How do you eat from Guangzhou to Shunde?

Excerpts from the travel notes "[Xunwei Shunde] Guangzhou Shunde, two-day tour of office workers"

About transportation

Departure from Guangzhou to Shunde

There are many ways to start from Guangzhou in Shunde:
1. We are near the Guangzhou Bus Terminal, so we can buy WeChat tickets directly here, and we can get more than 20 yuan from Shunde Daliang in less than an hour and a half. Arrival is very convenient.
2. First take the subway to Guangzhou South Railway Station, then take the light rail to Shunde, 8 minutes to arrive, dozens of cars a day.
3. The subway is located at Tianhe Bus Station or Fangcun Bus Station. There are also long-distance buses that can directly reach Shunde Daliang.
4. Of course, you have a car, you can go to Shunde anywhere, including local entertainment in Shunde is also super convenient.

Shunde City Traffic

The mode of transportation after arriving in Shunde:
Shunde's taxis are not often seen, because we go to Drip or take the bus, it is about ten yuan. Because Shunde's delicious shops are relatively concentrated, basically in a magical circle of "half an hour", so we can basically brush the whole Shunde, but some stores are relatively remote, after this I will say that.

Of course, even if you don't have a car and don't plan to drip, you can choose to rent a car for two or three days after arriving in the local area. The price is relatively affordable, and the itinerary can be controlled by yourself. Relatively speaking, the price/performance ratio is relatively high. After all, If you have a car, you can actually play around.

Hotel recommendation

From Shunde Passenger Bus Terminal, take the bus directly to the hotel, get off at Qinghuiyuan Station, and you will arrive in a while.
We are a Jinjiang Star Fashion Store near Qinghui Park. It is a "huge" place in the local area (you will know that it is huge when you arrive).

Backed by the Huagai Mountain Plank Road, adjacent to Daliang Huagai Pedestrian Street and Qinghui Garden, the location is excellent, and travel is also very convenient. Basically, there are buses from other places. 150 yuan a night, it can be said that the price is very high.

But there are also some shortcomings, that is, mosquitoes are fried more chicken! ! Although the hotel will provide mosquito repellent tablets, it really has no effect on my mosquito body, especially on the mountain!

Food store big inventory

Ado private kitchen

Shunde's first meal - "Ado private kitchen"! ! The main eats the sauna fish, and later I know that the sauna chicken is better, but the chicken is too expensive, 188 and a half, or the fish is more cost-effective, tens of dollars a pound, and the fish is one fish and two, half for steaming and ingredients Half is used to make a "squat sauna". Speaking secretly to you, two people can't eat a fish, and the weight is too big.

Looking outside, I thought it was the villa of the mountain house (it looks very expensive), it is like a place where rich people can go in. For my sauna fish, I still bravely walked into this "door banquet". .

Once inside, it is a very elegant little courtyard, which is in line with the taste of Jiangnan local tyrants. Unfortunately, the fish inside should wait for me to swim in my stomach. This is not very good. (The fish is so cute, how can I eat? Fish and fish)

Waiting was long, and I waited for more than half an hour. During the period, a couple of young couples came to us later, and later decided to fight together, but because of the sudden strangeness, the two of us who were ashamed did not dare to propose a meal. Otherwise we can eat a lot of dishes.

The first one is fried fried wonton milk stick, although I have not eaten Minxin and Renxin's fried wonton, but I feel that this bomb is very good, reaching the level of "importation", if not to be There is also a sauna fish, I can call another pot.

The couple who are at the table are called oysters. It feels good. I think the main material here is great. I can taste very sweet and delicious, but I still only like to eat barbecue, add Zhanjiang oysters with garlic. It’s delicious when it’s baked.

The waiter asked what fish to ask, we asked for squid, which is a little cheaper than squid. No matter what fish is boned in advance, the first dish is steamed, the steaming time is just right, the meat is delicious and delicious. The taste is not old, but it can be said that the heat and time are very accurate.

The first time I ate the fish from the simmering sauna, the loofah was placed underneath, and a layer of squid was placed on it. It took less than two minutes to steam. It must be eaten hot. The feeling of a chopstick and a piece of fish is really Unbeatable, it is no longer possible to summarize this river fresh with the beauty, accurate to the timing of the second, fresh and interesting and full of expectation, simmered in simple soy sauce seasoning. (The point is that if you haven’t eaten breakfast, come over here, wait a long time and don’t admire it, it’s really a loss.)

There is a hidden consumption here, that is, the price of fish and loofah is calculated separately, so although we finally ate 3 pounds of squid, according to 45 pieces a pound, the total consumption is actually 203, minus the fried wonton hard There are more than a few dollars in consumption.

Wei Ke Niu Duo Tang

I was thinking about going to Qinghui Park in the afternoon, but I came back to the hotel from Qinghui Park at three o'clock, so I didn't want to toss it. I slept until five o'clock in the afternoon, and then walked past Qinghui Park and found that it was closed. Only allowed to enter, it seems to be closed at 5:30.
Going around the outermost circle, the neighborhood is very prosperous, but it is very ordinary, normal urban landscape, Huagai Pedestrian Street is more old-fashioned, I can see some clothing stores in the county five or six years ago, I thought I was crossing It is.
After that, I queued up to the sister-in-law, oh! Good guy, a lot of people are queuing there, but for the sake of the food, what counts for the team, unconsciously arranged for twenty minutes, the previous one said a few words in my ear, "Ready not, different queues", I My heart muttered "a small sample, this little trick also wants to lie to me, I used this trick in the dining hall that year." After waiting a few more minutes, the proprietress also said no, come early, my heart is Crashing.

Forced to helplessly, went to a "Wei Ke Niu Duo Tang" diagonally opposite the sister, in fact, this Raiders also have, but still more yearning for the fine sisters, after all, for me, this carnivorous animal, "啖啖It’s all meat, it’s the ideal of life.
In fact, Wei Ji is not bad. I can't say which one is the best. I can only say that each has its own good. You can't eat the beef in the place where the main beef and soup are sold. Similarly, you should not call the girl. In addition to the standard.

Wei Ji I did not line up, but watching other people's Raiders seems to have to line up, it may be different time, compared to the sister, may be more traditional and authentic cattle store, there is a The small operation room of Liangtang is very clean.

Minxin Old Shop

Minxin Old Shop is located in Shunde Daliang Pedestrian Street (the golden belt of Huagai Road). In fact, it is the Jinjiang Star that left the hotel door and turned left. You can see it as you move forward. Renxin’s side is Renxin, and the two stores produce Almost, like KFC and McDonald's, the dead end (good friends) always go hand in hand.
It is this old name, a bowl of double skin milk has been done for more than 70 years. In 1930, the old shop of Huaxin Road in Huagai Road became the love of Shunde people and sweets.
It is said that because the buffalo sucked by the founder family has too much milk to use, the buffalo is cooked for preservation. After cooling, it is found that there is a layer of milky skin above the buffalo. I am very happy to commemorate the skin. "The feeling, this layer of skin becomes the first layer of skin of double skin milk."
Then pour out the milk below, cook it again with rock sugar and eggs, and pour it into the bowl that left the first layer of skin. Even if the two skins of the skin are finished, even if it completes its personal show, it becomes Chen Duxiu.

After arriving at the store, I found that there is no place for the cone. The popular shops in Shunde are like this. When I wait to get used to it, I can only say that the queue is worth a try. We squinted at everyone in the room with a small excitement in the heart. When we saw a diners withdrawing from the table, they flew over. The waiter was not used to it. I made up a sentence for me to clean up. I was a little bit confused.

The evaluation after eating is: Ma Madi (general).

Coconut stew is more OK, there is coconut in the milk, there is milk in the coconut, and a scent of the stock is eaten. If I let it be estimated, it is to pour the milk directly into the coconut, and to engage in the hoe scam, but this Really do the color, satisfaction.

I feel that I can't compare with some dessert shops in Foshan Chancheng. Although this store can be used as the ancestor of other stores by age, but the store is bigger and more popular, and there is no amazing feeling.
The second is that the wife is too sweet, really tired of my top lungs, especially if we are still cold, if it is hot, it will be sweeter.

Renxin Old Shop

Dong Jiewen, founder of Renxin Double Skin Milk, and his father Dong Xiaohua, lived in Baishi Village, Daliang, Shunde, and lived in hills and waters near Shunde Daliang. Although there are few local water cows, they have less water and more oil. Particularly fragrant and delicious.
Therefore, Daliang is very popular, and the buffalo breeding industry has always been very prosperous. At that time, the technology was backward and there was no such high-tech refrigerator. Dong’s father often racked his brains for how to preserve fresh milk.
On one occasion, Dong’s father tried to boil the milk and stored it, but unexpectedly found that the surface of the milk would form a thin coat after cooling, and it would feel very soft and sweet. Try it again and try out the original double skin milk.

Renxin feels that there are not as many people as the people, but the personal feeling is better than the letter. We only ordered a Yangzhi nectar. There is a small ice cream cake in the middle. I slowly tasted that the milk taste is sufficient. Coconut milk sago and mango are mixed together, and finally I have a sweet dessert.

Happy forest

Happy Forest is a good place to see other Raiders on the horse's nest. It is now 10 o'clock in the evening. The standard day and night departure time is directly from the hotel a few hundred meters to the bus stop. The station is the treasure. Lin Temple Station.
You can see the "Happy Forest" at the bus stop. I guided the navigation here, but the drip cart can't be positioned here. You can locate the "Shunde taste" next to it. If you don't have a bus at night, you won't take a taxi. expensive.
From the appearance point of view, it is an ordinary food stall, but in general, such night and night shops are all ugly. Only by personally trying to know whether it is the right store, so I can only try the meat, I am saying "I Whoever does not go to hell, who has entered the hell, has already cultivated the realm of the wine and meat in the heart of the six ancestors.


I ordered a store's signature "Bu Bu", and there are two chicken legs, one mushroom, three skewers. Let me talk about Bu Buzhen. The difference between peace and common is very big. Of course, it is not the difference between good and bad. The delicious food is definitely delicious. I think this shop is very OK. The ingredients inside are chicken juice ginger. There is a kind of food to eat. The unique aroma of Qingyuan Chicken, and its Bu Bu Ji is very fresh, you can have one more copy. After all, this is not enough.

Chicken legs and leeks are also excellent. The chicken legs are more delicious than the ones on the other side of the house, and they are quite appropriate under the seasoning. If you have one more point, you will get less than one point and you will not be tempted. Flammulina is very unpalatable, the taste is very strange, it is not difficult to say, it is not the same shop baked...

Happy cow milk

There is an old saying that milk is not afraid of the alley, I think it is very appropriate.
At 8 o'clock in the morning, we went straight to this famous knick milk, and tasted what the five-star dairy recommended by the water friends had. What after all, this score is crushed. "Renxin" and "Minxin" are peers of this kind.
I believe that the old letter store may be equally exciting at the beginning, but it is inevitable that the store will be disappointing if it is bigger. If you can make an analogy, I think it is a start-up letter, but the price is not cheap but the quality is high. Up!

There is still a small road to go to the bus stop. Follow the navigation. There are some very classic country houses on the way. I feel that the happiness index of people living here is high, and I can drink milk every day.
There is a small shop on the road that is also labeled with milk and milk. The dog and egg classmates also took photos under the signboard under my guidance. I just wanted to ask the store to be milked and I was stopped because I suddenly remembered the pictures I saw online. It seems that this is not the case, the thief is jealous.

Milk is a milk product made in Daliang Town, Shunde, Guangdong. Originally a special product of Jinbang Township nearby, the shape is a round piece, so it is also called Jinbang Niuwei Cake. It is delicious and delicious. It used to be as famous as “double skin milk” and “Ginger milk”, but now it is hidden in mottled alleys and home life. In all the dairy restaurants in the mouths of the diners, the "happy" sign is probably the most vocal.
"Happiness in the Milk Shop" is jointly run by Li Meihuan and her husband Wang Kun. In the morning, the buffalo arrived at the store, and the white vinegar was condensed into a soft and smooth mass. It was rolled into a piece with a lace wood mold and soaked into the sea salt water that was adjusted every day. As the indispensable "salt water" of "Jinbang Milk Tablet", the practice is not to use processed salt, but to boil unprocessed sea salt, filter it with gauze and then boil it into salt, such salt In order to melt into a pot of clear and bright salt water.
The milk is made into a crispy round shape and will be sold together with salt water. It has a slightly sweet taste in salty water. It is usually mixed with Guangdong porridge, or it is directly washed with hot water. It is also authentic sweet.

Soon, I came up with a bowl of double skin milk and buffalo milk. The surface looks so fascinating. I can’t bear to destroy the mirror-like thin milk layer. It’s a very fragrant milk flavor. After that, the mouth is full of rich taste, it really makes people want to stop, I feel that I can still come back to ten bowls.

There are various ways to eat milk on the wooden door. The estimated amount of milk we eat is diluted milk. If the milk we take away should be super concentrated, just add a little at a time.

On the wall inside the store, there are various newspapers and previous news, award-winning reports, and I can see that although it is not as old as the double letter, it has a long history. It is rare to be able to stick to the quality.

Dragon's Restaurant

Long's restaurant is a relatively old tea shop in Shunde. We didn't have anyone when we arrived at 9:30. We can take the bus from the hotel to the "Dragon's Hotel" station and get off the road. The opposite side of the road is the splendid tea house.
When I went up the stairs, I actually met. At the first stop, "Ado Private Kitchen", when I was eating a table, the couple was really wonderful. The fate of this kind of thing is really difficult to say. Have been implicated.

However, I felt that the service was not good. When the first floor was full, let us go to the second floor. The living room on the second floor was full. We asked us to sit at the small table on the second floor corridor. Who knows the waiter who came back said Can't sit here, it's hard to sit down and no one can pour water, don't arrange an order, let us sit and simmer.
Behind the shrimp dumplings, Luneng cake, raw fish fillet porridge, chicken feet, quicksand milk yellow pack, Chencun powder (after all, became four people, fighting force levers, later learned to overestimate themselves...)

Finally, I ordered a Chencun powder. I didn’t feel right when I didn’t open the steamer on the table. My cockroaches, how big is the big one, it’s awkward to open, my face is so big, I feel like coming back. The four people can't solve it, and this can be adjusted. The couple next to the couple saw that the momentum was not right. They left us in the wind and messed up. The Chencun powder was silent. (In fact, they drove back to Shenzhen and left.) .

Tips: It's
not well-known. It may be that there are too many teahouses in Guangzhou. If there is a contrast, it will be divided. Guangzhou's Daoxiangju and the points have to be able to explode this one. We are more recommended to be located in Foshan. A morning tea called "Zhonghua Tea House", where the produce is very refined.

Fine sister, spiced beef

Cattle, a traditional Cantonese snack, because the cows are visceral, so the treatment before the cooking is particularly particular, especially the choice of sauce and cooking time should be properly controlled. The sauce has its own secret recipe, which is also the main reason why many foodies are fascinated.
The fine-smelling Wuxiang cattle in the Shunde, Foshan, is a standard net red shop. The excellent location makes many diners come. Their ingredients are fresh and delicious, and they are also famous for their long exposure.
It is a pity that there is only beef belly and beef intestines, and burdock and beef lungs are not always available, because it is responsible for the quality of the hygiene.

At noon, I returned to Jinjiang Star to check out and put my luggage at the front desk. I plan to go to Qinghui Garden in the afternoon. By the way, I will eat the fine-smelling beef and noodles that I didn’t eat yesterday. So many people are waiting in line, but this time I am very Confidence, don't eat this beef, I don't go back to Guangzhou, I am in Shunde! !

The proprietress gestured very fast. Under the gesture of exercising in my single body for more than ten years, the camera still only photographed the afterimage of her cow-studded hand. Is it the legendary “Foshan Shadowless Scissor”? ? ?

The coveted beef is finally on the line, and my feelings are added to my hunter. In fact, this score is very good. I can say that it is very satisfying. The marinade is very tasty. The beef is very tender and very grateful. In the mouth, with the standard chutney and bell pepper sauce, the whole batch of beef in the three or five is swept away, although the price is a little expensive, the smallest box must be 38.

The Maoming dog egg next to it said that it was very dissatisfied. I think it is very strict. Although their Maoming beef is also first-rate, it can only be said that the style is different. Maoming’s beef is mainly clear soup, and the ingredients are surprising. It is a kind of pepper water and pepper. In Guangdong, Foshan, the area is more prosperous, the marinade is mixed with beef, and the win is more delicious and the taste is soft.

Qinghui Garden

Qinghui Garden is an ancient garden building originally built in the Ming Dynasty. Located in Qinghui Road, Daliang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, it is located in the center of the city. The site was originally built by Huang Shijun, the Ming Dynasty champion Huang Shijun. The existing buildings were mainly built during the Qing Jiaqing period. In the park, the owner reflects the idea of ​​the winding wind in the mountains and rivers. He is inspired by the famous poem of Xie Lingyun of the Southern Dynasties: “The faint climate changes, the landscape contains Qinghui”, hence the name “Qinghui”.

The gardens have been built many times by the five generations of Long Shishi, Long Tingyi, Long Yuanren, Long Jingcan and Long Yuhui, and gradually formed a Lingnan garden with complete structure and distinctive features. Qinghui Garden and Foshan Liangyuan, Panyu Yuyinshanfang (or Yuyinyuan) and Dongguan Keyuan are also known as the four famous gardens of Guangdong. They are also the masterpieces of Lingnan Garden.

The entire garden of Qinghui Garden is compact and compact. The architectural art is quite high and magnificent. The form of the building is light and flexible. The elegant reading is simple, the garden space is distinct and clear, and the structure is clear. Use the clear water, green trees, ancient walls, leaking windows, stone mountains, small bridges, curved corridors, etc. to interact with pavilions. It integrates ancient Chinese architecture, gardens, sculptures, poems, and gray sculptures.

The layout of Qinghui Garden is based on the large garden and the small garden. There is no effort to create a rockery. Because you are surrounded by mountains on three sides, you can climb the mountains in the distance as long as you build a pavilion. The forest is forested and sturdy, and it is in line with the greenery of the distant mountains, and it is integrated with the mountain view.

Fifteen dollars, you can't deceive your toll to Shangri-La, not enough for your lunch, and take a walk after dinner to watch the sights of the sentimental sentiment. It seems that Shunde natives can enter the park for free.

Big headed roast goose

In Shunde, there is no such thing as Datouhua. Datouhua’s roast goose is famous for it. It is roasted with charcoal fire. The selection is the free-range Magang geese. The reason for not choosing black geese is that black geese goose and fat will follow The changes in the four seasons vary, the Magang geese are different, and the quality remains stable, so the taste of the roast goose is stable.
In addition to roast goose, the other thing that must be ordered in the store is pork roast and foie gras. The unique way to eat is a piece of foie gras with a piece of goose liver, but I am poor and can't taste this kind of eating.

The time to open on time is 11:30 in the morning and 4:30 in the afternoon. At 3:30, there are already many diners waiting in the distance from Damenhuamen. In fact, there is no such exaggeration on the Internet. For two hours, I think it is enough to come half an hour earlier. Because the people who came at the beginning were more aggressive, and they didn’t know where to line up. They just sat down and waited to open the door. In fact, they moved their stools on the right hand side of their door, because the window where they collected the money was there. what! ! !

At 4:30 in the afternoon, I opened the door on time. I watched the roast goose separated by a glass, which made me drooling and remembered the classic old saying: "The most important thing for a family is to be neat!" If God makes me more Have money, I will definitely eat a whole roast goose next time!

After waiting for a long time, I finally waited until today. After eating for two days, I finally ate the roast goose~ (singing out the sound), and there was a gap between the expectations. I thought it was the best thing that would make me fly up in the daytime. It feels good after eating ( The dog and egg classmates feel very good.) The meat is not firewood and it is full of marinade. It is very attractive to pick up the sour plum sauce at the store.

Two bowls of rice were added, ten yuan, which is more expensive than the northeast rice, but there must be rice for meat. If you eat roast goose alone, it may be a bit salty, and the focus is not enough. Summarized in one sentence: roast goose is a good roast goose, the price is high, but still accepted.

After eating, there is a large group of people waiting in line, so it is best to come half an hour in advance, not only can eat the roast goose, but also save the time of starvation, watching the taste of others is particularly uncomfortable.

Route recommendation

Our itinerary is shared with everyone. Two days and one night, it took less than one thousand. The route is as follows for your reference:
[DAY1]: Departure from Guangzhou to Shunde - Ado Private Kitchen - Jinjiang Star - Wei Ji
Niu Zai Tang - Minxin Old Shop - Renxin Old Shop - Happy Forest Nights [DAY2]: Happy New Year's Milk - Dragon's Restaurant - Fine Girl's Spiced Beef Miscellaneous - Qinghui Garden - Huanglian Datouhua Roast goose

Recommended by other restaurants

In addition to the places we went to this time, we recommend some word-of-mouth on the Internet or the food-seeking point in "Seeking Shunde". The route can be arranged according to your own preferences and planning time. I hope this travel book can bring you a little bit. A little bit... help!

Huang Danji Chencun Powder Restaurant - No.1 and No.2, South Bridge Road, Chencun, Chencun - 0757-23330218
Huanglian Datou Huashou Goose Shop (Daliang) - No.1, Fengcheng Food Building, No.1 Binhe Road ——0757-22288048 Renxin
Old Shop (Hua Gai Road)——No. 93, Daliang Huagai Road (near pedestrian street)---0757-22223311
Fine sister Wuxiang Niuzao - Dalianghua Gaili Zhijie Xinfa Building No. 3 Shop Huiyuan Parking Lot Directly (near Qinghui Garden)---13509963197
Minxin Old Shop ( Hugai Road) - No. 119, Daliang Huagai Road (near Daliang Huagai Road Commercial Pedestrian Street)--- 0757-22222424
Ado Private Kitchen - —Longyan Village South Lane No. 3 (near Longyan Village Station)——
0757-25634070 Huanjie Lunjiao Cake (Daliang Store)——No.45, Fruit Bar Road, Daliang Street—0757-22610898
Pork Pod Private Kitchen-- Road No. 31 (next to Guizhou Middle School)---0757-26628128
Happy Birthday Milk No. 19 - Jinbang Shangjie No. 19---13690548777 Weiji Niu Duo
Tang - No. 2, Weiyi Building, Gaili Street, Daliang 15918852073
Red Star Light Hair Clay Rice - No. 40 Dashi Street, Zhulin Road, Rongguiwai Village, Shunde District, Foshan City Red Star Min'an Bridge Foot
- 0757-28884211 Dragon's Restaurant - No. 6 near Liangliang Road (0757) 22,629,888
of energy Museum - Daliang Daliang Street, Cheung Hing Road 11 --0757-22610717
Gold Dairies - Shunde District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province Fairview Village 16 (Jiazi Road West) - (0757) 22277278
Beef Claypot Rice - 10m to the east of the intersection of Xingui North Road and Dangui Road (opposite to Dangui Park) - 0757-22333791
Wenhua Friends - No. 146, Fuhua Road, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province - 0757-28890001
Shawan Dairy Queen - Shawan Da Chong Alley Street Qingshui Well Side - 34732686

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