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Eating in Guangdong, flavoring in Panyu, cooking out of Fengcheng (Fengcheng is Shunde, Daliang, Shunde)
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About Shunde Food

“Eating in Guangdong, flavoring in Panyu, cooking out of Fengcheng (Fengcheng is Shunde, Daliang, Shunde)” This is not a legend of rivers and lakes. The food lovers must come here. Only people who haven’t been here have tasted delicious food, but they have never come back. once. One of the "China on the tip of the tongue" was shot in Shunde. The deliciousness here is known throughout the country.

Looking at Shunde is the main purpose of my trip. Shunde's cuisine is said to be a long history. Famous chefs in Shunde are famous in China and even in the world. Shunde snacks come from folks, so many streets and small streets are inconspicuous, but It's amazing to eat! Starting today, three times a day to eat. Want to know what I have eaten? Do not look down to see you!

Gourmet shop collection

Dragon's Restaurant

There is a habit of eating morning tea in Guangdong. Guangdong has early morning tea, snacks and more, the volume is also small, not big oil tired, eat some more will not have "a fat three pounds," the guilt. There are bags (Yishan iron sticks, yam and sesame cakes), steamer dishes (steamed garlic ribs with steamed pork ribs and steamed chicken legs with sauce and steamed sauce), siu mai (dried steamed shrimps), and dumplings (spot dumplings) , 粽 category (Yaozhu abalone glutinous rice chicken), congee category (Yaozhu porridge porridge and Fuguo Gorgon Pork belly porridge). The old name, with friends, dinner is absolutely not bad.
Location : No. 1, Daliang Road, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan

Golden List Dairy

Per capita consumer price is 8 yuan, absolute value for money. As the most shining business card of Shunde's food culture, Shuangpi Dong has a hundred years of history. Some people even said, "If you haven't eaten Shuangpi, it means you haven't come to Shunde." As a raw material, ordinary milk with twice the milk fat content is added into the egg white to form two layers of milk skin. Shuangpi Granny is full-bodied and full-bodied. It has the sweetness of Cantonese-style desserts, and its entrance is creamy and cheeky. In both cold and hot tastes, I personally prefer frozen double skin milk.
Location : Jiazi Road, Shunde District, Foshan (close to Christ Church)

Olive Garden

The sauna feast, Shunde people's innovative understanding of the "steamed" cooking technique. Mulberry leaves, lettuce, bottom covered with meat, vegetables, or seafood, etc. The following is the boiling hot steam, accurate to the "second" cooking time, to maximize the freshness of ingredients! Extremely unique food coordinates that cannot be ignored!
Location : 50 meters east of the intersection of Lungui Road and Magang Avenue, Shunde District, Foshan

Olive Garden

Land drunk goose

The traditional Chinese style restaurant is decorated with dark table, which makes people feel ancient and comfortable. During the cooking of rice wine and goose meat, flames danced around the pot and rice wine forced the savory taste of goose meat. When the liquor is completely evaporated, a drunken, drunk goose is completed. Open the lid, the scent of the goose is mixed with the mellowness of the wine, and the aroma comes

Land drunk goose

Happy Sisters

Happy Sisters

Huanen Lunjiao cake has become a “Chinese name snack”, “Guangdong old name” and “Shunde district intangible cultural heritage” with good quality. At the same time, it continuously innovates many flavors. The best thing is that there are vacuum-packed snacks that you can buy back to your relatives and friends.

Happy Sisters

Pork Po Kitchen

The beautiful environment of the store, the decoration is quaint, and the food culture of Shunde is spread among the ordinary soup dishes. Any dish will not disappoint. And this is the taste of delicious food on the tongue of CCTV. In one of the restaurants in Shunde, food goods are absolutely not to be missed. It is really difficult to refuse. The traditional Guangdong cuisine, specifically on the look of the fish soup peel recommended by Shunde, the grapefruit skin that had not been used up turned waste into treasure, and the fish soup was cooked with squid, and the yuzu skin was cooked over low heat. The skin absorbs the soup's protein and amino acids. The taste praised.

Local travel itinerary

D1: Guangzhou → Shunde, Dalian, via: Shunfengshan Park, Jiazi Road Christian Church; Morning Tea: Dragon Restaurant; Afternoon Tea: Jinbang Dairy; Dinner: Olive Garden
D2: Shunde Daliang → Shunde Lunjiao → Shunde Ronggui, via: Shunde White House, Southern Silk Museum of Silk, Lunjiao 678 Culture Street; Lunch: drunk goose; afternoon tea: Happy Lunjiao cake; Dinner: Pork Po Private Kitchen
D3: Shunde Ronggui → Shunde Xingtan, via: Qinghui Park, Desheng River, Jianshui Township; Lunch: Baizhang Park; Dinner: Shuixiang Renjia Hotel

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