Is there a volcano? ! Qingdao Zhuji Island Island and Tour Guide

On the sea southeast of Huangdao District, there is a quiet island that is rarely mentioned by people. It is Zhuji Island. The island is very small, and the narrowest part is 500 meters in diameter.

On the sea southeast of Huangdao District, there is a quiet island that is rarely mentioned by people. It is Zhuji Island.
The island is very small, the narrowest part is 500 meters in diameter, and Lingshan Island is like apples than watermelon. But it still caught my attention, because I heard that there is a unique landscape on the island, which is unique in Qingdao.

How to board the island

Island pier

So I began to inquire about how to get on the island. According to the information I checked online , I can get on the Huangshan Dock from Huangdao Island , and this place is also very close, just in the east of Golden Beach. So I first went to the Minnan Port to ask for directions.
After getting off the bus, I entered a wasteland and saw it around several bends... just like this?

Two ways to go to Zhuji Island

[The charter] Amount... This is obviously a fishing port. I haven't seen a fisherman for a long time. The original fishermen are also afraid of cold. Check online, pack 100 fishing boats, the more people pay less, but the safety is not guaranteed. We have two people in total, so forget it. If it falls in the sea, it is so cold in January, it is estimated to be the Titanic...
[Ban boat] So I found a formal way, that is, Xuejiadao Pier. Usually there are only two boats per day, starting at 7:20 in the morning, leaving at 2:00 in the afternoon, and the holidays will be later. Buying a ticket for a single bill is 35 yuan... The amount seems to have increased. The public boat is still relatively reassuring.

Ride situation

The picture above is the Hailong number to and from the port and Zhuji Island. Although the ship is a bit old, it is much stronger than the fishing boat. In the noise inside, there will be a diesel smell of the engine... It will take more than 30 minutes to get there, and bear it.
Just after New Year's Day, my friend and I set off the next morning. There are very few people on board, except we are a few local villagers.

After successfully boarding the island, I started a journey of several hours.

Zhuji Island

The local tourist map, the painting is in place.

The local tourist map, the painting is in place.

The gray on the island is often gray and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, any noisy sounds are superfluous.

[Bodhi Tree] One of the island's attractions, Bodhi Tree. According to legend, this big tree has a history of more than 100 years, the local god tree. Unfortunately, this is not summer, and you can't see its lush foliage. It is of course beneficial to go in winter, for example, it will not be sunburned, and there will be no mosquito bites.
The stout branches and the small pine trees next to them are dwarfed. The linden tree is the center of the island, and then downhill, you can walk to the beach soon.

To the beach is the boardwalk ~ I am still older than I thought, it is estimated that it is easy to corrode at the seaside.
Continue to walk around the island. The island is really small and will soon be able to make a round.

Focus - crater

[Location] When you see the wall on the picture, you will reach the southern end of the island. The abandoned hotel turned into an iconic building here. It’s time to start explaining the real scenes and lingering behind the restaurant, and then I’ve seen the amazing and stunning...


Introduced as follows. A crater (although an extinct volcano) sounds like a very good thing. It seems as if you can see the magma that was previously surging.

It seems as if you can see the magma that was previously surging.

Later, some scholars thought that this was not a real crater, but there is no denying that there has been magmatic activity. And the terrain here is indeed unique in Qingdao. Touch the magma that had overflowed in the crack. The black stone in the middle should be the previously cooled magma.

Take a panoramic picture. Although it is not quite like a crater, it still makes me sigh the power of nature.

Zhuji Island and other islands

Off island

Another island in the distance is called the island, and there is a shoal connected to the island of Zhuji. After the tide, it will be separated from the island.

In the middle of the year when the sea level is at its lowest, and just in the morning, we can easily go to the island to go to haha. However, this section of the road is not so flat, there are small stones and big stones everywhere, very lame, heavy people take a trip and are very hurt.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I went to the southeast corner. At this time, the tide has risen, and the water quickly drowned the road connecting the two islands. Contrast the morning photos and once again sigh the magic of nature!

Big and small stone island

There are also Dashi Island and Xiaoshi Island, which are small and can only be seen from afar. There is a cliff behind the island. Under the cliff is a big hole called a cave. It is very dangerous, so tourists cannot go.

Island dining

I ate a meal at the pier, ordered a portion of fish and celery and fried meat, and served two servings of rice. Don't look at this point, give me a meal and haven't finished eating it... sure enough, this 80 is not a white flower...

Tips and suggestions

[Leaving the boat] The ship arrived at about 2:30, so we ended the short trip.
[Do you need to stay for one night? But time is absolutely enough, as long as you don't fish. There is no need to live for one night, because the living conditions here... just like the cultivation of immortals you know.

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