Lugu Lake most travel photography guide

Although Lugu Lake reputation is great, but the traffic is really very heartbreaking. So to say: from its nearest two cities drove to 7-8 hours, or mountain. Fortunately, last year to fix a road, but also from Lijiang in the past 4h. Even so, can not stop people to go to this beauty about the enthusiasm.

An interesting story about Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake on the misunderstanding of the deepest should be \ .... real marriage is far more noble than our traditional marriage, with listening to 3 minutes of audio to understand the next go to marry it

Marriage is pure and noble

Early fall of the Lugu Lake why it is worth to go

1. Climate is appropriate, in fact, Lugu Lake is not how hot all year round, in addition to the summer season, a few days more than the sun, are not too hot, early autumn season with a thin coat, can be said to be the most comfortable season.

2. The crowd is scattered, the price is reduced , the tourist area will generally have the price of the season, the summer and the Spring Festival is the season, the hotel will be doubled or even three times the rise, early autumn prices will be reduced to a minimum (excluding the National Day, during the National Day Lugu Lake can be used to describe nothing, mainly in Sichuan by the army).

3. The scenery is gentle , with this reason, the first two can be automatically ignored, the early autumn Lugu Lake, the color of the gentle to the extreme, grass sea began to show golden color, the lake calm as silk, and occasionally there will be large cotton Clouds around the mountains.

Lake 9 big shooting point

1. Lang Lang Shitan

Here Lake, there is a wetland and flowers, usually few people involved, so you can enjoy Hey play, not afraid to be disturbed, there is a great view of the lake.  

Lang Lang Shitan by Zhang fantasy

2. Caohai & marry bridge

These two points in fact together, is to go to Lugu Lake will go to the punch point, has been the old wooden bridge in the grass above the sea, take the whole section of the bridge, it seems to be a wish, spring and summer grass Sea a green, to the autumn and winter grass sea from the golden yellow, any time to shoot some aesthetic mood.  

3. goddess bay

Just listen to the name of the very attractive, ha ha, it seems to be able to shoot the goddess of it. The stars lying in the lake lying pig trough, with their own different pan-old mottled colors, sunset, golden light sprinkled on the water, accidentally on the gentle journey time.

God gods by Zhang fantasy

Goddess bay fresh by deer photography photo shoot (microblogging)

4. Dazu lovers beach

This is the most famous Lugu Lake Valentine's Beach, where the color of water from green to blue, the ancestors of Lugu Lake is a small village, everywhere revealed the literary atmosphere.  

5. Lu Yuanyuan

Full of colorful prayer flags of the cliff, there are all over the rocks, where the Mosuo people are full of advocacy for Buddhism, exposure to which there will be a lot of mysterious sense of western Sichuan and Tibet.  

6. Nessa lovers tree

Valentine's tree is Nesse's landmark scenery, but also a variety of brigade wedding photographs will go to a camera point, long in the lake two trees from the distance looked like the growth in the lake, the two trees seem to snuggle each other, In the middle there is a near not far from the distance, beautiful and lonely, much like the couple that state, and later people in their next to plant some trees, it is not so lonely.

Lover tree by ADRIAN

7. Riga

Rugger is the largest peninsula in Lugu Lake, its panoramic view has simply become the standard photo of Lugu Lake, but tell the truth: from the grid grid to see Lugu Lake and the Rige Peninsula is really shocking, from the viewing Taiwan walk down 10 minutes to go to the island, the shore Ting Ting a lot of colorful pig trough, 10-15 yuan / person.

Rige pig trough by Zhang fantasy

Rige by rock Barbie

8. Heroes Valentine's Bay

Lugu Lake has several Valentine's Beach, the red heart is relatively pure to some of the original, the lake thrown the transparent transparent three-dimensional, lake clear bottom, the shore has a crooked neck tree, quietly waiting for the quiet Lugu Lake pure , Read a batch after another batch of passengers.

9. Laura Lake

Lulu Village is the largest village in Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province, and is the most complete village of all kinds of living facilities. The most classic white table, the glass ball and the street art shop will be a good camera scene. Many people choose to live in the big Luo water, more convenient.  

Large white water white table by ADRIAN

Big water by ADRIAN

Big water by ADRIAN

The market if you want to round the lake + brigade, then offer almost 2000-3000 range, excluding clothing make-up, this kind of brigade to reach the wedding brigade level is far worse, but the ordinary brigade is too expensive, cost-effective Very low Now more popular play is a small group fight group, a car 2-4 people, take you to play + to shoot you, the price of 300 or so, for the girlfriend or couple to play is the most reasonable.

Private camera point

Of course, every place will have some visitors nowhere to visit and almost a lot of locals do not know the private niche attractions, which need to explore and find the spirit of beauty to dig to these beautiful scenery.  

1, waste wall

This place on the map can not find, is the local photographer turned Gem goddess of the time found, looks a ruin, but the camera is particularly nice style. Location is located in the foot of the mountain after the god of Gum, in Lugu Lake to loach ditch on the road, pay attention to the scenery along the way.

from bikego hood jeep

from bikego hood jeep

from bikego hood jeep

2, Gem goddess mountain flowers

From the wall is not very far away, different seasons of different flowers are different, and the same as the wall, is rarely very few people found the brigade of the Holy Land, often can also see the banished cattle horse.

from bikego hood jeep

from bikego hood jeep

3, the best road photo

This road is not difficult to find, but often are ignored, in the lake road to the goddess of the road, straight a country road, the end of the road is green hill and blue sky, it is feast for the eyes.  

from bikego hood jeep

Five pictures of the ultra-beautiful inn

Beautiful to the inn, whether it is public space or room, readily shot can be beautiful to suffocate, but this kind of inn, there is a common feature: a little expensive, the season may be doubled.

1. Equestrian Mid-Levels Boutique Hotel

In the Lang Fang on the hillside, and so on the wind on the face of Lugu Lake, is standing on the Gem goddess Hill, quiet retro with literature and art, and other winds take a retreat of the architectural approach to retain the concept of each floor King Terrace, so most of the rooms will have a terrace, spread on the terrace, smell the Qinglie fresh air, overlooking the distant Lugu Lake, feel the wind provoke the surge of light and shadow changes, quietly passed on.

2 . And Man Holiday Inn

And the operator is the Lulu Lake Lulang put the first batch of boutique built up, and it stands in the hills, located in the Lugu Lake high ground, to say view of the lake field of vision, it is estimated that no one can match, and to that one Sitting is a beautiful photo. The rooms are not too much decoration, lying can see the lake and the distant goddess of the mountain is the most expensive luxury room.

3. The original lake view inn

The original homes in the Dazu lovers beach, sitting on the best lake in Lugu Lake, Mediterranean style room is very suitable for couples living in the glass ball at the door so many people stop it.

4. Poetry Lily in the Riga Le Habitat Inn

The hotel is built on the mountain and sleeps. The hotel itself is a fusion of unique style and Tibetan style, red, white color Xiangying Hui, shuttle in the hotel's courtyard, corridor and even between the rooms, as if into the Tibetan Potala Palace is generally mysterious. In the evening, to be Lugu Lake disappeared in the night, the head of the stars have become the most beautiful scenery of the Rignau sea roof, because the Riga is located between the valleys, so it is overlooking the sky or shooting stars position. Feel the quiet lake, overlooking the flashing sky, can not help but lament: only here, is the pure land.  

5.Ecolife Heterogeneous Life Inn

Inn is the most unique lies in the hotel exterior design and room decoration is not the traditional Chinese square, rules, irregular shape is the most heterogeneous characteristics, in addition to heterogeneous also has the only view of Lugu Lake Pool, water and sky color panoramic view. Sip tea lake, wine tasting view, in the Chan blue sky, leisurely white clouds of the charming scenery, and heterosexual together feel the mysterious and ancient Mosuo style, experience the natural nature of the lake.

In fact, spent a lot of money to live a boutique inn, sleep comfort is on the one hand, the beauty of enjoyment is on the one hand, but if the photo quality is relatively high, you can in the local about more photographers photographed 3h, the price may also No room is expensive, a group of large left your good memories.  

Five tips on the brigade

Many times more headache is not where to shoot good-looking, but the face of beautiful scenery but do not know how to shoot well, for some photographers, a good photo may cost them a few hours to a few days Time, and for our class of mortals, there are some quick tips can improve it? The next simple to give you five pictures of the proposal.

1, the election time

A good photo, the light is the most important, let you grow beauty, dress and then look good, no light to shine your beauty, you understand, it will only leave a heavy sigh. From the direction: the light sub-top light, side light, the end of light, there is the backlight, we are most accustomed to the top light, because the sun has been in the head, prefer side light, sunset and sunrise belong to side light, There will be a terrorist effect, and backlight is the best control of a light, used to shoot silhouette. Quality: light is divided into hard light and soft light, noon when the light the most hard, to avoid, before and after sunrise and sunset before and after the most gentle.

Afternoon warm light by T_oNtheRoA

resident Lugu Lake photographers summed up the following best shooting time
1. morning best shooting time: summer 05: 00-06: 00; winter 07: 00-08: 00.
2. Afternoon best shooting time: summer 17: 00-18: 00; winter 16: 00-17: 00.

2, wear clothes

Want to shoot the United States and the United States travel photos, first of all to make their own looks beautiful, the model for a good or bad play a key role. Of course, not every sister is beautiful and beautiful body, said three points long looks seven dress, good clothing shape can make up for the lack of value or icing on the cake. Combined with the environmental characteristics of travel to wear ground gas clothing can definitely give your photos extra points.

long skirt: Is this simply a photographer? But a lot of small girls did not dare to try, but in fact the right dress for the appropriate dress will be elongated body effect, a small man can choose a higher waist skirt, upper body tightness best, lower body optional natural sagging, You can also choose to open the skirt, so you can stretch the leg length. Tall, of course, how to wear how temperament is full of friends.

from microblogging

② short skirt: skirt relatively long skirt to play some of the little girl girls, travel is not very much space, but should pay attention to anti-emptied. Lugu Lake suitable for relatively clean color skirt, should not be too complicated.

Short skirt by bikego

③ said under the pants, trousers actually really is not very recommended, pants for the leg type of requirements is too high, and to wear not only pants to choose right, legs even longer, leg is more flawed, unless there is a Possibly, loose pants with t-shirt, take the casual wind (ah! Very suitable for boys)

from bikego

③ local traditional costumes or national wind costumes, Lugu Lake is a distinctive national characteristics, you can buy a suit for local characteristics to wear clothing (of course not Mosuo clothes, personal feel is not very suitable for taking pictures), buy a little bit simple Pattern of linen cloth clothes like this, not only can better understand and integrate into the local culture, but also let the lens you look more ground gas.  

National wind dress from bikego sea view brigade

Finish the type of clothing that color, if you want a small fresh it to wear light: white, light blue or light-colored stripes or lattice, there is a small floral, want to highlight the main body or sexy you wear red, yellow, To art is pure color cotton and linen friends, white, blue, yellow, but also nothing to say. Taboo: black, high saturation blue, green, red, purple, who wear who knows.

Fresh by deer photography brigade (microblogging)

Sexy by deer photography photo shoot (microblogging)

Art by GOOM fruit (microblogging)

If the above can not meet you, then I can only resort to their own killer - ready to N top good hat ! In addition to the perfect solution to the hair problems can be more than a lot of modeling.

by bikego

by bikego

by bikego

by bikego

by bikego

flower whistles scarves shawl a class of items carefully chosen, because accidentally will shoot aunt both visual sense.

3, learn to put pose

Often someone asked to take pictures of pose, this and the flexibility of the body or some relationship, like a lot of people silhouette look good, but they do not lose the same thing, mainly because the silhouette is to show the contours and lines, so for the Limb movements have a certain request, it is necessary to take pictures of the body is difficult to put an elegant posture, followed by a few pose listed for the body requirements are not high can learn from (some pictures taken in Dali Erhai)

Extremely difficult by photographer dragons (Dali)

(The side of the body side, do not hunchback), sit (correct!), Trip, walk, run, rotate, and then look at the sky, , Jumping, playing water in the water, and small animals interact, take a mirror in the people, there is a small props with a hat.

Side touch hair by bikego (Lugu Lake)

Bow hair stroked by a small green plum, (Lugu Lake)

Looking back smile by bikego (Dali)

Look up to the sky by bikego (Dali)

Take the bikego sea view

Lying from bikego sea view

Run by bikego (Dali)

Back by bikego (Lugu Lake)

Jump by by T_oNtheRoA (Lugu Lake)

Play by by bikego (Dali)

And animal photo by bikego (Dali)

Photographers by bikego

With props by bikego (Dali)

4, learn to imitate

This is the ultimate big move, but also the most easy to get started to take pictures Raiders, find those who are the same destination, and you are similar to your favorite travel photos, learn to manage the expression, according to someone else's wear to wear (type, color similar to the line, do not Buy new), according to someone else's action to plan on the line, slowly you will find that you will not need to travel as a reference. Where can I find a reference? Online search a pile!

from microblogging

Lugu Lake brigade recommended

On the camera of all the software (beauty, clothing, pose, makeup) are available, it is only poor hardware, and if they do not have professional photographic equipment, it will not look for the words, the local photographer to send the largest use , The brigade did not imagine the three or four thousand or even thousands of so expensive, ordinary brigade actually 3 to 4 hundred can meet the ordinary people, according to the time plan can choose half a day and all day.

Half-day brigade: you can follow the photographer to design a good route to go, they are deep bar Lugu Lake, where the Lugu Lake where easy to film, of course, if two or three girlfriend together, it is recommended to contract photographers half a day, Eight hundred dollars, less than 300 per capita, you can go to the inn to shoot, you can also choose their own place to shoot.

One day brigade: you can take the conventional lake line, both around the lake and travel, and serve two purposes; of course, if you want to go to some very few people find Cheats can also choose a different route, both as long as 200 ~ 300.


From the isolation to the now famous world, Lugu Lake is indeed worth living a few days, slowly, slowly look. Like this natural and cultural landscape integration; can put aside earthly troubles, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd; especially with a unique Mosuo culture and ethnic customs and rich unique connotation.

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