How is Qin Shi Huang tomb built?

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of the vast project, the number of workers as much as the duration is unprecedented.
qin shi huang tomb

The prime minister Li Si for the tomb of the designer, less government order Zhang Han supervision workers. A total of 72 million people recruited, the number of people to use the number of repair mausoleum up to nearly 800,000, almost equivalent to the construction of the pyramid of the Kubu 8 times.

The construction of the cemetery is accompanied by the life of Qin Shihuang's life. When he was 13 years old just ascended the throne when the first year of the Qin Wang (247 years ago), cemetery construction project began. The ancient emperor was not the first time of the emperor's emperor's emperor, as early as the Warring States period princes princes before the mausoleum has become common practice. Such as Zhao Suhou "fifteen years from the Shou Ling", as well as Pingshan County Zhongshan King's tomb is also created during his lifetime. But the emperor of the monarch before the birth of the time to advance to the early throne, this is the Qin Shi Huang's improvement. Cemetery project built 39 years, until the Qin Shihuang dead date has not yet completed, the second emperor Hu Hai to the throne, and then built more than a year before the basic completion.

Throughout the cemetery project, before and after can be divided into three construction stages.

Initial stage. Since the Qin Wang ascended the throne began to reunification of the country for 26 years, this stage has started the cemetery project design and construction of the main project, initially laid the cemetery project size and basic pattern.

Medium stage. From the reunification of the country to the emperor thirty-five years, which lasted 9 years, for the cemetery project large-scale construction period. Up to 72 million prisoners to large-scale construction, the basic completion of the cemetery of the main project.

The final stage. Since the Qin Dynasty emperor thirty years to Qin two years of winter, which lasted more than three years, this stage is the cemetery of the end of the project and cover the task. At this stage the outbreak of Chen Sheng, Wu Guang Uprising, hit the cemetery less than the number of miles near the water (now Lintong County Xinfeng town near), Qin empire at stake. At this point has been promoted to the small order of the chapter Han suggested: "Pirates have been to the public, this hair near the county less than carry on, Li Shan only, please forgive, grant troops to hit." II immediately quasi-life Zhang Han led the repair army to fight against the rebels, has not yet fully completed the cemetery project had to hastily completed.

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