Guangdong's delicious, Guangzhou, Shunde, Chaoshan food tour

To go to Guangzhou to play, you must eat well!

Eating in the eyes of the Chinese is a top priority. In today's social pressure, various cities have produced a batch of "food." Eating is the only way to invigorate the spirit. For those who like to eat, there is a local province that is a must. No matter how delicious the Cantonese cuisine in each city is, it is not as good as the tunnels hidden in the cities and towns of Guangdong Province.

Therefore, I took the girlfriend who had already married Beijing, and the two conspired to have a four-day escape in Guangdong. You can refer to the itinerary. This one is a strategy that you prepared before you go. After you return, you will write a test report.

DAY1: Guangzhou (live in the old city of Liwan District)

The first thing: eat a morning tea

I can't imagine the days when Cantonese people didn't have morning tea. For Cantonese people, drinking tea is the link that sustains the lives of Cantonese people. Tea drinking has become a part of life. On weekends, the whole family gathers in the tea house, chats and drinks a cup of tea. Did not drink Guangdong's morning tea, it is equal to not coming to Guangdong. Morning tea is a highlight of Guangzhou's traditional culture, and it is also a kind of entertainment and entertainment in Guangzhou people's minds.

Every weekend or holiday, Guangzhou people will make a sigh of morning tea from family or friends. They can sip tea time from 5 am to 12 noon. When you sigh morning tea, you can choose one of the traditional ones and two pieces - a cup of tea and two small snacks, such as shrimp dumplings, siu mai, and pork roast, which are very special in Guangzhou, or milky yellow and pineapple bags. Durian crisps and so on.

Alternative restaurant

1. North Garden Restaurant

One of the four gardens in Guangzhou, known as the “pre-mountain restaurant, the water-tailed tea pot”, the north garden square is full of natural beauty, the gate of the hometown of the patina, the heavy historical charm, the oncoming flowing rockery is rich in Lingnan courtyard features. .

Beiyuan produces light, shrimp dumplings, red rice sausage, egg tarts, and many glutinous rice chickens have won prizes.
Per capita: 108 yuan
Address: No. 200-202 Xiaobei Road, Yuexiu District

2. Nanyuan Restaurant

One of the four major garden restaurants in Guangzhou. The decoration is antique, the pavilions and pavilions are patchwork, the glazed glass is colorful and colorful, and the splendid ornaments highlight the extravagance. Looking out the window is full of green plants and ponds. The goldfish swimming in the green is adding an anger in the quiet.

Lin Zhonglin of the South Park, the Garden of the Garden made it the first in the three gardens. If you want to experience the Guangdong garden, don't miss the South Park. Egg tart, XO sauce radish cake, quicksand bag, Shunde pig porridge, milk yellow bag, pork roast crisp... See all forefingers!

3. Tunxi Restaurant

It combines the essence of the Jiangnan Garden with the essence of its decorative arts. The products here, such as sesame skin suckling pig, Babao winter melon, 泮溪茭, and garden fragrant chicken, are quite good enough to satisfy your discerning taste buds.

Every time you order a dish: 泮溪茭笋, shrimp dumplings, white rabbit dumplings, horseshoe cake, rotten skin, salt water horn.
Address: No. 151, Longjin West Road, Liwan District
Per capita: 76 yuan

4. White Swan Hotel

Every native of Guangzhou has a white swan in his heart. Listening to the sound of the white swan's hometown, watching the beautiful white shrimps and sighing shrimp dumplings, is a reserved program of the Cantonese-style "sighing life", carrying the memories of countless overseas Chinese and Laoguang.

Long queues every day, the popularity is booming. Here, the signature snack shrimp dumplings, fragrant horns, meringue pork roast, crispy shrimp sausage, abalone chicken feet, sweet-scented osmanthus cake... The only drawback here is that there is a choice of dim sum flowers.
Address: 2/F, White Swan Hotel, No. 1 Shabian Street, Liwan District,
per capita: 160 yuan

5. Tao Taoju

The pottery house established in the late Qing Dynasty is said to be the inscription of Kang Youwei. Sitting around is a wide cup of tea, a newspaper,

Here, Tao Taoju prawn dumplings, a mouthful of tofu, fresh fruit durian swan cake, mangosteen dried tangerine beef ball, princess sand milk yellow bag, tiger skin pepper, suckling pig king ... and so on are all one of the most loved.
Address: Fu Road, Liwan District, the tenth 20
per person: 70

6. Ronghua Building

Ronghua Building is the “last century-old Cantonese opera teahouse” in Guangzhou. The location is not in the bustling downtown, but also the building. In contrast, this 141-year-old teahouse is unique in its popularity, with a large amount of products, fair prices, and a strong Xiguan old teahouse style.

Although the crispy squid ball and Ronghua Building are not many types, they are genuine and maintain the traditional quality.
Address: No. 708, Longjin East Road, Liwan District (near Longjin Building)
Per capita: 51 yuan

The second thing: eat a few reliable tea restaurants

Tea Restaurant - Originated in Hong Kong, it is the result of Hong Kong's cellar culture, blending with half-middle and half-Western culture. After the return of Hong Kong, the tea restaurant culture quickly became popular in Guangzhou, which became a classic representative of the Cantonese-style civilian fast food culture.

1. Wu Department Tea Restaurant

The "Wu Department" is located in Tianhe East, and a few steps before the Taikoo Huihang will arrive at the stairs. Although the average price of this tea restaurant is low, it is top-notch. Basically, there is no stepping over the thunder, which is the representative of the cheap tea restaurant. Signature iced milk tea, tea taste is more prominent than sweetness. Worth a try.

2. Yongying Tea Restaurant

Yongying is the first Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in Guangzhou, and several old towns are open. The product is stable, but it is better than the classic. Usually I go to Beijing Road and Fruit Room. Yongying has done a good job with soup powder, which is difficult to replicate in other places.

3. Huaxing Ice Room

The Huaxing Ice Room is definitely a "star shop". It is a star open, and Alan Tam has shares. It is a place where many stars in Hong Kong will go to visit. Eason Chan is a true love powder. After coming to Guangzhou, it is not as hot as Hong Kong, because the production is still worse than that of Hong Kong, but a few classic dishes are worth a try.

4. Wide nine dining room

Nine is the most cost-effective, well-known, and the product is stable and the price is good. The first store is opened at the b2 exit of the Martyrs Cemetery, and it is on the right hand side as soon as it comes up. Usually go to the basics to line up, you can see that the popularity is high.

DAY2 Shunde (even back to Guangzhou)

There is a saying in the food industry, "Food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng", Fengcheng is Shunde. Cantonese chef, 80% from Shunde. Recently, Shunde has been named the world's gastronomic capital by the United Nations (6 in the world, two in China, Chengdu and Shunde).

Shunde Restaurant

Food list: Daliang fried shrimp cake, Daliang dirty chicken, Daliang pheasant roll, Daliang double skin milk, Ming furnace suckling pig, Daliang sand, Jinbang milk, Fengcheng fish skin corner, Daliang fried milk...

1. Daliang double skin milk

If you like dessert, you will not miss the traditional dessert of Shunde. Double skin milk is one of the most representative desserts in Shunde. It was founded in the late Qing Dynasty and is made from water milk.
Recommended: Renxin and Jinbang

Buffalo drinks are quite fresh, the taste is very pure, not very thick, that is, a person will not be tired after drinking a bottle.

2. Sauna fish, sauna chicken

Recommended: Ado private kitchen
Address: No. 3, South Lane, Longyan Village, Leliu, Shunde (near Longyan Village Station)
Recommended: Kaiyingge private kitchen
Here you can really experience it, eat more fish! Fish head pepper, fish skin cold, steamed fish, fish bone soup.

3. London Cake

Recommended: Huanjie Lunjiao Cake The
sister-in-law's Lunjiao cake has experienced four generations and has been passed down for a hundred years. Lunjiao cake gradually became the title of "Lingnan First Cake".
This shop, I have seen the affirmation of "Seeking Shunde". But the store is really not big. I heard that the branch in the Lunjiao area is the sister-in-law who personally sits in the town and has a larger area. If you have time, you can go there and have a look.
Headquarters Address: No. 50, North Beihai Avenue,
Lunjiao Street, Shunde Sanzhou Branch Address: No. 78, Culture Street, Sanzhou Wenming 4th Road, Lunjiao Street, Shunde

4. Roasted goose

Recommended: Huanglian big head Hua roast goose (Fengcheng Shidu shop)
Shunde famous shop, Leliu old shop once sold hundreds of geese, and the new store opened to Fengcheng food capital, passed by the big head Huajizi, freshly baked goose skin Crispy meat is tender and juicy. The roast goose is sold out in a furnace. If it is sold out, it will be gone. The head office will be more abundant.

Guangzhou to Shantou

1. Guiyuan white porridge

One of the best few of the cold heads.

I believe that you must not understand, a shop called white porridge, why the side dishes will be like this...

Is such that……

2. Baheli Haiji Beef

The tidal beef shop in Shantou, the most famous is this one, so I have to go anyway.

On the street is his shop selling beef and beef balls, and the opposite is the restaurant for the customers.

3. Zhongshan Road Yaqiang Juice Ice

Walking along Huanggang Road all the way to the end, it is Zhongshan Road, right turn across the road, is the star ice shop every day long queue.

4. Jianye Restaurant

Jianye Restaurant is famous. A few years ago, watching Cai Wei’s program introduced the lion head and goose liver, it was taken at his home. With friends, it is sure to eat.

The placement of the documents is not very attractive.

If you eat this, you will almost have to go back to the government. It is also a special weekend related to food. These are some of my food plans for the upcoming Guangzhou-Chaochao trip. Specifically, I will continue to update the status, and I also welcome local people to give me some reliable recommendations!

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