Houhai Bar Street, Beijing, contains a city of life culture district

Some people like lazy afternoon of Houhai, some people like midnight drunk of Houhai.
houhai bar street x

Shichahai around from the Yuan Dynasty is the capital of the bustling commercial district. It was at the end of the water transport, known as "Beijing ancient harbor." At that time, there were restaurants, songsticks and commercial workshops along the coast. So, Houhai's prosperity is a groundwork.

houhai bar street

houhai bar street

houhai bar street

Cross the space tunnel

From quiet to prosperous

Interesting bar

A wide range of old and famous shops all over the Houhai and the coast of the palace, the former residence, alley, courtyard complex

These sites show the ancient Beijing style

Constitute a blurred staggered life picture

Quaint and stylish

Quiet and noisy

Nostalgic and fresh

houhai bar street

houhai bar street

If you say Sanlitun Bar Street is a popular style

After that sea bar is undoubtedly take the cultural style

Small water hutong, sea and gather

No noisy music

Only melodious singing and nostalgic culture of unique flavor

Coupled with the characteristics of old Beijing

Houhai absolutely alternative modern melodious city

houhai bar street

houhai bar street

The bistro here is neat and tidy

Service is also very warm, people relaxed

There is a feeling of going home

Busy day people

Twilight and thirty-two friends sit on the lake, the wine Lin Feng

Down leisurely, do not have the mood

Singing shows in recent years, there are many outstanding players who used to be in the Houhai bar resident singer.

Whether it is North drift race, street singer, or Beijing local young people playing music in this beautiful, artistic atmosphere is quite strong place, can find their own shelter.

houhai bar street

Chinese love tea, old beijing is no exception.

Houhai Lake teahouses nor bar less than. Most of the traditional Chinese bamboo furniture and flowers and birds freehand background set off. Natural antique tea, so that the school presents an ancient style of ancient charm.

In the quiet "lake tea room", while tea, while listening to the boss of Beijing Jingyun, taste old tea in the traditional Beijing snacks, it is also very comfortable.

houhai bar street

houhai bar street


houhai bar street

Standing on the silver ingot bridge, listen to the "flying fish bar" guitarist shed a burst of rain from the rooftop urgent strings. Houhai real moving details in a gorgeous night quietly revealed. Market atmosphere and fragrant red wine no problem. Ancient courtyards and fashion source their own place. The old Beijing Houhai, with a rare sexy elsewhere.

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