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figure namjagawa peak elevation by rice porridge

First, Top3: Nyingchi area

Figure: Nyingchi area elevation map. BY pole Tianhe

1, punch card spots inventory

Nanjaba tile peak

In Tibet, "the father of the mountains, " the reputation of the National Geographic magazine in the selection of "China's most beautiful ten famous mountains" reputation.
Ps: After entering the autumn, can see the probability of large capacity of Nanjia Bawa. Sejila Pass and the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon are all nice attractions.
Address: Nyingchi County, Inner Mongolia, the
cost of southeast : into the town after the need to pay tickets, one for the ticket, 150 yuan / person, one for the ticket + tour bus + meal a total of 260 yuan / person

If you do not enter Medog , ordinary visitors to watch the Nanjia Bawa peak has the following locations:
Sejila Pass: 318 National Road Nyingchi - Bomi on the road after 2, straight viewing platform and straight white village: first Nyingchi arrived at the town of Nakayama (located in the town) at 80km southeast of the capital of the Nyingchi Prefecture, about 8:00 am every morning at the bridgehead of Bayi Town, with a fare of 60 yuan / person, 4 hours. From the township to continue to travel about 18km straight view of the viewing platform, and then a few kilometers ahead of straight white village, straight village can provide accommodation. There is no shuttle arrived here, generally need to chartered to the price of 200 yuan or more, but also from the school to go on foot. Straight white village from the main peak of Nanjia Bawa peak distance of only 5km, along the road scenery is very spectacular. From the Straight Village can also be guided to lead the way or inquire about the route after the walk to the South Campanas peak base camp (ordinary physical person about 2-3 hours to arrive). Waterways: From the Bayi Interchange there is a boat from the Brahmaputra River to send to the township, landed after the ride to the straight viewing platform. Cruise round trip price of 580 yuan / person.

Figure: Antarctic Bawa peak. BY rice porridge

Brahmaputra Grand Canyon

The world 's largest Grand Canyon
Address: the lower reaches of the Brahmaputra River in the Nanjia Bawa River bend, Milin County to send the township near the
cost: 270 yuan / person. Including the scenic area green car, tour guide, buffet, student card half price; water price of 500 yuan or more, every morning, afternoon classes, lunch, rice, tour time for 1 day
to reach the traffic: in the Bayi passenger station by Meilin County to send the town bus, 130km, tickets 65 yuan / person, travel 3-4 hours. Into the scenic area to take the area of ​​CMB, each car will be equipped with a tour guide. Scenic area can be stroll around 2 hours, the bus back to the car at the office.

Figure: Brahmaputra Grand Canyon. BY bears bear

Lulang Linhai

Typical of the plateau mountain meadow long strip, Linhai by the bushes and dense spruce, pine composition, the middle is a uniform meadow, streams meandering among them, in addition to a large number of birds perched here, as if a " Pastoral mountain map ".

Figure: Lu Lang Linhai. BY Nanyang

Address: 318 State Road by Nyingchi area Nyingchi County, Lulang County area, viewing platform in the color Ji La Mountain
cost: viewing platform 20 yuan / person, Lulang pasture 80 yuan / person
arrived Transportation: no special shuttle arrived in eight A town by 318 National Road vehicles will pass by.

Figure: Lu Lang Linhai. BY text

2, Accommodation Sleep

Nyingchi accommodation is generally concentrated in Bayi town . If you travel in the Grand Canyon area, you can choose to live in the local residents, but to respect the local traditions and living habits, can bring their own tents. Due to the relationship between the pressure on the plateau, the boiling point of boiling water below 100 ℃, visitors should pay attention to water hygiene, the best comes with drinking water.

Figure: Linzhi area hotel list. BY pole Tianhe

3, catering

There are many restaurants in the town of Nyingchi, the price of food is higher than the mainland. Sichuan restaurant most.
Nyingchi area of ​​the flavor diet in addition to the traditional flavor of Tibet, there are some ethnic characteristics of food.

Lulang stone pot chicken

Figure: Lulang stone pot chicken. BYwaitingone

Lulang stone pot chicken is one of the most famous food, the price of 240-280 yuan, rice 10 yuan is not limited, with the soup with 2-3 stack of vegetables used to rinse, during the soup can be added, do not have to point Of the dishes, and about 50 yuan per capita.
Chicken is a local stocking saute chicken, stone pot is produced from Medogis made of soap, the price of more than a thousand dollars. Stone pot chicken ingredients are Linzhi specialty palm, angelica, possession of Fritillaria, Chinese wolfberry and other fungi and herbs, soup fragrant mellow, need to slow stew for about 2 hours before the table.  

Tibetan pig

Figure: Tibetan fragrant pork. Image from the web

Tibetan pig is a unique Tibetan pig, looks black and thin, completely green pollution. Meat taste very good, fat but not greasy, Bayi some local restaurants will have some Tibetan pig to do the dishes, but not at any time to eat, need to ask a few.

4, Nyingchi into Tibet way

Nyingchi has flights between Lhasa, Chengdu, Chongqing, the price is slightly higher. Temporarily through railway, can only take the train to Lhasa, Nyingchi then car arrives.  


Figure: Nyingchi Airport. Image from the web

Figure: Aircraft flight table. BY pole Tianhe

Nyingchi Milling Airport is located in Milling County, Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet, and Bayi Town, the capital of Nyingchi Prefecture, about 40km northward. Has opened to Chongqing, Chengdu and Lhasa route.
Address: Linzhi area Milling County Mimin Village
arrived at the traffic: a bus shuttle, 25 yuan / person, depending on the flight time


After arriving in Lhasa by airplane or train, take the bus to the most important transportation hub of Nyingchi Prefecture in the Lhasa East Suburban Terminal. The two places are separated by 406km, the journey is about 8 hours, the fare is 120 yuan / person, the gold cup 160 yuan / person, generally do not start by time, Manchu left, few people when the train at least 16 people can go, the Gold Cup at least 8 people can go, Bayi to Bomi fare of 130 yuan / person.
Lhasa Dongjiao Bus Terminal
Address: No. 3, Jiangsu East Road, Lhasa
Contact: 0891-6340523
Arrival traffic: take the 9 road link, 10 bus in the eastern suburbs passenger station, or by 4,5,6,8,10 , 12,17 bus under the mail station

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Second, Top2: Lhasa area

Lhasa hit the card attractions I would not recommend too much, as is well known, the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Nam Co, sheep Lake, etc., we are based on their own preferences to punch it. I give you some useful information .

Figure: Lhasa area elevation map. BY pole Tianhe

the weather

Lhasa sun is really good, often stay in winter are still good, because not cold. It is almost no rain here, and occasionally the weather will be a bit yin, but soon it is sunny, just here people are easy to dry, so pay attention to sunscreen moisturizing.

Barker Street

Figure: Barkhor Street. BY bears bear

Buy something here, we must talk about the price, things really false, but still have characteristics, to see everyone like to buy it. Most of the stuff in the supermarket is about the same as the mainland, so there is no need to eat from the mainland. The other have to buy a variety of supplies or very convenient. Is the food some expensive, the fruit is relatively cheap.

Recommended food points

Figure: Lhasa food. Rain is over

Deji Road,
where the price of restaurants more affordable, mostly Sichuan flavor, like hot pot, string, dry pot and so on.

Beijing Road - Jokhang Temple area
focused on a number of famous restaurants in Lhasa: Gangla Meiduo environment elegant; snow restaurant is the main nostalgic Tibetan style; snow hotel opposite the hotel is just behind the restaurant, the second floor restaurant for the Jokhang Temple Square, there are invincible street. It is feast for the sake of eating here.

Lhasa more old food gathered. You can taste from the northeastern Wusuli River wild fish, but also goods to the old Beijing authentic lamb and roast duck, both the nobility in the past to eat Zambo feast, there are home full of chicken, salt chicken Wait.

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"Back to Lhasa, back to the Potala Palace ... ..." feel the breath of the holy city of Lhasa , worship the most devout temples.

Third, Top1: Everest area

1, Everest base camp elevation map and tourist information

Figure: Everest area elevation map. BY pole Tianhe

Figure: Everest tourist information. BY pole Tianhe

2, Everest attractions recommended:

Velvet temple

Figure: velvet temple. BY volume is not made

Is the highest temple in the world, was built in 1899. Monastery points old and new, the old temple is located 3 kilometers south of the new temple, near Mount Everest. The new temple was built in 1902, the flannel temple was large, after the historical reasons were destroyed.
Since the Rongbuk from the top of Everest about 20 Gong Li , the place has become from the North Slope to climb Mount Everest base camp. From here to the south view, is a great place to watch shooting Everest.

3, traffic

Figure: travel vehicles. BY pole Tianhe

Shuttle route:
1. From Lhasa to Shigatse, in the western suburbs of Lhasa, take the bus station, every hour, the fare 85 yuan -125 yuan, according to the model to determine the price.
2. From the Shigatse by car to the date, in the Shigatse long-distance passenger station ride, two classes a day, the fare 85 yuan.
3. From the date of the car to the Everest Velvet Temple, 500 yuan a person. Arrived at the velvet temple after the replacement of green cars to Everest base camp, fare 25 yuan.

4, ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ recommended

Five days to take you around: two holy cities, two holy lakes, two stars feast, a world peak. For you to create an unforgettable journey.


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