History and the perfect combination of food, must not come to the ancient capital of Xi'an

Xi'an is in addition to the history of the ancient dynasties of many dynasties, there is one of the most attractive label, that is where the food here is simply eating goods and history lovers of paradise, the most one has been to Xi'an several times, here to everyone Recommended some of Xi'an's food and very popular and popular attractions information. There are suggestions to you before you play in Xi'an is best to understand the relevant historical knowledge, in Xi'an this ancient capital, ahead of time to do homework and fly is completely different feelings.

One, terracotta warriors and horses, Huaqing Gong - feel the Qin and Tang Dynasties prosperity

[Traffic] Huaqing Gong and Terracotta Warriors and Horses are in a line, sitting in the east side of the railway station sit 306, that is, travel 5, need to pay attention to is: Xi'an Railway Station near the counterfeit travel bus super, the train station around those who cry You are not riding a terracotta car is a lie, the real state bus in the east of the railway station square, in the bus next to the yellow line line, on the car to pay, the ticket is 7 yuan, after the car tour guide Sell ​​maps, buy can not buy, personally feel that there is no use. There will be a tour guide to introduce you to the basic situation of the two places.
【Tickets】 Huaqing pool and terracotta warriors and horses tickets are 150 yuan, half-price ticket 75. Huaqing Palace 150 is a package, including the Lishan tickets, but if you want to take the cable to pay an additional, Lishan above the beacon towers, soldiers Jian Ting Laojun Dian and other attractions.
【Suggested play time】 two places to go early one day is enough, you can go to Huaqing Palace to the terracotta warriors and horses, because the bus return time in the terracotta warriors and horses, if full of the way Huaqing Palace is not parking, so It is recommended to go to Huaqing Gong. From Huaqing Gong to terracotta warriors and horses, the car will be relatively more, but must also polish the eyes of the choice of state-owned bus or regular bus.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses from the ticket office to the museum there is still some distance, the area has a battery car need to pay another, you can go over, not very far. To the terracotta warriors and horses, then it is strongly recommended to invite a tour guide or rent a browser, or really is a few big pit only, electronic tour a 30, there is a small coup to save money Oh, if it is two people suggested renting a Yes, and then bring the headset can be used by two people.
Return: from the Terracotta Warriors and Horses back to the city when sitting 306 or 307 can, but the stop is not easy to find, you can ask ask passers-by. 306 back to the train station, the station is very small, not around, will be faster, is the tourist bus. 307 return to the end of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, is the bus, the car environment is not 306 good, stop more than the station, but also detour, but also more expensive than 306 to a dollar. If you can live near the station in Xi'an sit 306, live near the Wild Goose Pagoda sit 307. To the process 306 above the tour guide will tell you only 306 and 307 return, but in fact 915 can, and the other two is the difference between the bus company is not the same, 915 belongs to Lintong.

Second, the ancient city wall - through the ancient and modern time corridor

Figure BY @ Fengzi - Uncle

Personally feel that the ancient city of Xi'an is the city's most delicious place, if it is summer, then suggested that the evening when five or six o'clock when the sun is about to come down, or almost no shade on the walls of the place, will be more sun.
【Tickets】 adult ticket is 54, student ticket half price.
【Opening time】 usually tourists are from the south gate up, the South Gate open time until 22:00 pm. The other door of the relatively early, six or seven o'clock to get off work.
Bicycle is a single person is two hours 45 yuan, the bike is a size of the size, no choice, the walls are still more people, the walls of the road is also relatively Britain, when riding attention to safety. If it is riding a circle and riding a relatively slow, then riding side to play while taking two hours of time may not be enough.

Half a night when the walls, the red lanterns lit up, it is beautiful no words, like to take pictures of small partners must not miss.

From the wall down when it is just the evening, then you can look at the night bell tower, the clock tower is one of the two major shopping district in Xi'an, at night when visiting the nearby shop.

Third, Hui Street - eat the first stop of Xi'an

Figure BY @ small stupid stroll

I believe that the arrival of food to the first station in Xi'an are straight to the Muslim street, although there are saying that the Muslim street are pit visitors, but still very recommended to experience, this place is knowing that the locals will not come to the place , But travel or go to the place where weeding. Special food enough to make you dazzled, all kinds of red willow barbecue, all kinds of surface, mutton steamed bun, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, Liangpi, Xinjiang Nang, paste spicy soup, egg flower fermented glutinous rice, there are a variety of specialty stores in Xi'an.

Figure BY @ vickyqin
recommended shop with old rice big house steamed bun, Jia three irrigation soup buns, the old Sun cattle and mutton steamed bun also Shengzhi Wang Ma Liang Liangpi, Xi'an are still very heavy to eat, in order to taste with more types, you can Two people eat a Oh

Four, Big Wild Goose Pagoda - Asia's largest musical fountain

Figure BY @ blue wood

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square at night there are not only visitors there are many local Liu Wan people, in short, many people.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda at night the fountain is going to Xi'an will punch the card, and now the best viewing position has now been lap up to collect money, 30 a, no student tickets, even if the money is also packed, to the late No location, the whole of Asia's largest musical fountain, or very worth a look.

Fifth, the Daming Palace National Park - feel more than a thousand years ago, the Tang Dynasty

Daming Palace National Park is very close to the station from Xi'an, from the railway station in front of the square on the east side of an underground passage through, you can also take the bus in the past, but the proposed Daming Palace Dan Fengmen stop, this will be more Some, or will go very far.

Tang Daming Palace is the world famous Tang Chang'an City "three big" (Taiji Palace, Daming Palace, Xingqing Palace) in the most glorious buildings, built in the Tang Taizong Zhenguan eight years, has been proven the floor of Taiwan Pavilion Pavilion There are more than 40 sites. Now the ruins of the park is in the Daming Palace site repair and reconstruction, the park contains the Yuan Dian site, Lin De Dian site is now open to the public to visit.

【Tickets】 from the Danfeng door in the past, the left side of the city wall can buy tickets, adult tickets 90, student tickets 65. If it is only into the park, then it is not money, but then visit the need for tickets, and recommended to buy a package, including a few museums, exhibition halls, scenic tour buses, 3D movies, some pavilions to explain, archaeological exploration center.
Some people think that the Daming Palace is not necessary to say, more desolate, but its own name has been said only the site, not the Daming Palace, Daming Palace has long been destroyed in several wars, which is really only some Repair the ruins of the ruins, but on the reproduction of some historical knowledge is still very full, if it is more interested in the history of people, then come here is wrong, or here really is just a desolate big park Just now.
Dan Fengmen just inside the walls of the city there is a museum, it is recommended to go ahead to see, there are few people inside, there are very full on the Tang Dynasty and Daming Palace site description, it is strongly recommended to visit the Daming Palace before the first to fill these history know how.
After the museum is opposite the collection area, there are some cultural relics exhibition, and then continue to go inside the right side is the visitor center, continue to move forward is the IMAX theater, the film is included in the package inside, there are fixed playing time of. A 35-minute "Daming Palace legend" tells the story of the love story of Prince Kang and Datang Princess, as if you brought back to the nations of the Great Tang Dynasty.

Standing on this open ground, looking back at Danfeng door, as if you can feel more than a thousand years ago, the army came to worship the envoys from here and out of the way.
Dan Feng door was built in Tang Gaozong Longshuo two years, is the Tang emperor of the Imperial Palace Daming Palace is the south gate, the gates built towering tall Danfeng floor. North and the Yuan Dynasty Hall, Xuanzheng Dian, purple Chen Dian echoes, constitute the central axis of the Daming Palace, the Tang Dynasty emperor out of the main channel of Miyagi, but also the Tang Dynasty emperor held more than two hundred years of ascension, change yuan, announced amnesty and banquet And other important political places outside the ceremony is the national symbol of the Tang Dynasty, "Tang first door," said.

Daming Palace there is a scenic spot is a miniature landscape, restore the original appearance of the Daming Palace, the Forbidden City 72 hectares, Daming Palace area of ​​354 hectares, almost five times the Forbidden City. You will be feeling here is how big, if not destroyed in the war is how bustling and spectacular.

Daming Palace for the first time was destroyed is the famous Anshi chaos, the second is the Huang Chao uprising, the third is Zhu Wen threatened Tang Zhaozong moved to Luoyang, Zhu Wen ordered the destruction of Changan houses and palaces, the wood along the Wei River River Luoyang Palace, Daming Palace was devastating blow, completely reduced to ruins.

If you buy a package, then you can take the ticket ride the park ferry battery car, because the park is relatively large, so take the battery car is still more necessary.

Six, Qianling - the only emperor Wu Zetian's tomb

Figure BY @ long time moved

Ask the new deserved 1943532190 Lv.4

Qianling in Xianyang dry county, tourism line development without terracotta warrior that line perfect.
Qianling is Tang Gaozong and Wu Zetian's burial tomb, the most famous than no word monument. From Xi'an Railway Station Plaza, east of the morning 8:00 to sit 3 can reach the scenic area, one-way ticket 30, from 50. Tour 3 belong to the travel company vehicles, the car will have a tour guide, will be recommended to collectively buy tickets (season 122, off-season 82, are coupons), ferry tickets (30) and explain the fee (20). Qianling area underground palace and did not dig, went to see the tomb as a whole, belonging to the mountain and built the tomb, listen to explain the history of the tomb of the famous Tomb of the grave has three hundred times, without a success, next to A Huang Chao ditch, said the peasant uprising army Huang Chao with four hundred thousand troops Tomb, were unsuccessful. Qianling Road is Sima Road, and the Ming and Qing Dynasties Emperor built the Shinto similar, both sides of the series of stone, more strange is his stone in addition to the common stone, stone horse, there are stone ostrich. After the stone on both sides set up two stone, on the left for the Tang Gaozong stone, that is more than 6,000 words before, the existing only more than 1,000 words, the word is relatively small, not too clear, the right for the well-known Wu Zetian no word, in fact, Above has been engraved with the word, you can confirm are the back of the world, of which there are twelve famous gold, because the text has been lost, so these words for the study Jinwen have some research value. And then over the Que floor, see the eleven statues stone, but have been cut off the head, but can be seen are foreign envoys of the Tang Dynasty look, and finally in the tomb before there are two lions, the right Seat is the real thing, and finally there are two tombstones, more interesting, one is the Qing Dynasty carved, only wrote the tomb of Tang Gaozong, the other for Guo Moruo inscription, more pertinent, we can see the feudal society for the Empress Wu is not the status Very admitted. Mausoleum can climb, but more steep, and for the tomb of stone. Finally, because it is a coupon, you can take a ferry to see the funeral burial tomb, is the eternal princess and Prince Yi tomb, the two tombs are legendary, because the two are in the Wu Zetian was killed and killed, follow up in his father Tang Zhongzong Li Xian secondary re-buried after the re-burial, the two tombs have been developed, you can see the underground palace, and can see some Dao Dong, because it has been stolen, unearthed mostly buried porcelain, particularly valuable Gold and silver treasure has been almost no.

Seven, recommended trip

D1. The first day you can go to the Hui Street, Shaanxi Provincial History Museum and the ancient city of the wall
D2. The next morning to go to Huaqing Gong and Terracotta Warriors, the evening back when you can go to the Wild Goose Pagoda to see the fountain
D3. Day 3 Daming Palace State Site park, if you are interested in the afternoon you can go to Datang Furong Garden or Forest of Stone Tablets Museum
if the time is still relatively abundant, then you can take out a day to Huashan or Qianling.

Eight, food recommended

In addition to Hui Street, there are some personal feel better shop recommended here.
Biangbiang face (South hospital stores) to Xi'an is sure to eat biangbiang face ah, this family will eat a lot of local people, but also on the Hunan TV every day up, some stars have come to eat, there are stars inside the store group photo.

The world is the first side of the
Big Wild Goose Pagoda near a, although some local people think this is to the tourists to eat, I personally feel that is still delicious, the surface is a sign, there are cooking, are Shaanxi flavor, 12 a bowl, a lot of weight, smell of urine and soup sour, fine noodles are also very tasty.

Weijiade Cold Weijiade Liang Pi is linked, other cities also have open, but personally feel Xi'an Weijiade or delicious than elsewhere, and recommend secret Cold pumpkin porridge. PS. The train station near the one is not very good to eat, do not recommend to the front shop.

Fan Chu meat Rouga (bamboo fence old shop) not far from the clock tower, walking can come, divided into ordinary pure and high quality, ordinary 8, taste really good, white Ji steamed crisp soft roast Of the very fragrant, inside the wax juice is also very tasty meat.

Hu spicy soup this is benevolent see benefactor of things, some people like to eat, some people feel too heavy taste, no special recommendation, the roadside general shop can be.

Said so many of Xi'an delicious, my personal feeling of Xi'an is that the beauty of this city food is likely to casually find a shop is very delicious is very authentic, especially the shop, really casually They pick a very good, welcome to experience the tongue on the big Xi'an ~

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