Langzhong ancient town how to play? Scenic areas and transportation accommodation Raiders

Langzhong, a famous cultural city on the shores of the Jialing River, has a long history of building cities of more than 2,300 years and is one of the four most ancient cities in existence in China.

It is a classic example of "integration of man and nature" in the site of building an ancient city in China. It is the hometown where the astronomers of the Han Dynasty came down. It is also an important birthplace of the Spring Festival culture . Du Fu once used such verses as "Langzhong south of the world" To describe the beauty here.

Speaking of Langzhong, unnatural will it and Zhang Fei, and the Three Kingdoms culture together. For a long time, Langzhong in my heart has always been that Basu town, the feeling of fortress on the waterfront.
However, a few years ago, by chance, I saw a few pictures of the Zhangjia San Yuan in the ancient city of Langzhong, instantly changing my prejudice here. A small classic small courtyard childrens exquisite chic, through a circular wooden door full of light and shadow, two wooden chairs in the courtyard, a bloom of begonia garden, a few pots of oil lamps hanging branches, share of quiet With indifferent people fascinated.
Since then, the ancient city of Langzhong has been deeply imprinted in my heart. No heavy Pingyao, Lijiang is not as passionate, not like Pixian so beautiful, everywhere full of Aura, filled with ease.


Langzhong is divided into four parts

From the play point of view, Langzhong ancient city landscape can basically be divided into four parts: the ancient city, Nanjin, Jinping Hill, Baita . Combination of my play experience, to share with you, for those who have not been here, you can refer to for reference.

(1) Langzhong ancient city

The green area in the picture is the main area of ​​the ancient city of Langzhong. A point mark is the location of the tourist center, is also a larger entrance. Like most ancient cities, the Langzhong ancient city area itself does not require entry tickets, so the entire ancient city is completely open, you can enter from any opening.

Some of the main attractions in the ancient city attractions include : Huaguang House, Fung Shui Hall, Zhongtian Lou, Gong Yuan, Zhang Fei Temple, North Sichuan Road Ya, Wen Temple. You can buy a single ticket at any one of the attractions, you can also buy scenic coupons (including all the above attractions). Single ticket price varies, the ticket price of 120, travel to the site can be 100, mixed student ID, then only need 60.

It is recommended to buy tickets to visit the ancient city , each attraction has its own characteristics, of course, most of them are rebuilt. The most taste of it, when it is Huaguang Tower and Zhongtian Lou, whether it is viewing or photography, these two places must not be missed.

(2) Nanjinguan town

Nanjinguan ancient town is a controversial area. The town is located south of Langzhong ancient city, and across the river from the ancient city. However, compared with ancient Langzhong ancient city, the ancient town of Nanjinguan in any case are unable to give its name to bring the reverie. Except for the slightly older building on the pier, the antique buildings in the town have no value except for bars, restaurants and individual businesses.

If you still do not worry, be sure to turn around, there are two options: First, from the ancient city of Langzhong Huaguang ferry pier, 2 dollars to; the second is driving the first bridge, the car can drive On the town. In particular, the scenic area of ​​Nanjinguan Ancient Town is closed-ended. If you come in the evening, you should stagger away from the live performance here. The scenic area will be closed during the performance time. drop.

(3) Jinping Hill

Jinping Mountain Scenic Area is next to the ancient town of Nanjin, Langzhong, opposite the ancient city, because of the time I did not go. But here is indeed an excellent view of the panoramic view of the ancient city of Langzhong, ample time friends can come and go.

(4) White Tower

Similar to Jinping Mountain, Baita Scenic Area is also on the other side of the ancient city of Langzhong, but farther away. If Jinping Mountain is the best location to watch the ancient city of Langzhong, then the White Tower is the best place to watch the entire Langzhong. Driving from the ancient city, about 15 minutes, scenic charges 10 yuan (it is said that rushed into the scalp is also completely drop). White Tower can go up, you can also go directly to the White Tower observation deck. Self-driving friends must come and see.

Langzhong how to go? (Practical Traffic Information)

If you, like me, choose to come here by car during the Spring Festival, the traffic situation will definitely have a huge impact on your itinerary. Again use my own omnipotent figure!

From the external traffic point of view, go to Langzhong by car to go the basic G75 Lanhai high-speed, Chengdu, Chongqing direction of the tourists is basically from Langzhong mouth high-speed, and then into the ancient city; Xi'an direction of the tourists in addition to the same options, but also in Langzhong 20 km north of Cangxi mouth high-speed, and then take the national road to Langzhong.
Why do I have to mention this Cangxi mouth speed things so complicated? Mainly for the holiday season Langzhong terrible traffic.
We were in Langzhong, arriving in the early afternoon of the third day of the New Year. It was during the Spring Festival peak because we had better time cards and did not have traffic jams on the highway. However, Langzhong was blocked and we had no temper. From the next high-speed into the hotel, a full two and a half hours. At that time, the thing that I regretted most was that I did not speed off from Cangxi in advance.

From the internal traffic point of view, if it is normal Langzhong high-speed access to Langzhong City, then to reach the green area of ​​the ancient city part, the only way is the No. 1 and No. 2 Bridge .
If placed in peacetime, No. 2 Bridge is clearly better road conditions, but during the holiday, take the No. 2 Bridge is definitely going to be dying.
Traffic control started from Qili Avenue, and traffic jams all the way, waiting for you to easily touch Second Bridge and found that you can not turn left (before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm) but be forced to Right, to Langzhong orthopedic hospital where the turntable position and then turn to the direction of the ancient city opened, so easy to once again toss to the edge of the ancient city (the location of Langzhong Transportation Hospital logo), found that still can not turn left (traffic police control) Only follow the traffic instructions to Zhangfei South Road.
Of course, you can choose to wait for the traffic police to release at the crossroads nearest to the ancient city, but you will still find out where the parking spaces come! Finally, circle around the city to find a place to stop children.

If you take the No. 1 bridge, then enter the urban area is certainly faster, because traffic is relatively small.
There is still a small experience inside. From the mouth of the highway to go down No.1 Bridge, there are actually two roads. One is the relatively obvious Jiangnan High School on the map and the Red Army Martyrs Memorial. This road is relatively large ; Second, take the ancient town of Nanjinguan this road, this road is currently a short section of the road in the dressing, navigation is not obvious, you can guide the Spring Festival cultural theme park, or in accordance with Langzhong City Rizhao signs go very Good to find, but very few people.
When you pass Bridge No. 1, it is also facing the same problems with Bridge No. 2. When you come to the big intersection mentioned above (the location of Langzhong Traffic Hospital in the figure), you still can not turn directly to the ancient city scenic area, Only follow the traffic police instructions left turn to fly south. The same can not enter the ancient city area. But in comparison, less than the number two road block a lot of road,So I must go from the No.1 Bridge , remember!

Langzhong Accommodation Options

To Langzhong City, we must be the first choice of the ancient city of various hotel inn, what flower room ah, Du Fu Thatched Cottage ah, Hou home Lee home a variety of ways, are very good, just choose!
However, I wrote this part on the premise that you "eleven" or "Spring Festival" Come play this time, we must plan ahead of time.
Like some individual located in the edge of the ancient city of the hotel, but also have a few parking spaces, while most of the rest do not have their own parking spaces, tourist vehicles are all outside the way. So, when booking a hotel, be sure to talk to the hotel about the parking space and find out exactly where to park.
Can rest assured that everyone in the middle of the Spring Festival that few days, a few kilometers around the ancient city you can not find a parking place to children.
In addition to the car is not easy to stop, the hotel inn price is crazy soaring, during the Spring Festival, usually 100 dollars no one to live in, at least sold 500 also in short supply, but no matter how long you book in advance, the price of the Spring Festival is Spring Festival price. So want to live in the ancient city, more money, book early, stop car, do not suspect more.

Ancient city line design and scheduling

If you just take a quick look at attractions, Langzhong ancient city enough time a day. However, as China's most famous feng shui ancient city, really want to play deep fun, then words, there is no three days or so , it may be difficult to do.

For those who want to visit the ancient city of short-term efficient friends, I suggest you follow the direction of the green arrow to play, a day time, it is appropriate: Visitor Center ancient city entrance - Huaguang House - drop 闳 former residence - feng shui Hall - South Gate - Zhongtian House - Zhang Feiao - Gong Yuan - North Sichuan Road Ya - Temple - Huaguang Ferry Pier - Nanjin Guan - Huaguang Ferry Pier.

Of course, this is a more mechanical method, after all, we live in a different direction of the hotel, but this line completely covers all the attractions in the ancient city of children, no matter where from the beginning, all to play on it.
But in the high season, try to go to Huaguang Tower and Zhongtian Tower , after all, small local place, it is too much to line up. Attractions are open at 8 o'clock in the morning, if you can at about 8 o'clock, congratulations, this building is your basic!

Also to be reminded that, during the peak travel, some attractions in order to divert the crowd, and does not allow tourists to go in and out of the original spot. Therefore, the tribute hospital, North Sichuan Road Ya, Wenmiao these three next to the attractions, as far as Gong Gong - North Road Ya - Confucian Temple, this order to visit , you can bypass some detours.

If there is at least two days, then day visit the ancient city, another day to Jinping Mountain or Baita, Nanjin Guan can also choose to drive the next day to see, take the opportunity to see Kam Ping Shan, and from Nanjin can leave Langzhong return.

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