Guangdong hot spring where "true" "good"? These hot springs make you about fun!

Cold and cold... It's time to "bubble"! It is said that Guangdong is a major hot spring province. There are more than 200 hot springs, large and small, which are the real hot springs? How to distinguish between true and false? Is it also worrying that the distance to the hot springs is too far, or is it too expensive to stay one night? It doesn't matter if the beekeeper has already inspected you for a good, quality real spa. This winter, warm to you in the nest!
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About spa distribution

Guangzhou, Foshan surrounding real hot spring heavy recommended

Qingyuan Fogang Julongwan Hot Spring Resort - The Best of Natural Hot Springs

Among the people who love hot springs in Guangdong, it is believed that few people do not know about Dragon Bay. This hot spring resort is famous for its large scale, complete projects, and high cost performance. In particular, many old and new restaurants like to go and visit again. The things approved by Laoguang are not bad.

Partial hot spring pool

The “氡” content of the Julong Bay spring water reaches the concentration that the medical community deems to have an auxiliary medical effect to the human body. According to the frequent experience of people, it is particularly relevant to frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, arthritis, gastro-intestinal diseases, neurological diseases, and hypertension. Diseases such as arteriosclerosis and other diseases have a good mitigation effect, and should be the best in the geothermal spa in Southeast Asia.

【Self-driving Route】 : South China Express → Jingzhu Expressway (Northbound) → Tangtang Exit Turn left for 1km.

Qingyuan Senbola Thermal Resort - Volcano Bottom Hot Spring

Fountain Square

The most distinctive feature of the Qingyuan Sinbola Resort is the restoration of an active volcano on the basis of the ancient ruins of the Yangjiao Yuanyuan ancient volcano. It is the first hot spring in Guangdong with the theme of a volcano as its theme, and is known as the “The 5th Generation Theme Spa in China”. Pioneers. Every night a high-tech volcanic eruption show takes you to a distant Semporian tribe to create a fairytale forest fairyland.

Wine pool

There are 78 hot spring pools in the resort. The three theme hot spring areas are equipped with natural slate enthusiasm, indoor recreation bar, and a children's paddling pool with a novel design. All bath backs and seats are built with natural-shaped stones and volcanic rocks. The lounge provides tea and food. Massage and other full-service. Ideal for a trip with children, you can play the whole day with the fantastic world of Semporna.

【Self-driving Route】 : North Ring Expressway → (Yao Village Entrance) → South China Expressway → (Taihe Entrance) → Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway (Northbound) → Fogang Exit → Turn right onto the 106 State Highway in Shaoguan (4km) → see The signboard of the Sempor Hotel & Spa is on arrival.

Shaoguan Caoxi Hot Spring - Liuzu Zen Hot Spring

Scenic panorama

Caoxi Hot Springs is located next to Nanhua Temple. It is a quite hot spring in North Guangdong. It is said that the Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng once bathed in Caoxi and suddenly realized Buddhism. Therefore, Cao Xishui became a thousand years of holy water. The Zen Buddhism in the garden is unique and it integrates Nanhua Tea Arts, Buddhist wisdom, and self-cultivation. The Zen Buddhism in the garden is unique and it integrates Nanhua's tea art and self-cultivation, allowing you to experience alternative travel and holiday moods. At Caoxi Hot Spring Holiday Resort, there is a string of wind chimes in each room. “Dangdang Dangdang” is like playing a song or light or melodious or lingering music. It is also like a lover's whisper, swaying in the beautiful hot springs, floating in your ears, scorning yours At the tip of the heart, sweep away dust and wash away the soul.

Constant temperature water park

Caoxi Hot Spring is one of the 15 hot springs certified by experts. There are 103 health spa pools rich in barium and metasilicate in the resort. In addition to enjoying hot springs in Caoxi Hot Springs, you can also visit some of the famous scenic spots nearby, such as Danxia Mountain, Nanhua Temple, Fengcailou, a century old street, and so on.

【Self-driving Route】 : Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway → Shaxi Exit No. 106 National Highway → Nanhua Temple 1.5 km north → Caoxi Hot Spring.

Shenzhen, Dongguan surrounding real hot spring heavy recommended

Huizhou Longmen Dispensing Hot Spring - the domestic first music theme hot spring

Closed moon pool

Geothermal Spring integrates traditional Chinese classical music elements into spa culture, directs spiritual health with music, and guides body health with hot springs. It is the first choice for health care. It is the rare spa of the world and is the king of hot springs.

Shy Flower Pool

Nearly 100 different styles of open-air hot spring pools, 99,999 bamboo scattered in the resort area, quiet and comfortable. There are wine, cassia, roses and other characteristics bubble pool to meet your N wishes. The health-loving partner can try scraping, aromatherapy, foot massage, spa and other health therapies. The key is that the service attitude here is also very good, will take the initiative to give you water or ginger tea, after drinking you still need to ask. Hotel breakfast buffet, choose a lot, the taste is also very good.

【Self-driving Route】 : South China Express → Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway (also accessible by Airport Express) → Jiebei Expressway → Daguang Expressway → Local Export → 8km straight (353 Provincial Highway) → Direct School Hot Spring (about 2 hours) hour)

Huizhou Longmen Iron Springs - The First Spring in Asia

Hot spring maze exterior

Longmen Iron Spring, the biggest feature is the water quality is good, and because of the rich iron-containing elements, it is known as the "Golden Spring" by the experts, also known as the iron spring. It is said that the Japanese regard such a golden spring as the most precious hot spring.

Scenic panorama

Tiequan currently has 48 hot spring pools of various sizes and functions, including dynamic areas, leisure areas, health areas, entertainment areas, and 'water country's water city' water entertainment parks and other five districts. The most distinctive features are the ultra-large hot spring waterfalls, natural gold spring steam baths, power massage hot springs, herbal (medicine) hot springs, rock cave hot springs, and active hot springs surfing. (The gold hot spring steam bath is not only the first in the country, but also in the whole Southeast Asia is also extremely rare. Also featured are the Nine Dragon Pool, the Five Elements Pool of Heaven and Earth, the Qiankun Pool, the Rock Pool, the Bubble Pool, and the Chinese Zodiac Pool. However, there were more people in the iron spring weekend tour group, and in the afternoon, it was enough to mind early.

【Self-driving Route】 : Shenhui Expressway→ Huihe Expressway→ Taimei Exit→ Jinlong Avenue→ New Highway Toll Gate→ Longmen Iron Spring.

Huizhou Liwan Waterfront Spa - Ocean Theme Spa

Constant temperature water park

This hot spring resort is based on the theme of marine culture, with more than 72 open-air hot spring pools of various sizes and functions. With the unique “spa maze” in the country, it is currently the largest marine cultural hot spring in the country, and it is also the characteristic hot spring resort hotel with the largest scale, the highest grade, the most complete project and the most advanced facilities in the eastern part of Guangdong.

Partial ocean hot spring pool

User comments: The place is very large, and basically all the hot springs are complete. In addition to the special effects of the hot springs to add money, the other is included in the tickets, free! You can play one day inside. There are some snacks inside. The price is not very expensive. The most popular is soaked hot spring eggs, like one!

【Self-driving Route】 : Shenzhen-Shanxi Expressway → “Huidong Lushan” exit turn left → Guangbiao Highway → Binhai Avenue → Haibin Hot Springs.

Huizhou Yiqinggu Hot Spring - Dreamy Classical Hot Spring

Hotel prospect

This is an appetizing resort in Boluo, Huizhou. The atmosphere of the hotel lobby is dazzling and unforgettable. At this point of view, you can't control the pace you want to go. The dark coffee pool, milky white coconut milk soup, deciduous poly-xian, and various function pools that people can't help but sit in. 

Partial hot spring pool

With his hand gently swaying in the spring water, the warm spring water moistens the palm of his hand immediately, and even the stones below are clearly seen. After climbing Luofu Mountain is particularly suitable for coming here, quiet and relaxed. This is also the closest hot spring from Dongguan.

【Driving Route】 : Huibo Avenue → 217 County Road → 464 Township Road → Yiqing Valley Hot Spring Hotel

How to distinguish between true and false hot springs?

Is your hot spring a real hot spring?
Are you sure that it is not tap water?
How to identify true and false hot springs?
Don't be afraid, expert authority certification and private little experience come.

Experts say so

Judging from the water temperature, according to the national standard, water temperatures above 34 degrees Celsius can be called “hot springs.” In terms of water quality, useful chemical components for the human body are mainly fluoride ions, metasilicic acid, lithium, antimony, and bismuth. . In addition, PH value and mineralization degree are also listed as important reference indicators.

Private experience

1. If you soak in the hot spring water for a long time, your skin and fingers won't wrinkle. Highly carbonized hot spring water, rich in trace elements such as carbon substances, will bring a sense of smoothness;
 2. The real hot spring smells smelly egg flavor;
 3. The real hot springs can feel obvious buoyancy;
 4. The real hot spring pool At the corners, there is often a layer of yellow calcium fluoride scaling. This yellow precipitate is "calcium fluoride," and only when the temperature reaches 50-60 degrees Celsius does calcium fluoride chemically react and sink to the bottom of the pool.

Hot springs precautions

Spa Yoga

1. Avoid fasting or hot springs immediately after a meal. Empty tummy hot springs are prone to dizziness, vomiting and tiredness, while those who have just eaten full-bodied hot springs may experience serious conditions such as indigestion and even cerebral hemorrhage. To avoid these hazards, it is best to leave hot springs for about one to two hours after a meal.

Hot spring health

2. Do not soak hot springs in hot springs, and the temperature is suitable at 30-45°C. It's best not to brew alone to avoid accidents. 0-3 years old is a high incidence of infant allergies. It is generally not recommended that parents bring infants and young children aged 0-3 to hot springs. Children over 3 years old who are in good health can go for a hot spring but it should not be too long. It's best not to exceed 15 minutes each time your child goes into the water.

Spa Beauty

3. Generally like chronic skin diseases, especially psoriasis and chronic eczema, patients can choose to take spa treatments. However, patients with poor physical fitness, such as old and weak, and having heart problems, cannot make hot springs. There is a broken skin on the skin. After the hot springs, it may cause other diseases, and it cannot be used for hot springs. Of course, the most important thing is to choose a place with good environment and strict disinfection to make hot springs.

Hot spring beauty

4. Before bathing in hot springs, be sure to remember to remove the metal jewelry from your body. Spring water contains various chemical substances, and some of them chemically react with metals. If you carelessly bring your silver jewellery to the water and wait for it, you may find that your beloved jewelry has been “blackened” by the spring water.


Find a secluded place, or an elegant holiday home, or an unspoiled mountain country suburb, immersed in the hot turbulent water, breathe the freshest air and see the most beautiful scenery. When the winter is getting stronger, do I have a warm and warm appetite?

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