On Norwegian Joy from Shanghai, eat and drink, but also karting!

When you are on the cruise, all the restaurants are free of charge, all the drinks are free of charge, all the recreational facilities are all free, wifi full free to meet your fantasy on the cruise, how can i do? Of course, choose to fall in love with her ah!

This time, sister in the June 28 maiden voyage before a voyage to experience
the Connaught Volkswagen cruise for the customization of China's cruise cruise
after the experience, the joy of the number has been successful step into a new sister,
love, and irreplaceable

Chinese food and beverage

Tune in 5 days
for everyone pro-test, real shot of the major restaurants and bars, the major entertainment facilities
today put a small wave of pictures for everyone to feel the next ... ...
next week will push the joy of making the most sophisticated practical Raiders to We
want to remember to pay attention in advance!

First of all, let us advanced a section of
open seafood buffet ... ...

Seafood feast

So lofty crab legs Bagua Zhen, also only the big heavenly eat goods who can conquer, than the arm of the thick legs you are willing to take a plate? Key meat tender and delicious, never eaten never wasted!

Japanese fresh

Go through the sushi sushi bridge and salmon land

And then wandered over a fast out of the tiger shrimp river

And then climb over oysters / snow crab legs / roasted Oolong three mountains

You can be with the king crab tuna friendly pictures greeted
and then unceremoniously put them unloading shells into the mouth!

Meat doctrine

When the toll restaurant becomes a free restaurant, everything queuing and booking becomes meaningful. For example, this piece of fresh juicy Angus steak, fleshy compact, clear texture, a look is a hundred miles to pick a good beef, five cooked meat outside the micro-focus, fresh and soft inside, pour a special mushroom juice or black pepper juice , Super JUICY, Super Satisfied!

This piece of meat is better fresh 8 ounces of the Philippine force is impeccable, the most essential part of each cow here, and now it is only waiting for you to cut it, bloom the most beautiful moment, the taste of amazing, it can not bear Stop chopsticks, do not like to eat the meat of the sister all eliminated the clean.

Hibiscus restaurant brings together the most popular and most representative dishes in China, Japan and Korea, hot pot, barbecue, teppanyaki. Barbecue style slightly rough, are large pieces of large pieces up, the predecessors of the gospel, but when you need to eat with scissors cut into small pieces to eat more convenient.

Appetite is enough, point on the Korean bibimbap and miso soup, the menu on all the barbecue all over again, coupled with their favorite sauce roll with lettuce stuffed with a mouth full of happiness to burst.

Hibiscus restaurant 6th floor ship

Then you have to do is to face Zizi do picnic flesh and blood are willing to eat this meal I will not gain weight will not gain weight will not gain weight ... ...

Hibiscus restaurant 6th floor ship

Teppanyaki burns all the laughter of the cook, and they must have been a comedian who has been delayed by cooking. Whether it is teppanyaki, hot pot or barbecue, the materials are very generous, 5cm thick beef , The market of scallops and fresh shrimp eat fresh eat.

Rice country is the most perfect re-engraved American taste, even the United States to study the United States children repeatedly praised the classic American hamburgers and packages, all here can be found.

American simple meal

Midwest Restaurant 17th floor stern

Big burger in a solid beef patty, outside the coke in the buffalo buffalo chicken wings, warm fries ... ... finally know what is called the kind and menu picture the same.

In addition, this restaurant decoration style is also very California, American small fresh feeling oncoming.

Snack drink

Gourmet Republic Restaurant 8th floor bow

Is the place where the food is the place where the food is in the country, and the things must be made of all kinds of gourmet snacks, Peruvian beef skewers, Thai fried shrimp rolls, Hawaii crystal powder salad, Mexican roasted corn, braised pork, Korean lamb chops, Sashimi, etc., finished a down, the courage to travel around the world have.

Atrium Cafe 6th floor ship

All drinks on the boat free drink, of course, including the stars dad, a variety of lovely cup cake, he has alcohol or no alcoholic cocktails, champagne red and white wine beer ... ...

All kinds of dessert charming eyes, really want to press the menu once again. Wall crack recommend this chocolate lava cake, hot chocolate pulp with the spoon of the touch slowly out, coupled with ice cream and strawberry sauce, eat really want to cry out: again three!

Rhyme restaurant 6th floor stern

Yue Park buffet restaurant 16th floor stern

Cafeteria not only Hunan Duojiao head small fried meat, Sichuan spicy chicken, Taiwan three cups of chicken, actually there are super-Guizhou Huaxi beef powder, this gas, received in place!

Rhyme restaurant 6th floor stern

See Duojiao shad this dish when the sister is stunned! The cruise can eat this kind of river is also a hell, but the joy of the number really ah, fleshy compact, no bone no thorns, Duojiao to join this dish with the soul, fresh Q flesh with fragrant Spicy Duojiao really amazing!

Warm Heart Hall 17th floor stern

Warm heart noodle shop is also like the joy of God on the existence of almost from the early morning has been open to the night 12:00, a little cruise version of the meaning of the late night canteens. Shrimp dumplings, crabs selling, Shanghai wonton and other kinds of small snacks, from Taiwan's beef noodles, to Chaozhou beef pills powder, and then to Chengdu dan dan, red oil Chao Shou, and then Japanese fried pork chops, small A noodle shop, snare around the world, indeed warm stomach and warm heart.

Activities show

Phoenix Song and Dance Theater 6th floor bow

Phoenix song and dance theater, cough cough do not look at the name of vulgar, but also very interesting place, while eating while watching the show, appetite better Oh You can also sing the band, remember that really want to put the hands of chopsticks into a light stick, along with the band above the Hey!

Waiting for fat to die?

Joy on the various entertainment
will never let you how long a pound!

The most weight loss activities must be on the ship's fluorescent party, the rotation does not stop jump, do not want to do, one night will be able to shake off the three pounds of meat, the most important thing to hook handsome beauty, live fighting scenes straight spicy eyes, Taking into account the phone before the screen may have children, the transfer sister here is not put ha ha ha.

Entertainment staff is also set the trick to let the scene set off another wave of heat waves, next to the cocktail drink beer champagne infinite drink, the atmosphere a wave after a wave.

Meditation park fluorescent party on the 16th floor of the ship

The last day of the "element" performance, the joy of the theater, although not big, but this performance of the entire theater sound and light effects used most vividly, the actors at any time from your side of a place, flying in the air Snow and high-energy dancers, the whole down down the shock, very to force!

Joy Theater 6 / 7th floor bow

Ya Yue tea house 7th floor ship

Eat more greasy do not forget to Ya Yue tea house drink Pu'er consumption of fat ah, see the little brother warm smile you know this place is worth a go, and three five friends chatting good place to chat.

Water entertainment

Comet water slide 16-18 floor ship

In addition, the water slide will not I said it, nor the real cruise out of the name belongs to the fat, oh no, brave of the game, the sister of the pro test a good, fun! Fun! Fun! 90 ° vertical rapid decline, will let the body experience super-stimulation of the weight loss.

If the weight is heavy enough, posture enough standard, then you can slide all over, but the transfer is too thin! too skinny! It is too thin! So slipped back to half and lost back in the middle of the exit to climb out, visual need to 130 pounds, and posture standards, the body stretched, less wear clothes to wear less, can not wear to wear (to reduce resistance), so Can be successfully sent to the end.

Sports entertainment

Sea kart 18-19 floor ship

Can the sea drive? You really did not listen to the wrong ah, promise only true joy of the first sea double karting, inviting you and blue sky and blue together with gallop.

But also the premise is encountered a group of skilled master racing skills of the old driver, the other track is relatively wide, you can enjoy overtaking. Want to not add the secret is that the steering wheel must be killed, no side of the corners to open the past, stuck in the corners, will become the focus of attention in the broadcast of the object.

Laser duel 20 floor boat

The laser against the Danger sister feel at night to play more interesting, somewhat similar to the real CS, in the dark wind high, reaching the fingers of the night, and teammates in the mysterious base of the war three hundred rounds, too into the play! Very few places, reservations are very tight, want to play pro remember to seize the opportunity!

In fact, there is a choice, that is to find an interesting thing, forget to eat it. The cruise on a variety of activities waiting for you to participate in, I love to remember the lyrics, karaoke OK contest, teach you to fold towels, fruit carving appreciation, wine tasting ... ... another example is in the sea dance ink, stop and draw a picture, quiet Zhiyuan , Up to up ~ up ~ up ~

Why do you have this voyage free ah?
Will there be any later?

Things are like this
Novo true joy number in the June 28 maiden voyage
is June 23 departure of the voyage
travel agency ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah experience to understand the media
(after all, to please we sell cruise, so just mentioned Of those things) of

course are free ... ...
so June 28, after the real maiden voyage charges
will be charged ... ...

But it is not a bad thing ah
This eliminates the need for a variety of queuing appointment limit, experience better Oh ~
next week will take their own pictures of these real pictures and personal experience
for everyone to produce a most sophisticated joy to eat and drink Raiders
move a small bench waiting for the transfer of big hair strokes it

Finally, link one online.
We can enjoy it!