Lushan can play like this! The core attractions are fully introduced, no longer entangled in which line! !

At an altitude of 1,132 meters, Lushan is the only mountain on the Chinese coastline with an altitude of over 1,000 meters. The wonderful combination of mountains and seas and the profound cultural heritage of Taoism attract many visitors to explore the true meaning of “the first sea in the mountains”. Due to the large area of ​​the mountainous area and the large number of tourist areas, the most important thing to visit Lushan is to sort out the main lines of the scenic spot. It is not easy to play the mountain, and let me give you a detailed explanation.
huayan temple_75f39a

First, what? Is Lushan not just a mountain?

what? Is Lushan not a mountain? Are you a little embarrassed to see this? Unlike Taishan and Huangshan, Lushan is not a single mountain, but an area, so there is not only the distinction between the various lines, but also the distinction between the various areas. But don't worry, make sure that after reading this, you will know all about how to play Lushan. Let us introduce each tourist area first, and then introduce the south line, the north line, and the middle line.

Second, the introduction of each tourist area

1. The route of the clearing tour area belongs to: no, free to enter.
Strictly speaking, the clearing is not a tourist area. There are no attractions here. This area is currently mostly farmhouse accommodation and inns. There is a stream of clearing bay beaches to play. There are no relevant tickets in Liuqing District, and everyone is free to enter.

Liuqinghe Beach

2. Taiqing Tourist Area - Taoist Taiqing Palace Location The
route belongs to:
There are many projects in the Taiqing Tourist Area on the south line , mainly Taiqing Palace and Bashui River (can go all the way to Shangqing Palace and Mingxia Cave); In arid state, the main spot in the Yashui River, Longtan Waterfall, has almost no visit value. The so-called waterfall, unless the rainy season is abundant, most of the time, only the small water flows down the rock wall, it is difficult to call it a waterfall.
Shangqing Palace and Mingxia Cave are two of the many Taoist temples, and there is not much to visit. As the most important representative of the Taoist mountain, the Taiqing Palace is worthy of both scale and connotation. (Tai Qing Palace is not just a visit to a Taoist temple, the surrounding natural scenery is also one of the most representative places in Mount Laoshan).

Taiqing Palace - Shanmen
Taiqing Palace - Taiqing Square

3. Checkerboard Stone Tour Area - The location of Buddhism Huayan Temple
Route ownership: South Line
Typical Buddhist tour area, the main attraction is the Buddhist temple Huayan Temple. Because the location of Huayan Temple is in the position of the road traffic between Yangkou and Taiqinggong, there are some tourists. However, the popularity here has been relatively low, for about two reasons:
First, Lushan is a famous Taoist temple. There have been Buddhist monasteries in history, but it has not formed a big influence. The main building complex of Huayan Temple is basically rebuilt after the 1990s, lacking historical heritage. Simply put, Buddhism has a relatively small influence in Lushan. Secondly, there are too many monasteries all over the country. Apart from those who believe in Buddhism, more tourists do not have much interest in the famous temples.

4. Yangkou Tourist Area- Shanhai Landscape is perfectly integrated here.
Line ownership: South Line. The Yangkou is quite special and belongs to the southern part of the line, but it is sold separately. If you only play the Yangkou (the time is tight or the tourists with easy climbing needs can consider playing only the Yangkou), it is often called the East Line.
Yangkou is one of the core scenic spots in Lushan Mountain. It is 800 meters above sea level and is highly suitable. It is easy to climb and not tired. Under the mountain is the Yangkou Bay, which is one of the most perfect scenic spots in the whole mountain. When the weather is good, the Kyoho is also an invincible seascape. There are also beautiful scenery such as Lion Peak, Qitian Cave and Shouzi Peak. After climbing, you can enjoy many scenery along the way.

Yangkou Scenic Area

5. North Jiu Shui Tour Area - Jiu Shui Eighteen Pools, Streams 潺潺
Lines belong to: North Line.
North Jiu Shui is located on the north side of Lushan Mountain. The landscape is mainly in the middle of the mountain stream. The landscape is greatly affected by the water volume. The best season is the summer rainfall charge. The water flow all the way up to the Chaoyin Waterfall, the water splashes, and the summer is hot, the scenic area is like a large central air conditioner. It is very pleasant to visit. Play is especially suitable.

North Jiu Shui Scenic Area

6. Jufeng Tourist Area - the highest point of the sea, magnificent!
Line ownership: the center line.
Jufeng is the main peak of Lushan Mountain, the highest point. As one of the most scenic spots in Lushan, Jufeng’s tickets are also the most expensive in the single scenic spot of Lushan. Although the giant peak is high, if you buy the ropeway up and down, the actual climbing process is still easy. Ascend to the summit, if the weather is right, the mountains and seas in the distance will be connected into one piece. Compared with the landscape of Yangkou Mountain, I really feel what it is called - magnificent!

Jufeng Scenic Area

Third, Lushan regular 3 tour routes

1. South Line - Classic Tour Route

Liuqing Tourist Area Taiqing Tourist Area Chessboard Stone Tourist Area Yangkou Tourist Area Ticket Price: 100 yuan in the off-season (60 yuan ticket 40 yuan sightseeing car); 130 yuan in the peak season (90 yuan ticket 40 yuan sightseeing car).
Transportation: Take downtown 104 and 304 in Qingdao, and take the taxi around the train station and the city government. 104 can be used near the city government. Get off at Dahedong Customer Service Center Station (the same ticketing center as the center line).  

Daishan Dahedong Customer Service Center

Advantages of the line: The
southern line is the most common way of walking at present. This line has mountains and seas, and there are Taoist temples. It can be said that it is the most abundant tourist route. The city can go through the Dahedong Customer Service Center to purchase tickets. In the traffic, the ticket offices of Lushan are the nearest to the city. Usually, the core location of the city is within 1.5 hours of the bus. It is generally convenient.
Line defects:
1. Can not climb the highest peak. Although the southern line is rich in attractions, it has no chance to climb the main peak of the peak of 1,132 meters above sea level.
2. There is a problem with the internal traffic conditions during the off-peak season. If the car is self-driving during the peak season, the vehicle is very likely to cause congestion, and the waiting time inside the off-season scenic spot is longer.
3. During the peak season (July/August), the Yangkou cableway and the Qitiandong are lined up in large numbers.
Because the south line is one of the core main lines, Yangkou is also the core scenic spot of the southern line. Every summer, the number of tourists in Yangkou is bursting, and the open cableway There are only two people in each basket, and the capacity is not enough, so the summer is almost all day long. This is not to mention, Yangkou is most attractive to tourists than the 觅天洞 (a cave formed by a single line of falling rocks), the internal reach of the fingers, the visitors must use both hands and feet, and only one person can pass, the queue often reaches 1 It takes about an hour to pass. The above two points, the ropeway and the queue of the 觅天洞, are the biggest problems in the peak season.

2. Northern Line (Northern Jiu Shui Tour Area) - a relatively easy route

Tickets: 70 yuan in the off-season (40 yuan tickets 30 yuan sightseeing car); 95 yuan in the peak season (65 yuan tickets 30 yuan sightseeing car).
Transportation: Metro Line 11 North Jiu Shui Station can be reached; Qingdao City 365 Road, 619 Road, (365 road can be taken in Taitung Lijin Road, 619 can be taken at the city bus East Station) Wolong Village Station down the mountain. The car is far away and the bus usually needs to be transferred.  

North Jiu Shui Scenic Area

Advantages of the line:
1. The terrain of Beijiu Water is relatively flat and the slope is not large. It is suitable for the elderly, children or tourists who like to climb easily.
2. When the water is abundant in the rainy season, the North Jiu Shui River runs in a staggered way, and the waterfalls are volleyed. When people are not many, they can play in the water and have fun. During the hot summer season, the scenery is cool and cool.
Disadvantages of the line:
1. North Nine Water Beauty, the United States is in the water. Usually, after the arrival of the rainy season in July and August, the amount of water is OK. The rest of the season is not very unstable. It is recommended to confirm the amount of water in the scenic area before playing.
2. Can't see the sea. It is still the starting point of many people. Since Mount Lushan is a famous mountain at sea, it is inevitable that if you can't even see the sea. North Jiu Shui is in the foothills of the north side of the main peak of Lushan Mountain. The scenic spot and the sea are blocked by the peak, and the sea is completely invisible.

3. The center line (Jungfeng Tourist Area) - the route that can climb the top of Mount Lushan

Tickets: 90 yuan in the off-season (50 yuan tickets 40 yuan sightseeing car); 120 yuan in the peak season (80 yuan tickets 40 yuan sightseeing car).
Transportation: Take downtown 104 and 304 in Qingdao, and take the taxi around the train station and the city government. 104 can be used near the city government. Get off at Dahedong Customer Service Center Station (the same customer service ticket center as the South Line).  

Jufeng Scenic Area

Advantages of the line:
1. The top of the mountain, the highest point on the coastline of the motherland. The most primitive goal of climbing a mountain is actually to climb to the top. Whether the mountaineering is hard or not, what is the scenery along the way, probably on the summit to the top of the mountain, the moment is just the embellishment of the successful satisfaction of the summit.
2. The landscape of mountains and seas is magnificent. The coastline of Lushan Mountain has reached more than 800 kilometers, so there are many places where you can see the sea. Yangkou, Taiqing and Jufeng are the three most important places. Taiqing sees the sea, close to the front, the sea and the waves of Taiqing Bay are rippling, surrounded by mountains and seas on three sides. The sea here is more like a backdrop of mountains, forming a quiet and long scroll; looking up at the sea, the height is not high. Not short, not in front of the eyes but at your fingertips, not like a distant view, more like a scornful look, the end of the mountain and the sea are connected into one piece, can not distinguish the boundaries; and the giant peak, the peak of the Lingqi, facing the sea In the distance, the sea is far away. The blue sea and the high and low-shaped mountains have clear boundaries. The whole picture is completely integrated. The line of sight is extremely wide, and the inner heart is really shocked by the beauty. This kind of shock and Taiqing Yangkou those The graceful beauty and calm beauty are completely different. After seeing it, you don’t need to worry about the beauty of the rhetoric. This is the giant peak.
Disadvantages of the line:
1. The only shortcoming of Jufeng is that it is divided into a tour route and the tickets are independent. Therefore, although it has a wonderful view of the blue sky and blue sky, there is no Taoist temple to visit. Although the scenic spot is also set on the way to the mountain. The so-called Taoist "Baguamen" and other Taoist elements, but still can not visit the experience of Lushan as a Taoist mountain, the cultural connotation of Taoism.

Tickets preferential policies: 1,
60 years of age or older (including 60 years old), the elderly hold valid documents free of charge, there is no discount on sightseeing cars.
2. Disabled
holders of valid documents are free of charge, and there are no discounts for sightseeing vehicles. 3. Active military personnel holding military officers' cards, soldiers' certificates and retired military personnel holding "retirement retired certificates" and tickets for disabled military personnel are free of charge.
4. The journalist’s ticket to the press card issued by the State Press and Publication Administration is free of charge, and there is no discount for the sightseeing car.
5. Tickets for children under 1.2 meters are free, sightseeing tickets are free, cableway is free; half price for children's tickets from 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters, half price for sightseeing tickets.
6. Half price for valid student ID tickets, no discount for sightseeing tickets.

Fourth, each line has a point that you want to visit. Is it possible to cross-line tour?

As an old driver, we have concluded that there are two main types of tourists' needs for the sights of Lushan:
1. Love the natural landscape and are not interested in the human landscape of the Taoist temple.
2. I like the natural landscape, and I am also interested in the Taoist culture of Lushan Mountain. I especially hope to visit the Taiqing Palace for a glimpse of the millennial Taoist style.
For these two kinds of tourists, if you want to see the beauty of the mountainous area in one day, and make the scenery of multiple scenic spots complement each other, we have designed two unique cross-line tours. These two routes have different perspectives. You can choose one of them according to your own interests. Although you can't do the perfect line, it has made up for the lack of landscape diversity in the way of regular tour.

Option 1: Middle Line + South Line Taiqing - a collection of humanities and beautiful scenery!

Jufeng Scenic Area - the first stone carving of the famous mountain at sea

Area: Jufeng Tourist Area Taiqing Tour Area
Advantages: The Mt. Jue Peak and the Millennium Road View are one-day excursions, which perfectly combines the core landscape resources of the two famous Laoshan Mountains, including the famous mountains on the sea and the famous Taoist mountains. And even in the tourist season, there is almost no risk of traffic jams, queuing, and congestion.
Suitable for the crowd: interested in the peak and Taoist temple, and physical strength is still available to tourists.
Transportation: Perfect. Jufeng and Taiqing customer service ticket center are in the Dahedong customer service center, the city 104, 304 road can be reached; the city taxi to the farthest railway station as the starting point, the distance is only 30 kilometers, the fare is about 70 yuan can.
During the tour, the Dahedong Customer Service Center was the center, and the scenic traffic reached Jufeng and Taiqing Palace. It was very convenient, and avoided the most likely to cause congestion in the Huangshan Village section of Qingshan Village in the south of the peak season. The chances of play efficiency were small.
Tickets: Jufeng and South Line currently have a joint ticket, adult 190 yuan / person (not divided into light season, including the South Line mid-line sightseeing car), Taiqing Palace tickets 27 yuan; so the adult ticket cost: 217 yuan; if you add the giant peak online Optional 80 yuan cableway; the cost of this route to the ticket can be up to 297 yuan. Booking online will be cheaper.

Meal suggestions: It is recommended to bring your own snacks for lunch. There are also many dining places to choose from in the scenic spot, especially the Taiqing Palace has KFC! Of course, there is no shortage of farmhouse banquets in Lushan, but it is not recommended to go if there is no special familiar choice.
Physical requirements: work and rest. Although the giant peak is high, there are ropeways to choose from in the scenic spot. The cableway to the mountain is two-thirds, and the remaining roads need to climb by themselves. If you choose to go back and forth, hiking and downhill are enough for 1.5 hours - 2 hours. For most people, there will be moderate fatigue, but it is basically within a reasonable acceptable range. The Taiqing Palace has no requirements for physical strength. The Taiqing Palace has a flat terrain and there is no need to climb.
Special reminder: When the mountain is climbing, there are two hiking routes after the cableway is on the station. One is the Eight Diagrams circulation line, which is a circular uphill route. The road is far away. Although the scenery is slightly more, it takes a long time and requires a lot of physical strength. This type of hiking route is not recommended. The other is that all the way up the mountain, this is also the climbing route of 90% of tourists, to the top of the highest Lingqi peak, a panoramic view of the mountains and sea.

Tour Order Recommendation: Downtown Departure - Arrive at Lushan Dahe East Customer Service Center - Buy Tickets - Take the Transportation Bus to Jufeng Tourist Area - Start Mountaineering (Optional Ropeway or Walking Mountaineering) - Dengding - Downhill Travel Back to Dahedong Customer Service Center - Lunch Or take a rest and take a bus to the Taiqing Tourist Area - visit the Taiqing Palace - return to the Dahe East Customer Service Center - end the trip, return to the city

Option 2: North Line North Jiu Shui + South Line Yangkou - Pure Natural Landscape!

Yangkou Scenic Area - Shouzifeng

Area: Yangkou Tourist Area North Jiu Shui Tour Area
Advantages: Excellent natural scenery. The Yangkou Mountain Sea Landscape is perfectly matched with the beautiful scenery of the two kinds of styles of the North Nine Waters. Pure natural landscape, the scenic area is autonomous. The height of the mouth is not high, and there are many places to watch during the mountaineering; the level of the North Nine is slow, and while walking, it is refreshing and pleasant, and full of interest.
Appropriate people: tourists who are not interested in the Taoist Taoist Temple and want to experience the beauty of the mountains and seas, but also have limited physical strength or tend to visit.
Transportation: If you travel by yourself, the traffic is very inconvenient. It is recommended to take a day trip.
Yangkou is located on the easternmost side of Lushan Mountain, which is the farthest distance from all the attractions in Lushan. The North Jiu Shui Subway Line 11 can be reached, but the transportation capacity from the North Jiu Shui to Yangkou is poor.
Tickets: Yangkou tickets in the off-season 60 yuan, 90 yuan in the peak season; Yangkou has a cableway to choose from, 35 yuan one way, 60 yuan round trip.
North Jiu Shui tickets in the off-season 70 yuan (40 yuan tickets 30 yuan sightseeing car), peak season 95 yuan (65 yuan tickets 30 yuan sightseeing car)

North Jiu Shui Scenic Area - Chaoyin Waterfall

Dining advice: Yangkou is just a stone's throw from Wanggezhuang Street, so you can choose to bring your own snacks for lunch, or you can eat at Wanggezhuang Street. There are many small restaurants such as noodle restaurant and pork ribs. Ps. Carefully choose the farmhouse feast around the scenic spot.
Physical requirements: The physical strength requirements are large and can be controlled freely. If you have good physical strength, you can choose to walk all the way to the mountain, and the North Jiu Shui can go to Weizhuyu as far as possible, which can satisfy the demands of the excellent athletes to sweat and rain. If the physical condition is normal, or bring children and the elderly and do not want to excessively consume physical strength, Yangkou can choose to match the ropeway. Because the water pool is more than the water pool and the tour route is the original road to the original road, you can choose the appropriate water pool to rest and play. can.
Special reminder: In the peak season, it is very easy to appear in the ropeway and the queue of the 觅天洞, so if you choose this kind of program to visit, remember to go to the mouth in the morning, and the time is early, usually arrive before 9:00 am, will avoid Queuing situation.

Tour Order Recommendations: Departure from the city - Arrive at the Yangkou Tourist Area - Optional Ropeway or Walking Mountaineering) - After lunch or break, take a bus to the North Jiu Shui Tourist Area - Buy Tickets - Take the scenic area bus to the North Jiu Shui - Start the tour - End the tour and return by bus - Return to the city by car

Option 3: 2 days panoramic tour of Yangkou, Beijiu Shui, Jufeng and Taiqing Palace

If you are an enthusiastic mountaineering enthusiast or you have to entangle your choices in the end, you can choose the third one if time and physical strength allow. This is the route that includes “Choose One” and “Select Two”. In the days of the day, I will finish the four major attractions of the Lushan Mountain: Jufeng, Taiqing Palace, Yangkou, and Beijiu Water.

V. Conclusion

Through the above introduction, you should be able to have a fairly clear understanding of the mountainous area. Because of the large area and multiple areas, Lushan has always been playing with each passing day. Simply put, different seasons, different groups of people, different preferences, you can find different play programs, with different areas of the tour to visit, with group tours and self-going to visit also have advantages and disadvantages. If you have any doubts about Lushan Tourism, you are welcome to consult at any time.

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