Impression of Huaqing Pool

Huaqing Palace as a tourist attraction, to the tourists how the impression?
huaqing pool

Did not expect to be a treasure

Huaqing pool has always been our visit to this place, we wandered in front of that decision for a long time, since came to see. After going in that place to children is not bad, back Lishan, under the hot springs, is indeed a treasure. There are gardens, there are some monuments. For those who have not been to Suzhou, we feel that it is okay. Like that Wang Qingshui which, lotus light, colored fish tour; like hot spring water jade, overflowing palm, from fingertips, bring Xin tired.

Can not see much

Huaqing pool is basically friends have been rated as three stars, I agree with this, because indeed can not see much. Hidden prime attractions attractions Yang Lotus hibiscus soup, and now the hot springs have dried up, the bottom of the black jade for many years lack of moisture has been dim, Taizong emperor Queen's pool is dried up leaving only a pit. You can watch the Everlasting Regret pool show, according to people who read that is still quite good. Huaqing pool back Lishan, the mountain there are some places to see, including Laodong Temple Nuwa temple, as well as Zhou You Wang Bao Fu Beacon War drama princes.

Ancient Hot Spring Palace

Huaqing Lake, also known as Huaqing Palace, is located in the northern foot of Li Shan, Lintong District, Xi'an City, 30 km west of Xi'an, south of Lishan Mountain and north of Wei River. It is famous for its hot spring Tangchi, The rulers of Qin, Han, Sui and Tang dynasties regarded the feng shui treasureland as their palaces and gardens for pleasure feasts, or masons of stone, building Lishan Soup, or Zhouzhirongcheng and Daxing Hot Spring Palace. Bai Juyi, Du Mu and other poets have mentioned in the poem.

In fact, really nothing, which is a lot of ponds

Emperors, concubines, princes, Royal Chef and so on bath pool, and other estimates are built later, built a large garden, which also contains the Xi'an Incident Memorial! Another student card can hit half off.

Back to Lishan, the scenery is good

Huaqing pool environment is good, with the back of the Lishan is also a scenic spot, but a lot of Huaqing pool in the building was later rebuilt, the legendary Yang Gui bath is relatively simple, but also good There are grandparents talking on the road to tell stories, take pictures of each other.

Do not want to give one star, the most pit attraction

so-called Tang Dynasty Yang Gui bath used in the day after tomorrow artificial traces of construction not too obvious! There are many hot springs museum, tour guides here will pull guests to foot bath, the purpose is not too obvious. Many tourists in the foot bath, friends do not try to suggest that water is too dirty.

In fact, the walls are jade

Yang bathing place, has been protected, because many people throw coins into the bath, destroyed the jade pool wall, so now you see are outside the artificial stone! ! However, in the near future, the stone will be removed, and the outside will be made to protect the glass. People who go there will be blessed! ! !

Free hot spring water, wash hands slippery

Scenic area at the entrance to a free hot springs for visitors to wash their hands, that water is really warm Oh.

Hot springs foot bath only 30 yuan

There are thirty degrees of hot spring water. Mount Huashan recommended climbing the next day you can go to bubble about a solution tired, soaked body blood to run faster, but also out of sweat , Feel relaxed, very clean environment, you can try, Huaqing pool attractions, but still can come to have a look, do not have a lot of time.

Two bath 200 yuan

Came to Huaqing pool, tour the history of Tangchi relics, hot springs to the park bubble feet, it is lack of Oh. It is said there are 2 people bath, cost 200.

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