Kaifeng ancient city, travel Raiders (with food route guide)

Kaifeng, referred to as Bian;, the ancient name of Dongjing, Bijing, one of China's eight ancient capitals, with a steady stream of more than 2700 years of history

Moonlight magic charm city Kaifeng

Kaifeng, referred to as 汴, the ancient name of Tokyo, Bijing, one of China's eight ancient capitals, with a steady stream of more than 2700 years of history, with its profound Chinese culture, is also the only city in the axis of the city has not changed City Ruining City ruins in the history of the world's archeology and metropolitan rare, it has been to keep Kaifeng Metro one of the reasons why here, old times, crowned with "Tokyo dream China" reputation of the Ching Ming River Park, but also presents the past Qingming River The picture of the market 侩 of the scene; attractive cuisine, convenient transportation, antique area Liang District, people forget about it.

Night market GIF bustling moment

Travel guide

Kaifeng, the ancient capital of a long history, was once the capital of Henan. It survived the years of destruction and changes in the age, it still stands in many of China's ancient city. The architecture here, or a model that imitates the ancient architecture, is still impressive, as if it was deeply trapped in it, just as it was when it was a costume drama, a fantasy of itself in one of the flourishing dynasties and in the midst of self-admiration Professional or what status Dignitaries, doing a great job, accomplish something great.

How to get there

Zhengzhou to Kaifeng distance is very close, and now opened the two trains, intercity railway, do the train to Zhengzhou Railway Station, do intercity railway to Zhengzhou East Railway Station (Zhengzhou High Speed ​​Rail Station), the two places are the opposite direction, As for the fare is only 18 yuan, the journey time only takes 30-40 minutes, soon Kaifeng
High Speed ​​Rail station
now Kaifeng High Speed ​​Rail Station is very small, so is building a new high-speed rail station, which is behind the high-speed rail station, called Kaifeng North Station, very close, tickets in the high-speed rail station on the side, go out to go a dozen meters can play, ride a motorcycle, of course, there is another option
Kaifeng bus and double decker sightseeing bus
High-speed rail station can take Directly to the scenic bus, opened in Kaifeng at present seems to have 6 bus lines directly to the Kaifeng North Station
  bus company -> Children's Hospital -> Temple -> Yanqing View -> Huaihe Hospital -> Museum -> Gulou District Court -> Bao Ancestral Hall -> Xiangyang Road -> Jinan Road -> Municipal Party Committee -> Municipal Development and Reform Commission -> Jinming Square -> Kangping District -> Provincial Land Tax Training Center -> River Daxin School Simon -> (Tokyo Avenue -> Four Main Street -> unsealing North station)
35 path
  (the unsealing Station -> Four Streets -> Tokyo Boulevard) -> Yellow River Water -> Yellow River Street -> Jin'an Road -> Xiangyang Road -> Bao Gong Hunan Road -> Yingbin Road -> Wuyi Road -> Wufu Road -> Train Station
47 Road
  Tower Park Bus Company -> North Gate -> East Division -> Xinjiekou -> River Affiliated Hospital -> Giant Gate -> West Central Road beam junction -> West Loop -> East Gate -> Youth City -> (Fuxing Avenue -> Yellow River Avenue -> Tokyo Avenue -> Dasheng Campus North Gate -> Fourth Street -> Kaifeng North Station)
52 Road
  Songcheng Station ->

  Bus three companies -> Tian Yang Yang -> Jinyao Road -> Xiaobeigang -> Xihuan Road -> Medical Building -> Jinming Square -> Zhengkai Avenue -> Main Street -> Tokyo Boulevard -> Fourth Street -> Kaifeng North Station
54 Road
  Kaifeng North Station -> Fourth Street North -> Henan Medical Technician College -> Tokyo Avenue Fifth Avenue -> Tokyo Avenue Seven Main Street -> Tokyo Boulevard Nine Avenue

Kaifeng There are two-story tourist bus in the city, a total of 2 Line, there is a line (main), two lines (only less), are all Kaifeng will be a variety of scenic spots, just throwing a dollar bill or coin, before they can take, it is convenient, only to the area of ​​ALICE is a good s Choice.

Kaifeng, a green tourist line: (Tianbo Yangfu bus company three - Railway Station Terminal Center)
Tianbo Yangfu bus three companies - Ching Ming on the river - Court East Street - Longting Park - Shan Shan Gan Hall - Palace Corner - Xiaolufang Jiezhong Street - Zhongshan Road Taishan Temple - Bank of China branch in Kaifeng - 27 Middle School - Railway Station Terminal Center
Kaifeng tourist routes on the 2nd line: (Song City Station - Songcheng Station)
Songcheng Station - Bao Gong Temple - Museum - Kaifeng House (Yanqing View) - Grand National Temple - Drum Tower - Longting Park - Han Park, China - Ching Ming on the River Park - Tianbo Yang House - Longting North Gate - Tower Park - Long live the mountain area - Songcheng station

Talking about traveling without chaos

Kaifeng has a good geographical location, urban traffic is also very convenient, the city's transport mostly taxis, motorcycles, tricycles. Most tourist attractions browse the car, the price is very reasonable, the taxi starting price is generally about 5 yuan, 8 yuan in other provinces have to be above. As the city's taxi did not play the table, so according to their destination to go to, with the appropriate driver to talk about a reasonable price, is a price. Time to the city center in 30 to 40 minutes, it depends on the urban traffic situation. According to my travel from the high-speed rail station to the Drum Tower City Center, the general reasonable price is 10 to 15 yuan, the driver is generally very enthusiastic brother, but will inevitably touch strangers, all of a sudden to 20 yuan, or even high price, benevolent Jen, advice We are careful, ask how many cars and then choose their own satisfaction.

Kaifeng cuisine

Kaifeng streets, small stalls and local restaurants can be seen everywhere. Guanyao buns, Happy Town, Hu spicy soup, chicken barrels, Pang Kee drum chicken, Shajia beef, Kaifeng Bao Si, three fresh lotus crisp, spiced rabbit meat, dried rabbit meat, spiced shrimp, pickled chicken, chrysanthemum pot , Noodles, double Ma fire, sesame wings in the wings, fried sweet potato mud, peanut cake, catfish, pot stickers, fried jelly, rock sugar cooked pear, mutton soup, pot stickers tofu.

The basic local soup package are now doing something, delicious, but to eat hot, fine slowly, cold to lose the delicious soup.

Play scenic tickets

Ching Ming on the River Park: 100 yuan for the full ticket, 50 yuan for half-fare (student vote)
A ticket to 299 yuan for A zone in Tokyo Monashon to Ching Ming on Riverside Pre-order price: 269 yuan to 
Tokyo Clemence on Ching Ming River VIP Area double number ticket to 399 yuan Price 399 Yuan 
Jingjing Monaco + Qingming River Park VIP single ticket 499 yuan pre-order price of 419 yuan 
Tokyo Meng Hua + Ching Ming on the Heyuan coupons 999 yuan pre-order price of 899 yuan 
group tickets (10 people set) 120 pre-order price of 110 yuan
Tian Yang House: Tickets 30 yuan
China Han Park: tickets 30 yuan, online booking if there is an adult ticket 25 yuan
Kaifeng House: Tickets 60 yuan, online booking price of 54 yuan
Longting Park: 45 yuan tickets, online booking price of 40 yuan a
If the long-term travel in Kaifeng ALICE, it is recommended to do a tour of Kaifeng card, $ 60, votes scope includes the city's tourist attractions other than the Millennium city, Kaifeng, namely: Dragon Pavilion Park, Park Tower , The big phase of the Temple, Bao Gong Temple, Han Park Beilin, Tian Yang House, Shan Shan Gan Hall, Yu Wangtai Park, Long live the forest resort, Yanqing Guan, Fan Tower, Liu Shaoqi Memorial, Po Chu Temple, Zhuxian Town Yue Fei Temple, Zhu Xianzhen mosque.

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