Henan Kaifeng Ancient City, you must not miss the fun attractions

Kaifeng is a prefecture-level city of Henan Province, the Eight Dynasties ancient capital, one of China's six ancient capitals

Fun Drum Tower Fun night market

Gulou Square night market time starts around 5:30, and slowly to a small stall can be increased, almost reached the time of 8: 00-9: 00 just right, became downtown, especially lively, all kinds of snack food, everything , Aroma burst.

Once downstairs, it is simply a paradise for eating goods, a barbeque beer opera sound, a good place to be with fellow friends and pro.

Galleria full of food stalls across the street, across the road, around the Drum Tower, food stalls have some characteristics.

The stall owner here is a good voice, all kinds of snacks are extolled fragrance Xiangjue like, I really feel that this pseudo-food is a bit puzzled.

Song opera floor, sometimes heard the touching opera sound, but also with a sense of Song Yun ... ...

Drunk in poetry and painting, immersed in the Ching Ming River Park

Open the windows, stop and look, the early morning Drum Tower is particularly quiet.

After breakfast, 7:30 or so, to the Drum Tower waiting for the 15 bus, clear the day on the river park self-help tour.

Song Royal Street, Kaifeng scenic entrance street, a lot of Song Yun.

Straight into the city of Longting Park entrance, there will be a show at 7:30 in the morning, a very short time, so look at the ALICE went ahead to see when
I went to almost finished, just take such an end
program " North Korea "
is the introduction of the Song Dynasty Emperor
Huizong, Song Shenzong, Song Yingzong, Song Taizong, Song Taizu, Song Qinzong, Songzongzong, Song Renzong, Song Zhezong

Under the site, if you want to take the bus back and forth, then Line 2 is a good choice
it leads to Songcheng station (high-speed rail station), but also to the city center

This is Kaifeng scenic small tricycle, the main scenic area and scenic ride, the price depends on distance, is human, looks very retro, be regarded as a beautiful scenic landscape.

Here you can get the secret of the garden, that is, the entire Qingming on the map and the list of programs
if not, you can directly to the consulting booths to receive

Admission the first program "Drum"

Take the ferry Pier here, the price according to the human head may be about 30 yuan a circle, about half an hour or so.

Ancient streets, some people in the cage

Here's style, people can not help but think about nostalgia, wear a armor, ride horses, pictures in this.

Xuanhe Temple for the scene of spending, you can dragons installed Phoenix clothing on the dragon chair, the liangnianyi foil, the price is almost dozens of dollars, did not try.

North Korea, Dragon Pavilion and John Park

Dawn, suitable for garden walking, Longting Park, the first stop Song Royal Street.

High and hopeful, the imperial garden architecture is very brilliant.

Good governance, the concept of rule of the Royal also, unchanged from eternity.

Every season, the flower capped here attracts people from all walks of life to come and watch it, known as the Song dynasty.

Sandalwood filled with the tablet pavilion, I heard every day here, but also became the leisure time for the elderly.

After playing Longting, only to the original way out of the original gate, go about 20 minutes to go to China Han Park, it is across the river in the Ching Ming Festival, across a road, a few meters away from the Dragon Pavilion to John Park can By public transport, walking, but I suggest walking, walking slowly around the lake to have the feeling of travel, not care about the destination.

House of justice, widely proclaimed Kaifeng House

Kaifeng House, is the Northern Song Dynasty officials in Beijing administrative, judicial Yazhou, known as the world capital. According to historical records, a large number of prominent figures such as Bao Zheng, Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan, Su Shi, Sima Guang, Cai Xiang and Zong Ze were served in this place, Famous at home and abroad, that is, Bao Zheng, Bao Qingtian.

Wencheng wall, Fu Secretary Xidan, Meihuatang, Tian Qing Guan, ancient Yin culture, Qingxin Lou, the school district, education, Imperial Examination and other scenic spots
one after another memorable, as into those TV shows, where the scene is so Familiar with.

Every day there is a program of time, dressed in ancient clothes hurried past, driving the field seems to have been very common.

Xi according to pure heart floor, under the halo of rhyme beauty.

Here is the center of the government office, the well-known leader of the furnishings, tiger head, taunting
leader: chopped off the royal patriotic
tiger head: cut corrupt officials pet
dog head: cut the evil villain

Bao Zheng repeatedly cracked the story of miracles, widely praised folk, he is positive remedy, just, reputation spread in ancient and modern.

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