In Changbai Mountain, this is the right posture to see Tianchi!

Many people yearn for the beautiful scenery of Changbaishan to once "forever, to white head" good trip, but a lot of people do not know where Tianchi? What time to Tianchi most suitable? Which is the best perspective to see Tianchi? What needs some preparation? Today, let me tell you, look at Changbaishan Tianchi cheats, so that your trip to Tianchi time-saving effort, search thieves ~!
south wing angle tianchi by small hands

First, where is Tianchi? Tianchi first place to see the most convenient?

First, let's introduce the basic situation of Tianchi, let everyone have a preliminary concept of Tianchi.
1. Changbai Mountain is divided into broad and narrow sense. Changbai Mountain is a mountain range in a broad sense. However, Changbai Mountain, often referred to as a tourist, refers to the main peak of Changbai Mountain. The Tianchi is located in Changbai Mountain peaks, because here is the world's highest elevation, the deepest water mountain lakes, so called "Tianchi."

West Wing Tianchi BY, big monster.

2. See Tianchi has four lines optional, namely: the northern slope up the mountain, the western slope up the mountain, the southern slope up the mountain (a few years ago, closed renovation, is expected to open only for team guests this year), Dongpo uphill (in North Korea, so the general See Tianchi refers to the first three lines).

3. According to the different routes, choose to have different accommodation: If you want to travel north then please in the scenic area near the town of Erdaobaihe stay;

Two White River BY Laoshan rock

To visit the west slope of the words, please in the nearest scenic Songjianghe or Wanda Resort occupancy;

Wanda Resort BY seven wonderful

If you want to go to South scenic optional White Mountain Changbai County occupancy.

Second, the best time to visit Tianchi?

Changbai Mountain Scenic Area is open all year, except for the occasional extreme weather such as rain and snow, which can be visited at any time according to your vacation time (for example, closing the mountain due to the special weather conditions, Slope or the west slope).
Look Tianchi, each slope scenery is different, all year round have their own characteristics. What is the best tour time?

1. June and July each year is a good time for flowers, if you come to Changbai Mountain this time, I suggest you focus on the west slope. Because from the west slope you can enjoy mu mountain garden. The whole mountain was covered with a thick layer of blankets, countless flowers and flowers Zhengfangfangyan. In the process of playing the west slope, you can walk all the way to see, with the gradual elevation of the elevation, you will find the flowers around have different changes, and some flowers are blooming tender and beautiful, but some just bud. put. So beautiful, how can you miss?

Alpine garden by thirteen crazy

2.7 months, August, all over the country are shrouded in the heat, but this time the temperature Changbai Mountain is very comfortable and pleasant, is to escape the hot weather in the heat of the summer a good choice. If you come to Changbai Mountain at this time, I suggest you watch the Tianchi apart from, you can also experience the hyperoxia around Changbai Mountain, in the northern slope of the mountain can be rent a bike ride Erdaobaihe, such a high altitude , High forest coverage, high oxygen content of the site riding, purifying the body can also purify the soul.

Cool Changbai BY seven wonderful

3. September and October, autumn, air humidity is low, this season to see the lowest risk Tianchang Changbai Mountain, because the weather can not see Tianchi regret the return of the least. This time is also the best season to watch the leaves of Changbai Mountain, no matter from which slope can see a good red leaves scenery. However, it is worth mentioning that if you climb up the northern slope, you can experience the pristine forest rafting activities along the way, slowly drifting from the forest stream in a kayak surrounded by the vast primeval forest, but also hear the birds singing, Very comfortable, definitely worth the experience.

Changbai red leaves BY crayon Xiao Xin

4. November - March the following year, although the cold weather is very low, Tianchi will also be covered with snow, but the scenery in winter Changbai Mountain fantastic.

Frozen Tianchi BY thirteen crazy

If you are an excitement young man, I suggest that you climb from the west slopes, because here you can experience the snowmobile ride the wind and power, is a very rare play experience, but also by the way but also felt only in winter to see Played to the skiing and snow spa, make the trip richer.  

West slope winter snowmobile BY thirteen crazy

Many people are concerned about whether Tianchi can be seen after going to the summit. This depends on certain weather, depending on the weather of the day. Rain, snow, fog will affect the view of Tianchi, the probability of normal fall September to be high. The weather at the top of Changbai Mountain changes like the face of a child. Sometimes the mountains are often filled with skies, the mountains are foggy and can not be seen. Therefore, we should always pay attention to the weather forecast on the tour day. You can also choose a quality group as a holiday home manager, ready for you a perfect trip.

Third, see Tianchi need to climb it? In addition to the tickets there are those necessary expenses

If you go up the hillside from the west slope and go into the mountains and enter the environment-friendly car behind the mountain gate (it takes extra snowmobile in winter), you can only drive to the hillside position. If you look at Tianchi you need to climb the 1442 level step by step, which is relatively hard, but You can ride the slider up and down. If the team has children or legs or feet are not very good physique for the elderly, it is best not to choose the west slope.

Slope of the 1442 steps and human skate BY heroes

If you come to Changbai Mountain with your child or elderly, I recommend you choose the North Slope. From the northern slope uphill, eco-car is also open to half, but can choose to transfer to the hilltop SUV, without climbing, save a lot of hard work.

Winter upgrade version of the inverted car BY thirteen crazy

Tickets on the north and west slopes are 125 yuan / piece, but the ticket does not include the cost of environmentally friendly vehicles, inverted cars or snowmobiles. After entering the scenic spots, the environmental protection vehicles on the western slopes and the northern slopes are 85 yuan / person, More than the need to take more than Sipo inverted station SUV is 80 yuan / person, snow winter snowboard 135 yuan / person.

Spa Egg & Spa Corn BY Susie

In addition to the above into the area after no other must spend, but the northern slope of the hot spring egg is very characteristic, it is recommended to taste, the other is ready to drink and warm clothing, which are all areas of preparation, see below.

Fourth, look at the preparation of Tianchi? Are there altitude sickness?

1. Clothing choices:

Changbai Mountain because of latitude, altitude is also high, the temperature is relatively low, the winter minimum temperature can reach minus 40 degrees, even in summer Changbai Mountain, the average monthly temperature will not exceed 15 degrees. So we must pay attention to keep warm! There are often summer rainy Tianchi, it is best to carry a raincoat (in the Tianchi rain do not umbrella, a great winds, umbrellas difficult, but also to avoid lightning damage).
No matter when to go, if the clothes are not thick enough, to the Tianchi, there are rent green army coat traders, rental coat traders from the hotel near the hotel to the scenic spot next to Tianchi and Tianchi have distribution, the bargaining difficulty showed an increasing trend, so Or try to be prepared in advance.  

BY thirteen crazy

2. travel necessities choice:

Mountain forest environment temperature changes, easily lead to the occurrence of colds and other illnesses, in addition to more than clothing, but also with cold flu fever drugs. Prepare a little safflower oil and rub it in hands and face into the woods before entering the forest to reduce insect bites. Changbai Mountain sunny day when the sun is very strong, strong ultraviolet radiation, with good sunscreen skin care products, and sometimes sunglasses are also needed.

BY seven wonderful

3. Camera and other equipment protection measures:

Winter low temperature, the digital camera battery life will decline seriously, it is recommended to prepare a few more batteries, the other as much as possible to keep the camera body temperature, buy the appropriate thermal camera bag, the camera warm baby or put on the body close to the body Pocket is a good way, the phone is the same reason.

Food and water

Western slope and the northern slope of each have a buffet restaurant, charge 60 yuan / person. Winter can prepare a warm cup, in the winter outdoors, drink a hot boiled water, let you quickly full of blood revived; summer can bring their own cold drinking water, you can also choose to bring a piece of chocolate or beef jerky and other food , Rest on his way to add strength.

BY ❤ rhyme

Finally, about the plateau reaction, most people are usually about 3000 meters altitude sickness symptoms occur, Changbai Mountain scenic spots generally no more than 2000 meters, the peak is only 2600 meters more, so as long as there is no special disease, do not consider the plateau response The problem, you can rest assured tour.

Fifth, a summary of other common questions after a sentence answer

Can I get close to Tianchi?

No, the promenade has been closed Do not allow walking through, NO ZUO NO DIE! Is not it alive?

2. Changbai Mountain wedding photographs for it

Very beautiful, but in advance to find a good photographer or own photographer in the mountain town of Erdaobaihe, the wind on the mountain to pay attention to the beauty ah!

3. Changbaishan Tianchi really monster it?

Many versions of the gods, the words that take a Chinese mystery to ask me ten big, so really good?

4. Changbaishan Tianchi what kind of gourmet food worth a try?

Changbai Mountain, only the hot spring eggs and corn, northeastern North Erdaobaihe Township North dishes, North Korean snacks, barbecue are worth a try, come out to play, minus what fat!

Six, concluding remarks

Finally, with a very beautiful and apt to describe the Changbai Mountain sentence ending a hook to take the distant place you ---- "the water above the clouds, clouds in the top of the peak, sometimes turned into fog, sometimes immortal Xian Changbai Mountain, heaven and earth have a great beauty No words. "

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