In Qingdao, eat Japanese food at Hanbilou Hot Springs

I went to Qingdao a few years ago. What I left behind was the indus in the Badaguan, and the bagged beer in the night. This time I went to Qingdao and indulged in the deep sea temperature warming up.

I went to Qingdao a few years ago. What I left behind was the indus in the Badaguan, and the bagged beer in the night.
This time I went to Qingdao, indulging in the warm-hearted deep-sea hot springs, greedy for fresh and tender sashimi.
In the morning when facing the sea and the morning light, I don't want to wake up. This is the most healing trip in the winter, watching the sea, bathing, and enjoying the taste.
However, in just one hour of flight, I temporarily fled the noisy Beijing and arrived at Qingdao Hanbi Building.

Entering the hotel lobby, the bird songs around the door turn around, and the dry landscape outside the floor-to-ceiling glass brings people into the world of Zen.

Qingdao Hanbi Building

The location of Qingdao Hanbi Building is uniquely endowed by the sea on three sides and backed by Phoenix Mountain.
The private beach of the hotel fades away from the hustle and bustle of summer, filled with faint tranquility and the unique coldness of winter.
On the other side of the sea, the high-rise buildings in the urban area of ​​Qingdao are like the mirages. I hide in the quiet place and sit and watch the bustling.

Infinity pool

All the pools in Hanbi Building are infinitely designed, and the swimming pool that extends to the sea seems to be integrated with the sea.
The winter sun is mild and soft, and the sea breeze is not as imaginative as it is, with a moist and cool.

Watching the sea everywhere

The sea can be seen in almost every corner here. The sea in winter is the most peaceful.

Even in the long corridors, the designer left a gap in the middle of the thick wall, and the sea appeared between the steps, sometimes and sometimes disappeared.

w hotel with the same sinking rest pool

The favorite is this terrace. The minimalist horizontal and vertical lines bring people into the deep tranquility, sinking rest pool, and let the eyes turn to the innocent Tianhai junction.

Leisure and entertainment

Tea room

If you feel a little cold outside, sit down in the tea room on the terrace.
A cup of fragrant tea, a waste of time, but who said that time can not be wasted in such a beautiful place.

The tea room during the day is a castle in the sky on a Chinese courtyard.

The tea room under the night is the glass palace under the stars.

Hot Springs - a gift from the 1,500-meter deep sea

When the outdoor swimming season is over, the hot spring season has just begun.

The hot spring of Hanbi House comes from a 1,500-meter deep submarine weak alkaline hot spring water, which is very similar to the famous Asahi hot spring in Japan.
The Hanbi Building is an exploration team that has been invited to Japan. With persistence, it has been drilled to a depth of 1,500 meters. The hot spring water that rushes out is the best reward for their attachment.


LALU SPA is built on the surface of the sea.
Even every private soup is facing the sea.

The soothing music is gently lingering, the smoky water is mixed with the fragrance of the essential oil, and the temperature of the spring makes the winter stiff body completely relaxed.

[Massage] Classic aroma massage is most popular among girls, pressing, pressing, licking and pinching. Let the body release the last trace of fatigue.

Fresh dishes to soothe taste buds

Daily material

Japanese and hot springs are the best match, so the restaurant is open to the new hot spring season.

The executive chef and chef from Taiwan are sitting in the town, and they are skilled in doing the best menu-free menu.

[Ingredients] Japanese cuisine pursues the ultimate freshness of raw materials. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the fish that are shipped directly from Japan will not lie at the moment of entrance. Peony shrimp is fresh and sweet, and the fillets are elastic.

[Sushi] Sushi made on-site, even the most common California rolls, tastes unambiguous, and the fishmeal grains wrapped around are crisp and crisp, so that the teeth can't help but chase them apart.

[Recommended - crab meat bowl steamed] Sleek and tender eggs contain the delicious crab.

[Valley-fed steak] In the two teppanyaki rooms of "Tide" and "Eve", the grain-raised steak sizzles on the iron plate, and the rose-colored Himalayan salt makes the scent of the overflowing.

[Squid] The squid in autumn and winter is the most fat, and the grilled squid of Le is killing now, and the meat is very delicate.

The chef will always present surprises, such as the dessert made with chestnuts, which is the crystallization of seasonal ingredients and chefs.

Taiwan's private taste

If you understand the Taiwanese blood of Han Bilou, you will not be surprised at why the Taiwanese cuisine here is so authentic.
The name of the restaurant “Shuishayu” is from the ancient name of Sun Moon Lake. The Hanbi House in Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan was once the Chiang Kai-shek Hall.
The dishes that Jiang Gong loved in the past were also passed down. It is said that his favorite thing in the past was this township Su Xiao Pai.
After a series of 8 hours of slow fire, the selected black pork ribs can be so scented into the bone marrow.

[Recommended - Dongpo Meat] The Dongpo meat here also has a unique flavor. It includes Shaoxing wine from Puli, Taiwan. The Shaoxing wine in Puli has a sweet and fragrant taste, and the sweetness of the meat is revealed in the meat. Fatty feeling.

[Recommended dish chicken] Golden yellow chicken is also a kung fu dish.
The whole chicken should be slowly kneaded in a special pottery for 40 minutes, the oil gradually precipitates, and the juice remains inside.
So the chicken skin became crispy, the chicken was still smooth and tender, and the collected chicken oil became the best companion for rice.
The sweet potato baked on the outer edge of the pottery pottery becomes an extra gift that can be sought.

Qingdao Seafood Restaurant

In Qingdao, the chef certainly won't let go of the delicious local seafood.
Red Island 蛤蜊, swimming crab, sea bream, opium fish... can eat the world's fireworks in Qingdao in an elegant private room.

[Dessert] The dessert is once again returning to Taiwan, and a bowl of authentic burning grass is perfect.

Real experience | Accommodation in Hanbi House

Every room in Hanbi House is a sea view room.
This kind of design can be described as extravagant, but in the morning of waking up, look at the sea and the glow of the window.
Looking at the sunlight that climbed into the window, you can appreciate the designer's good intentions.

The size of the room is 100 square meters, and the spacious space will definitely make the experience more comfortable.

I stayed in the room almost all afternoon. I brew a pot of tea and listen to the sound of the waves. This is the time for me to hang around.
Nature, tranquility, simplicity, because of the heart, so happiness comes to life.

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Editor's Note:
The hotel is located in Huangdao District, Qingdao, backed by Phoenix Mountain and surrounded by the sea on three sides. Designed by Kerry Hill , the world's leading architect, the hotel 's modern minimalist style will sculpt the dazzling décor, allowing guests to fully experience the relaxation and relaxation of the blue sky and blue sky. The hotel will set up a special tourist resort for Qingdao, such as wedding special church, international conference center and top banquet hall, boutique, outdoor soup, SPA, French and Japanese multi-national gourmet restaurants. Qingdao Hanbi Building opened on October 12, 2014. The World Business Leaders Summit was held on the same day and was selected as the permanent meeting place.
Address: No. 277, Jiulongshan Road, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qingdao, Shandong, China.
Transportation: From Liuting International Airport or other areas to the customers who come, Hanbi Building will provide exclusive service for special car transfer.
Check-in time: after 15:00 Check-out time: before 12:00
Children policy: Individuals under the age of 18 are not accepted. Guests under the age of 18 are not allowed to check in without an escort. The
extra bed policy and the number of children are subject to the room policy you have chosen. If you exceed the room type, additional charges may apply. Any requests made must be confirmed by the hotel, all service details are subject to the hotel notification.
(Some words are selected from the official website and the network)

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