Huaqing Pool travel Practical tips

Huaqing Pool has been a royal sightseeing bathing resort since ancient times. In addition to the more complete Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties, and other cultural sites and landscapes, the love story of Tang Ming Huang and Yang Guifei shocked both China and foreign countries The "Xi'an Incident" and world-renowned.
huaqing pool

Traffic Guide

  1. Bus: Take the 914 road, 915 road and the 5 special bus (306) from the east square of Xi'an Railway Station and get off at "Huaqing Pool" station.

Play guide

  1. Recommended tour guide: Most of the scenic area is a new building, the pool is just some relics, only with the historical background will know the secret lies. However, some tour guides in the scenic area will take you to a store selling jade, jade bracelets to promote local jade like, please buy carefully. Tour guides explain the whole trip about 50 minutes.
  2. The main attractions are: Tang Huaqing Palace Imperial Decoction Museum, Xi'an Incident site, Tang Liyuan Museum, as well as the Fragrant Temple, Zhaoyang Temple, the Palace of Eternal Youth, Yu Garden and other landmark buildings.
  3. Xian incident relics: "Xi'an Incident" took place in this, Huacheng pool area intact year Chiang Kai-shek line Yuanlou site five hall (located in the southern scenic spots), so far the remnants of the Bing remonstrance remnants remain on the wall bullet.
  4. Paid performance: live historical drama "Everlasting Regret," the audience about 90 minutes, only in the April 1 - October 31 period there are divided into single and double performances. Only Friday, Saturday and statutory holidays for the double show, the other time for a single show. There is no uniform fare performance, according to the location area points ticket. Fares 258 yuan Eastern District, Central Plains Fare 288 (week 298 yuan).
  5. Free show: There are multimedia video theater in the longevity hall "Xuanjing Eternal Palace"; There Tang Tang dance performances.
  6. Spa Services: There are hot springs within the area hotel, providing hot spring bath and accommodation services. After staying at the hotel, with the hotel room card, free tours of the area.

Ticket Information

High season (March 1 - the end of November) 110 yuan, off-season (December 1 - the end of February the following year) 80 yuan.

Tour guide fee: 50 yuan / time (less than 5 people)

Opening hours

High season (March 1 - end of November) 7: 00-18: 00, low season (December 1 - the end of February the following year) 7: 30-18: 30.

Contact information

Scenic Advisory: 029-83812970

Everlasting hate performance consultative: 029-83818888


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