Guangzhou, Shunde food recommendation

After a while, I went down to Alaska and Guangzhou, and I went back again...

This makes the baby swim is very sad.
Those who are determined to lose weight should not take a cruise, and should not go to Guangzhou! ! !

The restaurants that I went to eat are quite reliable, and it is worth recommending to everyone.

My family's chubby paper, when it comes to delicious, it is like this (Yutang Chunchun)

It’s like this when I’m not eating (Scented Cloud Garden Hotel is not on the list)

When playing, it is like this (the great man is the world, and even wants to sleep)

Yutang Spring Warm

What does White Swan Hotel mean for Guangzhou people? In the morning, I went out to line up to drink morning tea, and shot the family portrait in front of my hometown... That was the brand of Yangcheng’s era since the reform and opening up.
No matter what the food list, the white swan hotel's [Yutang Spring Warm] has always been known as the first in Yangcheng.
Unfortunately, Guangzhou does not have rice 2 and rice 3, otherwise Yutang spring must be.

Step into the White Swan Hotel, if you cross the ... the
most beautiful but the hometown water.
Many family portraits hanging in the living room of Guangzhou people, the background is from the "hometown water" inside the White Swan Hotel, I naturally did not fall into the cliché, press a photo.

Yutang spring is not good enough. At the beginning, I found a Pufa ultra-white concierge. After the contact, I told that only the in-house guests can make an appointment. Later, with the help of a friend, I passed the concierge of the centurion of the people's livelihood.
Before, I really thought that Pudong, China Merchants Bank, Ping An, People's Livelihood, the centurion, the same team, really naive.
If you want to make this Yutang spring warm, there are two ways, either to live in the white swan, or to let the Minsheng Centurion concierge make an appointment.
If you want to walk in, remember to queue up early in the morning.

Yutang Spring has two dishes, which really makes the swimmers amazing.
One is the sunflower chicken, which is fed with sunflower juice. The other family is cold water crossing the river. Here, the white brine is used, and the soup is tasted.
The tradition of white-cut chicken can no longer be traditional dishes, but it can also conquer the taste buds of diners.
This is probably the most perfect white-cut chicken I have ever eaten in my life .

The other is Tsing Ma Shaqi Ma, the food I often eat when I was young. I can't remember when it was the last time I took Tsem Ran Shaqima.
Telling the truth, when I was a child, I still disliked the food of Shaqima, and it was sweet and sticky. However, the Shaqima of the Yutang Spring is not at all, and the entrance is full of wood! ! !
One bite, egg, coconut, and almond kernels fill the entire mouth.
Definitely give full marks! ! !

Also ordered some side dishes, although not surprising, but the taste is also good.
Especially the Matsutake fried egg and Yangcheng egg fried rice, I would highly recommend everyone.

Often come to small gathering

This is a restaurant recommended by my readers, because he knows that the baby is living in Park Hyatt, and Changlai is just the most recommended Cantonese cuisine in the 1km area around Park Hyatt.
Although it is a new store opened in Gaodechun Square, in fact, old Guangzhou should know that the predecessor of this restaurant is Changlai Hotel, which is considered to be a heavyweight old brand.

I ordered the fried squid cake, the large intestine, the steamed fish mouth, the white-cut chicken, the soy sauce chili, the nest egg beef and the clay pot rice. The four people spent a total of 200+, and the price is really high.
The key recommendation is definitely the nest egg beef pot rice, which is their signature, oversized, the nest egg is just right, and the beef is very tender.
In addition, the fried squid cake, meaty teeth, not greasy at all.

Summer palace

Going to the Summer Palace, the main reason is that the Shangri-La babies have more points, while Shangri-La's points are the most cost-effective for eating. Diamond members can also play 15% off.
In addition, every Shangri-La restaurant is worth recommending, and it is believed that Guangzhou incense is no exception.

In Guangzhou, eating morning tea is a habit of many people. Since we have arrived in Guangzhou, we are inevitably left behind.
Order a bunch of Cantonese dim sum, when the order is served, the waiter will remind you if it is overdose, still very intimate.
The dishes are quite satisfactory, the shrimp dumplings and the barbecued pork are very delicious. The golden sand red rice is slightly disappointing. It is not as good as our takeaway [silver melon powder].

Tao Taoju

Going to Tao Taoju, Diandude, Tunxi Restaurant, Guangzhou Hotel to eat, really have to prepare for the long queue.
Moreover, what centurion appointments, hotel concierge appointments, the above restaurants are not effective, honestly to queue up to take the number is king.
Fortunately, the driver of our chartered car, Pan Shifu, is good. When we were on the side of [Chen Jiaxuan], he went to help us get the number. After visiting Chen Jiaxuan, I just went to eat, or a small box.

Tao Taoju is one of the oldest brands in the catering industry in Guangzhou. It specializes in refreshments, moon cakes and dishes.
Although it is an old name, the dining environment is really good. Look at the picture below to make my little fat happy.
Recommend a few special dishes, yellow pepper fan scorpion, durian swan cake, pigs sand drifting bag, signature roast goose, barbecued pork double fight ...
and Tao Taoju's cost performance is also very high, per capita 150 can be completely Hold live.

Maijiazhuang (Shunde Chencun)

This is also the restaurant recommended by our driver's master, in Chencun, Shunde.
An old-fashioned converted restaurant, all the ingredients are steamed, and some are similar to the steamed goods on the Hangzhou side.

This kind of restaurant is about the freshness of the ingredients and the precision of the steamed vegetables. The time is too short, the time is too long, and it will be too old and too dry, so the waiters take the timer to control. How long does each dish steam?
We ordered scorpion, Qingkou, Mingbei, boneless squid, Camellia chicken, blue crab, Chencun powder...
The succulent chicken is super tender and tender, and only the sauna can have such tender meat. .
Boneless squid is also a signboard. Steam the fish bones for 4 minutes, then steam the fish for 2 minutes.

The main point is the last beef Chencun powder .
This place in Maijiazhuang is in Chencun, Shunde. The most famous one in Chencun is this Chencun powder. It is thin, cool, slippery, soft, and refreshing. It tastes great.
Matching the beef and sprinkling some soy sauce is absolutely delicious.

Maijiazhuang must make an appointment in advance. If you are in Walk In, you are expected to wait a long time. After all, steamed vegetables are not fast to eat.

Silver melon powder

This is the takeaway we ordered, because it was already the evening when I arrived at the hotel on the first day, and when I was lazy to go out to eat, I called a takeaway.
Of course, we are not just picking up the takeaway. My goddess has done the Raiders before, so I named this silver melon powder.
At night, the beef and shrimps and the dried beef and sausage powder are very smooth, the beef is full, and the shrimp is large. It is delicious with soy sauce. It is more reliable than the sausage powder of many restaurants we eat later.
The taste of dry fried beef is generally like that.
Yin Kee Intestine Powder is also a chain in Guangzhou. You can order it. If you are lazy, you may wish to go out with you.

Well, the above are the restaurants that you have to eat during this trip to Guangzhou.
Because the homework is done well, it is quite beyond expectations.
If you want to focus on recommending 3 homes, it must be Yutangchun warm, often come to Xiaoju and Maijiazhuang.
If you want to recommend Top3 dishes, sunflower chicken, Terminalia Shaqima and beef Chencun powder.
I believe that I can't be wrong. This confidence is still there.

I took this trip to Guangzhou, and some local food friends also recommended a lot of restaurants.
Most of the time,
I prefer the recommendation of the local dad.
Synchronize to everyone.

Pork Pod Private Kitchen, Xiangyun Yarn Garden Hotel, Baizhang Garden Restaurant
These three restaurants are said to have no shortcomings, that is, many people.

Eat snakes to remember, eat squid and stab to go to Bingsheng.
Hui Shijia has thick-skinned pimp shrimps, as well as various kinds of ice-
creams, such as the big-headed Chinese roast goose and Deyun’s boneless fish. Niu Shuangxuan, Panyu's Big Brother Restaurant with a good
reputation. The Xinxingfeng stewed king near Ximenkou is also worthy of punching. The
old tea comes to August Cuiyuan, and the new tea is delivered to Bi Dezhen.
If you want to eat street food, Huangpugu The ancient street at the entrance of the port is really good.

I almost forgot to say that the restaurant in Guangzhou must make an appointment in advance, otherwise it will really wait for a long time.
At the end of the article, thank my car driver Pan Shifu (micro signal: panzili8) , old Guangzhou, eating and drinking are very familiar.
The point is that people are also legendary. Peng Weiguo, a flag of Guangzhou football, was still his younger brother. Unfortunately, he did not catch up with the good time of commercialization.
If you have a chartered car demand in Guangzhou and the surrounding area, you can find him directly.

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