Gubei water town night

Night of the ancient North Water Town was surprising. In the evening, take the cable car to the Great Wall of Simatai to see the panorama of the sunset from Gubei water town.

Gubei Water Town is a unique northern-style resort town at the foot of the Great Wall in Simatai, Miyun District, Beijing. It is a tourist town with sightseeing, leisure and vacation, business exhibition, creative culture and other tourism as a whole, first-class service and facilities, Experience the highest comprehensive leisure destination for international tourist destinations.

Come to the ancient North Water Town must not miss the water dance Oh ~ different from the general music fountain, or quite exciting ~ worth the wait in advance.

Pictures of the Great Wall of the 1980s for applying for the World Cultural Heritage are the most breathtaking sections of the Great Wall of Simatai and can now be seen in the ancient town of Beibei. Evening, you can also follow the children carrying a lantern at night to climb the Great Wall, feel Simatai ruins desolate desolation, and the Great Wall companion, and "Wuzhen" across.

Gubei Water Town and Taipei Jiufen the same, are more beautiful night!

Nightfall, lights early, the ancient North Water town beautiful ~

Here to suggest that the ancient North Water Town has opened through the train, starting from Dongzhimen 2 hours to reach the water town, one-way 48 yuan / person, inconvenient friends can choose through train convenient and quick to the town.
Dongzhimen departure point: the north side of the bus hub, 942, 855 Bus Depot GuBei
Shui Town departure point: scenic tourist hub center

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