Hangzhou's annual weekend travel guide, take the enjoyment of Hangzhou life

2017 is a full year of living in Hangzhou. The city has unexpected surprises every season. I wanted to sort out the family photos taken during the year, but I sorted them out.
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2017 is a full year of living in Hangzhou. The city has unexpected surprises every season. I wanted to sort out the family photos I took during the year, but I sorted out the itinerary every weekend.

Go here on winter weekend (January to March)

Viewing the scenery

Play a |  jiuxi winter day hiking
taxi to Longjing Village, walking to jiuxi. No one is on the road, quiet like a holiday.

Photo: Jiuxi smoke tree.

Address: The cockscomb in the mountains on the west side of the West Lake.
Opening hours: 9:00-21:00.
Ticket price: free.

Play two |  Paul Chu tower climbers
see mood hazy Bai Causeway, black and white silhouette in a kind of old movies Baochu tower.

Picture: Baoding Tower.

Address: Jewel Hill, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
Opening hours: all day.
Ticket price: free.

Play the game three |  first see 霁 Hongqiao By
car to Chishan 埠, walk along the path, actually found the other side of the bathing bay is also beautiful. When I first saw the Hongqiao, I was amazed by the promenade.

Photo: 霁 Hongqiao.

How to play the game | Go to the Civic Center to see the light show. 

Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 18:30 and 19:30.

Cultivate sentiment

How to play one?  Visit the Xiangshan Academy of
Fine Arts The Academy of Fine Arts is very large and suitable for taking pictures. I accidentally crashed into a special art gallery, and only half a year later I realized that it is a well-known folk museum.

Game 2 |  Winter Day Plum Blossom

Picture: Plum.

1. West Lake Lonely Mountain to enjoy the plum : On the first day of the New Year's Day, the weather was fine and warm, and the bus to the West Lake was crowded. The plum blossoms that bloomed quietly on the lonely mountain have soothed the hearts of people who have been in the spring for a long time.
2. The sculpture garden on the east side of Xixi enjoys the plum: On foot, the plum will continue to go out, and the sculpture garden on the east side of Xixi can also see sporadic plum blossoms.
3. The botanical garden looks at plum blossoms: the botanical garden is a traditional appreciation of the land, but people do not have much.
4. Xixi South Side Appreciation of Plum : Before I ran around Xixi, I found that there was a trace of plum blossom on the south side of Xixi. I took the whole family to find the weekend. Unfortunately, this season plum blossom has begun to lose.

firsthand experience

How to play | Go to the zoo and the small animals for the
first time to go to the Hangzhou Zoo. According to the number of animals and the size of the venue, it is really not a high-end, but the planning is very compact, and it is built on the mountain. Climb up and down, I feel a lot of road.

Photo: Hangzhou Zoo.

Address: No. 40, Huhua Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou.
Opening hours: 7:00-17:00.
Ticket price: 20 yuan.

How to play 2 | Hot springs in the hot springs Before the
New Year's Eve, go to Jiashan soak in the soup, except for the hot springs, there is nothing to look outside.

How to play the game? Go to the sweat and kick the ball. I do
n't want to find that the roof of the West City Impression City is actually a football field. You can take your children to play football.

How to play the game? Take the kids to the crafts museum to learn how to make kites.

Address: No. 10, Qiao Nong Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
Opening hours: 9:00~16:30.
Ticket price: free.

Go here on the spring weekend (April to June)

After a long winter, I finally ushered in the most beautiful Jiangnan in March. Going out to enjoy the spring and catching the bit of green in Hangzhou is the first priority.

Stepping through the spring

Looking for traces of flowers
1. Go to Bathing Bay, Prince Bay, and Flower Harbor. The
whole spring is concentrated to this day. First go to the three Yunshui roads, then take the grandparents to see the Hongqiao, then go to the Prince Bay to see the sea of ​​flowers in the sea of ​​people, after lunch, do not intend to enter the cherry blossom forest of Huagang watching fish, the eyes are like flowers The scenery of Jin is filled.

Picture: Cherry blossoms.

2. Go to the flower garden in Hangzhou. The
other flowers are not yet open. The cherry blossom forest on the left side of the entrance is a grand scene. There are not many tourists, and the petals are falling, as if you can hear the sound of time.

Picture: Sakura Forest.

3. Guozhuang Orchid Exhibition The
weather is getting hotter. Guo Zhuang is small and delicate, mainly the place to drink tea. This is the daily state of the baby. The weather is getting hotter, Guo Zhuang is small and delicate, mainly the place to drink tea. This is the daily state of the baby.

Xixi Wetland Spring Color
Xixi Fudi: The last day of the Qingming holiday did not go far. Fudi is a free scenic spot in Xixi, the first choice when there is no place. Watch the first time you climb the river tower, and then climb every time you pass.
The Green Dyke Festival is full of flowers and flowers, which is similar to the flower show of the Shanghai Botanical Garden. It is a celebration of gardeners. After walking through the green embankment to the deep tank, take the battery boat, and all the piers in the West District have gone. After a year of Fudi, I realized that the correct way to open Xixi is to walk on the water. From Hongyuan, there is no boat, all the way, all the way. The antique scene is very beautiful.

Photo: Xixi Wetland.

Ascend to the top

Deng Yuhuang Mountain is over the Eight Diagrams Field.
The green of this season is really not greasy. The mountains in Hangzhou are not high, and they will not be tired when they stop and go. Finally overlooking the Eight Diagrams Field, not yet full of flowers, purple to the small hole, the name is very loud.

Photo: Yasuda.

Fitness walk

1. Shilitun Walking
This season is most suitable for mountaineering, from Longjing Village to Yunxi Bamboo Trail, 8 km up and down, three hours to finish.

Photo: Ten Miles.

2. Dingjiashan Trekking
After encountering Dingjiashan in the winter, I have been thinking about taking a family walk. Surprisingly, this road is a bird-watching and bird-watching experience. Thanks to the place in the city center that is so close to nature.

3. Xixi East District on foot

Go here on summer weekend (July-September)

Outdoor activities

Destination 1: Zhejiang University Zijingang Campus
In July, the temperature soared. Before going out in the heat, I went out to sleep, and became a dog. The first time I took a group photo, the effect was not bad.

Photo: Zhejiang University Jingang Campus.

Jingang Campus is located at No. 388 Yuhangtang Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

Destination 2: The most beautiful runway

Picture: The most beautiful runway in Hangzhou.

Destination 3: Quyuan Fenghe

Photo: West Lake.

Destination 4: Jiuyi Mountain
In March, when I was watching flowers with my father in Prince Bay, I accidentally climbed the Jiuyi Mountain to see the panoramic view of the West Lake. It was a surprise. Always thinking about the opportunity to bring the whole family together. The weather is very hot, climbing a mountain is a bit hard, but the old and the small are all sticking to it. Jiuyige looked back at the whole journey.

Photo: Jiuyi Mountain.

Destination 5: Qianjiang Century New Town Park
Come here by mistake, and the vast and sparse riverside will always give people the feeling of freedom. The vast bridge is the biggest surprise.

Indoor heat

1. Sword and Scissor Museum
Address: No. 336, Xiaohe Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00~16:00.
Ticket price: free.

2. Longjing Tea Museum

Photo: Longjing Tea Museum.

Go here on the autumn weekend (10~12 months)

Autumn scenery

1. Xixi Hongyuan Fire Persimmon Festival On the
last day of the long holiday, I went to Xixi, a long-lost. Fire Persimmon Festival did not see any persimmons.

2. Canal by boat
Water bus line 2, from Gudun Road to Wulin Gate, from Yuhangtang River to Jinghang Canal, all the way to see the riverbank running on weekdays.

3. Go to Lingyin Temple and pray in prayer.
Grandpa and grandmother went back to their hometown and took the baby to Lingyin. They entered the Yongfu Temple in the mountains, the ancient temple in the mountains, and there is a sense of Kyoto. Ginkgo is yellow and autumn is deep.

Photo: Lingyin Temple.

4. The first experience of
Xianghu Lake Xianghu is too big to go, there is no restaurant around, hungry to return to the subway to eat lunch.

Photo: Xianghu.

5. Ginkgo Forest in Binjiang Park
Before the cold is coming, look for the yellow leaves. The ginkgo forest in Binjiang Park is really big, but it has already fallen.

Picture: Ginkgo Forest in Binjiang Park.

6. Jiuyi Mountain overlooks the autumn colors of the West Lake. I
once saw an autumn color of the Hongqiao Bridge on the Jiuyi Mountain. The color is not beautiful. I will remember to climb the mountain again in the autumn. When flying a drone in Taiziwan Park, I found that the trees around Sili Lake had turned red, and immediately persuaded them to go hiking. The second time I brushed the mountain and walked the road, and climbed to the top for half an hour. I wished to see the colorful West Lake.

Photo: Jiuyi Mountain overlooks the autumn colors of the West Lake.

Active bones

1. Xiasha Hangzhou women's half horse
In order to complete a road and a half horse, go to the sand early in the morning. The runway of Jiangdong Road is really beautiful.

Photo: Hangzhou Half Horse.

2. Xixi Sculpture Park On foot For a
long time, I did not go to the Xixi East Side Sculpture Garden. At the beginning of the year, Xiaowa was too tired to go to the halfway. Now I don’t know how to eat or drink. In the afternoon, I didn’t finish the return journey, and I ran to the bus on the water. Dangling, this year is coming to an end.

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