Huangshan is a good place for summer vacation, tailored for this summer!

Huangshan Scenic Area is one of China's top 10 summer resorts, and it has a large range of high-quality scenic spots in the surrounding area. It is a suspicious choice for summer tourism. In many destinations, how to formulate an effective plan to achieve the purpose of not only cooling down but also enjoying the picturesque scenery, may wish to look at this “tailor-made for the summer” tour of Huangshan.
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Which one is stronger during the summer?

Huangshan Scenic Spot - China's Top Ten Summer Mountain Rankings

【Cooling Index】★★★★★ The
average temperature in July and August is only 16-20 degrees. All hotels in the mountains are not equipped with air conditioning. It is necessary to cover the quilts at night to sleep, and Cao Wenji’s “April to know the spring in April, there is no summer at the age of one” It is the most appropriate portrayal of the Huangshan climate. In addition to Qisong, rocks, clouds, and hot springs, the spectacular sunrise and beautiful sunset are also a highlight.

West Sea Grand Canyon by @sunnyko

Address : Tangkou Town, Huangshan District, Huangshan City
Tel : 0559-5561868 5580033
Tickets : 150 off-season; 230 yuan
scenic bus : 19 yuan / time (from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside), the mountain, down the mountain to be a
cable car price :
Yuping Cable Car: Off-season RMB 75, Peak Season 90 RMB
Yungu Cable Car: Off-season RMB 65, Peak Season RMB 80
Xihai Cable Car: Off-season, RMB 80 (normally Xihai Grand Canyon off-season is off), peak season RMB 100
opening hours : off-season 7:30 -16:00, 6:00-17:00 during the peak season
※Slight adjustments may be made based on the conditions of the day
. The reference to the scenic spot shall be used for reference : 1-3 days.
※ The off-season is December 1 - The end of February, the peak season is 3 Month - November 30

Huangshan Scenic Area

Huangshan Scenic Area is located in the south of Anhui Province in China. It is one of the three mountains in the Three Mountains of Mount Wuyue. On Mount Huangshan, you can experience the natural charm of “Three Wonders and Five Absolutes” and enjoy a magnificent atmosphere. Huangshan is divided into several major scenic spots: hot spring scenic spots, Yuping Scenic Area, Baiyun Scenic Area, North Seaview Area, Dream (West Sea) Scenic Area, and Songgu Scenic Area. Each scenic spot has its own unique features. Among them, the Dreamy Scenic Area (Xihai Grand Canyon) has been newly developed in recent years and is also a popular hot spot for tourists. Huangshan Mountain divides Qianshan and Houshan. Qianshan refers to Ciguang Pavilion to Guangmingding, which is the area of ​​hot springs, Yupinglou and Tianhai Scenic Area. The main attractions include Yingkesong, Banshansi, Tiandufeng, Yupinglou, Lianhuafeng, Yixiantian and Yufengfeng; It refers to Yungu Temple to Guangmingding, which is the Beihai and Xihai Scenic Area. The main scenic spots include Shixin Peak, Lion Peak, Paiyun Pavilion, Xihai Grand Canyon, Feilai Stone, and Songgu Estate. Among the many scenes, the world is nostalgic for different landscapes such as "Three Strange and Five Absolute".

Huangshan Hot Spring Scenic Area - the best choice for summer heat and humidity

Huangshan Hot Spring by Scenic Area

【Cooling Index】★★★★★
Huangshan Hot Spring Scenic Area, known as “Taoyuan Wonderland” in ancient times, towering old trees and shaded trees, whether it is day or night, are cool and pleasant. The main scenic spots include the Lansheng Bridge, Hot Springs, Guan Pu Ting, Bai Long Tan, Ming Xian Quan, Sandiequan, Ciguang Pavilion, Renzi Waterfall, Baizhangquan, and glaciers. The most worth mentioning is Huangshan Mountain, which has a history of thousands of years. Zhusha Spring is the best choice for summer heat and humidity, and you should never miss it.    

Huangshan Hot Spring by Scenic Area

Address : Hot Spring Scenic Spot of Huangshan Scenic Area, Huangshan City
Tel : 0559-5582222
Retail Price : RMB 238 
Opening Hours : 12:00-23:00
Hours Reference : Half-day or Day    

Hot Spring Resort

The Huangshan Hot Spring Scenic Area is known as the Taoyuan Wonderland. The scenic spot is surrounded by the Lansheng Bridge. The Taohuaxi and Xiaoyao Creek run through it. The center elevation is about 650 meters. From here it is known as the Former Mountain (Ciguangge) hiking trail. The highway mileage is 1200 meters. It takes only 20 minutes on foot and it reaches the Houshan (Yonggu Temple) hiking trail. The highway mileage is 7 kilometers. A green bus can be reached by train. The hot spring area is a transportation hub leading to the southern gate and scenic spots in the mountains. The main attractions are the Range Rover Bridge, Wing Rang Pavilion, Hot Springs, Guan Pu Ting, Bai Long Tan, Ming Xian Quan, Sandi Spring, Ciguang Pavilion, Herringbone Waterfall, Baizhang Spring, Glacier Remains, Drunk Stone, and Danjing.

Huangshan Emerald Valley - Weinan Small Jiuzhai

Emerald Valley by@Scenery

【Cooling Index】 ★★★★
Located in the Emerald Valley at the foot of Huangshan Mountain, known as the “Little Jiuzhai in Southern Fujian”, the beauty of the scenery is evident. The rocks in the valley are towering, the green water is flowing, and hundreds of forms are distributed. The different size of the pot, like the color of the jadeite scattered in the valley. Jade Valley is rich in summer water and cool in the valley. It is especially suitable for the whole family to come and visit.

Emerald Valley by@The world has snow - Lei Zi

Address : Tangkou Town, Huangshan District, Huangshan City
Tel : 0559-5577636 5577655
Tickets : 90 yuan
Opening hours : 6:30:00-18:00
Reference time : 2-5 hours 

Huangshan Emerald Valley

Jade Valley Valley Scenic Area in Huangshan District, Huangshan City, Anhui, also known as "Valentine's Valley", is also a famous film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," the shooting place, known as the world's first Lishui, a beautiful love of holy land, Huangshan, the fifth absolute reputation. Even if you don’t go to Jiuzhaigou, you can come to this romantic pool. There are hundreds of large and small colored pools in the canyon, and the largest pool area is nearly 1,000 square meters. There are stones full of love that attract couples to stop, and they can also watch real people walking on the tightrope; backpackers who like to explore are also close to the ancient trails that can walk. The surrounding Huizhou small villages are a favorite of friends who like sketching and photography.

Huizhou Grand Canyon - a cool tunnel deep in the mountains

Huizhou Grand Canyon by@Scenery

【Cooling Index】 ★★★★★
Only 20 minutes away from downtown Huangshan, it is a summer resort - Huizhou Grand Canyon. The scenic area includes the five major blocks of Yuanfang Green Valley, Forest Oxygen Bar, Adventure River, Gaoxia Pinghu, and Rapid Drifting. In the summer, when you walk into the Grand Canyon of Huizhou, you feel as if you walk into a green and refreshing tunnel. 
Experience recommendation : Yuan Fang drift (120 yuan, 12:00-17:00 daily, 3.8 km throughout, drifting time is about 1-1.5 hours)

Yuan Fang Drifting by @Scenery

Address : Huangshan City Xiuning County Yuanfang rural fishing village of Pro 
Phone : 0559-7773777  
Tickets : 88 yuan
Scenic Bus : 30 yuan
Opening hours : 8: 00-18: 00
with the reference : 3-4 hours   

Huizhou Grand Canyon Rafting (Yuanfang Grand Canyon Rafting)

There are many canyons in Huangshan, Anhui, and there are many drifting waters. However, the most exciting and most ecological drift is the Huizhou Grand Canyon. A green river, the two sides of the Castle Peak, like screen paintings, such as beautiful Huizhou Grand Canyon also. The Huizhou Grand Canyon is rapidly drifting for 3.77 kilometers. The overall drop is nearly 120 meters. It is the longest drifting valley in Huangshan and the largest drop in the valley. It is also famous for its ecological scenery along the way. Here you can rush the dam, enjoy the screaming stimuli in the passion, experience the fun of adventure; here you can enjoy the pastoral scenery of Nanshan Township; where you can camp, barbecue, farm food; can also Experience stimulating rapid drifting, swinging bridges and other projects.

Wuyuan Bridal House Waterfall - A paradise on the ancient road of Zhejiang and Zhejiang

Hiking trail by@Scenery

[Cooling Index] ★★★★
Near Huizhou Grand Canyon, there is a village that has not yet been commercialized - Wuyuan Village. There are the Bridal House Grand Canyon and Bridal House Waterfall, Changzizi Waterfall, Shifang Waterfall, and Peicang Waterfall, which preserve the original ecological atmosphere and allow visitors to enjoy the cool in the landscape. The villagers here are honest and welcoming. Entering one of them will remind you of the sentence you learned in the past. 

Bridal House Waterfall by @Scenery

Address : Wuyuan Village, Yuanfang Township, Xiuning County, Huangshan City
Tel : Village Committee 0559-7773988, Wuyuan Village Bridal House Farmhouse 15385423005
Tickets : Free 
Opening Hours : All Day
Use Hours Reference : 3-5 hours 

Xiuning Qiyunshan - the place where the Qianlong Seventh Jiangnan went twice

Qi Yunshan by @ Anyang Shanren

【Cooling Index】 ★★★★
Qianlong Emperor Qixia Jiangnan went twice to leave behind a reputation of “the best in the world, Jiangnan's first mountain”. Although Qiyun Mountain has only 585 meters of altitude, it is full of caves. There are mountains full of stone carvings, ancient temples, and Qiyun Town under the mountain is more fashionable than other ancient towns. The classical and modern architectural styles add to the vacation. Comfort.

Qi Yunshan by@evahe

Address : Qiyun Town, Xiuning County, Huangshan City
Tel : 0559-7560019 7560018 756016 756100
Tickets :  RMB 75 for busy season (March-November), and off-season (12-February-year) 55 Yuan for both
upper and lower ropeway : RMB 60/person
open Time : 8:00-18:00
Hours Reference : 1 day or 2 days

Qi Yunshan

Qiyun Mountain, formerly known as Baiyue, is one of the four famous Taoist temples. It has the reputation of “Jiangnan Xiaowu Dang”. Qiyunshan scenery is beautiful and moving. The most worth seeing are the Xiangfeng peaks resembling the peaks, the stone bridge rocks exquisitely crafted, the unpredictable fairy caves, the delicate and peaceful Yunyan Lake, and the beaded curtain springs throwing gold and sprinkling jade. It is worth mentioning that Qiyunshan's sea of ​​clouds is a must, every year there is a chance to see the sea of ​​clouds in half the time, and thus for the Taoist feng shui treasure land, cloud sea lasts up to 5 hours (6:00-11:00). Qiyun Mountain is a quiet place, that is, there are not many tourists on the holidays. In the area where there is a concentration of Taoism in the middle of the hilly area of ​​Yuehua Street, the newly restored Tiangong Mansion is the most prominent one. The majority of the Shanzhong Dojo is held in this place. When the pilgrims gather, the bells and bells of the Buddha Bells are melodious and lively. The essence of the scenic spot - Zhenxian Dongfu. Upstairs upstairs building upstairs upstairs with two holes, eight priests lived in the cave to escape the practice. There are Guanyin Cliff, Feitiangonggong, Longevity Hill, Stone Buddha Pagoda and Baiyun Cliff in the area. Not far from the upstairs floor, there is a scene of “fairy paintings”. Yunya Lake Scenic Area lakeside Tang and Song Cliff inscriptions, Zhang book "ancient wonders" for Qiyun a must, lantern peaks for the wonders of the lake.

Taiping Lake - Eastern Geneva

Taiping Lake by @ riding wizard Merlin

【Cooling Index】★★★★
Taiping Lake is located between Huangshan Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain. The lake is quiet and quiet, the lake is surrounded by green hills, and it is a paradise. The locals live by the lake and live on fishing and tea picking. They live a leisurely life. The Taiping Lake, with its beautiful environment, is also rich in fish resources. It is a very good choice to come here for vacations with a family of old and young, take a look at the beauty and taste the fresh lake.   

Taiping Lake by@Scenery

Address : Huangshan City of Anhui Huangshan Taiping Lake District, near the town of S103
Tel : 0559-8561515 
Tickets : 65 yuan  
tickets: 70 yuan
sailing time : daily 9: 30,14: 00 the class, please arrange your time
Reference time with : 1 day or 2 days 

Huangshan Taiping Lake Scenic Area

  Taiping Lake Scenic Area is located in Huangshan District of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. Taiping Lake is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. The 103 Provincial Highway and Hetong-Huanghuang Expressway pass through the area and are inlaid in the “Huangshan-Taipinghu-Jiuhuashan” golden tourism line. The bright pearl on the top is known as the "Huangshan Couple" and "Jiangnan Jade". Taiping Lake is made up of natural springs from Huangshan Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain. The water area of ​​the lake is 88.6 square kilometers, with an average depth of 40 meters and a depth of 70 meters. It is a national water body. The lake is clear and transparent throughout the year, and the rolling hills and lakes of the lake provide abundant flora and fauna. The western waters are wide and open, the eastern waters are winding, and the islands in the lake are scattered like beads, graceful and graceful. They are natural treasures in the green natural ecological environment. The poet hopefully praised Taiping Lake: “Tianchi has no such graciousness, and Taihu Lake has no such depth. The Three Gorges has no such verdure and the Lancang River has no such cloud. Fuchun does not have this alpine, and Xizi does not have such a chest. Qianlong does not have such an eyebrow. ". The attractions of Taiping Lake are scattered and orderly, and four major tourism and sightseeing series have been formed: natural landscapes, cultural landscapes, animal parks, and water sports and recreation centers. There are golden islands that reflect the natural scenery, and Yanya Stone Forest in Taiping Bay; there are Taiping City that reflects the architectural style of Huizhou School and integrates Zhouyi culture; Monkey Island, which has a taste and human nature, is full of animal appeal; It is a dragon kiln that integrates ancient pottery culture and natural landscape; it has water sports series projects that participate in thrilling and hydrophilic leisure. Taiping Lake was named "China's most beautiful place" and "Anhui civilization scenic spot" and "China's hot tourist spots." traffic

Gifu Yakuni National Geopark - A foot into the Jurassic era


【Cooling Index】 ★★★★★
The Yakuni National Geopark, known as the “Jurassic Park”, has not been developed on a large scale due to the limitations of the forest nature reserve. Therefore, it maintains an excellent ecological environment. With dense vegetation and rich vegetation, a small log cabin sits in the middle of a fairytale world.


Address : Qimen County, Huangshan City
Tel : 0559-4858888
Tickets : 90 yuan
Opening hours: 7:00-18:00
Reference when used : 1 day or 2 days

Guniujiang Nature Reserve

The calf descended from ancient times as "West Huangshan Mountain," but in ancient times, it was the peak with Huangshan. Here, the forest is lush, beautiful scenery, and people are rare, the natural vegetation is well preserved, there are rare animals such as spotted deer, Sumen antelope, and macaques, and this is still a kingdom of snakes. Species, rarely seen in China. The scenic spot is not very famous at present, so tourists are scarce and it is a good place for deep outdoor travel. The most special is that if you come from May to August in the misty season, you may still see the "light of Buddha". Especially in the evening, the Buddha is particularly beautiful. There are five scenic spots for yaks, but there are currently only four open to the outside world, namely, the Shidai Yakyu Dragon Gate Scenic Area, the Qimen Yakuni Guanyintang Scenic Area, the Qimen Niuniang-Kowloon Scenic Area, and the Qimen Yaksan County. Each major area has its own characteristics.

Huizhou Ancient Village - People Entering Ming and Qing Dynasties

【Cooling Index】★★★
Hongcun, Xidi, Chengkan, Tangmo, Anhui These large and small ancient villages scattered in Huizhou. They are surrounded by mountains, far away from urban cars and the air is fresh and pleasant. There is a long history, magical legends, distinctive ancient architecture, and profound humanistic heritage. Entering it, there will be unexpected surprises and emotions.
Address : Lianlian Township, Hongcun Town, Lixian County, Huangshan City
Ticket : 104RMB   
Opening Hours : 7:30-23:30
Hours Reference : 2-3 hours  

Hongcun by@Kite Hunting

Hongcun Scenic Area

Hongcun is located in the southwest of Huangshan in Anhui Province and 11 kilometers southwest of the county seat of Qixian County. It was originally a necessary place for Jingxian to go to Beijing for business. Hongcun is the most representative village in the Huizhou dwelling village. It is known as the "Country in Chinese Paintings" and Oscar's best foreign film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was shot here - Nanhu Bridge outside the village. It was Li Mubai’s bridge that led the horses; the village’s marshland was a place where Yu Jiaolong had some water. From the overall appearance, Hongcun is a peculiar cow-shaped ancient village. The water shed was dubbed as a cow's intestine due to its slenderness and twists and turns. The south lake became a tripe, and the lunar marshes were oxtails. They were three places in the village. Classic landscape. The local villagers are accustomed to the guests who come here to visit, or do things themselves, or enthusiastically solicit business. The gray walls and black tiles in the streets and alleys, the quietly carved old buildings, and the green stone slabs that run water are fascinating scenery. In Hongcun, you can quietly paint and write, you can drill the most beautiful moments in the alley, or sit on the edge of the South Lake, see the weeping willow Yiyi, sink into the painting.

[ Xidi ]
Address : Huangshan Xidi Village in Yixian County
Telephone : 0559-5154030
Tickets : 104 yuan
Opening hours : 7: 30-23: 30
with the reference : 2-3 hours



Xi De was founded in the Northern Song Dynasty, the emperor Huangyou years, has been nearly 960 years of history, in 2000 was included in the world's cultural heritage, "the world's most beautiful village", "the ancient dwelling houses treasure house" reputation. Xidi has hundreds of Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient residences. The buildings and pavements are paved with marbles. Two clear springs pass through the village. The 99 high walls and deep alleys make visitors feel like mazes. The landmark is the three stone pillars on the fourth and fifth floor of the village. It was built in the Ming Wanli for six years (1578 AD). It is a symbol of the prominent status of the Hu family. The Lvfu Hall and the doctor’s class built in the middle of the village during the Kangxi reign were classic buildings of Xidi. Interestingly, Xidi villagers have now made the doctor the first place to host folk activities. For instance, Miss Xi in the costume drama chose to “throw the ball of hydrangea” on the tall building. Beautiful houses in each village, exquisite gardens, door frames made of black marble, leaky windows, exotic flowers of stone carvings, birds and animals, brick sculptures, pavilions, pavilions, exquisite wood carvings, colorful paintings, murals All show the essence of ancient Chinese art.

[ Chengkan ]
Address : Huangshan City, Anhui Province in Huizhou District Hom Town
Telephone : 0559-3536888
Tickets : 108 yuan
Opening hours : 7: 30-23: 30
with the reference : 2-3 hours

Cheng Kan by @Aiyama loves water to find fragrant beauty

Cheng Kan

The ancient name of Long Creek, which is the ancient name of Qiangkan, was originally the jurisdiction of the county of Huizhou, the capital of Huizhou. It is now under the jurisdiction of Huangzhou Huizhou District (formerly Xixiang County of Xixian County). Since the renamed Chengkan, it has been more than 1,800 years old and is one of the best-preserved ancient villages in China today. It is surrounded by hills and mountains, “just like the Book of Changes and Eight Diagrams,” and the stream in the village passes over the village, forming a pattern similar to the yin and yang fish. The Yi Sutra is the “present” and the Yin is the “can”, hence the name. The winding streets and bends can't distinguish between east and west, like a maze. Chengkan is located in the southern part of Huangshan Scenic Area, the natural and cultural heritage of the world. In the Huizhou District, the road leading to Huangshan is folded five kilometers to the northeast, 40 kilometers to Huangshan in the north, and is located in the town of Yanyansi in Huizhou District. Kilometers.

[Tang Mo]
Address : Tangmo Village , Tangmo Village, Qiankou Town, Huizhou District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province
Tel : 0559-3548888 3539091
Opening hours : 7:30-17:30
Tickets : RMB 80
Reference time : 2-3 hours

Tang Mo by @Aiyama loves water to find incense and find beauty

Tang Momura

Tang Mo, meaning established according to the model, style, and standard of the Tang Dynasty. There are octagonal stone pavilions in the Qing Dynasty, fellow Hanlinfang and Tangan Park. One of the most famous is Tangan Garden. According to legend, at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, there was a wealthy merchant in the local family of Xu, who made up for the regret that his mother wanted to go to Hangzhou West Lake for a visit because he was not able to make a trip because of old age. The dutiful son spared no expense in digging Tong Lei Mountain at the edge of the village to simulate the scenery of the West Lake.

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Huangshan 2nd Tour

Recommended reason : classic popular route, before and after the mountain runs through, and deep in the hinterland of Huangshan - West Sea Grand Canyon, suitable for the first time to Huangshan, the needs of people on a sightseeing tour
per capita consumption : 420 yuan / person

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1  Origin - Huangshan City - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Yungu Temple Box Office - Shixin Peak - North Seaview Area - West Seaview Area - Feilaishi - Paiyunting - Xihai Grand Canyon (Residence Hill Hotel)
D2  Viewpoint Sunrise - Xihai Grand Canyon - Guangmingding - Haixin Pavilion - Yufeng Peak - Yixiantian - Baibuyunti - Yuping Scenic Area (Lianhua Peak, Tiandu Peak, Welcome to Songshan) - Ciguangge - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Return

Huangshan + Hongcun 3 Days Tour (Adding Xidi)

Recommended reason : The popular route includes the three most popular “World Cultural Heritage” attractions in Huangshan City. It is suitable for people who come to Huangshan for the first time on a sightseeing tour.

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1    Origin - Huangshan City - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Yungu Temple Box Office - Shixin Peak - North Seaview Area - West Seaview Area - Feilaishi - Paiyunting - Xihai Grand Canyon (Shang Shan Shang Hotel)
D2    Viewpoint Sunrise - Xihai Grand Canyon - Guangmingding - Haixin Pavilion - Yufeng Peak - Yixiantian - Baibuyunti - Yuping Scenic Area (Lianhua Peak, Tiandu Peak, Welcome to Songshan) - Ciguang Pavilion - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Hongcun Scenic Area (Living Area Homestay)
D3   Hong Village Scenic Area - Return   

Huangshan + Emerald Valley on the 3rd

Recommended reason : classic popularity, you can enjoy the majestic Huangshan steep and beautiful two sides, suitable for the first time to Huangshan, the natural landscape of the crowd
per capita consumption : 550 yuan / person 

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1    Origin - Huangshan City - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Yungu Temple Box Office - Shixin Peak - North Seaview Area - West Seaview Area - Feilaishi - Paiyunting - Xihai Grand Canyon (Residence Hill Hotel)
D2    Viewpoint Sunrise - Xihai Grand Canyon - Guangmingding - Haixin Pavilion - Yufeng Peak - Yixiantian - Baibuyunti - Yuping Scenic Area (Lianhua Peak, Tiandu Peak, Welcome to Songshan) - Ciguang Pavilion - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Emerald Valley Scenic Area (Study Area Homestay)
D3   Scenic Area - Return

Huangshan + Hot Spring 3rd Tour

Recommended reason : classic leisure routes, Qisong, rocks, sea of ​​clouds, hot springs, in-depth experience of the four peaks of Huangshan, suitable for resort tourism, leisure and health for the needs of the
per capita consumer spending : 800 yuan/person 

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1   Origin - Huangshan City - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Yungu Temple Box Office - Shixin Peak - North Seaview Area - West Seaview Area - Feilaishi - Paiyunting - Xihai Grand Canyon (Residence Hill Hotel)
D2   Viewpoint Sunrise - Xihai Grand Canyon - Guangmingding - Haixin Pavilion - Yufeng Peak - Yixiantian - Baibuyunti - Yuping Scenic Area (Lianhua Peak, Tiandu Peak, Welcome to Songshan) - Ciguang Pavilion - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Huangshan Hot Spring Scenic Area (Living Hot Spring Hotel) - Bath Spa
D3    Taohuaxi - Herringbone Waterfall - Hutouyan - Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center - Return   

Huizhou Grand Canyon + Yuanfang Drifting + Wuyuan Bridal House Waterfall 2nd Tour

Recommended reason : pure natural ecology of the minority circuit, but also with some mystery, suitable for two or three small families to travel together.
Per capita consumption : 230 yuan/person 

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1   Origin - Huangshan City - Huizhou Grand Canyon - Yuanfang Drift - Wuyuan Village (Living Yuanyuan Bridal House Farmhouse)
D2   Explore Bridal House Waterfall - Return   

Yakau Primitive Forest Summer Resort 2 Day Tour

Recommended reason : quiet and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, suitable for couples, girlfriends, parents and other small groups traveling by car.
Per capita consumption : 260 yuan/person 

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1   Origin - Qimen County Yakuni Observatory Yintang Scenic Area - Yakuni Lake - Yakul Falls (Live in Yongniu Mountain Village)
D2   Big Performance Pit - Xiao Hang - Return 

Taiping Lake Leisure 2nd Tour

Recommended reason : very relaxed vacation routes, almost no physical consumption, suitable for vacation with the whole family.
Per capita consumption : 300 yuan/person

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1   Origin - Huangshan Taiping Lake Scenic Spot - Check In Hotel - Walk Lake Trail - Pin Taiping Lake Organic Fish (Live in Taiping Lake)
D2   Boat Tour Taiping Lake - Back to Hotel - Return 

Qiyun Mountain + Huizhou Grand Canyon Leisure 2nd Tour

Recommended reason : landscape line, suitable for people who like to swim in the mountains and do not want to be too tired.
Per capita consumption : 260 yuan/person 

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1   origin - Huangshan City - Huizhou Grand Canyon - Qiyun Town (live in town)
D2   Qiyunshan - Qiyun Town - return   

Tang Mo+ Cheng Kan+ Xixi South Ancient Town Tour on the 2nd

Recommended reason : The classic line of rural resorts is suitable for those who like rural scenery and are willing to experience rural life.
Per capita consumption : 280 yuan/person

Line schematic @by Huangshan Yuping Tourism

D1  Origin - Huangshan City - Chengkan Bagua Village - Tangmo Ancient Village (live Tangmo French Family Hotel)
D2   Tangmo Ancient Village - Xixi South Ancient Town - Return

When you see this, if you already have a score in your heart, then act quickly and say goodbye to the heat!

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