Go Sichuan-Tibet Highway, how to plan the most reasonable? (With three classic routes)

Everyone has a dream of Tibet! About her legend and beauty, not to the people will say that life must go once, and those who have been said that this is the soul of the closest place to heaven! And Sichuan-Tibet line as one of the into the car chartered, riding the business card, cited numerous Walker competing waist! This is a fascinating pilgrimage road! And are you really ready?
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What is the Sichuan-Tibet line?

Sichuan-Tibet line, refers to the connection between Chengdu, Sichuan and Lhasa, the first road between the car road - 314 National Road, also known as Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a total length of 2142 kilometers, is China's longest national road. Prior to his predecessor is a thousand years of history of the Tea Horse Road. Sichuan-Tibet line is actually divided into two lines of Sichuan-Tibet line and Sichuan-Tibet line, two lines starting from Chengdu, Sichuan, from Ganzi after bifurcation, and finally to Lhasa. The northern line is 317 national highway, the south line is by car and riding the famous 318 Sichuan-Tibet line (318 National Road). 317 State Road and 318 National Road, are belong to Sichuan-Tibet line.

In order to enjoy the rich scenery along the way, I suggest that the ability to have a car, the experience of small partners to travel by car. However, the Sichuan-Tibet line, traffic is dangerous, high technical requirements for driving, it is recommended to have their own a sport utility vehicle. As the Sichuan-Tibet line is a special tourist routes, so I strongly recommend small partners in the form of chartered travel.

Chartered can save you trouble in a strange Tibetan area (such as: some sections are not open), while encounter a good accompanying driver, he can also give you a free guide Oh (they run all year round Sichuan line) , So that you learn more about the Tibetan scenery and humanities, all the way to stay and schedule should be much easier. Chartered travel, just bring a good mood, this way, you can go that is to stop the way, feel the broad sea and sun on the sunset sunset, chasing the palms of the beautiful scenery, encounter surprise moments, but also Immediately photographed for your future slowly feel and aftertaste. Such a trip, would not fast zai?

Yang Zhuo Yong wrong map by leaves

What is the difference between the Sichuan-Tibet line and the Sichuan-Tibet line?

So that many rows of longing for the Sichuan-Tibet line, and because the line is different, different scenery, it was divided into Sichuan-Tibet line (National Road 317) and Sichuan-Tibet line (National Road 318). So what's the difference between them? I'll give you a brief talk

1, line distinction

Two lines starting with Chengdu, the end is also with the Lhasa, but after the new bridge from the bridge, the northern line to the north and beyond a long extension of the distance, which shows that the total number of North line more. Sichuan Road (318 National Road), mileage of 2140 km, while the Sichuan-Tibet line (317 National Road), mileage of 2320 km full length.

The road map of the Sichuan - Tibet line

2, the difference between the scenery

Chuan-Tibet Line ( 318 National Road) : is the most beautiful into the Tibetan line, but also by the world's most beautiful Linzhi rain forest Oh ~ is also the current chartered, riding a choice of the largest tour of a route! Sichuan-Tibet line relative to the Sichuan-Tibet line, the natural scenery as the mainstream. All the way to the west, are in the mountains, magnificent beauty between the shuttle. Such as: photography paradise Xinduqiao, the last Shangri-La Daocheng Aden, the world's deepest canyon Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, the world Xian Ran Wu Wu, Tibet's Nyingchi and so on. At the same time, Sichuan and Tibet by the southern line, mostly densely populated areas, tourism equipment is relatively more perfect some ~

Na Mu wrong road map by leaves

Sichuan and Tibet Line ( 317 National Road): outdoor traveler is the best route, mainly to see the cultural landscape, the scenery is based on grassland, river scenery. North line relative to the south line, the pastoral areas (such as Nagqu area) is the most often through the North line. But with all the way forward to the west, the elevation will be higher and higher, the population is also more scarce, probably because of the sparsely populated, tourism equipment is not particularly perfect, so the North line is relatively less involved in ALICE, so the entire North Line Along the scenery and the humanities are rarely developed, the scenery is more primitive magnificent, is the humanities landscape experience respected adventure Need route.

Naomonani peak of the streamer map by leaves

3, human differences

Sichuan-Tibet line: the cultural landscape is very rich. Out of the famous cultural landscape are: a home Tibetan Walled, Wu Ming Buddhist College, Dege of the printing of the hospital, the ancient slope of the towers, Daofu residential, furnace Huo Temple, Ganzi Temple. Moreover, in order to facilitate the size of the old officials into and out of possession, can have a resting place, in the Qamdo generation has established an important town level. Relative to the South line, the entire north of the mysterious and very religious charm, is to understand the Tibetan culture of the perfect line.

Sichuan-Tibet line:  along the natural scenery known, although there will be some representative of the Tibetan cultural landscape, but not as well as the North line so famous and style.

A beautiful view of the village

So in the end is to take the Sichuan-Tibet line? Or take the Sichuan-Tibet line? I give you the following advice: If you like to watch the natural scenery, then the South is a good choice; if you are more biased towards the cultural landscape, want to be closer to Tibetan culture, then the north line can be your priority.

4, different road conditions

South line: good road conditions, especially in Tibet, the road was very smooth.

North line: very few tourists in depth, the road is relatively poor compared to the South line, will be biased towards the original, it is self-driving cross-country explorers respected the best line.

Along the road landscape by jerry-min

As the western rainy season is concentrated in May to August, when the Sichuan-Tibet line debris flow and landslides are more frequent, I suggest that we will be scheduled to be more relaxed schedule. Charter road, you need to ride a very powerful driver of the old driver, whether it is the driver or you, have to ride through the collapse of the courage of the district Oh ~ ~

What are the stunning minds of the Sichuan-Tibet line?

Sichuan-Tibet line - why would it be the dream of most people? Xu is because she is the top of the mountains, the source of water. So on the way to walk Sichuan-Tibet line, what will be shocking the beauty of the mind? I choose to take a few intoxicating beauty, let you envy some:

1, National Road 318 line - known as the Chinese landscape, itself is a scenic belt, but also experience the Tibetan folk customs of the Holy Land.

2, Kangding - when the "Kangding love song" popular in the north and south, the phrase "Happy Valley" is automatically humming? I told you that this song must go to Kangding mountain to sing, it is called Ying Oh ~ ~ teach what "song in the top of the clouds dance"!

3, Xinduqiao - by the travel industry as a photographer's paradise. Come here, you can experience what is the world of light and shadow, when the golden Yang Bo in a clear stream, and then with the distant rolling hills, they can shoot out the natural large! At this point you are the best photographer of nature

4, Daocheng Aden - the real paradise on earth, the last Shangri-La.

5, Bo Mi Lin Chi section - "Oriental Little Swiss" the United States of Bomi to Nyingchi Road, all the way is the Manshan Peach, Shili Taolin estimated is unmatched. Along the way more snow-capped mountains, sure you marvel.

6, Namco wrong - is the world's tallest lake, is also the largest lake in Tibet.

7, color of the - this is a place without a hustle and bustle of the earth, where people are not repair this life afterlife, you ask how strong the faith in the end, so when you read this red mountains and plains, experienced shock Mind the burial, only know it!

too much beauty along the way, I will not enumerate here!

Niyang River map by Niyang

Three tour Sichuan-Tibet line line, take you the most amazing landscape of Fun Road

Travel Sichuan-Tibet line, a lot of routes ah, small partners can according to their own needs, time and other different custom routes! Here, I will briefly introduce the following three lines, for those who want to play the Sichuan-Tibet line of small partners reference to the three routes are also included in the Sichuan-Tibet line of the major beauty of the Oh ~

1, Sichuan-Tibet line (318 National Road) - natural wind full of landscape Avenue, the most beautiful scenery into the Tibet Road

2, Sichuan-Tibet Great Northern Line - beautiful natural scenery along the way rich cultural landscape, to explore the mysterious Tibetan culture

3, Sichuan-Tibet small north line - Siguniang mountain color Sichuan-Tibet line south line, traveled across the Sichuan-Tibet line north and south line of beauty

First, the Sichuan-Tibet line - natural landscape Avenue, the most beautiful scenery into the road

Sichuan-Tibet South Line (318 National Road) depth 9th itinerary recommended

Day 1: Chengdu - Hailuogou (360 km) live: Hailuogou elevation: 2850

Day 2: Hailuogou - Kangding - Xinduqiao (170km) Living: Xinduqiao elevation: 3300

Day 3: Xinduqiao - Litang - Daocheng / Aden (350 km) live: Daocheng or Aden Altitude: 3700

Day 4: Aden Day Tour - Daocheng (110 km) Live: Daocheng Altitude: 3700

Day 5: Daocheng - Litang - Batang - Mangkang (434 km) Live: Mangkang Elevation: 3870

Day 6: Mangkang - Zuogong - eight places (361 km) live: eight places elevation: 3260

Day 7: Octopus - Ranwu - Mile Glacier - Bomi (217 km) Living: Bomi Elevation: 2800

Day 8: Bomi - Tong Mai days of insurance - Bayi / Nyingchi (237 km) live: Bayi Elevation: 2800

Day 9: Bayi - Gongbu Jiangda - Lhasa (400km) Living: Lhasa Elevation: 3700

The new bridge of the new bridge

South from Chengdu to Lhasa, a total length of about 2124 km, the way will be known as the photographer's paradise of the new bridge, let you experience the actual situation of the world, love photography, you will never miss this wonderful moment The On the road ahead, the road is basically climbing in the mountains, narrow road, along the way to climb more than a dozen mountains over 4,000 meters above sea level, experienced master will take you smoothly in the beautiful scenery of the country, but also to avoid By car and early into the Sichuan-Tibet line of pedestrians due to elevated altitude and fear of my heart.

Ancient glacier picture by the mother - quiet

When the highest altitude of 4700 meters, the "world high city," said the Litang, in addition to some of the gravel pavement is mostly asphalt pavement. On this way, through the big ups and downs of the mountains, grassland canyons, the scenery is more beautiful and unpredictable, and the color is clear. Take this route, then Wuhu will let you know what is the colorful, pure world of the new bridge, snow Jiangnan Linzhi peach set to let you redefine what is the pastoral scenery ... ... which will be known as "death section" Of the days of wheat, although the road has been trimmed in recent years, but encountered rainy season, there is still the risk of debris flow group, through this section must not be taken lightly. However, the whole scenery near the lake, the integration of the snow-capped mountains, lakes, forests, pastures ... ... two echoes, called the Sichuan-Tibet line of the most beautiful section of the paragraph, definitely worth living here for a few days Oh ~

Winter of the lake

in the Sichuan-Tibet line, shooting the best position is in the 3888 highway piles; in the Wuhu town where thousands of kilometers, there is a village called "tile village", the typical possession of southeastern forest Building, in the twilight hours, filled with rich Tibetan charm, is a good place to shoot, small partners can get off to the village to shoot large ~

Recommended reason: Sichuan-Tibet line starting in Chengdu, Sichuan, the end of Tibet Lhasa. Entered the 318 National Road, during the intersection of 108,214 State Road. Along the way there will be rolling mountains, stream of water, all the way ever changing, there are alpine canyons, forest meadows, there are everywhere the streamer, barley field, Mani Shi, Tibetan Temple overlapping symbiosis, but also to experience more Colorful folk customs, full of excitement and charm. Was travel, photography enthusiasts called "gold line", is the most choice in recent years, ALICE one, relative to the Sichuan-Tibet line, the road is better, more attractions along the way, generally recommended to take the Sichuan-Tibet line Tibetan. This line of four seasons different scenery, but the winter snow will be closed, the rainy season July - August road is not good to go, it is recommended that you should arrange a reasonable travel time Oh ~

Second, the Sichuan-Tibet line + color of Buddha - explore the mysterious Tibetan culture

On the  10th day of the line of Sichuan and Tibet , it is recommended

Day 1: Chengdu - Yaan --- Luding --- Kangding (325KM) live: Kangding elevation: 2560

Day 2: Kangding - eight beautiful - furnace Huo (266KM) live: furnace Huo altitude: 3250

Day 3: Furnace - Onda - color up (215KM) live: color up to sea: 4000

Day 4: color day travel: color up to sea: 4000

Day 5: Color Da - Degexia Zaba (210KM) Living: Dege Xia Zaba Elevation: 3300

Day 6: Dege Xia Zaba Day trip: Dege Xia Zaba Altitude: 3300

Day 7: Dege - Qamdo (317km) Living: Changdu Elevation: 3240

Day 8: Qamdo - class Wu Qi - Ding Qing (247km) live: Ding Qing Altitude: 3840

Day 9: Ding Qing - Pakistan Green - Nagqu (480km) live: Nagqu Elevation: 4400

Day 10: Nagqu - Damxung - Yang Ba Jing - Lhasa (355km) Accommodation: Lhasa Elevation: 3700

Clouds filled with Balang Mountain map by Siguniang Mountain Tashi

Starting from the northwest of Chengdu, the Dujiangyan, in Yingxiu town along the Sichuan Road 303 to the west, when the whole year after the cloud-filled Ba Langshan, all the way through the small Jinxian, arrived in the furnace Huo. And then along the 317 national highway to the west, in the song with the national road 109 (also known as the Qinghai-Tibet line) convergence, and ultimately arrived in Lhasa. Which Danba is the main distribution area of ​​the Jiarong Tibetan, the tower grassland (also known as the Maoyao prairie) area scenery and humanities known, it is worth mentioning is: Daofu, Huo Huo and other places to live in the crown area and even the whole possession Area. And Dege is the cultural center of the entire Tibetan area.

The name of the streamer on the grass of the grass is called my name

Along the way through the elevation of 4916 meters of the highest point of the mountain, as well as Chengbi Lake water new sea, and its beautiful scenery, this area with beautiful natural scenery. From Changdu to that song is 700 km away, because the whole section of the road is very bad, but also narrow, known as the "black Chang Road", even a lot of local drivers in this road is also helpless. In the entire Sichuan-Tibet Dabei line before the line, you need to cross the Jinsha River, Nu River, Lancang River three major river, but also need to climb more than 20 blocks of more than 4000 meters above sea level, all the way to the beautiful valley scenery, Tibetan towers, Colorful national culture, make you obsessed with this. Sichuan-Tibet Great Northern Line, is the explorers respected the Quest Tibetan culture of the best line, but also the history of fans and fans love a favorite route.

The flag of the mountain

Recommended reason: Sichuan-Tibet Great Northern Line after 317 to reach the Qamdo, the class Wu Qi, Ding Qing, Pakistan Qing, Suoxian arrived in Nagqu, and finally take the male, sheep eight wells to reach Lhasa, along the natural cultural landscape is rich, Tibetan religion has a special favorite friends, it is recommended to take this route. The advantage of the route is that you can go along the G317 all the way to the west, along the many cultural landscape, allowing you to better integrate into the Tibetan culture, and ultimately arrived in the holy city of Lhasa, and you can choose any stronghold. We can easily set their own travel plans.

Three, Siguniang Mountain + color + + Sichuan-Tibet line, traveled across the Sichuan-Tibet line north and south

Chuan Tibetan small north line  Siguniang mountain color up to 10 days free line arrangement

Day 1: Chengdu - Yingxiu - Wolong - Siguniang Mountain - Danba (345KM) live: Danba elevation: 1800

Day 2: Danba - eight beautiful - furnace Huo - color of (390KM) live: furnace Huo Altitude: 3250

Day 3: color day trip: color up to sea: 4000

Day 4: Color Da - Dege Xia Zaba (210KM) Living: Dege Xia Zaba Elevation: 3300

Day 5: Dege Xia Zaba Day trip: Dege Xia Zaba Altitude: 3300

Day 6: Dege - Qamdo (317km) Live: Qamdo Elevation: 3240

Day 7: Qamdo - Busay (270km) Live: Octopus Elevation: 3260

Day 8: Octopus - Ranwu - Mile Glacier - Bomi (217 km) Living: Bomi Elevation: 2800

Day 9: Bomi - Tong Mai days of insurance - Bayi / Nyingchi (237 km) live: Bayi elevation: 2800

Day 10: Bayi - Gongbu Jiangda - Lhasa (400km) Living: Lhasa Elevation: 3700

Siguniang Mountain map by defeated dog _C

Starting from Chengdu, first arrived as known as "the originator of the world's water culture," Dujiangyan, let you feel the breathing of natural oxygen bar, after the Yingxiu, small gold Siguniangshan, Ganzi, over the mountain, arrived in Qamdo, which is The classic section of the northern part of Tibet. And then take the National Road 214 and Sichuan-Tibet line convergence, arrived in Lhasa. In addition to this line can enjoy the beautiful scenery of southern Sichuan and Tibet, you can also enjoy the Danba towers, Shushan Queen Siguniang Mountain, the world famous one of the world's largest Tibetan Buddhism Lumin Temple Wu Ming Buddhism College Famous cultural attractions.

La Rong Wu Ming Buddhism Institute by thirteen crazy

Pray all the good morning by morning

Sichuan-Tibet small north line is the natural scenery and cultural heavens of the road, the basic temple, folk and other cultural landscape-based. Cultural landscape and natural landscape in this intertwined present in your eyes, along the snow-capped mountains meadow, blue sky and white clouds, cattle and sheep account, temple prayer flags and so will be a strong impact on your vision. But the face of the harsh natural environment, it is added a bit mysterious and dangerous, so for novice, I still do not recommend, if you want to take this line the best choice to chartered to.

The timeless map of the woods

Recommended reason: this line is a number of chartered, riding, walking tour friends choose the line, in terms of difficulty, the difficulty of the small north line was significantly smaller than the Big North line, and this line will be Sichuan and South Tibet and Sichuan Line of the classic landscape fusion, when you walk this section of the road, you can enjoy the two miles of the core beauty Oh 

The first time to take the Sichuan-Tibet line need to pay attention to what?

1, before going to Tibet to exercise the body?

Many people are worried about going to Tibet is the most afraid of the plateau reaction, so we all want to play before going to Tibet to exercise the body. In fact, the altitude sickness is only related to the body's ability to adapt and regulate, and physical strength is not necessarily linked. If you do not feel relieved, one or two months ahead of aerobic exercise, some jogging, but in the first week of departure should pay attention to rest, do not exercise.

2, who is not suitable for coming to Tibet?

Tibet Plateau region environment is relatively poor, the people who have access to Tibet have certain requirements. In general, most people come to Tibet tourism is no problem, in addition to those who have serious illness, do not recommend to Tibet, such as: 1. suffering from heart disease, blood disease and cerebrovascular disease; All kinds of respiratory diseases; 3. suffering from epilepsy, schizophrenia and uncontrolled diabetes; 4 have had high disease, such as plateau edema, high altitude brain edema, plateau heart disease; 5 high risk pregnant women; Suffering from severe colds, fever or respiratory infections.

3, when to Tibet best?

Every year from May to October is the best season in Tibet, whenever this time is the season of tourism in Tibet, the overall warm and comfortable weather and not hot, but the relative visitors will be very much, the relevant industry consumption is water up the bed, Your travel spending is also more. In November to the following year in April, although relatively cold, but the sun during the day is very good, will be very warm. This time visitors rarely, you see is the authentic Tibetan style.

4, Sichuan and Tibet line dangerous?

Sichuan-Tibet line has a daunting title - the death of the line, but it is beautiful along the way, many people still willing to take Sichuan. As most of the way have been renovated, the situation has been much better. But in the rainy season, the debris flow section or Tingduo, pay attention to safety. There are two is the most dangerous: the day through the wheat, only in the rainy season when it is more dangerous, usually very good; there is one of the industry pull Hill ninety-nine Shui, where down the mountain is very dangerous, very careful.

5, Sichuan-Tibet line along the way of accommodation how?

Sichuan-Tibet line of the current tourism equipment gradually improved, along the way through the small town, town, village, so the basic accommodation can be met. Good condition is a star hotel, the general is the guest house, hotel and family inn, and if lucky, you can live in the Tibetan home. Chartered or riding in the Sichuan-Tibet line, do not have to worry about the problem of accommodation.

Lhasa River landscape by ladybaby

To the later people's safety tips

1, you ALICE, before you pay attention to pay attention to the weather forecast in advance ah, please try to choose sunny hurry, valley area (Yaan - Kangding, Yajiang, Nyingchi, etc.) rain and rain after the rest, do not move forward, Of the landslides are particularly frequent;

2, the way to give their own altitude to adapt to the process, not a one-time altitude climb too high, so I suggest Kangding (2464m) as a accommodation to adapt, and try to avoid in the Litang (3911m)

3, by car friends, please abide by the traffic rules, do not cross the road overtaking, do not pay attention to the white school of the ~

4, Tibetan cattle and sheep on the road more livestock, we should pay attention to away and avoid, try to avoid the whistle, so as not to scare the angels ah.

5, by car friends, should pay attention to: Sichuan-Tibet line of the county-level units are basically two barrels of oil, please pass the county level units must consider the remaining oil.

6, Yaan - Kangding road conditions are a bit poor, and traffic flow, by car recommended by 20 ~ 30km / h estimated travel time.

7, Sichuan-Tibet line only by the large trucks and cars, riding a friend, the passage of the process, please note that large trucks, do not grab a large truck with a grudge.

8, Sichuan-Tibet line only two-way two-lane, if you want to temporarily stop, along the line there will be a lot of temporary parking and viewing platform for you to use, please avoid direct parking on the road.

The beauty of a mess of sheep Zhuo Yong wrong map by swallow

Concluding remarks

Sichuan-Tibet line as the world's highest terrain, the most dangerous road route. Its beauty is another few into the possession of the road can not match. I've always heard someone say, "It's the first and the ultimate dream of all travelers." Just a picture is enough to be fascinating. Not immersive, really do not understand the way the scenery in the end how beautiful! Shannan is there, are you ready to cross one hundred thousand mountains and meet it?

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