How to play Guilin's best attractions?

Guilin is a city rich in landscapes, where the mountains and waters are worthy of appreciation. It's hard to get a holiday, don't want to toss in the distance? I do not know what can not be missed attractions? Do not know how to plan the play route? Do not bother you, look down, a Raiders easy to get ~
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One, first arrived in Guilin, played downtown top attractions

The Essence of Guilin City - Elephant Trunk Hill

The national AAAAA level scenic spot is located at the confluence of Lijiang River and Taohua River in Guilin. The main attractions are Shuiyue Cave, Xiangyan Cave, Putian Pagoda, Hongfeng Temple and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Revolutionary Site Exhibition Hall in the temple, etc. With its unique Yamagata and long history. Become a symbol of Guilin City Emblem, I believe I do not need to say, you have long been familiar with in primary school textbooks.

1. Opening hours: High season (April-October) 6:30-19:00 Low season (November-March) 7:00-18:30
2. Preferential policy: Children under 1.2 meters will be admitted directly to the park; 6 Students aged between 1 and 18 years of age and full-time undergraduate or under degree students can enjoy a discount of 50% off the ticket price of this scenic spot with valid ID cards or student ID cards (this applies to domestic students and domestic students).

A taste of Guilin on the water - two rivers and four lakes

The two rivers and four lakes refer to the Guilin city water system that consists of Lugu Lake, Shanhu Lake, Guihu Lake, Mulong Lake, Minjiang River, and Taohua River. The waterways of the two rivers and four lakes form the most beautiful urban landscape belt in Guilin's urban center.

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1. Wenchangqiao Terminal: Next to the Wenchang Bridge, Minzhu Road, Guilin (opposite to No. 1 Menma Road in Shanshan District, after Xinhua Pavilion Restaurant), take bus No. 23, 16, and 2 to Wenchangqiao Station or Xiangshan Park “Get off at the station and walk for 2 minutes. Take a taxi to the taxi master and say “Wenchangqiao Pier”.
2. Liberation Bridge Six horses wharf is located at the bottom of the bridge at the southeastern end of Jiefang Bridge. There are six copper horses as the signs. Take Bus 10, 11, 14, and 18 to Qixing Park Station and walk eastwards.
Boarding time:
Evening: 19:30, 19:50 , 20:00, 20:10, 21:30, 21:50 hours

Ancient Rhyme City - Duxiu Feng • Jingjiang Palace

One of the Millennium (Fengshui Wangcheng): Wangcheng Scenic Area is regarded as a jewel of Guilin, and it is the birthplace of the entire city of Guilin. Wangfu contains landmarks, Duxiu Feng, Gongyuan, Guoxuetang, Chengyun Temple and other attractions; it is currently preserved in China. The most complete Ming Dynasty palace in the Ming Dynasty was rated as a "key cultural relics protection unit."

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Itinerary Arrangement:
One-day route: After arriving in Guilin, you can go to the hotel and take a rest. You can visit Xiangbi Mountain, Jingjiang King City, Dongxiang Alley, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, and take a boat tour of two rivers and four lakes in the evening. Never turn back.

Second, North - Longji terraced fields - a worthwhile trip

Longji terraced landscape area is dominated by terraced landscapes and is a tourist area integrating natural landscape, cultural landscape and ethnic customs. Including “Jinzhu Zhuangzhai, Guzhuangzhai, Ping Zhuangzhai, Jinkeng·Dazhai”

Where is the Longji?

Longji Scenic Spot is located in Guilin Longji Autonomous County, about 87 kilometers from the urban area.

Longji scenic how to go?

Transportation: Take a Guilin-Longji bus at the Guitan Coach Terminal in Guilin. After arriving at Longzhi County, transfer to Longsheng-Jin Hang Dazhai or Ping An Village. There are three entrances to Pingtian Village, Longji Village and Dazhai in the terraced fields. There are vehicles from Guilin city to each entrance, visitors can choose.

Dazhai so much, which is the best play you know?

Jinkeng terraces, on the top of terraces, provide a panoramic view of the Longji terraces. The main three viewpoints are: Xishan Luyue, the best photography spot, and many of our photographs are from here; the terraces of thousands of terraces: the nearest to the stockade, the open field, terraces, and the golden dome: the most spectacular landscape of terraces. The only observation deck that can be reached by cable car.
Best time to visit: After April 15th of the lunar calendar, the terraces begin to release water for half a month and each year after mid-autumn.

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Itinerary: Longji terraces are about 4 hours back and forth from the urban area. After breakfast in the morning, they went to the Longji Scenic Spot and reached the most spectacular golden Buddha tour. In the afternoon, they returned to Guilin by car.

1. More steep road bends to Longji, motion sickness friends can prepare some motion sickness medicine in advance, so as to avoid motion sickness affect the play mood;
2. In the Longji terraced field tourist area, hiking by tourists like. When hiking in the village to find attractions, the relatively large number of roads must be remembered to walk along the stone road, really do not know in the scenic spots are equipped with luggage backpack sedan service, before climbing a backpack or sedan chair, with The villagers first negotiated the price;
3. On the Longji terraced climate: the weather is fickle, raincoats, winter clothes necessary;
4. The best place to watch and shoot, where there are shops to rent clothes and accessories, are some of the local minority clothing, About 15 yuan a set, how many shots, camera-equipped;

Third, the south - Yangshuo landscape A Guilin

“Jiang Zuo Qing Luo Dai, Shan Ru Bi Yu Shuo” Han Tang, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty used this analogy to praise Guilin's landscapes. Visiting the Lijiang River is an important part of Guilin's tourism. The national key scenic spots and the first national 5A-level scenic spots are places where visitors to Guilin must visit. To visit the Lijiang River. To appreciate the scenery of the Lijiang River, it is necessary to rely on feelings, imaginations, and moods to focus on the whole and focus on artistic conception. Therefore, although many people visit the Lijiang River on many occasions, they all have new feelings each time.

BY Yuelin Fan

Yijiang Tour Method One: Take a cruise

1. The most important way to visit Lijiang River is to take a cruise. The route is mainly from Mopanshan Pier or Zhujiang Pier - Yangshuo Section route. It is the essence of Lijiang River District. It can be a long journey (about 4.5 hours) and can be comprehensive. The whole can appreciate all the scenery along the Lancang River;
2. There is no age limit for the elderly and children, parents and children preferred; can watch the scenery in the cabin, not affected by wind and rain;
3, meals included in the cruise ship do not have to buy in addition to eat s things.

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Tuojiang Tour Method 2: Take a bamboo raft

Visiting the Lijiang River scenery is the most popular and poetic way of sightseeing;
1. You can choose the best part of the Lijiang River to visit, you can see the famous spots Jiuma painting and 20 yuan background;
2. Fun high, close to the landscape;
3, the elderly and children have a height limit children less than 1.2 meters and 70 years old or older can not ride.

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Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

Yulong River is the longest tributary of the Lancang River in Yangshuo and it has a total length of 43.5 kilometers. There are many ridges in the river and it is not open to traffic. It is the site of Yangshuo's key cultural relics and landscape scenery, and is suitable for hiking and bamboo rafting. Yulong River is still thrilling when the bamboo raft drifts past the dam. Most of the time you can lazy to lie on a bamboo lounger, listening to the flow of water.

How to get to Yulong River?

From Guilin: Take Guilin to Yangshuo Bus from Guilin to Baisha Town and change to take a bus to Golden Dragon Bridge to get off.
From Yangshuo: Yangshuo Bus Terminal takes Yangshuo-Jinbao Bus to Jinlong Bridge.  

Yulong River rafting line: divided into the upper and lower sections of the
upper section: Fuli Bridge - Jinlong Bridge - Qifeng Mountain - Tianzuo Village - Yulong Bridge - Rhino Pond - Xiangui Bridge - Old County;
lower: Chaoyang Wharf - Shui Erdi - Wanjing / Gongnong Bridge / camel crossing the river;
Tickets: Yulong River rafting drifting the entire 12 km, about 280 yuan / day. The Yulong River upper section of 180 yuan / (two) lower section.

Itinerary: The attractions here can be divided into two days of excursions. The first day you can visit the Lijiang River, you can go to Yangshuo County to entertain yourself in the afternoon, and visit West Street in the evening. On the second day, take the artificial bamboo poles to experience thrilling over the dam.

1, without expensive electronic products, or with a waterproof bag tightly packed to prevent falling into unnecessary disputes caused by complaints.
2, do a good job of sun protection. Because the summer days have arrived, Yangshuo's weather is relatively hot. Despite the fact that it is very cool to drift on the river, the bamboo raft has a very large shade shelter. However, sometimes the sun can still lean into the body.

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