Forbidden City exhibits introduction

May a two small holiday, plan how to play it? I heard that the recent history of the National Palace Museum is very tall, from Napoleon royal jewelery to the gold treasures of Afghanistan, from the Huizhou traditional craft exhibition to the eight mountain people's paintings, readily brush to a few pictures I can not wait to run Read it!
napoleon i crowned sword

After reading I was really help the wall out of the house in the afternoon on the floor to set a minute to let the blind eyes slowly over ... ...
However, I look at the time I regret not know more about some background knowledge! Came back after the curiosity to the deep behind the story of the exhibits, only on the so-called "jewel" the other side with a deeper feeling. Today to share these small details, so that you do a giant standing on my shoulders, to see when the exhibition is no longer a blind face, only once again amazing, let the chin knock to the ground ... ...

Napoleon family royal jewelry, in the end hidden what the story?

Straight to the point, give you Amway about these a few exhibition in my favorite one! It is jointly organized by the Forbidden City is still the United States Paris CHAUMET jointly organized exhibits are mainly CHAUMET Napoleon family and the French nobles celebrities to create a rare treasure.
How high is this section of the exhibition? China side, the status of the Forbidden City everyone is clear; French side of it, the exhibition academic curator Henry Luoyei Yate, but the former director of the Louvre Museum and now honorary curator. Exhibits, there are many from the Louvre, Fontainebleau and the royal family aristocratic private collection in the temporary, this opportunity to gather together is rare, this time do not see, maybe later to see What is it?
So what are the interesting little stories behind these exhibits?

Any of your vertical and horizontal, but also the background of the coronation sword

One can see the Napoleon coronation sword, which may be one of the most watched exhibits in the exhibition. Hilt a few large drill has been very bright, but with the sword on the weight of hundreds of carats on the big drill is completely immeasurably. Even more interesting is that most of the audience will take up carefully to observe the sinking bright big drill, and crowned sword behind Napoleon and the portrait of two queens are few people stop to see. This scene can not help but excitement change stars, has commanded a mighty force, vertical and horizontal of the French emperor given the sword of the extraordinary historical significance, but his portrait in the hundreds of years before the tourists, but only shooting coronation The background of the sword ...

Yeah, so that we can not find the largest diamonds ...

The biggest diamond is here! Do not look wrong direction!

You know your name explains my life

Hidden in the "secret language" of the colorful treasure bracelet

This is Napoleon for the second wife Mary - Louise Queen custom color treasure bracelet, their most attractive place is not the exquisite craft, but in the bracelet in the "secret language" - each string bracelet , Those different stones of the French name of the first letter to fight together, are representative of their love of information. The first string of bracelets is hidden in Napoleon's name and date of birth (August 15, 1769); the second string of bracelet hides the name and date of birth of Mary-Louise (December 12, 1791); the third string The bracelet hides the date they first met in Gonbén (March 27, 1810) and the date of marriage in Paris (April 2, 1810).
Tiehan tenderness, probably just say that Napoleon it

You say you love clover, I use diamond to give you a plant

The origin of this clover brooch is this: one day, the Spanish aristocratic lady Eugenie in the garden and the lover walk, the roadside green dripping clover attracted her eyes, she took off a plant, said it liked this small smart plant. Did not expect, these words were quietly recorded by the sweetheart, and not long before, she received this custom clover brooch as a love letter!
The master of the sister is later Napoleon III, Miss Europe also became the third empire of France is also the Queen of Europe and the Queen. This is simply "you say to the stars of the sky, I'll give you off" the French royal version ... ... cover heart!

The most easily overlooked corners, have the most poignant empathy

Compared to the crown of this large pieces of jewelry elegance peerless, these two exhibits are not surprising, quietly lying in the exhibition hall a humble corner, but they are behind some of the story is regrettable. The ring on the left is Napoleon's illegitimate child sent to the love of the faith, and the right side of this element is the last generation of Qing Emperor Pu Yi gave "Queen" Wan Rong's engagement ring. Although the appearance of these two rings are very different, but the inner ring are engraved with the man's confession of the woman's speech.
The two rings separated by a hundred years, across the West, but has a subtle similar. The illegitimate child, the deposed emperor Ye Hao, no matter how embarrassing people who send the ring in the embarrassing situation, whether they are on the ring of the girls there is true, we can in this most easily overlooked corner, to find some kind of resonance of human nature.

In addition to the exhibits themselves, there is no other "hidden eggs"?
I look at the night as a pinch count ... ... Oh no, I look at the six-way ears to listen to all directions, found a few pieces of small details, here to share to you, to see when you can pay attention to Oh  

A joke secret stems: 50 minutes are not climb up the steps?

First of all, this is the exhibition hall entrance does not seem to have any mystery of the exhibition posters.

Kids are so cute! Into the mirror of the passers-by you block my (... ...) crown!

In fact, you can choose the location and angle on the steps, and then - "Kacha"! Will shoot their own wearing a crown of the self-portrait Oh!
Like this ↓ ↓ ↓

I and my little partner on the steps to play self-timer to play for 15 minutes, a small partner also jokingly said: "Do not say 15 minutes, so take this step 50 minutes to climb ... ..."  

You are my roses, you are my flowers ~ ~

Then, to see this rose behind the smart hummingbird projection it? Near the end of the exhibition, this row is filled with naturalistic jewelry behind the exhibits, there will be light and shadow turns to change the projection, and the front of the exhibits perfect fusion of French garden in the fresh situation. These light and shadow will be intermittent, so if you did not see, do not rush away Oh, stay a little more like a while.

Bourbon - Palma de Mallorca crown of the Admiralty, this exhibition poster is it!

Also, the last row of the gallery's main crown, are in the exhibition when the additional installation of the spring device. Even if you gently walked, whispered, the crown will be slightly trembling up. This is to let everyone feel better how much jewels! Yao! Just a walk when I was shocked, that they made a mistake affected the exhibits ... ...
In addition, we can carefully observe the statue of this bourgeois - Palma de Mallorca crown, is not that pear cut The big drill is shining Ha ha ha, then you have been frightened by the illusion. Carefully you will find that these "big drill" is not the whole pear-shaped cut, but will be a round diamond to fight a lot of broken diamond inlaid in the pear-shaped frame, to create a "pear-shaped diamond" visual effects The It is said that this is a very representative of the United States and Paris unique craft Oh!  

Exhibition hall so dark, Mito are useless? Take all the secrets to you!

In order to maximize the beauty of jewelry, but also as much as possible to protect the exhibits, the exhibition hall of the light is very dark, which let you want to shoot a little sunshine friends circle of small partners feel very upset. Especially that row will be quivering the crown, moving up really bling bling feast for the eyes, can shoot up the bitter can not say ... ...
okay, I have a small partner from the photographer who forced out his shooting small tips!
Lens: It is recommended to use 2 kinds to meet different needs.
16-35mm or 24-70mm, used to shoot the overall scene and large works of art;
100mm macro, used to shoot smaller artwork, so you can more prominent details, get a better texture.
Real experience: most of the works of art need to shoot with 100mm, 100mm advantage is that the focal length is long enough, there is a smaller close range.
All the smooth words, you will shoot the following figure ~ ↓ ↓ ↓

The splendor of the gem is glorious

Mary - Luisi Queen love this set of ruby ​​suit, so that she later asked to create this set of modified garnet replicas

Clear and translucent sapphire brooch

Well, come up with the key practical information ~

Exhibition name: "Shangzhi to Qionghua" - began in the eighteenth century Treasure Art Exhibition
Time: 2017.04.11-2017.07.02
Venue: Palace Gate Hall

Tips: the
National Palace Museum every morning there will be a lot of tours, recommended to show the small partners to choose the afternoon in the past, you can avoid the surging crowd, the exhibition hall will be relatively less.
Do not worry about time is not enough, one afternoon enough to read these a few exhibition. Just pay attention to the latest admission time of the Forbidden City is 16:10, clearance time is 17:00, remember to plan in advance to visit the trip.

In addition to gorgeous jewelry, which exhibition is worth watching?

The rebirth of the Afghan gold treasure

What do you think of in Afghanistan? Is it a stretch of war, a miserable people, or a barren desert? No matter what you think of, I guess you are not going to this country and "brilliant" link together. So, this exhibition is to refresh your cognitive opportunity!
With the geographical location of the East and West crossroads, Afghanistan has appeared in thousands of years ago, a highly developed civilization. The exhibits in this exhibition are mostly artifacts around the first century AD. However, look at those fine gold crown, bright color of the glass containers, but also on behalf of the East and West civilization blend of ancient Greek style sculpture, they are as beautiful as taking the space here.
Do not forget that these artifacts still survived from the guns of the Taliban! Cherish the opportunity to see them QAQ

Exhibition name: Bath rejuvenation - Treasury from the National Museum of Afghanistan
Exhibition time: 2017.03.07-2017.06.17
Venue: Palace of the East Gate of the Royal Wing Garden Exhibition Hall

The Inheritance of Huizhou Culture

A mention of the emblem of the emblem of the emblem, the mind will be rolled out of the brick tiles of the mountains and rivers. But the Huizhou culture is not only longer than the building to She Inkstone, emblem ink, emblem pen and so on as the representative of the traditional handicrafts are also famous. In the impetuous contemporary society, there are so a group of people adhere to the spirit of craftsmen, with skilled and ingenuity to create a piece of "practical" works of art, not to see for himself, how pity.

Exhibition Name: Vanguard Charm - Anhui Huizhou Traditional Crafts Palace Exhibition
Exhibition Time: 2017.04.11-2017.05.31
Exhibition Location: Palace Museum Yongshou Palace

The essence of Chinese painting

Hong Tao is the famous "four monks" in the history of Chinese painting. Their works are based on the charm of mountains and rivers, and form a unique artistic style. This time the four monks calligraphy and painting exhibition, worthy of love of Chinese art or Chinese art history to see a small partner, of course, eat the masses to go for a ride, the influence is also great ah ~

Exhibition name: Palace Museum of the four monks calligraphy and painting exhibition
Time: 2017.04.28-2017.06.28
Venue: Palace Museum Wu Ying

View practical tips

All of these exhibitions are not tickets, just buy a ticket for the Forbidden City tickets, you can put them all over it! So, buy four get one, the last hand to offer practical information to visit the Forbidden City ~

Opening time

Forbidden City in April 1 to October 31 each year using the opening season, began to open the ticket, open into the museum time is 8:30, stop the ticket time (including watches and clocks, Treasures Museum) is 16:00, stop admission time 16:10, clearance time is 17:00; in addition to statutory holidays and summer, the Forbidden City in every Monday are closed Oh.

Scenic route

The Forbidden City began to use the one-way tour from south to north since 2011. That is to say, visitors can only enter the south gate from the south, from the north of the Shenwu Gate, the ticket point is only set in the Meridian Gate. For those of us to go to find "blind" small partners, this is actually a convenient ah, you can first read the exhibition, and then slowly go to the Forbidden City ~

If there is no special points of interest or preferences, it is recommended to see the other exhibitions are arranged before the French jewelry show, or when you accept the full bite after the baptism of diamonds, may be "by the luxury back to the simple," see what Not surprisingly ...


Now is the season, the Imperial Palace tickets for the adult price of 60 yuan, 20 yuan students. Because the Imperial Palace ticket perennial row of brigade, so the most convenient course is to buy tickets in advance online, and then directly brush ID card admission it!


You can take the subway line 1 to Tiananmen East or Tiananmen West Station, walk through the Tiananmen Square before the security check from Tiananmen City downstairs into the Forbidden City; or you can also ride 1,120,2,52,59,82,99, Night 1, night 2, night 17 road, sightseeing line 1, sightseeing 2 line bus to get off at Tiananmen East Station.

So what ... ... finished this, I would like to go again to brush it! The The

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