Huizhou classic gameplay, Huangshan, Hongcun, Tunxi 7-day trip to the classic interpretation

The Huizhou mentioned here is the present Huangshan City. Tunxi is a district of Huangshan City. It is an hour's drive from Huangshan Scenic Area and can serve as an important foothold in Huangshan's itinerary. Of course, Hongcun must not be missed. This ancient town famous for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, let us recognize the unique charm of Huizhou architecture! It's definitely worth your while to spend a little holiday to kill time.

Huangshan Best Travel Time

Although Huangshan Mountain has its own characteristics throughout the year. However, the best travel season in Huangshan is in spring and autumn, and the best photography season is winter. Summer and Golden Week are not recommended. This time I was visiting in late autumn in November. There were fewer visitors. At the same time, it was raining one day at a time. It was really lucky to see two kinds of Huangshan Mountain!
The best photography season: from the end of November to the end of February.
If it is a photography enthusiast, it is best to go to Huangshan in the winter. Huangshan is generally in the off-season from December 1 to February 28, and there are discounts for ticket lifts. At the same time, few visitors in winter, more unique snow scenery and haze spectacle, very suitable for scenery shooting. In addition, Huangshan's winter fog is declining and it is most likely to form unsightly wonders of the sea of ​​clouds. However, the traffic frequency of Huangshan Mountain in the winter has decreased, and the mountaineering roads have become more dangerous. Tiandu Peak and the Xihai Grand Canyon have closed all important scenic spots.
Travel Tips:
1, March to April Huangshan is a large garden, spring rain apricot, golden rape, roadside plants of various colors are very good-looking.
2. During the rainy season in Huangshan from mid-June to early July, if you choose to travel at this time, you should bring good rain gear and prepare for wet weather. This season is best for finding an inn near Xidi or Hongcun. A bit of rain and rain south.
In March, July and August, it was the peak of the whole tour, because many children had summer vacations and many tourists. If you need to stay in Huangshan, it is best to book your accommodation one week in advance.
In April and September, you can drift and drift, and then go to the top of Huangshan Mountain to avoid the heat
. From May to mid-October to November, the wind blows the red and yellow mountains. It is worth seeing
that after entering the winter scene in June and November, you can see the top of the mountain. , sea of ​​clouds. Winter Scenic Recommendations for Huangshan: Five Stars

Huangshan Travel FAQ

Q1. How to get to Huangshan?

Plane: There is Tunxi International Airport in Huangshan, and the airport taxi to the city is 50 yuan. Airport to Huangshan Scenic Area taxi 200, but personal advice can take Huangshan train station or bus station shuttle to Huangshan Scenic Area, 20 yuan/person, an hourly
train: the country's major and medium-sized cities have a train to Huangshan, the train station to Any city hotel taxi within 15 yuan.
Automobiles: The car is divided into 2 stations, one is Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou Station) and the other is Tunxi Station of Huangshan City. If you want to reach the scenic area directly, you are advised to buy a ticket directly to Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou). . The bus station to the city taxi 10 yuan, 2 yuan by bus.
High-speed rail: High-speed railway (urban line) 2 yuan directly to the urban area. Taxi 50 enters the city.

Q2. How to distinguish between Huangshan City and Huangshan Scenic Area

To explain Huangshan's traffic, the word "Huangshan" is very knowledgeable. The first is to distinguish between the three different “Huangshan” referents:
Huangshan City (Tunxi District): Huangshan City, also known as Tunxi District, is the seat of the railway station, airport and Tunxi coach station. There are more than 80 kilometers away from the Huangshan Scenic Area, one and a half hours drive.
Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou): The Huangshan Scenic Area is a large area in a strict sense, with two gates, north and south, while Tangkou is just the southern gateway to Huangshan Scenic Area. But because more than 95% of tourists are from Tangkou uphill. So generally speaking, visiting the Huangshan Scenic Area means going to Tangkou.
Tangkou Bus Station has long-distance buses to and from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Huangshan City (Tunxi), Hongcun/Gengxian, etc. However, the frequency will be much less than Tunxi Long-distance Bus Station. Pay attention to checking the time.
Tangkou to Ciguangge (before the mountain, Yuping cableway) 6 kilometers, to Yungu Temple (Houshan, Yungu cableway) 10 kilometers.
Huangshan District (Huangshan District, Huangshan City): Huangshan District is 16 kilometers away from the north gate of Huangshan Mountain. It is usually driven by the direction of Hubei. It only needs to pass through the north gate. It is 110 km away from Huangshan city centre (Tunxi District).

How does Q3 and Huangshan get up and down? Does it affect climbing?

I was Huangshan who climbed with my friends last year. When we went up the mountain on the first day, it had been raining. The fog was so great that we could barely see anything around us. The impact on climbing was not great. Fortunately, it was fine to see the sunrise the next day. It is recommended to prepare raincoats and umbrellas are troublesome. And if you watch the sunrise sooner or later, it will be colder at sunset and you need to bring a thick piece of clothing. If walking is full of physical strength, it is recommended to prepare some chocolate, Red Bull and other fitness. And if walking, the knees will be very uncomfortable, you can bring some ointment to treat bruises, etc. In the evening to the knee massage.
The rainy day in Huangshan is full of wetness. It may not be possible to see the scenery, but if you are lucky, you can see the sea of ​​clouds. Another secret is that within a day in Huangshan, the sea of ​​clouds and sunrise are incommensurable. The weather in the sea of ​​clouds is inevitably invisible to the sunrise and sunset, and the clear day of sunrise and sunset can surely not see the sea of ​​clouds.

Q4. Isn't the sunrise the brightest point of view? (Peak accommodation recommended)

Guangmingding is indeed the second peak of Huangshan Mountain. Many people stubbornly choose this location to see the sunrise and sunset, but you must know that this principle is understood by all, so people who choose to live in Baiyun are also sure to have more. It was July and August. In the high season, when I got up early to watch the sunrise the next morning, I only saw a dark mass of pressure. On the second night, I chose to live in Paiyunlou Hotel. After a conversation with the experienced ALICE, I learned about each one. There is a viewing platform near the hotel, so if you choose to look at the sunrise in Huangshan accommodation, you can choose the hotel near Houshan or Yupinglou Hotel in Qianshan. Wait until the low season when the white clouds will be a good choice.
A. Most recommended: Beihai Hotel, Shilin Hotel
Directions Transportation: 4 stars
Beihai Hotel and Shilin Hotel are in Beihai, only 5 minutes away. From the perspective of route planning, they are not the best choice. If you live in the North Sea and go to and from the West Sea or Tianhai, Paiyun Tower to the Beihai Hotel (20 minutes) must be repeated. However, there is also a good point. If you come from the Houshan cable car, you can easily store the bag in a hotel in the North Sea, and then travel lightly to visit other spots in Huangshan.
Sunrise: 5 stars
If you want to see a beautiful sunrise, or photo enthusiasts, then live in these two hotels is too convenient, in the morning than other people living in other places to sleep for half an hour. The nearby Shixin Peak, lying Yunfeng, stalagmites, Qingliangtai, and the monkey watching the sea are the top sunrise viewing spots in Huangshan.
Sunset: 3 stars
Although they are convenient for watching the sunrise, sunsets have to go 20-30 minutes to Paiyun Pavilion. Flying stones, the peaks of these sunset views even further away.
Facilities: 5 stars
Both are four-star hotels. Beihai Hotel has received more than 100 national leaders, international political figures and celebrities. It enjoys the reputation of “Huangshan State Guesthouse” and facilities need not be mentioned. Shilin Hotel is a photography base for Huangshan, where photographers gather. The hall has a beautiful display of works all year round, many of which are hotel staff's works, and it is really a place for Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon!

B. Very recommended: Xihai Hotel, Paiyun Building
Directions Transportation: 5 stars The
Xihai Hotel and Paiyun Tower are very close to the main attractions of the West Sea, Tianhai and Beihai. From the point of view of travel planning, it is the most convenient and most will not go back. Especially on the morning before the first day of the morning, after a long stroll in the afternoon, the Tian Hai is just right to rest in the hotel and watch the sunrise nearby in the evening. The next morning, the morning in the morning and the afternoon in the West Sea, it can be said that it is the perfect route and accommodation.
Sunrise: 3 stars In the
morning, climb 15-20 minutes to go to the nearby Danxia Peak to see the sunrise. However, if you want to go to the cool terraces, the top sunrise points at Sixin Peak will take more than 40 minutes.
Sunset: 5 stars
Next to the Paiyun Pavilion in a few minutes, it is 20 minutes to fly to see the stone. It is very convenient.
Facilities: 4 stars The
Xihai Hotel is a four-star foreign-related hotel. Paiyun Tower is a three-star hotel with first-rate facilities.

C. General recommendation: Guangmingdingshan and Baiyun Hotel
The traffic arrangements are not very convenient for the 3 stars who live in Tianhai. If you want to see the main attractions of Qianshan, Xihai, Tianhai and Houshan in 2 days, live in this properly Take a lot of turning back, and still go back and forth. Of course, if you climb the mountain from the front of Ciguang Pavilion, then it is recommended to live here.
Sunrise: 2 stars
Although Bright Summit can see the sunrise, but unless there is a sea of ​​clouds, or bright top of the sunrise than the back of the mountains are still a lot less than that, the space is rampant, too lack of prospects. If you live here, it is recommended to go to the Yufeng Peak to see the sunrise, more beautiful.
Sunset: 4 stars
There are sunsets on the top of the light, but the scenery is not particularly shocking like the sunrise. It's best to watch the sunset or take a half an hour to see the stones or peaks.
Facilities: 4 stars
Three-star hotel with good facilities.

Of course, accommodation should be based on their own itinerary, whether or not they watch the sunrise, whether they like photography or not.
Above, thanks bee bee @ Thomas to see the world  

Huangshan, Hongcun, Thousand Island Lake 7-day classic itinerary recommended

Line Overview:
D1 Tunxi-Guixian Ancient City-Baojia Garden
D2 Baojia Garden- Tunxi
D3 Tunxi- Qiandao Lake- Tunxi
D4 Tunxi- Hongcun- Tunxi
D5 Tunxi- Huangshan Scenic Area
D6 Huangshan Scenic Area - Emerald Valley - Tunxi
D7 Tunxi - Huashan Mystery Cave
Because the city of Huangshan itself is not very large, so there are two accommodation for your reference, without frequent replacement of the hotel
1, Huangshan Shandong Airlines International Hotel (affordable, not far from the city center, Very close to Tuen Kwong turntable, No. 9
Tiandu Avenue) 2. Tunxi Huangshan International Hotel (Huangshan five-star hotel, forced higher, the price is reliable, very close to the old street and bus terminal)

D1 Tunxi-Guixian Ancient City-Baojia Garden

In the morning, from Tunxi to Gifu (40 minutes by car), you can get a shuttle bus from Tunxi to Gifu in the Tungun Carousel in Tunxi, or you can take a bus in Gifu County at the bus terminal for a fee of 10 Yuan inside/person.
【Gui County Ancient City】 One of China's four ancient cities, the ancient city of Lixian and the ancient city of Lijiang, the ancient city of Pingyao, and the ancient city of Langzhong are called the four ancient cities of China. The layout of the ancient dwellings in the scenic area is elegant. Guqiao Ancient Pagoda, Ancient Street Ancient Lane, and Gupa Ancient Paifang are intertwined with the quaint elegance. It is like an imposing history museum. The white walls and black tiles in the city, the brick-floored buildings, and the hustle and bustle are still the places where the Huizhou people of the generations lived. If they walk past them with history, they have a deep sense of history and heavy sense. There are several major scenic spots within the Old Town area, and the Old Town Pass includes the cost of these attractions.
The most representative of the six scenic spots in Huizhou Ancient City: Dongfang Arc de Triomphe - Xuguo Shifang, Huishang Garden - Xin'an Beibei Garden, Taibai Tower, Jiangnan First Street - Doosan Street, Huizhou Merchants - Yuliang Guyi, Huizhou Grand View Garden - Huiyuan, the national patriotic education base - Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall. After playing, you can take a bus or take a taxi directly to Baojia Garden Hotel in Yi County. Personally think that the hotel's price/performance and environment are the best in Yi County. If you need to stay, you need to pick it up beforehand. Book on the day before going to the best place to ask if there is room available at the front desk because there is no other accommodation around this hotel.

D2 Baojia Garden - Tunxi

[Jixian Archway Group] is located in the beautiful village of Jing County, which consists of ancient archway, ancient ancestral hall, ancient folk residence, and Baojia Garden. With a guided narrative, the family moved to settle in this area during the Jianyan period of the Southern Song Dynasty, which stretched for more than 800 years. The stone arches with the core of “loyalty, filial piety, festival, and righteousness” are arranged in order from the middle to the middle. They are semi-arc-shaped. From west to east, Bao Canxiao Xing Fang, Ci Xiao Li Fang, Bao Wenling's wife Wang Xiaojie, and Xiao Shifang are in order. Fang, Bao Wenyuan's wife's festival Xiaofang, Bao Fengchang Xiao Zifang, Bao Xiangxian Shangshufang. The seven arches are solemn and majestic.
The Baojia Garden, which is in harmony with the Paifang Group, is a collection of Huizhou bonsai art. Representative works, is a high-grade bonsai viewing base. The bonsai landscape in the garden is all available in a variety of forms, exquisite and lively. Large-scale landscape combination, some interesting and elegant, elegant and relaxed, some demon Li Rong, contested. Bonsai bonsai has a myriad of demeanor, peculiar and natural, bonsai bonsai is vigorous and honest, and magnificent. Worth a reward.
According to the introduction of the hotel staff, the scenic spot is a national key cultural relics protection unit, a world cultural heritage application site, and a national AAAA-grade tourist attraction, which is also the “Top Ten” tourist attraction in Huangshan City. After visiting Baojia Garden, you can take a bus back to the city of Tunxi (30-40 minutes drive). After returning to the downtown hotel, let go of your luggage and take a rest. You can continue to stroll around the streets of downtown.
【Old Street】 Tunxi Old Street is located in the central section of Tunxi. It is 1272 meters in length. It is a small Qingming Shanghe Diagram. The old street architecture is dominated by ancient Huizhou architecture. On both sides are various specialty shops that can be brought here. Some souvenirs go home, but remember the price. The Old Street in the evening has a special flavor.

D3 Tunxi - Thousand Island Lake - Tunxi

[Thousand Island Lake] Hangzhou Qiandao Lake and Kingston Lake in Canada, Lake Huangshi Yangxin Xiandao Lake and known as "the world's three largest Qiandao Lake." The 1,078 islands resemble an emerald jade disk, but as small as snails and one pill, and as large as tourmaline Chihiro. Thrillingly beautiful Thousand Island Lake, both with the glorious scenery comparable to the landscape of Guilin, has also played in the vast momentum of the Taihu Lake Dongting. The clear water of Thousand Island Lake is connected with the Qiantang River, Fuchun River, and Xin'anjiang River. The color of the water is thick and light, shallow and deep, pale and green like silk, deep as a blue sea. The foreigners entered the Qiandao Lake. The eye pupils were first dyed green and the heart was intoxicated with water. "The farmer's spring is a bit sweet." Nothing better than this slogan can describe the taste of the Qiandao Lake. The clear pimple reveals a slight sweetness, a nectar, and a spring.
Although Qiandao Lake is not a part of Huangshan Mountain, if you are interested, you can participate in a local FIT tour and experience the day's water journey. After the end, you can follow the bus back to the city hotel.

D4 Tunxi - Hongcun - Tunxi

[Hongcun] Hongcun is located in the northeast of Jixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. This ancient town hidden in the "Peach Blossom Garden" is famous for its Oscar-winning film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". But more people know it because of the reputation of "villages in Chinese painting." Just because of its representative Huizhou architecture, the tall horse head wall, the clear water of the lake, and the arched bridge are like rainbows. It is like a picture that goes into many people's hearts.
Hundreds of ancient dwellings in the village row upon row, the “Chengzhitang” during the period is the most perfect ancient dwelling in the county. Its wooden beams, brackets, flower doors, and wooden drapes in the main halls are craftsmanship, complex layers, and many characters. Face, face different gods, can be called Huizhou "four carvings" in the art of wood carving. Tourists at home and abroad visited this place are all overwhelming.
[Xidi] Xidi was founded in the Northern Song Dynasty, Huangyou period, has been nearly 960 years of history, in 2000 was included in the world's cultural heritage, "the world's most beautiful village", "the ancient dwelling houses treasure house" reputation. Xidi has hundreds of Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient residences. The buildings and pavements are paved with marbles. Two clear springs pass through the village. The 99 high walls and deep alleys make visitors feel like mazes. The landmark is the three stone pillars on the fourth and fifth floor of the village. It was built in the Ming Wanli for six years (1578 AD). It is a symbol of the prominent status of the Hu family. The Lvfu Hall and the doctor’s class built in the middle of the village during the Kangxi reign were classic buildings of Xidi. Beautiful houses in each village, exquisite gardens, door frames made of black marble, leaky windows, exotic flowers of stone carvings, birds and animals, brick sculptures, pavilions, pavilions, exquisite wood carvings, colorful paintings, murals All show the essence of ancient Chinese art.
It is advisable to go to Xidi first and then to Hongcun, because the tour bus from Tunxi to Hongcun will stop at Xidi for about 5 minutes, or you can start at Hongcun and take a bus at the village entrance to the Qixian bus station. The fare is 2 yuan/person, and then transfer to the tourist bus to Xidi. The fare is 4 yuan/person
[Hongcun ticket]: Adult ticket 104 yuan; Ma honeycomb price is 94 yuan/person. Recommend network purchase.
Xidi Tickets: Adult ticket 104 yuan; Ma honeycomb price 90 yuan/person.
About transportation:
If you go from Huangshan to Xidi, you can transfer to Huangxian City Bus Station and transfer to Youxian County. Every 30 minutes, the fare is 12 yuan, and the latest is 17:30. After arriving in Lixian County, take the shuttle bus to the west. Hand, every 20 minutes, fare 2 yuan, the latest 17:30 minutes. The entire car traffic is very convenient and does not require long waiting time.
If you travel from Hongcun to Xidi, there are two routes from Hongcun to Xidi, and one is the tour bus from Hongcun-Tunxi. In the morning at the South Lake parking lot in Hongcun, there are 8, 9, 10, 11 points and 1, 2, 3, and 4 points in the afternoon. The ticket is 2 yuan. After about 20 minutes, it can reach Xidi directly. Another aspect is the Hongcun-Jianxian bus, which is located at the old village mouth of Hongcun (Niujiao). Every 20 minutes, the ticket is 2 yuan. About 20 minutes later arrived in the county seat of Li County. After getting off the bridge and turning left, it was the Lixian Bus Station. You can take a car to Xidi at the bus station, and you can get a bus ticket for 2 yuan every 20 minutes.
If you go from Tunxi to Xidi and from Tunxi to Xidi, you don't need to get off at Youxian County. You can get to Xidi with a sign and you can take a small bus or a tricycle. Tunxi Bus Station has a Brigade 1. A tour bus to Hongcun passes Xidi Village, and it takes about one hour from Tunxi to Xidi Village.
In October last year, I went to climb Huangshan and then went down from Huangshan to Lu Village, Hongcun, and Xidi. I feel very good. All are Huizhou architecture. Asked a lot of people, read the online introduction that Hongcun is worth more to go, but after I went to the site a bit, I feel Xidi more humane environment, and the number of visitors is not much, more quiet, slowly taste Ancient history, feel Huizhou culture. I admit that Xidi’s commercial development is not as good as Hongcun, but it is precisely this that attracts me. I think that looking at old things is still better. It’s better to have less modern things, and it’s best to continue as usual. People have a feeling of crossing. The feeling that Xidi brought me is much better than that of Hongcun! Of course, a short time in Xidi certainly can not be a good feeling, it is best to find a farm hotel stay one night, of course, looking for retro decoration of the hotel is better, more able to appreciate the feeling of the past, and rush to stroll, more Discover sights or something more interesting than those who come and go!

D5 Tunxi-Huangshan Scenic Area

If it is a self-driving tour, the car cannot be directly driven into the scenic area. You need to park your car in the transfer center of Tangkou, and then take the view of the transfer center to the ticket office of the scenic spot.
If you are riding a bus, 7 points You need to go to Tunxi Bus Terminal and take the “Tunxi-Tangkou” bus because I’m going back to the city to take the train. So I’m storing my baggage at the front desk of the hotel. Of course, there is also a place to store luggage under the mountain, but It may be charged. After arriving at Tangkou, you need to walk to the transfer center and you will arrive in five minutes. There are Yuping Cable Cars and Yungu Cable Cars for the uphill cable car. I booked the Yungu cable car, so I took it directly to Yungu Temple. Because this time it was June, but it was very good luck. The weather on this day was awesome. It may be early, and people are not many. It took ten minutes to get a ticket and it went smoothly. The reason why I chose to embark from Yungu-si is because it is relatively close to my scheduled accommodation in the mountains, and the sights that compare the best are concentrated in Hou-shan. The roads in the mountains are very good. They are paved stone steps. Since all the goods in the mountains are transported by hand, the prices are high. It is best to bring enough dry food and light food.
Huangshan Mountain divides Qianshan and Houshan. The Qianshan area starts from the Ciguang Pavilion at the foot of the mountain and passes through Tiandu Peak, Yuping Building and Lianhua Peak until it reaches the end of the Yufeng Peak. All the way there is a sky, hundreds of steps ladder, squirrels jumping days, turtle snakes and guarding the ladder and many other beautiful scenery, very exciting.
While doing my homework, I learned that Qianshan and Tianhai are the core of the scenery of Huangshan Mountain. We must pick a good weather and focus on excursions.
Former Hill refers Ciguangge to carry light, namely spa, Jade Screen, Tianhai scenic area, the main attractions are welcoming song, semi-Temple, Heavenly Capital Peak, Yuping floor, Lotus Peak, Sky, fishes peak and so on;
the mountain can not Missing spots: Xihai Grand Canyon, Lion Peak, Qingliangtai, Monkey Sea View, Dream Pen Flower, Feilai Stone, 18 Lohan towards the South China Sea and so on. The refreshing terrace on the Lion’s Peak is the best place to watch the sea of ​​clouds and the sunrise.
The West Sea Grand Canyon has 2 lines, because it is in the North Sea, so my route is: Paiyun Pavilion - West Sea Grand Canyon (North Entrance) - "a ring" - "Second Ring" - Grand Canyon - Service Station - Xihai Grand Canyon (South Entrance) - Step Xianqiao - Xihai Yaotai - Adhesive Loose - Tianhai Scenic Area - Guangmingding - Feilaishi - Xingzhi Pavilion - Paiyun Pavilion. If your stay is at Baiyun Hotel, you can walk forward without going back.
[Tickets for Huangshan]
Low season (December 1 - end of February) 150 yuan;
peak season (March 1st - November 30th) 230 yuan;
each ropeway and cable car one-way fare: 80 yuan for peak season and 65 yuan for off season
[Yonggutsa lift ticket] 80 yuan / one way After the
tour back to the hotel while resting while waiting for the sunset, the specific sunset time can ask the front desk, until about the same time, you can go out to the cabana.

D6 Huangshan Scenic Area - Emerald Valley - Tunxi

The sunrise on the second day is also the same place. The sunrise and sunset of Huangshan Mountain are different and quiet.
After watching the sunrise finish breakfast, continue the next trip.
The attractions of Tianhai and Qianshan: Guangmingding, Yixiantian, Baibuyunti, Lianhuafeng, Yingxinsong and so on.
After the tour, it was nearly two o'clock in the afternoon and returned to Tangkou, and then directly took the bus to the Emerald Valley.
【Jade Valley】 Jade Valley is also known as the Valley of Lovers. It is composed of dozens of pools. There are different shades of water in the lake. There are various colors such as green, orange, green, blue, yellow, and white in the sun. It is also the location of the famous movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and it is known as the world's No. 1 Lishui, a beautiful and loving place, and the 5th must of Huangshan.
Even if you do not go to Jiuzhaigou, you can come to this romantic pool. There are hundreds of large and small colored pools in the canyon, and the largest pool area is nearly 1,000 square meters. There are stones full of love that attract couples to stop, and they can also watch real people walking on the tightrope; backpackers who like to explore are also close to the ancient trails that can walk. The surrounding Huizhou small villages are a favorite of friends who like sketching and photography.
[Emercence Valley Tickets] 75 yuan (children under 1.1 meters free of charge), Ma honeycomb price of 62 yuan, it is recommended to book online in advance.
After the tour returned to Tunxi downtown

D7 Tunxi - Huashan Mystery Cave - Tunxi

[Huashan Mysterious Cave] The Huashan Mystery Cave was formerly known as the "Huizhou Huizhou Grottoes." It has a history of more than 1,700 years. Because there is no historical record, the date of excavation of the grotto, its use, the whereabouts of the stone, and the identity of the diggers are still riddled. Huashan Fan Cave is not a natural cave but an underground palace complex that was artificially excavated. The peculiar layout shape matches the color light effect, making the atmosphere in the cave a bit dramatic. When sparsely populated, it is a bit like a place for practice/refuge in martial arts novels.
Approximately 20-30 minutes drive from the downtown area, a direct bus can be operated at the Tuen Kwong turntable in Tunxi with a ticket price of RMB 10 or less. Huashan Mystery Cave is an artificial stone cave with unique caves. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. Starting at 8 and 9 am, you can return to the downtown area at 3 or 4 pm.
[Tickets] 91 yuan (including tour guide fees, student tickets 50 yuan); The tickets can visit the largest hole; Ma honeycomb price of 80 yuan, it is recommended to buy in advance.
The above itinerary can be selected based on your physical strength and time. After the end of the tour, you will return to Tunxi city and end your happy trip to Huangshan.

Hematemesis recommended three Huizhou cuisine

To Huangshan and Hongcun, taste the characteristics of Huizhou cuisine is a must, here are three special recommendations! Tofu and stink oysters can be eaten in Hongcun, and Huangshan sesame can be bought in Tangkou as a dry food.
1. Maofu
Tofu is a traditional Han food in Huizhou area (now in Huangshan, Anhui province). It is produced by artificial fermentation to grow a layer of white hair on the surface of tofu. Since tofu ferments the vegetable protein into a variety of amino acids after fermentation, it is particularly delicious after cooking.
2. Skunk
salmon Skunk salmon, also known as stinking mandarin fish, barrel fresh fish, barrel fish, and salted fish, is a representative of Han traditional dishes and Huizhou cuisine. It is located in the Huizhou area of ​​Anhui Province (now in Huangshan City, Anhui Province). ) The so-called pickling has a stinky meaning in the local dialect of Huizhou. This "flavoured squid" smells stinky, and it tastes fragrant. The meat is fresh, smooth and refreshing, keeping the original flavor of the squid. Common name stink squid. The method is unique, and the food is fragrant.
3, Huangshan biscuits
Huangshan biscuits, also known as "crab cakes," "recovery biscuits", "King emperors" is a traditional Chinese food in Huizhou, Anhui Province, prevalent in the ancient Huizhou region and the surrounding areas. The above-mentioned refined flour, net fat meat, dried plums, sesame seeds, salt, vegetable oil and other hand-made skin, stuffing, instant noodles, kneading dough, glutinous rice cake, picking blanks, leather, stuffing, close mouth, baked cake, brush Crafted from more than 10 processes including baking, baking, and baking, the baking is performed in a special furnace. Charcoal is burned inside, and the cake blank is affixed to the inner wall of the furnace, baked, baked, and evacuated. After baking, it is made in several hours before and after. After baked by charcoal fire, it is shaped like a crab back shell, color is like crab yellow, so this name. The cake layer and more thin, thick shape, taste fragrant, sweet, spicy, crisp, crisp. There Yeh's words for evidence: "As thin as a moon, the shape of a full moon, landing beads scattered jade, the entrance aftertaste endless."

Huangshan Photography Suggestion (Huangshan Gold Shooting Point)

[Night Scenery]
There are two kinds of shooting methods for the night scene of Huangshan Mountain. One is the theme of the sky and the moon. This kind of shooting requires that the shooting point and the foreground have a look-up relationship so that they can integrate into the sky and the foreground at the same time.
In this way of shooting, I know there are 3 places that are easy to film.
1) The observation deck next to Feilaishi, taking the Feilai stone for the foreground, to make a starry sky (star orbit, moon).
2) The Yufeng peak The Yulin fish hole goes down, where you can look up at the Lotus Peak and take a starry sky with it.
3) The North Sea Sea Pine Observation Deck is used to take a starry sky with the nearby Qisongqi Peak.
Another way is to use a night scene to shoot a slow gate and use the lights of the ground peaks and the facilities on the mountain as the main subject. If there is a cloud (sea), it will be very beautiful. This type of filming I studied in two places. 
1) Gongyang Mountain (that is, the Huangshan 701 launch pad, where there is an antenna in the middle of Guangmingding and Baieiling)
2) Guangmingding
[sea of ​​clouds]
This thing can not be found in the sea of ​​clouds, if you encounter it, quickly find a Peak climb to go, Bright Summit, Lion Peak, Xinxin Peak, Peak Group, Gongyang Mountain, Lotus Peak are all excellent clouds shooting point.
If it is specifically to shoot the sea of ​​clouds, the first sunny days after the rain in winter and spring for several days will be 90% of the clouds will be Grand View, you can pay close attention to the weather forecast.
There is no cloud at sunrise. It is very important. There are clouds, sunrise clouds, and even a few flow clouds, the light top, the monkey view the sea, the beginning of the letter, the peak of the eel peak, the ultra-wide angle to take the sea view.
Without clouds, shooting wide-angle is not spectacular enough and lacks of vitality. The silhouette of the middle telephoto view foreground The sun is more prone to color, and exploring the sea pine and stalagmites is a good place to find exotic rocks.
Paiyunting, peaks of the peaks, flying stones are the three sunset sunset view of Huangshan.
[Huangshan photography tips]
1) The hotel will have the next day's sunrise time and view the sunrise probability.
2) In the morning, there are more people watching the sunrise at Guangmingding and Qingliangtai. Try to avoid these two places. The peak season is best to get the best seat early in the other sunrise and sunset.
3) The climate on the mountains is changeable, and often the eastern side of the sunrise is raining in the west or the clouds are scattered. If the weather is not good, don't be discouraged. It's better to miss the luck than to regret.
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