, the staff did not allow me to open the shelves, after the fountain is filled with a

The water town's night and daytime are completely two feelings.

More than eight o'clock in the evening, the water town that has been visited during the day or night, and it is time to say goodbye.

Scenic play items and show performance time

Gubei Water Town (Simatai Great Wall) International Tourism Resort Charges
1. Gubei Water Town Ticket Price: RMB 150/person
2. Simatai Great Wall Ticket Price: RMB 40/person
3. Gubei Water Town Tour Guide Expenses: RMB 200/
   Great Wall Tour Guide Expenses: RMB 100/Bench
4. Great Wall Cableway: RMB 90/person for one way, RMB 160/person for return trip, half price for children under 1.5 meters (including infants and toddlers)
5. Sightseeing tour bus: one way 10 RMB/person, children under 1.5 meters enjoy half-price concessions, each car is limited to 10 people (including infants and young children)
6, cruise: the
   entire process (Yangui Pier - Wuhu Pier) 120 yuan / person / 趟, charter 600 yuan / article /
   Line ; Line A (Yangui Wharf - Sun Moon Island Wharf) 80 yuan/person/趟, charter 400 yuan/article/趟;
   Line B (Wuhu Wharf - Sun Moon Island Wharf) 80 yuan/person/趟, Charter for 400 yuan/article/趟;
   for children under 1.5 meters, enjoy half-price discount, each boat is limited to 6 people (including infants and young children)
7. Night-
      time tour (1) Night-time Great Wall Tour Duration:
      Summer (non-weekend) 18:00 —— 22:00 (Weekend) 18:00 —— 22:00
      Winter (non-weekend) 17:30 —— 20:00 (Weekend) 17:30 —— 20:30
      Night Great Wall Ticket Time:
      Summer Time: 1 8:00 - 21:00
      Winter: 17:30 - 20:00
      (2) Return to the Great Wall Ropeway at night: 160 yuan/person, 1.5 meters (inclusive) children below: 80 yuan/person (including infants).

Great Wall Music Water Dance Show Show Time
Sunday - Thursday Friday - Saturday
19:00 - 19:20 19:00 -
19:20 19:35 - 19:55 19:35 - 19:55
20:10 - 20:30 20:10—20:30
20:45—21:05 20:45—21:05

Performance time and performance content in the scenic spot

09:00-09:20 Welcome Lions Welcome Guest Center Square
09:40-10:00 Yang Jiahui Iron Book Yang Wuji Ancient Opera Stage
10:00-10:30 Folk Acrobatics Juggling Performed at Sun Moon Plaza
10:30-10:45 Yang Jia will tour the old stage of the Sun Moon Island
11:00-11:20 Jingdong Drum Sun Moon Island Plaza-Ling Gong Street
11:30-12:00 Peking Opera Sun Moon Island Old Stage
12:30-12:50 Yang Family will be the iron book Yang Mingui Ancient Stage
13:00-13:40 Wonderful military drama Miyun Theater
14:00-14:30 Crosstalk / Allegro The Moonlight Island Old Stage
14:00-14 : 20 Welcome Lions Welcome (Friday, Saturday) Visitor Center Front Square
14:40-15:00 Yang Jiahui Teppanyaki Yang Wudi Ancient Stage
15:00-15:30 Peking Opera/Hebei Bangzi Sun Moon Island Plaza
15: 30—16:00 Folk Acrobatics Juggling Performances Sun Moon Island Old Stage
16:00-16:15 Yang Family Parade Sun Moon Island Plaza -
17:00-17:20 Public Street Yang Jiahui's Teppan Book Yang Mifang Ancient Stage
18:10-18:30 Xihe Dagu Riyue Island Old Stage
18:30-19:00 Variety Acrobatics Tanghe Theater
19:10-19:40 Crosstalk / Allegro The Moonlight Island Old Stage
19:50-20:50 Peking Opera / Hebei Luzi Sun Moon Island Old Stage

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