Hong Kong food map, from michelin star cheapest to herbal tea shops

From the Michelin restaurant to Hong Kong morning tea, from the fame of the dessert shop to half a century of history of the herbal tea shop ... ... traveled the city, looking for the most Hong Kong flavor.

[Eat goods will taste]

Lee Court Restaurant (Mong Kok)

Per capita: 238 yuan
Recommended dishes: ice burning three layers of meat
Address: Mong Kok Laundry Street 121, ground shop
Business hours: afternoon 11: 30-15: 00; late afternoon 18: 00-23: 30

Lee Court Restaurant, Michelin Star Restaurant, there are many chains in Hong Kong.

Specialties and ice burning three layers of meat, to shop must point, a copy of 12. In fact, Guangdong people often eat the burning of the whole pig, Manchu full of seats in the dishes. The upper layer due to high temperature baking, forming a layer of crisp leather entrance crisp and sweet, two crystal clear, soup fragrance, fine pad and the bottom, increase toughness.

Hubei golden shrimp, salted egg yolk wrapped the whole shrimp by the oil pan roll, even the shrimp shell has become crisp and delicious.

Sauce grilled bones, a small fire will slowly tasty sauce, add the practice of Cantonese favorite cuckoo meat, so that the whole course of time from time to time between the mutton meat and fermented bean meat, and sometimes the two into one, so that It has a changing taste.

Nha Trang-style cuisine (Harbor City shop)

Per capita: 145 yuan
Recommended dishes: hand cut on the beef and other rice
address: Tsim Sha Tsui, Guangdong Road 17, Harbor Building, G51 Building, G / F
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday 12: 00-23: 00

Hong Kong rare rare food, dinner from 6:15 starting supply, and soon will be a long row of the team, but the taste of a stunning to me.

Must be beef soup soup, soup is very fresh, can drink mint leaves green lemon fragrance, you can choose according to their own preferences cooked beef or raw beef.

Prawns dry river powder, cold river powder coupled with the exclusive sweet chili sauce, cool direct access to the heart, two huge grilled shrimp swap just right.

Another point of a barbecue, wrapped with lettuce, add some cucumber and basil leaves, paste the sauce a bite, the juice can not stop along the mouth to stay, that taste is to heaven na.

Taichang cake home (Central shop)

Per capita: 12 yuan
Recommended dishes: egg tart
Address: Central Pendulum Street 35, underground (near Ge Lin Street)
Business hours: 08:00 - 20:00

In 1954 opened the old shop, history is very long, all over Hong Kong. Walking from the graffiti wall of Hollywood Road, it is easy to find the store in Central.

The best thing to eat is the egg tart, butter cookie practice makes it seem not common, in the entrance moment that can feel its fresh and different.

Egg yolk pastry crisp tender, egg yolk grilled after the non-greasy, salty and sweet with the perfect.

Also bought the chicken Phi, do not know is not their own has not been Westernized, I feel this practice a little mediocre some, but the taste is also good, sweet cake wrapped in salty chicken, green beans, etc., material Foot price is very cheap.

[Authentic harbor]

Daoxiang (stellar shop)

Per capita: 83 yuan
Recommended dishes: shrimp dumplings
Address: Tsim Sha Tsui Myanmar Taiwan 3 stellar floor underground
business hours: Monday to Sunday 07: 30-16: 30 18: 00-01: 00 

This price, my god! Really is to help the wall to come out, could not help but put a lot; especially breakfast time, 8 Hong Kong dollars a bowl of ribs rice actually there is a small hillside flesh, just value.

Mainly are Hong Kong-style snacks, pork bricks, soft and delicious, need a certain hair foundation, more than a sticky teeth, less a bit Shibi mouth.

Shrimp dumplings, burning wheat are very authentic, thin skin, crystal clear. Especially the dumplings, clearly visible crabs, which wrapped two shrimp, full of content, the price is cheaper than shrimp dumplings.

Money belly, chicken feet, rich flavor, authentic Hong Kong, is a very standard way to eat.

Intestinal powder must try, do not stick teeth, super delicious.

Pool (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Per capita: 73 yuan
Recommended dishes: shrimp wonton noodles
Address: Tsim Sha Tsui Le Road 52, underground
business hours: Monday to Sunday 11: 00-23: 00 

Pool remember a lot of branches, is also very well-known chain. Because living in Tsim Sha Tsui, so the preferred music of the pool remember. Very good location, after dinner shopping in Kowloon Park or shopping are minutes of things.

Most of them are single package form, usually porridge or face to choose a bowl, add snacks (chicken wings, pork chops) plus a drink or dessert, this volume should be just good.

Signs of fresh shrimp wonton noodles, wonton all full, soup is very rich, flourishing tasty smooth teeth.

Fried mud carp balls crisp outside the skin, very chewy. On the soup mustard refreshing solution, milk tea smooth as silk.

Rice dishes so that I feel back to the Shanghai alley. Unfortunately, fried pork chops no hot sauce, but with Thai sweet chili sauce particularly appetizer.

Rich mind congee (Mong Kok shop)

Per capita: 45 yuan
Recommended dishes: signs and porridge
Address: Garden Street, Mong Kok 104-106
business hours: Monday to Sunday 07: 30-23: 30 

Traffic more convenient, the Mong Kok Station subway walk about 5 minutes. The shop itself is not big, and Hong Kong's traditional ice hall almost, when people can not help but need to fight with others.

Food prices are more close to people, afternoon package is quite cost-effective. Signs and porridge very authentic, it should be boiled for a long time to have such a taste.

Belly is very fresh, almost no smell, whether steamed or soy sauce are very fresh, especially the taste of soy sauce on the mainland tourists is still rare, may wish to try.


Dessert (Mong Kok)

Per capita: 50 yuan
Recommended dishes: Durian Banji
Address: Soybean Street, Mong Kok 27, underground (near Tung Choi Street)
Business hours: Monday to Sunday 12: 30-03: 00 

Come to eat this durian and mango as a sign of the dessert shop, located in Mong Kok, the store is very spacious.

Durian Banji, a two, the material is very real, the head is just as big as the fist. Durian sweet, creamy soft, plus Western-style pizza, is the best choice for afternoon tea break.

Yangzhi nectar, sweet and delicious, but also very Jieshu, which is very much mango and ingredients

Creamy red bean paste, and the previous red bean a little difference because of the addition of dried tangerine peel, adding a bit cool feeling.

Yishun Milk Company (Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay)

Per capita: 35 yuan
Recommended dishes: red bean double skin milk
Address: Causeway Bay, Lockhart Road, No. 506 underground (near the subway station C exit)
Business hours: Monday to Sunday 12: 00-00: 00 

Popularity is very busy, at eight or nine o'clock in the store did not reduce the number of tourists. Causeway Bay, the store's milk flavor is more pure, fragrant, on the edge of Sogo Department Store, very easy to find.

Almost everyone has a pair of pimples plus a snack. Recommended red beans double skin milk, the form is more viscous, and even with chopsticks poke can be poked out of the hole; big red bean ice sugar boiled fine sweet, and milk with the seamless, the longer the surface of the milk more mellow.

Excellent match is pork chop package, after fried aroma overflowing, the meat is very compact to see the texture of pork silk, a tube full.

Public raw material bamboo water (Central shop)

Per capita: 13 yuan
Recommended dishes: bamboo cane water
Address: Central Suho Hollywood Road 60, underground (near Peili Street)
Business hours: Monday to Sunday 11: 00-23: 00

In 1948 opened the old herbal tea shop, inherited four generations, known as "human activation monuments demonstration." Store in the old Tang floor, the facade is very narrow, and now has become one of the cultural labels in Central.

The main cup of bamboo cane water, take a 13 yuan a cup, in Ouyang Ying Ji's "Hong Kong flavor", is described as: Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories only remaining complete a sugar juice shop, every day fresh freshly squeezed sugar juice Have to buy to drink, and the printing of hot pot with potatoes, squeezed out of the juice version of the juice is very different. Drink a mouthful, sweet and fragrant, refreshing.

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